Ara 31

First Time with a Man

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Being on a long-distance flight always gets me so horny, so it’s no big surprise that the first thought I have when I get to my hotel room is to watch some porn. What a nice way to relax and unwind with my latest muse telling me how much she wants me to finger, fuck, lick, and suck every part of her body.

My desire to be with the special woman in my life, my true soulmate my best friend my everything, can only be met with time in front of my iPad. She reminds me of her so much, so I am imagining, remembering everything about her, her feel, her taste, her smell, her arousal, her desire I want all the memories to flood back into my mind.

The thoughts and images soon have the desired effect and my cock is so hard, precum oozes out of its engorged head as I slowly pull back the skin and enjoy the familiar feeling of my shaft throbbing into my hand, as I pull on it slowly, stroking up and down, as I’m being instructed by my Asian friend.

She is good tonight, she tells me how she loves the sight of me playing with my big cock, how she will do everything she can to make me cum and will completely satisfy me with her tiny cunt, her pussy evokes thoughts and fragments, flashes of memories, memories of her.

I’m starting to stroke myself harder now and with the other hand I pull hard on my erect nipples almost not even watching the screen any longer, lost in my imagination, and it’s my imagination that starts to play tricks with me.

I catch a glimpse of a shadow on the screen, just a slight movement of light and take a few seconds to process something which makes me freeze in terror, someone is in the room.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Hahaha I could ask you the same question but it’s so bloody obvious.”


“Why are you in my room Andy? what the fuck!”

“Hey, it’s not just your fucking room, it’s mine to and looks like I lucked out getting you and your big cock hahaha.”

“What? your room, are we sharing? When did that happen?”

“Yeah the only way I could get you to this meeting was offering to share a room with you, aren’t I the nice guy.”

“Holy shit Andy so sorry about that I didn’t realise, and eh sorry about that, I had a little itch I needed to, um scratch.”

“Hahaha looked a lot more than a little scratch, sorry about interrupting you, you looked like you were almost about to finish the deed, wouldn’t that have been fun to see!”

“Um OK, look can we just forget all about this please, so embarrassed, but just one of those things you need to attend to, right?”

“Hey, I’m a man of the world and have to admit I didn’t mind what I saw at all.”

Why did I have this strange feeling he more than didn’t mind, he was giving me the impression he was enjoying every minute of it, what was that all about, I know we have a good relationship but watching another man playing with his cock about to cum is a long way beyond the kind of friendship that I thought we had, and liking what he saw, fuck, what was this!.

The small talk that followed was a little awkward but we soon put it behind us and agreed to get changed and meet the others at the hotel bar to catch-up and have a drink.

I was so excited to be seeing my best friend again, my soulmate, my inspiration, my everything.

She lights up the bar as I see her from a distance and can’t wait to talk to her again, to be in her presence, enjoy her wit, intelligence, spirit of fun of adventure.

“Hey Sarah you made it you survived again hahaha congratulations.”

Our usual greeting always makes me smile as I enjoy reacquainting myself with the woman I admire, love and respect so much.

The evening is flashing by so quickly, we are a great group of likeminded individuals and everyone is enjoying the good spirits and looking forward to the meeting ahead. I start to look around and notice Andy has been gone for a little while, I wonder where he is but also realise how grateful I am he has gone and we have avoided any mention of this afternoons activity.

My phone beeps and flashes as a message comes in on WhatsApp, my heart skips a beat as usual because the sound is synonymous with a message from her, little messages that I love receiving so much, but I’m right next to her so I know it’s not her, who is it? I open my phone and to my horror see a picture message from Andy, I open it and freeze in a mixture of panic and fear.

It’s a picture of me with my cock in my hand watching porn and wanking, not grainy, hard to see, but in high definition, you illegal bahis can see everything in detail. What the fuck was this, he was taking pictures?

I quickly hid my phone for fear someone will catch a glimpse. I quickly type a reply.

“Andy fucking hell, what are you playing at!”

I didn’t have to wait long for his reply.

“Hey dude, you should see the video, you look great, it’s really turning me on. If you don’t want anyone else to see this you better do exactly what I tell you, OK?”

Do exactly what he tells me, what is this, what is happening, what does he want me to do?

All kinds of disturbing thoughts race through my mind, does he want money, wants me to do work for him, help him with someone else or what. Holy shit, dark thoughts fill my mind, he liked what I was doing way too much, does he want me to do something else! Maybe finish the job he was so keen to see. Shit Shit Shit! how am I going to get out of this?

“Come back to the hotel room now, just make some excuse, just get here now I have something for you, if you’re not here in 5 mins I think your video might go viral.”

“Ah Tony, are you OK you look a little pale, are you feeling OK?”

“Ah no, actually I feel a little sick, think I will go and lay down for a bit and call it a night Sarah, see you in the morning OK.”

“OK sure thing, hope you feel better in the morning.”

Funny thing is I really did feel sick, what the fuck is going to happen, I thought I knew him, thought we are mates, what was he going to do.

