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Where do I start with this tale? Guess a little about myself and then a little history would be best. Okay, here goes. My name is Elizabeth, but most everyone calls me Beth. Except my husband of course, he likes to call me Liz. During the last 12 years of my life numerous men have told me I am attractive. They have continued to say that I have a certain “thing” about me that says I am vulnerable while still remaining sexy. Looking in the mirror I would tend to agree in theory since I stand 5’ 7 ½” tall, weigh 125 pounds and have a 34-23-35 figure. Oh yea, my “cup” size ranges from a snug B to a small C. My hair is hangs just below my shoulders, is soft and light reddish to blondish in color. My opinion would be that my eyes are my best feature being not overly large and green in color. I am also 29 years old.

I have been working for Betty Bryant, the director of Marketing, as an administrative assistant for the past six months. I have been locked in a lifeless and mostly passionless marriage to my husband Mark, for 8 years. This story occurred about six months ago. Betty and I were talking about things in general and how we needed to get to know each other better when she invited Mark and me over to her house for a cookout. She indicated I would like Art; her husband of 12 years and it would give us a chance to become better acquainted. The date was set for the upcoming Friday night at 7:00.

Mark wasn’t keen on the idea, but decided to go. Friday came and we got ready. Mark dressed in jeans that were so tight it was impossible not to notice his cock outlined in the material. Mark has numerous failings, but the size of his manhood isn’t one of them, while his ability to use it, well that’s another issue. I wore a skirt and loose blouse. The top was made of cotton, was fitted through my chest and had several buttons down the front. The skirt was plain and fashioned as a straight, non-pleated style with a slight flair to it, nothing too tight or sexy.

I caught Mark looking at me several times. Next thing I knew he was standing next to me. His breathing was stronger and more pronounced than normal. He reached his hand down to the bottom edge of my skirt and moved his hand under the material until he came into contact with my leg. With the contact, I jumped slightly. It was an unexpected, but welcomed touch. Mark let his fingers trail over the softness of my mid and upper thigh, then just as suddenly moved away. Another lesson in teasing, start the engine, then run from the car.

We left shortly and hadn’t been on the road long when I felt I was being watched. Glancing over at Mark I was surprised to see him looking at me. Actually he was looking at how the material of my skirt was caught under my rear. I guess the amount of leg showing was having an effect on him. The bulge at his crotch actually grew as I watched. I wanted to reach over and run my hand down the length as we drove, but I figured he would tell me to blow him, or stop teasing him. Either option was not acceptable. I wanted sex so bad right now I was tempted to blow him, but I knew there wasn’t a chance of getting anything in return, other than a mouthful of seed. Still the excitement of him looking at me had a profound effect. Glimpsing down my front I noticed how erect my nipples had become. I think Mark noticed also as he reached down and adjusted himself to make it more comfortable for him to sit and drive.

Maybe it was the devil in me but I could not help but move in my seat as if becoming more comfortable. All the while knowing my skirt was going further up my legs. Looking down there was even the hint of panties showing at the bottom of the hem. It took all my restraint from reaching down and touching myself the way I had done so many times in the past couple of years trying to achieve satisfaction. I was successful but not at a cost. I knew I was getting damp and would be able to feel it all evening. Not a pleasant thought when considering I had no idea how long we would be at Betty and Art’s house.

We arrived and Betty and Art came out to greet us. Both men were impressed with the sexy women in front of them. Betty and I also looked. The only difference was I looked at Art’s face and then moved my gaze to Betty. From where I stood it was obvious she was looking squarely at the outline of Mark’s cock in his jeans. She wet her lips in what would have to be a subconscious move.

Betty was wearing a print blouse that had a V-neck button up the front and with a rounded bottom. The bottom barely reached the top of her tan shorts. The shorts were of good length, snug in the waist and flared out over her hips into almost a balloon leg opening. They looked like a short, full skirt. She had it all tied together with sandals that sported a small heel, enough to make her calves tighten.

Mark broke the silence first, “Liz never told me she worked for such a beautiful woman.”

