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first gay experience in the night

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first gay experience in the nightIt was a nice sunny day, myself and a few friends had been out playing football at the local park, my friend Jason had asked us back to his house where his family were having a barbecue. When we arrived at his house I noticed that his mum and dad also had friends over for the barbecue. It looked like they had all been drinking for a while as they were all very loud and having lots of fun. Jason’s dad was cool and would let us sneak a few beers as long as we didn’t get too drunk, so we would grab a few at a time and take them up to his bedroom so no one could see us drinking them. The longer the night went on we found ourselves staying outside with the older people and Jason’s parents. Jason’s mum is what I’d call a milf…not too slim but lovely big tits and always has her legs out. All my friends yes to tease Jason about her. Once the barbecue was done, myself and Jason were pretty drunk and having a good time with the older group, they were all so drunk they couldn’t notice that we were too. It started getting late and Jason said I could just stay the night which was good news for me as I didn’t want my parents seeing me drunk…they didn’t have the same view on us drinking at our age. People started to leave around 11pm leaving myself and Jason with his mum, dad and one other couple called Tom and Lorraine who were also staying the night in the spare bedroom. When it came to bed bed time I was on the couch in the living room as Jason’s bedroom was too small and we weren’t exactly going to share a bed. I was given a sleeping bag and a pillow and got set to go to sleep. I fell asleep fast as I had been pretty drunk. I woke up through the night when I thought I couldn’t feel something tugging at my sleeping bag…opening my eyes I couldn’t see anything so fell back bahis siteleri asleep. A little time passed and this time I was woken by something completely different…the feeling was good…like when you wake up with morning wood. This time however it felt even better. Groggily coming round I could feel how hard my cock was. I jumped when I realised someone else was in the room. I sat up a bit noticing the sleeping bag completely unzipped and my briefs down by my ankles. My 7” cock was throbbing and wet. Then a voice came…a mans voice. It was Tom. He asked “can I continue to suck on your cock?” I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do. He asked me if it felt good…I slowly nodded. Leaning back in towards me looking at me in the eyes he took my hard cock in his mouth again…I am straight but my god did it feel good, I could tell this wasn’t his first time sucking on a dick. His left hand was holding the base of my cock while his right hand massages my balls. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold on much longer as it felt incredible. He knew I was enjoying it by my soft moans I was making. He was sucking hard on the tip of my cock, I could see all the pre cum oozing out the tip of my cock. He was using it all as lube.Tom started to rub a finger over my bum hole, I had never felt this before and was very unsure…I jumped a few times but Tom reassured me and pushed my body back down. Stroking and sucking my cock faster I knew I was going to explode…I asked Tom to stop as i was scared someone would hear us…but it felt so good I didn’t actually want him to stop. Tom then asked me if I was ready to cum…to which I replied yes. His index finger which had still been rubbing my bum hole then slowly started to enter me. Slowly getting deeper into my anus. Tom has a big smile on his face as canlı bahis siteleri he could tell I was enjoying it. Leaning over me…jerking my cock hard and fast and fingering my ass…I couldn’t hold it any longer. I could feel it coming. I had to release..I told Tom I was going to cum…he took my cock into his mouth just before the first huge shot of cum flew out my cock. I let out a huge moan, it felt incredible. His finger in my ass made it feel 10x more intense. He took my whole load in his mouth swallowing the lot. Still fingering my ass and stroking my softening cock I laid back down breathing heavily. He squeezed the last of my cum out my cock. Tom then asked me did that feel good? I replied yes. Tom then told me it was his turn. I looked at him scared as I had never had even thought about sucking on a cock. But I was wrong, Tom had other ideas.He stood up…towering over me. Before I knew it he flipped me over and I was face down on the sofa. My bare ass on show to him.i could hear him breathing heavily. I heard him spit into his hand, I turned round to see, he had his cock out stroking it slowly. His cock was a little smaller than mine I’d say maybe around 5 or 6 inches.he slowly lowered himself on top of me. I was so scared as I knew what was going to happen, but I wanted it. I could of stopped it at any moment. His finger had been the only thing ever to enter my asshole. He started to finger my ass again…this time he was a bit rougher. Thrusting his finger into me. It was painful but I liked it. Sliding his finger in and out my tight ass was getting me hard again. He now had two fingers inside me..fucking me with his fingers. Harder and harder. He stopped suddenly and pulled them out. I could feel something at my asshole..he spit down onto my ass. I could feel it run down canlı bahis my crack and to my hole. He started to push his hard cock inside me. I let out painful moans but this didn’t stop him. I could feel his mushroom inside me, Tom asked me if I was ok…I replied by nodding. I wanted to feel his whole cock inside me. So I started to push back onto his throbbing cock. I could feel it sliding inside inch by inch. Tom was moaning in delight. He said he loved my tight asshole. Still pushing back on his cock my asshole was sliding over every inch. Tom grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled…he was now balls deep in my tight ass. We both didn’t move for a while, both heavily breathing. Tom slowly started to remove his cock from my ass…down to the tip and then slowly back inside. By now my cock was fully erect. Tom started fucking me harder…I could tell he was wanting to fuck me hard. I told him to do it. Fuck me. Tom grabbed my hips forcefully and ploughed his cock deep inside me. Fucking me harder my tight was was painful but felt really good at the same time. I was now rubbing my own cock which was leaking pre cum again. Fucking me hard Tom was getting close to shooting his load. I could feel his bald bashing against me with every thrust. I heard him say..oh fuck and knew he was going to cum. I couldn’t believe it. A man was about to unload in my ass. He thrusted deep into me and I felt his cock throb as he sent the first rope of cum deep into my ass. He let out a moan so loud there is no way that the others didn’t hear. With all his cum inside me he slowly pulled his cock out my ass and stood up. I lay there on the sofa out of breath. Tom said to me..”that was fun. Goodnight” and went back upstairs to the spare room. I lay awake wake the rest of the night contemplating what had just happened to me. I was in shock but knew that this couldn’t be the only time. I had to somehow meet him again for round 2. To this day I have never told anyone about my encounter with Tom. And sadly have never had the pleasure of meeting him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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