I walk back to the room in a daze hoping for the best but fearing the worse. I open the door to find Andy laying on the bed in a bathrobe smiling.

“Hey sorry about the dramatics was just having some fun with you.”

“Holy shit you were freaking me out.”

“I know, sorry about that, so mean, but I have a strange sense of humour sometimes.”

“Very fucking strange and very dark.”

“Yeah hahah but I do have something for you, a proposition.”

“What, What kind of proposition?”

“look, I need to get something of my chest or I think I’m going to do something stupid that might get me into serious trouble in the future, something I have kept secret for so long and thought I would never do anything about, but its driving me crazy. Seeing you tonight playing with your cock like that just made everything come flooding into my mind and I knew I had to do something or I would go insane.”

“Holy fucking shit, what is it?”

“I think I might be bisexual!”

So, this was the bombshell, this was why he reacted the way he did earlier and all his little innuendos and flirty comments, he really did like what he saw.

“OK Andy, that’s fine no problem, you wouldn’t be the first guy to think that, and that’s cool I don’t think or feel any differently about you, we can talk about it if you like.”

“Well thanks but it’s not talking that’s the problem, I want to do something.”

“Now hold on Andy, that’s fine for you but look I don’t have those kinds of feelings, sorry can’t help you.”

“I know, I know but just hear me out please, I respect you as a friend, and as a friend I thought you might be able to help me with what has been driving me to the edge of distraction for so long now, please just listen and think about this one thing, it would mean so much to me, just to have you listen.”

“OK, OK sure Andy let’s talk, tell me about it, what are you thinking.”

“OK but I’m putting a lot of trust in you not to freak out just listen, OK.”


He looked so happy, but also anxious and scared unsure exactly how to start his explanation and what I would think.

“For several years now I have been more and more attracted to men, the sight of their bodies and in particular cock! All I have wanted to do is be able to touch a cock that isn’t connected to me, to feel it instead of just imagining it, to see how I feel when I touch it to understand more about my desire and my feelings, seeing you earlier opened up a window of opportunity for me, I’ve already seen it, not just you naked but seen it stiff and hard, so that’s out of the way, now all I want to do is touch it, maybe stroke it a little.”

“Please it would mean so much to me, would help me so much explore my own sexuality.”

Fuck, what am I going to say to him, my immediate feeling is repulsion, how can I let another man touch my cock, even play with it, but he seems so helpless, has been living with this sexual frustration and burden for so long, illegal bahis siteleri what kind of friend would I be to say no, and he is right, he has seen me naked, and not just naked but wanking hard and about to cum.

“Look, let’s say I say yes.”

“Fuck, really, really, really, you would do that for me, really!”

“Hold on, hold on, I just said say, hypothetically. I would want a few things understood first.”

“Oh yes, yes, understood anything, anything.”

“I would want what happens here never to be discussed again, never, mentioned and never repeated. OK?”

“Yes, yes, absolutely.”

“No.2 when I say stop, you immediately stop what you are doing, no protest at all, just stop, OK?”


“No. 3 I am not going to cum, OK?”

“Yes, no problem, no Cumming, got it.”

“I can’t believe I am actually going to say this but if you can follow those instructions than OK, I’ll agree to fulfil your fantasy.”

The look on his face is one I think I will never forget, hard to imagine the feeling of having something you have wanted, have desired for so long, hidden for so long actually going to happen, he looked so happy.

“So, when do we do this?”

“How about now, I have been staring at the picture of your cock on my phone all day and have only thought of one thing, wanted to feel it in my hand.”

Shit this was really getting very real now, just a few moments ago it was a hypothetical possibility, now he can’t wait to get his hands on my cock.

“Alright, alright, guess I would like to get it over with, hahaha. Let me just go and have a shower and get used to the idea, OK.”

“Yes, please hurry, please?”

So, I found myself in the shower washing my cock still in a complete state of denial how I could have agreed to any of this and how bat shit crazy this whole situation was, a good mate, who I have known and respected for years has asked if he can wank my cock for me because he can’t control his desire to fulfil his fantasy and learn if he truly is as much into Guys and Girls. What a fucking funny world this is.

As I shower I start to get a strange feeling, my cock is actually getting hard, am I secretly turned on by this thought, WTF!, this is getting very weird. I have never had feelings about a man’s body before or anything to do with another man, but this is a weird feeling, I am actually excited about the prospect.

The feelings and emotions I just decide are normal. Talking, thinking about sex always turns me on, nothing unusual there, just don’t freak out, go with it.

I come out of the shower to find Andy on his knees on the bed still in his bath robe, I just have a towel around my waist which is barely concealing the obvious bulge underneath.

“So where do you want me?”

“How about you lay on the bed, you can just get comfortable, maybe close your eyes, that would help me as well if that’s OK.”

So I get on the bed which only makes my cock look even more obviously stiff as I lay down and loosen the towel from my waist so it just covers me but can be easily removed and I close my eyes and wait. It seems to take ages for anything to actually happen, what is he doing, has he had second thoughts or is he just taking his time to savour every second of what he has desired for so long.

