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FIRST BIG ONESTHREE BIG ONESJanuary 12, 1974I woke up this morning with butter flies in my stomach. Hubby has to work until five. I showered and shaver my cunt so it would be smooth for Marcus and Will. I dressed in Matching brown Blouse & Skirt and thigh high stockings. Left home about 12:00 drove to Sue’s Apartment. Was so nervous could hardly drive. I kept thinking about actually fucking very large cock. When I arrived , Marcus was there in t-shirt & jeans. I could see his huge cock’s outline on his left leg. He told how beautiful I looked. And gave me some brandy. We waited on Will & his friend to arrive. He said Sue had an errand to run & would be back shortly, just to start without her. The door bell rang & I had a definite chill over all of my body. It was going to finally happen. Marcus answered and Will & his friend entered. Will said, I got the camera. In came Richard, Will’s BLACK friend. I immediately got up and said I changed my mind and said was going to leave. Marcus said it is OK. Richard is into photography and he will just take some pictures. I drank several Brandy’s pretty fast and started to get a buzz on. Marcus asked, was I was ready to do it? I said yes and he pulled off my skirt and blouse. He carried me to the dining room table and Richard took my picture on the table with my legs spread on a chair. He then carried me to the bed room and had me squat for the “before” picture. I lay on the end of the bed and Marcus & will got undressed. Marcus got on the bed beside me and started to suck my tits and finger my pussy. I took Wills dick in my hand and started to stroke it. As I stroked it he said he started to grow. I was beginning to warm up. I put Will’s dick in my mouth and continued to stroke it. Marcus started to eat my pussy and I was pretty worked up.Marcus asked will if he was ready for his first piece of ass and Will said hell yea. He asked me and all I could say was uh huh. They moved me so my head was toward the headboard & not across the foot, more working room Marcus said. Marcus was starting to get hard and he got on his knees beside me & and I started to suck his dick. Then Will started to rub his dick on my tiny cunt. As he rubbed I started to move my ass also in a circular motion and up & down. This was involuntary as I was doing it without thinking. Will positioned his head over my tiny pussy hole and started to push. It kind of hurt and felt good at the same time. I sucked harder on Marcus’s big head in my mouth and Will pushed on my tiny pussy and finally his head penetrated my pussy. I shouted “Oh my God it hurts”. Will stopped and just let it stay there. Marcus said he will just go deeper a little at a time & when it hurts too bad say stop. I said OK.Then Will started to pump his dick in me. As he pushed in, my ass cheeks would contract and I would thrust my cunt upward to meet his dick. He pushed deeper and deeper and It started to hurt again. He pulled it back. I thought he was going to pull all the way out and I grabbed him around his neck and said FUCK ME FUCK ME. I pulled his mouth to mine and shoved my tongue as far into his mouth as possible and he started to pump harder. It was hurting; but, It was feeling so good, I could not stop. My ass started gyrating around almanbahis yeni giriş & around as he pumped my pussy. I finally had it all in my pussy and every time he thrust into my pussy, it made a slapping sound. I was moaning and saying, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK MY TINY CUNT, OH, GOD DAMN FUCK ME. They told me after I said that and much more. Will shot his load into my pussy and collapsed onto me. I had not climaxed yet. I had my eyes closed. Will pulled out and I wanted more. I felt a dick rubbing on my pussy. It started to push and I thought finally Marcus. He pushed his dick into my pussy and it hurt some. He started to pump and I started to move my ass to his thrusting. It felt very good.I started to shout FUCK ME Marcus; he said its Richard not me. I opened my eyes and It WAS Richard’s black cock in my pussy.I started to struggle to get him off me; but, Marcus and Will held me down. Richard started to pump his black dick in my tiny white pussy and I started to cum. Marcus & Will quit holding me and I grabbed Richard around his neck and pulled his black lips to my white lips. I never imagined that would ever happen. He pumped harder and harder and deeper & deeper. Until he was all the way in side me. Again I heard a slapping sound as our bodies slammed together. Then My whole body started to quiver and I screamed I’m cumin I’m cumin I’m cumin and I just went limp. I was sweating as Richard continued to pump his black cock in my pussy. I was nearing orgasm when he shot his cum in me. I could feel it hitting inside my pussy. He pulled out and Marcus took his place. He was rubbing his rock hard cock on cum drenched pussy. I put my hand on his cock and guided it to my newly stretched pussy hole. I was near orgasm and wanted to cum again. With the giant head on my pussy he began to push, I could feel the head start to penetrate my Stretched pussy. I started to rotate my ass and start to buck up and down also. He pushed hard & it started to hurt real badly. I screamed and said STOP, STOP. He stopped and asked if I really meant it. I said no FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME. He started to push and again it hurt really badly. I said NO, NO NO. He kept pushing and I felt that huge head enter my pussy. GOD DAMN It hurts, I said. He started to rub my clit and Will started to suck my tits. I started to get aroused again and started gyrating my hips and Marcus pushed further into my pussy. He pushed into a few inches and it hurt and felt soooooo good at the same time. He pulled back and I thought he was going to pull his dick totally out.I shouted NO, No, NO. don’t take it out. He started to fuck me with a slow rhythm, going deeper and deeper. I was nearing another orgasm and then a dick was shoved into my mouth. It was Richards Big Black Cock. It was covered with cum and pussy juices I did not care I sucked it greedily as Marcus started to pound harder & harder, deeper and deeper. He bottomed out and again I Heard the slapping sound as I approached orgasm. I had a tremendous orgasm as Marcus shot his com into me and Richard came in my mouth a few seconds after. They took a picture of me as I climaxed and my eyes rolled back into my head. It is a great picture. We all rested and I drank more brandy. almanbahis giriş My pussy was so sore and cum oozed out. Will collected it on his fingers and put in my mouth