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Big Dicks

First timeIt was 10.40 on a Friday night and I was with a few mates. We’d done been to half a dozen pubs in town, all of which were either empty, played bad music or had a lack of decent looking women. Some inspiration was required.’What about the Foresters?’ Suggested Dan.’No,’ I replied, ‘it’s always full of fat birds.’Dan’s eyes lit up.’Oh yeah I forgot you like them on the large side don’t you?”Nothing wrong with that.”Foresters it is then.’ Watching Dan try to chat some bird up always provided good entertainment. About ten minutes later we were inside The Foresters. Now call it fate but through the smoky haze sat in the corner of the bar were a couple of girls who were, without being too cruel about it, a bit on the large side. ‘Dan look, two over there, go and chat them up then.”Get us a drink, it’s your round.”Oh yeah, I forgot.’After I got him a beer and after a few sips Dan went over to them.A while later I sauntered over, ‘excuse me, but is my friend bothering you?”Well,’ said one as the other nodded.’I do apologise, he doesn’t get out much.’ One of them turned to me. She had really big tits I guess she was late teens early twenties, ‘and what’s your name.”Sinead.”Oh a nice Irish name, had a good night?”Yeah.”Off anywhere later?”Hardy’s.”Oh the infamous Hardy’s.”It’s a bit of a meat market.”Yeah so I’ve heard, not really my scene,’ I lied. We continued chatting for a while as both Dan and her mate left. I did mention to her that I was tempted to join her in Hardy’s but rather frustratingly I had work the next day plus some of my mates were staying over.Towards the end of the evening things got a bit hazy but I distinctly remember outside the pub kissing her and her writing down her telephone number. The next day before work I made sure Dan and the rest of my mates had left the house. They could not be trusted. When I banged on the spare room where Dan was sleeping he greeted me, ‘cunt!”What do you mean?”That bird I was chatting up.”Oh yeah,’ I replied as I fished about in my pocked for the scrap of paper she had written her number down on. As I located it all I could remember was that she was on the large side, young with big tits. I turned to face Dan, ‘what was she like?”Absolutely gorgeous.”Really?”Oh yeah, so are you going to phone her?”I might do, but I’ll leave it a few days.”Why?”Don’t want to appear too keen. Obviously!’ Dan had a lot to learn about women.I called the number a few days later and a young girl answered. I assumed it must have been her sister. Still lives at home with her parents, I thought to myself. About twenty minutes later my phone rang.’Is that Steve?”Yeah, Sinead?”Yeah hi.”Are you alright?”Yeah I didn’t expect you to call me.’I ignored this as I said, ‘so are you still up for going out for a drink?”Yes,’ she replied instantly.’Good, where then?”Do you know the Castle?’It was a pub on the main road out of town, ‘yeah I know of it.”We can meet there.”Okay, cool, when?”Is Tuesday alright with you?”Yes.”Say 7.30.”I’ll see you then Sinead.”Okay bye Steve.”Bye.’As the Castle was the other side of town I drove over. I entered the pub and bought myself a coke and sat at a table. About ten minutes later door swung open and what I can only describe as a large shape entered. My heart sank as it turned round and I recognised it as Sinead. Clearly the alcohol must have been affecting something the other night because she looked nothing like how I remembered. As she sat down next to me I briefly thought of excusing myself to visit the gents and then scarpering, but I guess I’m just too much of a gentleman.’Can I get you a drink?”Please, I didn’t think you’d come.”Oh.’She looked down at the floor and said in a quieter voice, ‘I’ve not really been on many dates before.”Oh.’She then surprised me as she said, ‘do you want to see a film?”Er yeah can do.’The cinema was a bit of a trek so it was decided I would drop my car off at mine Sinead would follow and then she would drive me to the cinema. As we drove the mile or so from my house to the cinema Sinead chatted about her recent holiday explaining first time she had been away from home without her parents. She mentioned attending college part time. I guessed she was about twenty some seven years younger than I was at the time.We went inside the cinema and stood looking at what films were available. Sinead decided on Men In Black, not really my cup of tea but I went along with it. I paid for us both and entered the auditorium. To be honest I was a bit relived she had chosen not to sit at the back instead we were somewhere in the middle. As it was mid-week the cinema was not particularly busy. We sat in silence as some adverts were played, then the lights dimmed and the film began. I’m always at a loss to do with my hands when taking a girl out to the cinema especially on a first date. However this question was soon answered as Sinead took hold of my hand and held it fairly tightly. I was a bit taken aback but responded a few moments later by swapping my left hand with my right and with my left hand put it over her shoulder where it rested for a few moments.If I was taken aback by her holding my hand what she did next left me gobsmacked as she took hold of my hand and placed it on her left breast. It was truly massive, it’s not as if I have small hands, but my outstretched left hand could not cover it. For a while I kept my hand there but then temptation got the better of me as I gave it a gentle squeeze through her jumper. As she didn’t object I spent the next few minutes just gently squeezing it taken aback by its size and also its surprising firmness. Clearly they were Sinead’s best feature. I then lifted up my palm and with the tip of my index finger looked to locate her nipple. I soon found a telling bump in the fabric of her jumper and began to stimulate it. Sinead replied with a sharp intake of breath and squirmed slightly in her seat. I continued stroking it as I imagined what it would feel and look like in the flesh.After a while Sinead removed my hand. I let out a quiet groan of disappointment as I thought I had gone too far. But I couldn’t have been more wrong as I watched as she fumbled under her jumper for a few moments before placing back my hand.It was obvious with my first touch she had removed her breast from the tight constraint of her bra as the palm of my hand wobbled against the flesh. Without her bra I could really feel her swollen nipple. So with the tip of my finger I gently began to circle round it, next I ran my finger over it again and again. I could swear her nipple was becoming more swollen with every touch. As I felt her up Sinead would gently move in her seat.’You like that?’ I whispered over the dialogue of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.’Yes,’ she hissed back.I then gave her nipple a gentle pinch. Sinead responded by clamping her legs together. This made me wonder whether my actions were making her wet down there, so I slowly slipped my right hand between her legs. Unfortunately she was wearing thick chord trousers. As I pondered how to get to her pussy Sinead gently held my wrist.I didn’t know whether she wanted me to pull my hand away or what but I had my hand firmly nestled between her legs. Although she still had hold of my wrist she made no attempt to pull my hand away. I therefore opened up my hand so the palm was flat against her crotch. Even through the thick material I could feel the heat emanating between her legs. This had an immediate effect on my cock which had been semi erect due to the nipple play as I felt myself stiffen at the thought of her wet pussy. I wanted to explore further so I pressed my palm harder against her and with the heel of my palm I began gently circular movement. With my middle finger I pressed hard against the fabric and gently rubbed it up and down. By my reckoning my finger was directly rubbing against her clit. My reckoning must have been correct as Sinead responded by moving forward slightly which made her groin point slightly upwards. My cock throbbed at the naughtiness of what we were doing. Then casting a look around to make sure nobody was watching I decided to go a bit further. Removing my hand from her groin I then positioned it above her belt and attempted to snake my hand under her waistband to get a proper feel. As I said, she was a big girl and her stomach was tight against her waistband which made further progress impossible. Frustrated I resumed gently rubbing her through her trousers as I pictured her wet pussy.However Sinead quickly and firmly removed my hand away and placed it back on her clothed breast. My hard cock was wedged between the fabric of my trousers and the top of my left thigh producing an unmistakeable ridge. A while later I watched as Sinead’s right hand gingerly ventured towards the ridge in my trousers. Encouraging her I pushed my groin forwards slightly and was soon rewarded as she gently touched me through my black jeans. Sinead began to trace the outline of my cock. I wanted her to explore further so I placed my hand over hers pressing it against my cock as I then slowly began to move it up and down the fabric. Sinead soon got the message as my hand left hers to return to her left breast which I had been neglecting. Left to her own devices Sinead performed little circles with the tips of her fingers which stimulated my glands and made my cock swell even more. As she next stroked my full hard length I could feel my pre-cum seep out. I was becoming increasingly turned on so I whispered, ‘you got me really hard.”I know.”So do you want to skip the rest of the film?”No, I want to watch it.”Are you sure?”Yes!’We watched the rest of the film in silence with Sinead gently playing with my cock throughout. During the film I did look around to see if anybody was watching us when I realised they were not I thought about Sinead unzipping me and pulling my cock out. A couple of times I took her hand and directed it towards my zip hoping she would take the hint but unfortunately she did not.After the film had finished we walked the short distance to her car, I did think about holding her hand but was worried one of my mates might see me. Once inside the car as she reached for her seatbelt and recalling her actions, ‘you liked playing with my cock didn’t you?’She looked away from me clearly embarrassed.I laughed as I chided, ‘you were far more interested in him than the film weren’t you?’She did not respond so I pointed to a darkened corner of the car park, ‘you can drive over there and have a proper play with him if you like.”No it’s okay.”Pity,’ I muttered before asking, ‘well, do you want to go for a drink or something?”No I better not I’ve got college in the morning,’ she paused as she then added, ‘I’ll drop you off.”Yeah fine,’ I replied.As we drove back to mine it felt like the earlier events had not happened. I was hoping she would be up for a bit more fun. At the very least I was desperate to have a proper play with her enormous tits. About ten minutes later we pulled up in the road outside my house. I shuffled a bit in the seat and I felt the pre-cum in my pants reminded about what she did. It was only natural that I asked, ‘do you fancy coming in then?”I’d better not.”You sure?”I don’t think it would be a good idea.”Really?”You’ve got my number,’ she instantly shot back. ‘Call me.”Okay.’ I lied. As I was about to open her door, I could not resist one last feel of her tits. ‘Can I kiss you goodnight then?’She nodded.I twisted round and leant into her. We kissed for a few moments before I slipped my tongue into her mouth. Sinead responded with a little moan. As I snogged her I brought my hand up to give her right breast a squeeze. She pushed my hand away.’Sorry,’ I said as I sat back from her. ‘It’s only you seemed to like it in the cinema.’ She did not respond as the silence hung for a few moments. Her car was between two rows of parked vehicles and there was a street lamp to the side of us which threw some light into the car enough to show her breasts to their full glory.I stared down at them, ‘they really are amazing, please let me have another quick feel.’She said nothing, so assuming she was okay with it I gently cupped a breast in each hand. ‘Oh wow, I couldn’t see properly in the cinema, but these are the best ever.’ With each hand I moved my thumbs upwards and located her nipples within seconds I felt the right one harden, ‘see you do like that,’ I whispered. I continued gently rubbing the tip of my thumb over her right nipple. I could feel it swell even more so I gave it a pinch. Clearly this did the trick as Sinead let out a low moan looked at me before she lurched at me kissing me hard on the lips. The objects of my desire were now squashed up against my chest as Sinead jabbed her tongue into my mouth. Pulling away from her I gasped, ‘I bet you love having your tits sucked don’t you?’ Sinead responded with a little gasp, ‘I was dying to do that in the cinema, lean over with my tongue and lick your lovely nipples, you’d like that wouldn’t you?’There was no response from Sinead the only sound her breathing which had become much deeper. I was just about to say something when the inside of the car suddenly lit up. It took me a moment to realise another vehicle had driven up behind us and wanted to pass. I smiled to myself and noticing a gap between the parked cars, ‘there’s a space just up there if you want.’She paused for a few moments then acknowledged my comment and drove the short distance to the space. I watched as the car drove slowly past us.’So,’ I said.’Sorry?’I leant towards her in my seat and then looking down at her chest, ‘so…’ I deliberately paused, ‘are you going to let me suck those lovely titties?”What!”Go on.”I can’t believe you just said that.”I did, I’ll say it again if you want.”No.”Go on please you know you want me to.”I should probably be getting back.’I looked at my watch, ‘it’s not that late is it?’She looked around the deserted street, ‘you mean here, now?”Of course not, we can go back to mine.”I don’t know…’ She seemed frozen, unsure of what to do as she then asked, ‘is that all you want to do?’I nodded before I replied, ‘don’t worry I don’t want to have my wicked way with you.’I notice her relax slightly, as she looked at her watch studying the face for a few moments before she said, ‘that’s all I’ll let you do.’I nodded.’I’m not going any further with you.”Okay I understand.’With that she turned off the engine, undid her seat belt and opened the car door. Once outside I waited as she walked round her car and pointing to my house, ‘I’m just over here.’ We then walked the short distance to my front door. Fortunately my house was reasonably tidy.She stepped inside and looked around, ‘do you live on your own?”Yes.”So do you own this house?”Yeah,’ I smiled as I looked up the stairs, ‘I’ll give you a guided tour if you want.”No it’s okay.”Do you want a drink?”No.”Something else then?’ I said cheekily before I led her by the hand to my front room. The curtains were open light from the street lamps bathed from room in light as I wanted a bit of privacy I drew the curtains and switched on the main light.’You can take a seat,’ I offered and Sinead sat down on the sofa.I sat down next to her and rather than start feeling her up immediately I mimicked my earlier actions in the cinema as I placed my arm gently round her shoulder. ‘You alright?’I whispered. ‘Yeah.”I can put some music on if you like.”No, it’s okay.’This was probably just as well as I didn’t really have anything suitable. We sat with my arm round her for a few more moments before I said, ‘you can rest your hand here if you want,’ as I patted my left thigh.’I bahis firmaları don’t … ‘she stopped as I then felt her hand on my thigh.’That’s nice.’ I replied before I said, ‘can I move my hand down a bit?’Sinead nodded.’Good,’ I replied and with that I moved my hand downwards to her breast before gently cupping it. ‘Oh that feels amazing.’She looked down at her chest and blushed slightly.’I loved playing with them earlier,’ I smiled at her as I leant over and began gently stroking her breasts through her jumper. As I ran the tips of my fingers against the woollen garment tight against her heavy breasts I could not mistake the gentle rise of a nipple. ‘Mmm,’ I gently moaned to myself as my fingertips began to gently circle it. As in the cinema I could feel the nipple swell.’They’re so sensitive aren’t they?’Sinead responded with a nod of her head.’Now, are you going to take your jumper off for me?’She looked up at the light, ‘can you turn it off.’I’d already stood up, ‘yeah of course.’ With that I switched off the main light and flicked on a table lamp. ‘That okay?’Sinead nodded.I then sat back as Sinead pulled off her jumper. Underneath she had a dark t-shirt I could just make out the outline of her bra. In the dim light her breasts looked even bigger. Recognising she was a bit of a shy girl I did not request she immediately take off her t-shirt but instead took her jumper from her and put it next to me on the sofa.I then turned to face her and placed the palm of my hand flat against her t-shirt. Without the barrier of her jumper I could appreciate her breasts much more could feel their weight and size also her bra which was digging into her skin which was hardly surprising given what it had to support. I leant in and kissed her, my hands running down her back, feeling the outline of her bra through her t-shirt as I pulled her closer to me savouring the feel of them against my chest. I put my mouth to her ear and nuzzled it eliciting a moan from Sinead. Next my hand dipped under her t-shirt and I touched her skin for the first time. Up my hand went until it reached her bra.’Take it off,’ I muttered as Sinead lifted her t-shirt effortlessly over her head.’Oh wow!’ I exclaimed as I saw her bra encased breasts for the first time, ‘they are amazing,’ as I leant over and stroked the soft skin along her cleavage.Sinead was breathing a bit deeper now and appeared unsure of what to do next as I dipped my finger under the fabric and located a nipple. She gave a little moan as her breathing increased. I gently toyed with her nipple for a few moments before I whispered, ‘let me have a proper look.’Rather than unhooking her bra Sinead simply scooped her breast out and I starred at her swollen nipple for a few moments. I then put my index finger in my mouth making sure it was wet and slippery. Sinead looked a bit perplexed before I transferred it to her nipple. The slippery tip gliding over the engorged skin.Sinead responded by sucking in her breath.’You like that?”Yes,’ she gasped.’Mmm good, I like a bit of teasing first before …’ I paused, looked down at her nipple before I gave it a gently flick with my finger. I then whispered, ‘you want me to lick it then?’She nodded.’Mmm okay then.’I dipped my head down so I was only a few inches away. I could sense Sinead’s breathing increasing and becoming shallower. ‘Are you ready?’She nodded.’Okay then,’ so without further ado I gently licked her skin.Sinead let out a huge moan as she pushed herself back into the settee.’So you like that?’ I asked and before she had time to respond I continued, ‘you’ll probably like this even more.’ With that I flicked my tongue over her nipple before taking it in my mouth as I circled my tongue over it, taking it between my teeth and then flicking it with my tongue. Sinead was moaning and groaning. She then pushed the back of my head against her breast my face getting squashed up in her titty flesh. ‘Oh…’ she moaned as she arched her back before she grabbed my hand and thrust it between her legs.I didn’t need a hint as I began to rub her pussy through her trousers.A little while later Sinead let out a huge moan followed by a shudder and then went limp.’Shit,’ I responded, ‘did you just cum?”I …’She didn’t finish her sentence as I cut in, ‘I’ve never made a girl cum just by sucking her tits. Oh wow.’Sinead was still breathing deeply I guess embarrassed by having cum so quickly. ‘Sorry,’ she panted.’What for!’ I exclaimed. Making her cum like that had seriously turned me on and my cock was now hard and throbbing in my pants. I then looked her in the eye and then held her gaze before looking down at the bulge in my trousers.She swallowed hard and looked a little frightened.’Making you cum has got me so hard.”Yes,’ she nodded.’Do you want to get him out?”I probably shouldn’t…’ she stammered.’You were all over him during the film.’ ‘But that was different.”Was it?’ There was silence for a few moments before I simply stood up and started to unbuckle my trousers. Sinead responded with a gasp and seemed rooted to the sofa unsure of what to do as my trousers fell to the floor quickly followed by my pants. Sinead gasped in shock at the sight of my rock hard cock. Ignoring my cock I went to her breasts as I gently stroked on the nipple that had just been in my mouth. Without seeing her face I got the impression Sinead was periodically staring at it which led me to say, ‘you can touch me if you like.”I don’t know.”Go on, touch me…’A few moments later I felt the tips of Sinead’s fingers gently run along the underside of my cock. ‘Mmm,’ I murmured, ‘that’s nice,’ as her fingers stroked the underside of my glans. She did this for a few moments exploring my cock until she paused her fingers resting at the base of my cock for a few moments before she spoke, ‘can I…’ she paused.’Yes.”Touch your balls?”Of course you can.’I was soon rewarded by Sinead gently cupping my balls before she pressed against the base of my cock with the palm of her hand and then gently circled round my aching balls with the tips of her fingers.’Oh yes,’ I moaned, ‘that feels so good.’ In time her palm began to move up and down on my cock whilst her fingertips continued to stroke my balls. ‘Mmm don’t stop that feels really good,’ I encouraged.Sinead said nothing but she had sped up her stroke.’Keep on doing that and you’ll make me cum.”Sorry,’ she responded as she slowed down.’It’s alright you don’t have to stop.’Sinead continued by a little slower as I commented, ‘I wonder where I should cum?’ As I then stared purposefully at her tits.’What is it?”Have you ever let a guy cum on them?”Sorry.”Your lovely tits.’She shook her head.’How about letting me?”That’s probably not a good idea.”Only probably,’ I chuckled. I decided to up the ante so I moved my hand moved down to her crotch and cupped it before running the tips of my fingers round her clothed pussy. She responded with a moan as I leant over and began to suck on a nipple. Sinead then sped up the strokes on my cock. ‘Oh fuck,’ I groaned, ‘I’d so love to get my cock between your tits.’She responded with a startled gasp. ‘You ever tit-fucked a guy?”No.”You haven’t done much have you?’Sinead looked away at me as I continued, ‘would you wank me off with your tits then?’ As expected she shook her head, but I remembered thinking it was worth asking. I was determined to take things a bit further as my hand hovered over the button on her trousers.’What are you doing?”Can I?”I don’t know,’ I sensed the anxious tone of her voice.’What is it?”Well,’ she paused, ‘I’m really wet down there.’I groaned as I replied, ‘the wetter the better.’She looked at me with lust in her eyes. In response I leant down and sucked her nipple this did the trick as Sinead began to groan and undo the top button of her trousers herself. I then reached down for her zipper as our hands intertwined.I pulled down the zip which opened up the top of her trousers exposing her knickers for the first time. They were hardly the sexiest of garments being made of plain white cotton and very large covering her whole groin. I stroked along them for a while pressing down on the spongy area which stretched over her bush. Then I slowly snaked my fingers under her knicker elastic the tips of my fingers immediately discovering her bush. Groaning slightly my fingers continued to explore as they went lower and lower ploughing through her thick pussy hair. Eventually my finger tips made their way to her pussy. Sinead wasn’t joking either her pussy was soaking wet. I gave a silent gasp of delight and my cock throbbed in expectation. I then began to slowly finger fuck her. It was quite difficult as she still had her trousers on so my movements were somewhat restricted. Sinead began to emit slow and quiet moans as she pushed herself upwards enabling my digit to go further inside her. I continued to slip my finger in and out of her pussy, mixing up my strokes slow and fast and then soft and hard. Sinead seemed to like it on the hard side. But I soon discovered it was her clit being played with that she like the most. As my finger exited her sopping wet hole I slipped it up against her clit for the first time. Sinead let out a huge shudder of excitement. So turned on by this I changed my position and began to tug at her trousers, ‘lift yourself up a bit.’Sinead planted her feet on the carpet and raised her torso; this allowed me to pull down her trousers. I noticed how her hands had gripped the elastic of her knickers as I attempted to pull them down.’No,’ she whispered.’Sorry.’Sinead was now in her white panties and in the dim light I could just make out the darkened shadow of her pussy. She had wisps of spider leg like pussy hair sprouting out from under her knicker elastic. With one hand I eased her panties aside and with the other I slipped a finger back inside her, ‘mmm,’ I moaned before saying, ‘let’s see if we can get another finger in there.’ I inserted another digit and Sinead let out a long slow moan. Knowing how much she liked her clit being played with my now slippery fingers left her pussy and still under her knickers slowly made their way up to her clit. With my tips I gently stroked along her clit. Sinead spread her legs even wider allowing me better access, she still had her knickers on and whilst tempted to remove them I found it a bit of a turn on they were still on. I ceased with her clit and was about to move back down to her pussy.’Oh please,’ Sinead moaned as she gripped my arm.’You want me to keep playing with it?”Mmmmm,’ she responded.’You like having it played with don’t you?’Yes.”And I like playing with it too.’ With that I looked her in the eyes before looking down at my throbbing cock and smiled encouragingly.Sinead continued to moan.I did it again. Still no reaction and I didn’t understand why she did not get the message. I then said, ‘are you on the pill?”No. Why?’She then swallowed hard took a deep breath as it dawned on her why I had asked that rather obvious question. ‘You mean you want to with me, now?”Yes don’t sound so surprised, look how hard you’ve made me and your pussy’s very wet.’She looked down at the floor.’So you clearly want to, but I don’t have any condoms so…’ I was still determined to cum on her tits as I sank to my knees and edged forward so I was between her thighs. ‘What are you doing?”I’m going to have another play with that wonderful pussy of yours.’ I then pushed her hot and clammy thighs apart. With my other hand I pushed the gusset of her panties to one side exposing her pussy properly to me for the first time. Her pouting red lips were devoid of any hair, her pussy was so wet that her juices had dribbled out and matted and darkened the pubic hair surrounding her sexy hole.’Take your knickers off for me.”Why?”I want to see it properly.”I don’t know, I wasn’t going to…’ her voice petered out as she looked away from me. ‘Well,’ I began, ‘what about your bra, can that come off?”Okay,’ she replied in a whisper. With that Sinead slowly unhooked her bra. Her tits unsupported for the first time really were huge. I took the bra from her it was warm tempted to look at the label to see what cup size she was but the room was a bit dark and I didn’t want to appear too nosey.After depositing her bra with the rest of her clothes and still between her legs I returned to her clit. Every time I touched it Sinead would either moan or squirm in the settee. One particular movement of me gently circling it with the tip of my finger led Sinead to moan out loudly. I was getting really turned on by the fact she was into this so much which led me to pause. Sinead let out a groan of disappointment.’You want me to carry on?”Oh please,’ she begged.’I will but on one condition.”What?’ She replied and I noticed how she seemingly surreptitiously had placed the palm of her hand flat against her knickers before she looked hard into my eyes.It wasn’t that I wanted, as I stared at her breasts hoping she would get the messages, ‘will you let me cum on them?”What?”Your lovely tits?’ She did not immediately respond as an uncomfortable silence was about to descend I reached down and gave her clit a little rub through her knickers just to show her what she’d be missing out on if she didn’t comply.Sinead responded with a gentle moan.’So you will then?’She gave the smallest of nods.I groaned silently to myself as I continued to rub her clit. ‘You like that don’t you?’ I asked in response to one of her many sensual moans.She nodded.’Oh I know something that’ll feel better than my finger.’ ‘What, what do you mean?’Pointing down at my bare cock, ‘go on take your knickers off and let me rub it up against your clit.”I can’t.”Go on, do it.”I’m really not sure.”You can, what’s stopping you?”I don’t know.”But you want to. I can see it in your eyes.”I shouldn’t.”It’ll feel better for you.”What do you mean?”My bare skin against yours,’ I stroked along her inner thigh with my fingers Sinead responded with a gentle murmur. ‘Don’t worry I won’t put it inside you.’She looked at me for a few moments then shook her head, ‘sorry, I just can’t.’Unabated, I replied, ‘watch this,’ as I gently took the base of my cock between my thumb and forefinger before running my digits up it. This did the trick as a tear of pre cum exited the tip of my cock.’Look at that,’ I commented. ‘I’m so turned on right now. Let me rub that into your clit.’ I heard Sinead breath in deeply, clearly she was thinking about it which turned me on even more as I felt my cock give a little twitch. Instead I returned to gently stroking her clit, ‘that feel good?”Yes,’ she moaned.’Just think how good my juicy cock would be gently rubbing up and down your clit.’ I then took my finger briefly away from stroking her clit and with my other hand squeezed another tear of pre-cum from my cock which was deposited on my fingertip.Sinead had been watching my every movement and she gasped as my finger headed towards her clit, but she made no attempt to stop my pre-cum drizzled finger tip from rubbing along her clit.’Oh fuck,’ she moaned.It was the first time I had heard her swear and was really turned on by it. ‘My finger feel better?”Yes,’ she gasped.In response I slid it firmly down the length of her clit before repeating the same movement over and over. I looked up at her she seemed in a trance her big tits heaving in time with her deep breaths.’You okay?”Yes,’ she moaned, ‘I think I’m going to cum again.”Oh yes, please cum for me.’ I pleaded as I continued playing with her clit. ‘Ahhh, ahhhh,’ she moaned every time I touch her sensitive nub of flesh.Her moaning and “Ahhhing” began to increase in volume as she then began to buck against the settee as she kaçak iddaa gripped my fingers as I rubbed up and down her clit. It was fairly apparent she was close to climaxing as she appeared to be in a world of her own with her eyes closed seemingly oblivious to me, just focused on her orgasm. She then gave a final loud, ‘ahhhhhhhhhhh,’ threw her head back and lifted herself upwards as she continued to let out the long moan. When she did eventually stop she was still breathless. Eventually she unclamped her thighs enabling me to move backwards. Sinead continued to breathe deeply and her skin was now red and flushed. I remained between her legs and could feel her body heat even though we were not touching. ‘You okay, that was pretty intense?”Yes,’ she replied her voice shaky.My cock was as hard as it had ever been as I reached down and gently touched her clit, Sinead flinched. ‘Sorry,’ I responded, ‘I guess you’re still a bit sensitive,’ I then added, ‘I’m not surprised after that.’Sinead looked away from me and to her clothes which were s**ttered on the floor. I didn’t want her to leave so I stroked my fingers along the inside of her thigh. She responded with a gentle moan. Encouraged by this, I then leant forward so her thighs were against either side of my ribcage and gently stroked up her large belly, my fingertips continuing until they reached her left breast. I gently cupped the fleshy mound savouring the heat from it and entranced by its weight and size. Both her nipples were still swollen her left in particular.Sinead adjusted herself slightly and I felt her fleshy thighs press against my ribcage and her knicker clad pussy was against my upper chest. I continued playing with Sinead nipples, giving them little strokes all the while she responded with gentle murmurs as she got down from the mother of all orgasms. I was still clamped between Sinead’s thighs and gave them a little stroke.’What is it?”Move your legs a bit.’She slackened her grip which allowed me to move position so I was knelt on one knee raising myself which allowed me to move my face close to her nipples. I placed my right palm on her left shoulder.’What are you doing?”Sorry I just can’t resist,’ and slowly brought my lips down to her nipple.Sinead responded with a slight judder. She then began to moan as I sucked on her nipples alternating between one and another. As I moved from side to side my stiff cock slapped against the inside of her thigh. Sinead gave a jolt of surprise.’Sorry,’ I replied.’It’s okay.’With that I continued sucking on her nipples as my cock continued to slap against her thighs.After one particular loud slap I could have sworn Sinead gave a startled moan.’What is it?”It feels so hot.’ I looked up and smiled, ‘hot for you.’Sinead responded with a look of alarm.’Sorry I didn’t mean… well you know.’ I looked up at her, so turned on she moved her face towards me getting the hint I moved upwards to kiss her. What started off as a gentle kiss soon became a full on snog as our tongues fought a sexy duel. We snogged for what felt like ages occasionally I would reach down and stroke one of her nipples.As our mouths were locked I felt her hand arm tentatively stroke my upper back.’That’s nice,’ I encouraged.She smiled as I felt her other hand on my back before she ran them both down my back towards my bum.’Mmm,’ I moaned, then, ‘lower, yes that’s right stroke my bum.”You like that?’ She asked a bit surprised.’Yeah, of course.’I gave a moan as I felt Sinead’s hands on my bum pulling me even tighter into her before groaning as I felt a dribble of pre-cum leave my cock.I saw a look of perplexion in Sinead’s face.’Sorry I dribbled a bit.”I thought you…’ her voice trailed off.’No I haven’t cum yet, there’s only one place where I want to…’Sinead responded with an appreciative moan.’So you want me to do it then?”Yes.”You weren’t so keen a bit earlier.”I felt a bit different then.”Not as horny.’She nodded.’Are you horny now?”Yes.”And you’ve made me so hard,’ I moaned.A moment later I felt her hand wriggle between us. Still snogging I moved my body up slightly and almost immediately felt her hand grip my shaft.’You didn’t believe me?”No I could feel it against my tummy.”Did it feel good?”Very.”So you like it up against your tummy then?”Yes.’In response I removed Sinead’s hand and gently rubbed my cock from side to side for a few moments against her tummy. Sinead responded with a deep breath as I felt her thighs close in on my skin. ‘Are you okay.’She nodded as she responded, ‘it feels even hotter when you do that.’I groaned as I felt another tear of pre-cum leave me. ‘I’m making a right mess down there.”It’s okay, it feels really nice.”Mmm,’ I moaned, ‘and it feels really good between your legs.’ With that I rocked from side to side as the inside of her thighs rubbed against me.Sinead gave a lustful sigh as her arms encircled me pulling me in closer and I responded by gently pushing my hips forward so my slippery cock butted up against her flesh.’Oh it feels so hard.”I don’t think I’ve been as hard as this for anyone before.’In response to this Sinead looked me in the eyes for a few moments and then gave me the sweetest and gentlest kiss before pulling away, ‘move up a bit.”Why?”I want to stroke it again.’I smiled as I lifted my torso off her tummy so allowing her access. Sinead began to gently stroke along my cock it felt as if she was savouring even worshipping it. Her actions did not go unappreciated as I moaned, ‘that feels so good,’ as I kissed her again. I had expected her to continue but instead she paused. I let out a moan of disappointment, ‘what is it?’She did not respond, the only sound in the room her shallow breathing. I was wondering whether she had changed her mind perhaps thinking she had taken things far too far.’Sinead.’ She then looked me in the eyes; there was something different about her. I was about to say something when I felt both her hands move away from my cock and towards the side of her body. My heart then skipped a beat as it suddenly dawned on me what she was about to do. I looked downwards to my right as her left hand edged towards her knicker elastic when I looked to my left I saw that her fingers already had already gripped the elastic. ‘What are you doing?’ I remember saying. Sinead did not say a word but I responded by placing both my hands on her shoulders and lifted myself upwards. Whilst my groin no longer rested on her tummy the tip of my hard cock was still touching her skin. For the first time I was able to see the shimmering trail my pre-cum had left on her tummy. Sinead eased her knickers down the first few inches of skin. When further movement was hampered she changed position slightly raising her torso and enabling her to pull them along her thighs. Seeing what she was doing I moved my right hand from her shoulder and pulled her knickers along the rest of her thighs and over her knees.I was still half kneeling and half standing over her unsure of what she wanted from me.’Put it up against my tummy again.’I nodded. But as I sank downwards I made sure my cock was closer to her pussy than her tummy. For the first time I could feel her pubic hairs tickling the underside of my cock sending bolts of pleasure from my groin all over my body. I gave a little moan and by way of explanation, ‘your pussy hairs tickling me.’She turned her head away from me.’What?”You don’t mind?”Don’t mind what?”Me being hairy down there.”No I like it.”Oh, it’s just I thought…’ she paused, ‘guys prefer it shaved.”This guy doesn’t and I think you have a lovely pussy.’ ‘Thank you,’ with that, by placing her feet flat on the floor and pressing down, she eased herself upwards.I let out an appreciative moan as I commented, ‘oh wow that’s properly tickly.’ ‘I haven’t finished yet,’ replied Sinead she continued her movement so the underside of my cock was positioned against her pussy.’Oh that feels even better, you pussy feels so hot.’Sinead let out a little moan, ‘I can feel it throbbing against me.”I swear your pussy’s getting hotter.’Sinead gave a gasp of surprise in the silence I think she was picturing her next course of action. ‘Can you lift yourself up again?’ ‘Yes.’Disappointingly Sinead set herself down so that when I moved back my cock was back against her tummy. As a consequence of being up against her pussy I was leaking pre-cum all over her tummy. ‘Didn’t you like it up against your pussy?”I only did that because you said such a nice thing about it.”No other reason then?’ As I looked into her eyes the tension was getting a bit too much as I really needed to cum. I was so tempted just to get off her and stand over her and just wank off my cock. As I changed position slightly Sinead let out a little groan as my cock slid against her tummy. ‘Are you okay?’ I asked.’It just feels so good.”What does?”You know.”You mean this,’ as I butted my cock against her tummy.’Yes,’ replied Sinead pausing for a moment as she pushed her torso upwards and in doing so my slippery glands slid down her tummy.’Oh,’ I groaned.’Two can play at your game,’ she chided.’That felt really good.’Sinead replied by repeating her gesture.’Oh your sexy pubes are tickling my cock again when you do that.’ We looked into each other’s eyes for a few moments before she said, ‘lift yourself up.”Why?”I want to scooch up.’I nodded and as before lifted myself up as Sinead readjusted herself. When she was done she placed her hands gently on my sides and guided me to my previous position. Sinead however was now further up the sofa and I gave a groan as the underside of my sensitive glans made contact with the top of her jagged pubes.’What is it?’I looked down at my cock nestling in the top of her pubes, before I remarked, ‘I’m not against your tummy anymore.”I know.’ ‘I can move up a bit if you like.”No it feels really good like this.”Okay,’ as I remained still my throbbing cock now flat up against the top of her hot pussy, ‘it feels good for me too.’ ‘Mmm,’ replied Sinead, ‘can you just stay like that for a bit.’I nodded. I then felt Sinead tense her legs a bit as she eased herself upwards a bit again changing the position of her pussy. ‘Ohh,’ I moaned as my glans were squashed by and then rubbed against her prickly bush.’What?’ ‘You’re going to squash it to death if you keep doing that.”Sorry, but I really like it up against me.”I know.’ However, in order to relieve the pressure against my cock I got off Sinead and sat back on my heels.’What are you doing?’ ‘I’m just getting myself a bit more comfortable.’ I was now sat back on my heels between Sinead’s legs my cock shiny, hard and wet pointing upwards to her pussy. Sinead for her part was still sitting back in the settee with her feet flat on the floor. A moment later she pressed the side of her legs closer so the soft hot skin around the edges of her knees made contact with my ribcage. ‘Mm that’s nice,’ I remarked at the sensation of her touch.She responded by edging forward so her pussy rested over the edge of the settee and then leant forward so her huge tits hung down invitingly. Accepting the invitation I gently stroked her left nipple for a few moments before turning my attention to the other one. This caused her to let out a little gasp leading me to comment, ‘so that’s the most sensitive then.’Sinead nodded.I leant forward so I could be closer to her tits and in doing so my glans gently touched her pubic hair eliciting a little gasp from me.’What?’ Asked Sinead.I looked down at my cock it was very close to her pussy with a few stray hairs brushing against my sensitive skin. ‘You’re tickling me again.’Sinead did not initially respond but took a deep breath, next I noticed how she slowly placed her hands palms down on the settee and eased herself forward.I let out a groan as I looked down and saw that my cock was right up against her bush causing me to take a deep breath. Sinead then gently swayed from side to side only small movements but her pussy was rubbing against me and I clenched my buttocks tightly in response to the stimulation it was receiving. I then moved backwards.’What’s wrong?”Too much more of that and I’ll be cumming.’Sinead responded with a gasp of surprise.I gave her a little smile as I let my hand wander downwards to her pussy. I ran my fingertips over her bush giving a gentle moan of appreciation at her hairiness.’Oh…’ Sinead gasped.’What?”It tickles when you do that.”Sorry, perhaps I need to do something else then …’ I did not let her respond as my fingertips found her clit.Sinead responded with a shiver of excitement on my initial touch. Followed by several low moans and groans as I slowly ran my fingertips over and around it, ‘oh, that feels so good.”Does it?’ ‘Mmmm,’ she sighed dreamily before she gently took hold of my wrist and looked at me.’What?”You know earlier… ‘ she paused.’Yes.”When you said about rubbing it up against me.”Mmm.”Would you like to do that to me?”Wow we are feeling horny.’She nodded but I noticed a hint of anxiety in her face, ‘what is it?”But can I do it?”Don’t you trust me then?’Sinead looked away from me, ‘it’s not that…”Don’t worry you can do it,’ I smiled as I eased myself forwards and then pointing down at my cock, ‘he’s all yours.’ Sinead took hold of my cock and stroked it for a few moments seemingly unsure of what to do next. However she soon shuffled about a bit and directed my cock to her clit. I in turn shifted forward on my knees so my cock was up against her clit. Sinead then slowly proceeded to gently move my throbbing glans from side to side against her clit. ‘Ohhh…’ I moaned as the sensitive area of skin on the underside of my glans made contact with her clit. It sent a jolt of pleasure along my cock round my arse and then up my spine.I edged forward on my knees to bring myself even closer, ‘oh that feels incredible, oh let me play with your tits.’ Sinead was soon moaning and making little movements on the settee.’See I told you it would be better than my finger.’In time I reached down to her hand encircling it and touching my cock too. I circled round and round her clit. Sinead wriggled in lust as her thighs rubbed up against the outside of my legs. I then slowly began to rub up and down her clit. Then slowly going lower and lower.Sinead moaned and wriggled a bit.’Do you like that?”Yes but…”It’s okay,’ I whispered as I went even lower.I sighed to myself as I realised my glans were no longer up against her clit I was now rubbing directly along her pussy lips. ‘What are you doing?”Shh…’ I replied as I pressed harder against her lips.’Oh,’ she exclaimed in response.I gave a silent gasp of excitement to myself with the realisation I would soon be inside her.’I think you’d better stop.”Oh let me,’ I pleaded.’I can’t.”Please, let me put in it.”Not now.”Go on.”No,’ she replied as she instantly pushed my cock away.’Sorry,’ I groaned, ‘I thought that’s what you wanted.’She did not respond but looked away from me.’Are you okay?’ I was worried that I might have gone too far and she was really cross with me.’I guess,’ she replied appearing deep in thought.’Are you angry with me, it’s just you have such a lovely pussy and I’m so, so horny.’ ‘No I’m not cross, I just have to be really careful.”Are you still going to let me?”Let you what?’I looked hopefully at her tits.’Maybe.’I let out a little groan, ‘I still haven’t cum, and you’ve cum twice!”It was nearly three times.”How so?”In the cinema.”When?”When you were stroking me through my trousers, that’s why I had to push your hand away.”I thought you didn’t like it.”No I was worried I’d scream the place down.’We both laughed before I stared up at her. I leant forward to kiss her and cupped the kaçak bahis underside of my cock pulling it flat against me so it was away from her pussy. However, my hand was sandwiched between my cock and the top of her pussy. As our lips touched I thought I heard a little murmur as my tongue swished around inside her mouth. My hand remained between my cock and her pussy and as we continued kissing I gently moved my hand up and down. Sinead moaned gently and her breathing increased as in response to the movements against her pussy. I twisted my hand so my knuckles were up against her clit which I slowly began to run up and down. Sinead responded by parting her legs slightly before she looked down at me.’Earlier.’ ‘Yeah.”When you had it up against me it did feel amazing…’In response I gently rubbed her clit with my knuckle, ‘you mean when I did this?”No, not your hand.”Oh, you mean,’ I looked downwards.Sinead nodded.’I can do it again if you like.”I don’t know, it was so good but…”You can trust me.’She paused for a few moments before she gave a gentle nod of her head.I slid off her and as before was on my knees between her thighs edging towards her clit, ‘do you want to rub it?”No you do it.”Really!’ I replied somewhat surprised as I commented, ‘so you still trust me then?’She paused again for a few moments before she whispered, ‘more than myself I think.’I didn’t really get time to digest her comment as Sinead then adjusted herself on the settee. As before, I edged forward on my knees before slowly running my cock over her clit for a few moments causing inevitable moaning from Sinead. I then pulled myself away from her clit and still gripping my cock slapped it against her clit causing Sinead to jolt, ‘that feel good?”Mmm, yes…’I continued to tease her clit by slapping it with my cock. After a minute or so I felt her hand on my wrist before her fingers crept over my hand as they gently interlocked with my own digits so her fingertips were resting against the underside of my cock. Sinead slowly disengaged her fingers from mine as they ventured downwards and cupped my now swollen balls. She held them in the palm of her hand for a few moments, before gently stroking them causing me to moan out loud. After that her fingers wormed their way back into the palm of my hand so as before her fingertips rested on the underside of my cock. They remained there for a few moments before Sinead gently curled her fingers round my solid shaft. I slowly edged back a bit from her to allow her better access which also allowed me to look down at what Sinead was doing. I got a real kick from seeing my throbbing cock nestled in her right hand. I groaned and bent my head downwards and started sucking on her left nipple.Still with my cock in her hand Sinead began to moan before saying, ‘kiss me.’ Her voice had taken on a different tone. Reluctantly I disengaged from her swollen nipple and we started to kiss. Sinead still had hold of my cock but with her with her free hand she began to ruffle my hair before stroking her fingertips down my back. As we continued to kiss and Sinead returned to ruffling my hair I felt her grip tighten slightly on my cock. I then let out a little gasp of excitement as again her pubes tickled my sensitive skin before she put it against her clit. I could feel the heat and wetness emanating from her pussy which caused my cock to throb in her hot little hand. Sinead seemingly oblivious to this started to rub my glans over her clit. Time after time my sensitive skin would glide over her wet clit whilst her hot thighs were gently rubbing against my skin.It was all getting a bit much and I could feel a familiar tingle in my balls which began to increase, I therefore placed my hand on her wrist as I said, ‘keep doing that and I’ll be cumming all over your pussy.”I don’t want that.”Squeeze it then.”What?”The base of my cock.”Why?”It’ll stop me cumming.”Will it?”Yeah.’In response I felt her fingertips circle round the base of my cock before she pinched it between her thumb and forefinger causing me to moan out loud. ‘Sorry.”It’s alright that should stop it.”Will it?’I nodded.’Are you really sure,’ Sinead asked as she looked intently at me, staring really hard into my eyes.As I nodded Sinead looked downwards at my throbbing cock. Somewhat distracted by her intensity I didn’t focus on her easing herself backwards on the settee were she rested for a few moments before taking a really deep breath. I then let out a little gasp as I felt Sinead purposefully take my cock in her hand. After holding it for a few moments she gently moved it away from my belly. I thought she was going to rub it against her clit again but rather than angling it there she gently eased it further downwards. With my cock in her hand Sinead gently pulled me forward. ‘Oh that feels amazing,’ I breathed in deeply as I experienced her pussy against my glans. Sinead then gently began to move my cock up and down her slick lips and I could feel myself leaking pre-cum onto her pussy lips which caused me to let out a low moan. Clearly Sinead felt it too as she gave a long lustful gasp before she paused.’Oh please don’t stop,’ I pleaded ,’that feels so good.’Sinead nodded as she recommenced with sliding my cock up and down her slippery lips. We were both breathing fairly heavily now, with our deep breaths almost in synch. Sinead then made to move forward slightly. I was so tempted to push forward too, but was mindful of what had happened earlier. I therefore edged back about only half an inch but I was still close enough for the tip of my glans to be ticked by her pubes.I saw that Sinead was straightening out her right leg and sliding her heel outwards along the carpet. Unsure of what she might do next I looked away from her and downwards at the sight of my cock almost touching her wet pussy. I shifted my attention away from her pussy and saw she was raising her heel upwards and then bringing it towards me. A moment later I felt the heel of her foot gently run down the back of my thigh causing me to let out a moan of surprise before she brought up her heel and slowly ran it down my bare bum. I groaned in response to the tingle of pleasure her actions caused.Sinead’s breathing was now far deeper and heavier than ever as I then felt her heel dig into my bum again and simultaneous with this she eased herself forward. This time I was unable to move backwards. I looked down and gasped as I saw the tip of my glans were pushed right up against her pussy lips. Sinead’s deep breaths had turned into pants. ‘Oh,’ she moaned, ‘yes, oh yes,’ as she again dug her heel into my bum.Still looking down I gently eased forward as I did so the pressure on my glans increased as it pushed right up against her lips. Sinead adjusted herself only slightly but it was enough as I watched her hot slick lips slowly began to ease apart allowing the tip of my glans entry. I looked up at Sinead who was now panting heavily as she again eased herself further forward.I gave a long moan of pleasure as I could feel my glans were now fully inside her, simultaneously to this I saw Sinead remove her hand from my cock before she placed it against my side. She then, slowly eased me forward . I groaned at the sensation of her pussy lips which were now gripping against my actual shaft for the first time as more of it was slowly fed inside her. I continued to slide further into her hot tight pussy until my whole cock was gripped tightly by her wetness.Sinead responded by emitting a long slow moan as my bare cock was now buried deep inside her. Unsure whether it was a moan of pleasure or distress and worried I had done the wrong thing I asked, ‘you okay?”Yes.’I looked into her eyes, ‘so you are?”What.”On the pill after all?”No.”Oh!’ I exclaimed, ‘I need to be very careful.”Why?”Because you’ve got me right on the edge.’ ‘I thought by squeezing it…’ as she swallowed hard. In response I slowly slid out of her pussy as my actions caused Sinead to exhale deeply. Halfway through I again looked down I saw how her pussy lips were protruding outwards seemingly not willing to let go of my cock.Sinead remained on the settee and I was still between her thighs my cock still hard and rearing upwards but now covered with a sheen of her juices. I looked down at her pussy desperate to slide back into it again but mindful of her earlier reluctance.Sinead for her part looked at my cock for a few moments before she made to move forward. I didn’t get the chance to say anything as I felt Sinead tightly grip the base of my cock before she gave it an almighty squeeze. ‘Aww…’ I groaned, ‘what are you…’ But I didn’t get the chance to finish as Sinead replied.’I don’t want you to cum.”So you want me to put it back inside you then?’She gave a gentle nod.’It’s just that you weren’t that keen earlier and I don’t want you changing your mind or anything.”No I won’t change my mind.”Really?’ She did not respond immediately but I could not fail to see how she was staring at my cock. Eventually she replied, ‘it’s what I want.’To leave me in no doubt, Sinead leant further back in the settee before fully parting her legs. This sexy action caused her pussy lips to open up so I could see right inside her. ‘Oh fuck, I groaned as I gripped my cock, ‘you really do want it don’t you?’She nodded.’Do you want to go upstairs then?”No, here’s fine.”Okay then.’ But as I was about to edge forward Sinead put her hand over her pussy. Frustrated she had changed my mind I asked, ‘what is it?’ ‘You do promise?”What?”Not to…”Sorry?”Inside me.”Yes, you can trust me.’I watched as Sinead removed her hand before giving a little moan of appreciation as I edged forward on my knees so my cock as before was up against her pussy. I rubbed my glans around her entrance a few times as I sought to tease her a bit but Sinead groaned, ‘what?”Put it back in,’ as she stared at my cock intently.I nodded before I requested, ‘pass me over those cushions.’ Placing the cushions she passed me on the floor raised my groin up a bit allowing for a better angle. I then leant forward, holding my cock and directing it towards her pouting lips. As soon as my glans made contact with her pussy Sinead started to moan and groan. The volume of which increased the more I slid into her. For a big girl her pussy felt so tight and hot. ‘Are you okay?’ I belatedly asked. She nodded, ‘you feel so big inside me.’I slid all the way out of her causing her to moan again. As soon as I made contact with her pussy a second time Sinead exhaled really deeply and stared hard into my eyes. I was turned on by her reaction as I felt my cock give a twitch. ‘You like it when I put it in like that don’t you?”Oh,’ she nodded, ‘yes.”Not such a shy girl now are we? Can’t get enough of,’ I replied as I looked down at my cock an inch or so away from her pouting lips, ‘this,’ before I slid my glans back into her.’Ohhhh,’ she responded. ‘You have got such a nice pussy tight and very, very wet.’ She looked at me intently, blinking as she tried to register what I was saying to her. ‘You’ve got me so hard. Now do you want to hook your legs over me?’Sinead nodded as a second or so later I felt her calves against the small of my back. Underneath me Sinead responded with a squeal of delight. ‘Feels a bit deeper now doesn’t it?”Yes.’I then began to slip slowly in and out of her, my movement was restricted by her legs which were still wrapped around me but I didn’t want to go fast. Every time I went in she would give a slow moan, after a few minutes I felt the tips of her fingers dig into my back. This caused me to press my chest even harder against her as I felt her large tits squash up against my skin. I continued sliding in and out of her for a few moments before I felt a familiar tingle in my balls, ‘get your legs off me for a minute,’ as I paused deep inside her. I saw a slight look of puzzlement in her eyes. ‘Just in case I need to pull out.’Sinead swallowed hard before she unhooked her legs, looking a bit vulnerable in the process. I remained inside her as I commented, ‘I was getting close there.’ ‘You’re not going to cum are you?”Just let me stay like this so long as I don’t move it’ll be alright.’ I remained on top of her stationary for about thirty seconds and let the tingling in my balls pass. ‘Should be okay now if you want me to go a bit harder.’She looked a bit puzzled.I responded with a smile as I slid purposefully into her before sliding out.Underneath me Sinead moaned, ‘oh fuck … oh that feels so good.’Without her legs round me I could go with longer and harder strokes causing her large tits to wobble. As I continued her thighs either side of me became hotter and more clammy as she broke out into a sheen of sweat.’Oh,’ she moaned, ‘oh yes,’ as the tips of her fingers again dug into my back.Surely she wasn’t going to cum again? Up until that point I’d never made a girl cum just by fucking her. ‘Are you okay?”Yes.”You’re not going to cum again are you?”Oh,’ she responded, ‘I might.’I knew if she came when I was still inside her she might set me off, with that in mind I upped my strokes. Soon the room was filled with the sound of my bare skin slapping against hers. ‘Oh…’ she moaned as I slammed into her, ‘oh yes.’The notion that I might actually make her cum was such a turn-on to me I could almost immediately feel the sensation in my balls grow even stronger. I gave a loan moan as instinctively I increased the intensity of my thrusts I could feel my cock swell inside her.I remember groaning again.’What is it?’Sinead asked me, surely it was obvious as I replied, ‘I’m going to cum.”Please not inside me,’ Sinead pushed her clammy palm on my shoulder as she went to push me off her.’Ahh’, I groaned as I slipped out of her so I was on my knees between her legs my hot sticky cock pointing to the ceiling. Sinead gave a sigh of relief as she stared at my cock as a second later it gave a violent twitch followed by ejaculating a string of cum which landed on her stomach just above her pussy.’Oh,’ I grunted as I gripped my cock and rubbed it furiously as I stood over Sinead. Another jet shot out the one landed on her tits another one on her stomach. Rather wisely I saw she had covered her pussy with a hand.There were a few more spurts as I remained standing over her followed by a dribble. My forehead was prickled with perspiration and I felt a bead of sweat run down my back. ‘Oh fuck,’ I grunted as I looked down on Sinead she was absolutely covered in my spunk. She responded by avoiding any type of eye contact and instead looked towards her clothes. Rather belatedly I offered her some tissues which she took offering a whispered, ‘thanks.’I watched as she moped up my cum from her skin. She really was quite a big girl with her huge milky white tits and flabby belly. She caught my eye, blushed before looking away and turning her back on me as she gathered up her clothes and began putting them on. As she was dressing not a single word was exchanged between us. It was only after she was full dressed I asked, ‘you okay?”Yeah.’ There was a bit of a silence before she said, ‘I better be getting back.”I know, college in the morning.’By the time Sinead responded with a nod she was already halfway out the living room and a few seconds later I heard my front door slam.EpilogueI never spoke to her again, but I did see her a few times in town, once she was working behind the bar in an Irish pub. Another time it was a club again in town. As I reflect on the way she behaved I’m pretty sure now that she was a virgin. In hindsight I should have perhaps sought her out again and given her a better experience. Nothing too kinky or weird you understand. A bit of pussy licking for I’m sure she would have like that, a few different positions. The thought of doing her doggy style, smacking her big round bum before pulling out and shooting my cum all over her cheeks gets me hard even now.

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