I suddenly feel the towel being pulled down from my waist, feel it leave the protective covering, shelter to my hard-erect cock which springs forward as the weight of cover finally leaves its mooring. Fuck I’m still so hard, can’t believe I’m so turned on, how can this be, am I bi-sexual to!

No, it’s just the sex, not the man. I didn’t cum earlier as I was so rudely interrupted so I’m in desperate need of getting myself off, but I won’t cum with him I told him that, do I want to, no that’s not right, that’s too far.

I feel his hands on my thighs, gently stroking them enjoying what might be his first experience of touching a man, his touch is surprisingly light and gentle, and also surprisingly not unpleasant.

He takes his time exploring my lower body which only serves to make my raging hard-on strain even more, he must think he is turning me on by what he sees, he must be enjoying the thought, maybe I should just tell him it’s not him, that would be unfair, and maybe even untrue if I’m honest with myself.

Finally, after what feels like about 10mins of this foreplay I feel his first touch on my cock he strokes his fingers all the way from the base up its length to the tip and down the canlı bahis siteleri other side, it’s like he is hardly touching it, it’s so delicate so loving.

He continues this routine running his finger from my base to the tip and down again several times until he settles on the head of my cock playing with my precum between his fingertips, it’s a nice sensation as he squeezes on my head rubbing my cock lips with its juice.

I am very wet, but I always get so wet whenever my cock is played with, nothing unusual, doesn’t mean I’m gay. Suddenly he wraps his whole hand around my shaft, doesn’t move, just holds it and starts to squeeze, like he is gauging how much pressure he can apply before he crushes it, go ahead try it, it’s so fucking hard and stiff you couldn’t if you tried.

The pressure is changing constantly as he adjusts his grip and starts to slowly wank me off with long slow strokes to my now very hard cock. I start to let out a little groan which is all the encouragement he needs to continue with exactly what he is doing, my groan tells him he has found just the right combination of speed, pressure and stroke length, fuck he is good at this, but maybe it’s true, gay men do give the best hand-jobs because they are so used to playing with their own cocks.

I must admit this is actually very fucking good, I’m really getting turned on by the feeling, not the guy the feeling, I have to keep telling myself that. My cock is being wanked and I like the feeling, normal, right?

I start to imagine it’s my lover doing this, she is the one not him. I’m caught up in images of fantasies of her as I have played with myself in the past, images of her naked next to me, it’s her playing with my cock not him, it’s her stroking my shaft so expertly up and down not him, it’s her sucking my cock not him, it’s her tongue running up and down my shaft not his.

What, he is fucking giving me a blow job, he is sucking on my cock and I didn’t even realise I was so carried away in my own fantasy.

Fuck it feels so good, so good I try and force my mind back to imagining it’s not him, it’s not him it’s her, she is the one with my cock in her mouth, wanking my shaft into her mouth is she licks and sucks on my cock head not him.

And then I feel something on my hand which is stretched out on the bed, something long hard and very familiar, he has put his cock in my hand, what does he expect me to do, but before I even realise I’m doing something I never imagined I would ever do, I’m squeezing and stroking his cock.

I can’t stop myself, it just feels so natural, a cock is in my hand so I’m going to play with it. It feels good, not as long as mine shorter but a little more girth. I can’t believe this is happening I’m getting a blow job and playing with my friend’s cock as he is doing it, and it feels so fucking good. I am wanking his cock in time with his mouth going up and down on my shaft, and he can get so much of me into his mouth, it’s amazing, how can he do that when he says he has never done anything with a guy before.

Fucking hell he is deepthroating my cock like a pro. He is starting buck his hips as I tug on his hot wet cock, his movements tell me he is about to cum, fuck what am I going to do am I really going to pull him off until he shoots his load all over the bed, well I guess I have come this far why not fulfil all his fantasy’s, and what about my own need to cum, am I really going to let him get me off! Fuck why not I can’t stop now, I have to cum, I need to release my own pent-up desire.

But not for him, for her, not for him, for her.

I will cum for her not him. It’s while I am saying this over and over again in my head I feel the first powerful spurts of cum fly out of his cock, he is pumping it furiously into my hand now as wave after wave of hot sticky cum shoots out onto my arm and stomach, fuck, so much cum so hot.

My own orgasm is very close.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum.”

I shout, so he has time to take it out of his mouth, but all he does is hold his mouth down over my swollen head and pump my rock-hard shaft up and down into his mouth. Holy shit he wants to pump my cum into his mouth, can’t believe he is doing this, it’s not him it’s her, it’s not him it’s her, it’s not. Fucking hell I’m cumming so hard, I can feel jet after jet of fluid racing up the length of my cock shaft and flooding into his mouth, he is pumping it out of me over and over every last drop, until he keeps sucking on me, cleaning me, licking up everything, I dare not look at him, it’s not him it’s her, it’s not him it’s her.

We both just lie there on the bed exhausted, no doubt savouring our own memories of what just happened, it’s not him it’s her I keep saying over and over in my head.

It’s not him it really was her…

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