Betty smiled from the obvious compliment and held out her hand for him to shake. Art for kocaeli escort his part was looking at me. I felt his eyes travel from my eyes to the tips of my toes, but his gaze lingered at my breasts and thighs. I was well covered, but he seemed to be determining how difficult it would be to get me out of the clothes, rather than what I looked like in them. He shook my hand with confidence. A gentle squeeze at the end told me he liked what he saw. He then turned his attention to Mark. They spoke and then Art asked him how he liked his steaks.

“Like my women – hot, tender, juicy, and with lots of pink in the middle.”

Mark’s quick glance over to Betty to watch for a reaction was met with a twinkle in her eyes. The men then went outside to cook the steaks.

“I didn’t know Mark was going to be so handsome. You should have warned me about him. I must tell you I’m impressed. He looks like such a stud.”

Her comments shocked me a little. The fact that she was so open about Mark and his sex appeal. I mentioned that the picture she had of Art in her office, didn’t do him justice either.

“One thing about Mark, you never know what he is going to do, say or act like. Tonight he had his hands all over me. I was just starting to get turned on and he stopped. Right in the middle, had his hand under my skirt and everything. I was on the verge of saying something to him to keep him going, but he left me high and dry.”

“Don’t you mean wet?” Betty asked.

I blushed and we continued to chat. She showed me her entire house, ending in the den. I ask how she had time for the house, a career, and yard-work, she referenced the fact that she had a yardman named Jimmy. Betty offered to get me a glass of wine. Something about wine, it makes me fuzzy real quick, and horny. So I said yes. After we drank the first glass, the conversation turned sexual in nature (just what I needed) and Betty mentioned Jimmy again.

“Yes Jimmy trims the yard and takes care of all the bushes as well,” Betty said. “It sounds like he takes care of more than the yard,” I said.

“As a matter of fact, he has been known to do a little “inside” bush work. He has the most marvelous tools for taking care of bushes. Would you like to see him?” She moved to the bar and poured us another glass of wine. I took the glass, moved it to my lips and took another sip. “You have pictures. I don’t believe it. You couldn’t? I mean; I never could.”

Betty went to the bookcase, reached back behind some books on the second shelf and brought out a videocassette. Grinning like a cat with canary feathers sticking out of its mouth, she moved to the VCR, turned it on and put the tape in.

“I can’t believe you have him on tape. But, are you on the tape too?

“Well yes I do have it on tape, yes I am in the video and we are both naked. I have found it is much easier to fuck someone with my clothes off. If you don’t want to see this, you don’t have to.”

I hesitated, took another sip of wine, and declared I was ready for her to “play” the tape.
Betty hit the play button and the image on the screen started out in a bedroom, and Jimmy was sitting on the bed without a shirt. His chest was broad and his skin was well tanned. His sun-bleached hair was pulled back into a ponytail that appeared to be down to the middle of his back. Betty came into the picture wearing only bra and panties. She went to the bed and began to move seductively in front of her lover. He was a little camera shy to start with, but as Betty continued to move in front of him he began to relax and get into it. He started kissing Betty around her middle and then rising up he moved his mouth to kiss her on the lips. He removed her bra and panties. The camera was still focused on her and I could see the near perfect shape the woman I knew as my boss. Next came his pants and as they fell to the floor, I thought that would be it. Betty then moved back and revealed Jimmy in the buff. It was apparent Jimmy indeed had a marvelous garden tool.

“I was startled. “My God. How can you? I mean I didn’t know they came in king size.”

It was true. Jimmy was endowed with almost ten inches of ‘gardening tool’. I was vaguely aware of bringing the glass to my lips again, but didn’t drink anything. Whether it was the excitement of sharing things, the wine, or the sight of this man on the screen, I found myself moving back and forth and becoming very horny. The video was like a regular porn type movie. No plot at all. Within two minutes they were making love. I studied the man first and then I changed my gaze to the woman. Her firm breasts were bouncing in rhythm on her chest and her legs were spread as far apart as they would go. I watched Jimmy push his cock into her. The passion was evident on her face. She stopped the tape, her face flushed, and her breath had increased in tempo and depth. As for me, I was caressing my breast through the material of my blouse and bra. I looked at Betty. Her hand was busy outside kocaeli escort bayan of her shorts, near the junction of her legs.