and then got a table spoon and fed it to me as I drank Brandy. Could not believe I fucked and sucked a black dick; but I did. I can’t go back. This was a great experience. I wish I had done this when I was in 8th grade. The group of girls I was in thought girls who had black boyfriends was sick. Live and learn. It is all about the cock in your cunt. Black or white it feels great.By now I was pretty high. Marcus started to kiss me and Will sucked my tits as Richard rubbed my clit and my sore pussy. He rubbed my ass hole. He said do you want to get that tight ass fucked by my black dick. I said no. He kept rubbing my ass; Marcus pulled my head down on his cock. My ass was now up in the air. Richard continued to rub my ass hole and I was getting very excited. This went on for several minutes. Marcus then pulled me on top of him and tried to put his giant cock in my pussy. He could not hit the hole so I put it on my pussy with my hand. He humped and the head popped in. I started to hump back on his dick. It went deep into my cunt. This time it was uncomfortable; but, it did not hurt as bad as before. As I humped Marcus, Richard asked if I wanted him to eat my ass and I said Uh Huh. He started to run his tongue over my ass hole. It felt really good. He did this for several minutes and then he asked me if I wanted him to fuck my ass? I said yes. He said ask me. I said Richard pleas fuck my ass with your big black cock. He said that is better, you little ass fuck slut whore. He said say “Lynn is a little ass fucking slut whore”. I said “Lynn is a little ass fucking slut whore. He starts to try and push his tongue in my ass hole. The harder he pushed the better it felt. I put my right tit in Marcus’ mouth and he started to suck and bite the nipple. It hurt and felt good at the same time. Will then stuck his dick in my mouth and I started to suck hard. Richard then stuck what I thought was his finger in my ass. Then a warm liquid was squirted in to my ass. It felt really good and was almost hot. He asked if I liked it I responded “you GOD DAMNED right I do.” He then placed the head of his dick against my ass hole and started to push. Richard told me to try to shit it would relax my ass and His dick would go in. I shit the liquid and his cock started to go in at the same time. I felt it spread my ass and it hurt some. He continued to push and the head slid in to my ass. I took my mouth off of Wills dick and hollered GOD DAMN THAT FUCKING THING IS GOING TO KILL ME. They all three started to laugh and Richard pushed it into my ass hole, He kept pushing his shaft against my ass. I tried to get away; but, again Will and Marcus held me as Richard kept pushing his big black cock into my ass. He pushed until he had it totally in me. We lay there for a time and Marcus started suck my right tit again. He bit it hard and harder and it felt better and better. Richard started to pull his cock back and Marcus said for me to hump back on his dick, as I did Richard plunged his dick into my ass. I humped back he thrust his big black cock forward. A rhythm almanbahis güvenilirmi developed and Will stuck his cock in my mouth again. In a few minutes I had a gigantic orgasm. Better than any before. Richard soon came in my ass and I shit his dick out. Will then moved to my ass and placed his dick on my ass hole. I continued to hump Marcus and Will buried his cock in my ass. We again established a rhythm Me back on Marcus cock and Will pounding my ass. It hurt; but I did not care I was about to cum… Richard then tried to put his dick with his cum & my shit on it in my mouth. I protested loudly. He grabbed my hair and said “YOU ARE Lynn MY ASS FUCKING WHORE AREN’T YOU.” I softly said yes and opened my mouth to receive his dick with cum and my shit on it. Now you would think it would taste awful; however, the combination of his cum and my shit did not taste that bad. I cleaned the head and then the shaft collecting his cum and specs of my shit on my tongue. I swallowed all. His cock was beginning to get hard again. Will was pounding my ass harder & harder. I came again when Will shot his load in my ass he & Richard exchanged places and I cleaned Wills cock while Richard reentered my ass. I was about to cum again. Marcus started to thrust his dick in my pussy. We both came together and I collapsed. Richard continued to pound my ass hole several minutes until he came. He relaxed and I shit his dick out of my ass along with a lot of cum. He rubbed it all over me and in my hair and face. I did not care. I knew I had become his ass fucking whore. They then started to rub cum all over my tits and face. Marcus said My husband will now be able to fist fuck me, because his little dick will do me no good any more.Richard wanted to continue to fuck I told him my ass & pussy were wore out. He said ok suck my dick. I sucked the cum & shit off the head and licked his shaft. I sucked on the head and ran my nails from his balls to his ass. In a few minutes he shot his load in my mouth. I swallowed it all and sucked every last bit from his dick. Marcus gave me some more brandy. I said no thanks; you guys have ruined me already. I need to rest my poor little pussy and ass. I went to the bathroom to cleanup, I shit for real and damn did it hurt. I washed the cum off my Pussy and went back into the bed room. They took some after shots and I started to look for my clothed and shoes & stockings. I started out with thigh highs on and lost them some where along the way. They told me some of the things I said when I was cumin and it made me blush. I have never said those things. Richard suggested we all go To Atlanta to sex club. and fuck there so people could watch. I said thanks but no thanks. As I left I kissed each one long & hard. They tried to keep me there to fuck some more; but, I had definitely been fucked enough for the day. As I drove home I thought what would my husband say if he caught me, and what excuse could I make up for my giant pussy. When I got home I was so sore it hurt to walk. There was a message from Sue. I called her. She asked how my day was. I asked her where the hell she was; she said she left so the boys could ravage me. I told her they did. She said Marcus told her about it. She said if my husband wanted to fuck before Monday, tell him I had a yeast infection and need to go to Dr. on Monday. And when I get home Monday tell him the Dr, inserted an instrument in my pussy that stretched it for the exam. I said that may just work and went to soak my aching ass & pussy in a hot bath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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