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Finger Magic

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Finger MagicIt was a quiet Sunday evening in with my wife and my mate Eric, chatting about all sorts of garbage while watching the telly in the background and nibbling snacks alongside some documentary on the human condition, and why orgasms are great for the propagation of the species. “Yeah, but how’s a fingering suppose to help you get pregnant?” blurted Eric, to which we simply stared and I replied “I think you’re meant to make her orgasm while you’re doing the deed itself”.”Ohh! they always end up cumming well before I ever bust a nut in there” he exclaimed. This seemed to peak Rachel’s interest, “How do you mean?” she asked, “Well, my magic fingers here and maybe five minutes and the lass I’m with is squirming all over the place well before my cock touches her” he said while holding up his hands.Somewhat impressed I said “Well, foreplay is always a winner, but five minutes doesn’t seem that long, Rachel needs a good warming up before she’s wet enough for anything”, which earned me an elbow to the chest from my sweet wife and her saying “What he’s trying to say is five minutes wouldn’t even be considered foreplay Eric, let alone getting a girl off”.”Well what can I say, I’m just good at what I do”, and at that Eric grinned saying “It’s not like I can show you anyway, so you just gotta take my word for it”. “No way, it can’t be done” she replied, and here I was caught in the middle of an argument about to errupt and not one of the stubborn buggers willing to back down.”How long does it usually take you start to finish to get Rach off?” he asked me, a stare burning into my head from Rachel made me very careful what was said next, “Depending on the day we’ve had and our moods, maybe 20 minutes” I replied bakırköy escort while looking at her eyes, and as a joke added “But if you can do it in five have at it”, expecting her to at least laugh in an attempt to break the tense atmosphere.”Yeah, this I have to see” said Rachel and stood up from the sofa and started slipping her jogging pants down, to which I was shocked and Eric couldn’t help but laughing. She looked at me for confirmation, “It’s ok yeah?” she asked, then looked at Eric while I uttered “um, yeah if he’s up for it”, only to see Eric move closer and pat the seat beside him for her to sit down and said “Panties off”.She slid her panties down and sat beside him, legs slightly apart and whisps of black hair visible from her landing strip just above her sweet lips which were slightly wet, probably from the excitement of the argument. “Do yout thing magic man” she said and spread her legs even more as he rubbed his hands together and leaned over slowly to take in the sight before him. I was agog, sitting there in silence.His hands settled on her thighs and started caressing them, moving slowly towards her lips and sliding passed onto her stomach before coming back down and sitting either side of her entrance, massaging all around and sliding across the lips ever so softly as I watched his hands glide against her wetness and gently part her lips as they slid by again and again. Fingers lightly touching and moving away as she started to relax into the sofa and close her eyes. His thumb pressing lightly and using her own moisture to slide along the outside, spreading the lips slowly and taking more of wetness with it.This went on for what seemed like beşiktaş escort ages as I was transfixed on his hands and at the same time the clock on the wall, almost forgetting to time him in his progress. I heard a gentle moan and looked back as his finger slide inside Rachel, parting her lips and pressing upwards against her nub while the thumb continued to slide around the entrance. She was noticably wet now and by the expressing on Eric’s face he was enjoying his work.One minute forty and his finger was sliding ever deeper inside, pressing and making her moan more and more as her pelvis rocked gently on the sofa, her soft ass cheeks sliding along the fabric as Eric moved closer still, close enough to breathe in my excited wife and slide in another finger taking advantage of her wetness. This made her moan deep and open her mouth in an ‘O’ shape as her breathing quickened.Eric started blowing gently between her legs, then bowed forward and flicked his tongue against her nub, all the while she was being penetrated by two of his fingers sliding in and out on a rhythm matching her pelvis movement. Three minutes ten and the moans were getting louder as I noticed her pussy glistening and almost white froth sliding down towards her ass. Eric’s hands were working fast with one inside Rachel and the other caressing her thighs and stomach.I noticed his ring finger slipping against the whiteness and slide along her perineum, massaging it as gently as before and sliding over her tiny asshole, while at the same time her own hands moved towards her chest and started touching her pert nipples through the fabric of her cotton top. Maybe Eric was onto something here, she beylikdüzü escort was clearly horny and wet and enjoying every moment.Four minutes exactly and by this time her moans had become gasps as fingers did their magic, his tongue was tasting her inbetween gently blowing and a thumb sliding across her nub in erratic patterns that made her push towards him more and more with each touch. His fingers were sliding in and out of Rach much faster now and his ring finger was slipping against the entrance to her ass and pressing softly at the opening wich each buck she made.Her own hands were busy squeezing each nipple and sliding over her perfectly small tits which by this time had been exposed to Eric and myself. Four Thirty and Eric had his ring finger inside my wife’s asshole, sliding in and out with gentle care while the others stretched her pussy and excited her clit in all mannor of playfulness. He leaned in close and licked her pussy from bottom to top, settling on the nub as always and flicking his tongue all around, her pelvis pushed upwards as if wanting more and then a gentle blowing once again.Fifteen seconds to go and the pace was lustful with so much sexuality in the air, the sheer sight of her being pleasured and the smell of excitement and hormones wafting around while she gasped for breath and moaned so loud as Eric worked his magic. She bucked more and more, wanting him against her, touching and caressing and licking, eight seconds, seven, six, he slid his finger into her wet and shining ass and… and… Rach orgasmed so loud as she squirted clear liquids from inside and all over Eric’s face, shuddering hard, moaning loudly and grasing the sofa hard.The sight of Rachel soaking wet and collapsed onto the sofa with her legs apart, Eric soaked from female ejaculate between them and my sheer amazement at what had just taken place was testament to his skill, and with his grin remaining and only one eye open he simply said “Well then?”, to which my spent wife raised her hand, gave a thumbs up and croaked “You win!”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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