“Guess I better hold it there. Don’t want the boys to think we’re too easy tonight. Every time I watch this, I get so damn horny I could just saw off a broom handle and work myself over with it. Poor Art will catch hell tonight and he won’t even know why.”

I decided right then that if Mark didn’t get me off tonight, I’d do it myself. It would be a new step for me since I was actually planning to have an orgasm this evening.

“I don’t suppose our friendship would allow me to borrow Jimmy for a little yard work. Since he does seem to do a real good job for you.”

“Not on your life. We may be friends, but we aren’t that close yet.”

“I was just kidding. I could never take a lover. It’s just not right.”

“So, you telling me that you’ve never had any man since you married Mark? I find that hard to believe. I just thought everyone had an extra roll in the sack this day in age. Guess I was wrong, but really Beth, you don’t know what you are missing. Or are you saying Mark is such a good lover you don’t need for another man?”

“Believe me,” I blurted out, “that’s not the case. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed sex with Mark. Fact is I’m hornier now than I have been in weeks. It’s sad really, we used to do it every night and now it is when he wants it and it’s over quick. Guess I’m just not made for sex over the long haul.”

Betty commented, “Don’t let anyone ever tell you that. It’s his problem. I can tell you from listening and watching some of the guys at the office, there are plenty that would love to take a shot at you in the sack.”

“You think so? Anybody I would want to chase after just to make sure?”

We laughed at my joke and chatted for a bit more, then joined the men outside.

The conversation outside with all four of us seemed stiff. It was if we all had some secrets between us. Guess we did to be truthful. I did notice Mark and Betty giving each other the eye a lot. Mark seemed to be drawn to her and she to him. It was an electrical charge between them. As time passed they moved closer to each other and actually touched, innocently, but touching nonetheless. For my part, I gravitated toward Art. He was busy with the steaks, but still found time to pass numerous quick compliments my way, saying how smart I must be or Betty would not have kept me, and how nice I looked this evening. When he said this I looked to his eyes and they were glued to my legs and then slowly rose to my breasts. Just before he raised his eyes to mine I looked away. I knew it would make me turn red. I also noticed that he had trouble talking sometimes, especially if I was standing close to him. All the attention being direct toward me made me feel slightly uneasy, but I finally passed it off as being my imagination.

“Art, are you going to need the platter for all the steaks?” Betty asked.

“Yeah, but I’ll get it in a minute.”

“No need. I’ll get it. It’s in the cabinet, right?”

Art confirmed the location and Betty went inside to get it. Mark waited about two minutes and after being told where the bathroom was, went in also. I found out later what happened, but that’s another story. One I’ll let someone else tell first hand.

Mark had barely gotten the door closed behind him before I moved over closer to Art to watch him tend the steaks. I found myself wondering about Art, and why Betty had taken a lover, or two, or three, with someone so attuned to her needs right at home. I couldn’t help but think that Betty must need a big cock or something. After all, Jimmy was bigger than Mark was and most men I would think. Then again, I was attracted to Art as well. He had a presence. All sorts of things were running through my head when Art leaned over to me and took a deep breath with his nose.

“What is that perfume you’re wearing? It’s so light and sensual it makes my head spin.”

I tried to sound aloof, “White Shoulders. I like it because it smells good on me.”

“Yes, I’ll be thinking of that fragrance long after you have gone tonight. For that matter, you’re already imbedded in my synapses for a long time.”

I knew it was a compliment, but I wanted to see if I could shake the feeling I had. I tried to take the offensive to see how he would react. “You sound like you’re ready for me to leave.”

Art was stunned, but reacted in a gallant manner, trying to regain the upper hand. He crossed the distance between us, reached his arm out and touched my shoulder.

Pulling me next to him he spoke, “Never let it be said that Arthur Bryant would ever request a woman of your beauty and sensuality to leave at all, much less early. Given a choice I would request you stay all night so that we might get to know each other better. You would be treated like a queen, put up in the guest bedroom, the one with an oversized mirror so that you could admire your beauty, while izmit escort I admired your physical form from the other side of the mirror. I would go into my workshop, pull back the curtain, and hope you’re the type to leave the lights on so I might view the splendor of the woman standing in front of me. After you went to bed, Betty would know of my aroused state. She would most likely accompany me to the workshop and together we would enjoy looking at you and then enjoy each other.”

He released me then and I wished he had continued to hold me against him. His power was in his conviction and his aroused state could be felt even for the brief time he held me. Given the wine, the video and the obvious attraction Art had for me, I was warming up all over again.

“You mean you have a two way mirror install? I don’t believe it. Betty would never let you have something like that and you know it.”

Art smiled at me and spoke again. “I’ll prove it, but you must promise it’ll be out secret. Don’t tell Betty I showed you, OK? Then again, she was the one to suggest it. She said it might enhance our sex life and it has. We go in there when we want something special. Come with me and I’ll show you. The steaks will be all right and it will only take a minute or so. Come on, I dare you.”

With that he reduced the flame on the steaks to near nothing. He took my hand firmly and pulled me to the back of the house. Another door was there, one I had not seen during my tour. Art opened the door and ushered me inside. I went past him and he flipped on a light. It was a small workshop; less than 150 square feet, and against one wall was indeed a curtain. Art closed the door behind him and as he did so he reached for the curtain cord. Grasping it, he pulled on the cord and switched off the light at the same time. The sudden darkness made me nervous and it was magnified when he moved and bumped my rear end.

“Sorry, I must have grabbed the wrong cord. This one will do it.”

The curtain parted and as it did Art reached out and grasped my shoulder for support I guess. I was already weary about the closed room, the darkness and “accidental” bump, but his hand almost made me come unglued. Then the image came into focus. I was staring at a bed in the middle of the room on the other side of the mirror. My balance was a little off from moving in the darkness so I attempted to adjust my stance. When I did I accidentally brushed against Art but thought nothing of it.

“So tell me Art, what unsuspecting people have you watched from your little peep hole?”

“It’s not a peep hole. Like I said, we’ve had guests in here but the main thing is making love to someone with the lights on, recording it for later viewing and not being camera shy. Betty and I have done a lot in the room in front of you. Matter of fact we’ve fucked each other silly, more so than in our own bedroom. It just adds some excitement. And to be honest, we have watched another couple in there. They knew we were doing it and afterward, they watched us. Live sex, but without having them in the room with you. It’s a real sexual experience. Care to try it sometime?”

Art probably knew he had shown me a lot more than Betty would have liked, and said a lot more, but I think his confidence level had tripled since he had me in his shop. The fact that my breathing level had increased had nothing to do with it I’m sure.

I tried to remain motionless and had not said a word as Art explained his little love nest and the pleasure he had derived from it. Even when he had invited me to use the room, I said nothing. Art must have taken this as a sign. He took the opportunity to move closer to me. I didn’t know when he had done it, but I became aware of the fact that we were touching from our shoulders almost to our feet. My backside and his front were like a sexual sandwich.

“So what do you think? What to try it out now?”

I said nothing. My head was spinning. The wine, the closeness of the room, the video, even the strokes I had received from Mark were all players now. I said nothing but rather stared straight into the room. A vision came before my eyes. It was if I was watching the video all over again. I saw Betty getting stroked so masterfully by her stud and the pleasure that was etched on her face. Jimmy was really pounding her now as he pushed in and out, in and out, over and over and over again. I was lost in it. Then suddenly I was aware that Art had moved his right hand to the flat part of my stomach and his left had returned to my shoulder. Again he leaned in and asked the question.

“You haven’t said anything. Tell me, what do you think of my little room of lust?”

Again I didn’t answer. My lack of speech only served to encourage Art. He began moving his hand across the front of my blouse. His fingers began working inside the material around the button and began to delicately touch my flesh. He was not applying much pressure, just enough so I knew what he was doing. He moved again, near my navel. My voice had long since left me, as well as my will to push his hand away. His touch was so gentle and I didn’t want him to stop. It was just his fingers, and I felt my sexual energy building.

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