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First time with older man

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First time with older manEven as a woman in my late 30s I was a little shy. I am not a prude but I had only ever had sex within a committed relationship. However, after a difficult and painful breakup I was not ready to date but found myself occupying my time by watching porn. After a few months of browsing and discovering Internet porn I noticed that I was gravitating to videos of older men with younger women. At first I was shocked but then came to embrace this fetish. Watching horny old gandpas was a real turn on for me. The older and the larger the better.The idea that I might actually want to have sex with an older man was something that scared me at first but the more I thought about it the more turned on I became. Eventually I put a profile on a few online sex dating sites, specifically seeking an older man. I was still nervous but the response from potential men was encouraging. I corresponded with a few men before selecting the one. He said his name was Ben but that he would like me to call him grandpa if we met. He was 73 years old and I was 38. Ben was a large man, with quite a sizeable belly. His face was wrinkled but his eyes twinkled with naughty thoughts. We agreed to meet and he came to my place. We sat on the couch and had a glass of wine but he was immediately touching me. It wasn’t long before he asked if I really wanted to go ahead with this. I stood up and he followed me to the bedroom. I slipped off the dress I was wearing and stood in front of him with a black lace corset and black stockings and suspenders. honaz escort Thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. His arousal was driving me crazy and I was already wet. Ben took of his clothes and stood in front of me naked. He moved to touch me and I told him to wait. I got down in my knees and looked up at his face. His cock was already hard, surprisingly so for an old man. Slowly I began to run my tongue around the tip of his cock. Next I licked gently down the shaft and then, lifting his cock to the side with my hand I began to lap his old sagging balls. He was moaning with pleasure but I knew that this was just as exciting for me. I looked up and asked hi if grandpa liked what I was doing.As he touched my hair I opened my lips and slowly placed them around his cock. I began to suck up and down the shaft. To my surprise and delight Ben took my ponytail in his hand and began to guide my mouth on this cock as his hips pushed in to me. It was so hot! He kept calling me his good little girl as I sucked his cock and find,ed his balls. I had imagined this for so long. my relationships had always been with me around me age but here I was sucking the cock of a man over 70 years old and loving it. He was watching me with me lips wrapped around his dick, moaning with pleasure and talking dirty to me just like the horny old men I the grandpa porn videos I had been watching, This was the firs time I had ever met up with a stranger for sex and it was the hottest thing I had ever kale escort done.I continued sucking his cock for a long time. I knew it was turning him on and I risked him cumming too quickly so I often had to stop and rub his belly or slow down but I was enjoying it so much I didn’t want to stop.Eventually Ben pulled me up and walked me to the bed. I lay down and watched as he looked at me, knowing that he was going crazy over my much younger body. His hands were rough but that only turned me on more, He ran his hands over my body as I squirmed at his touch. He then told me that grandpa was going to fuck me hard as he removed my bra and lowered his head to suck my nipple. I arched my back as I felt his wet lips surround my tit and his tongue lick hungrily. I was moaning loudly. His hand moved down my stomach and he pulled my legs apart. As he removed my undies he ran his finger along my pussy. He was so surprised that I was so wet.His excitement was intense and now that he was touching my body he seemed to be unable to control himself. He had said grandpa was going to take his time with me but he was now so horny that he seemed to have forgotten that. No problem, his excitement was driving me wild. I spread me legs as he continued to suck my breasts and roughly pushed his finger into my wet pussy. I moaned with pleasure as he fingered my cunt, feeling his fat old finger moving in and out of me. I was squirming in the bed and he kept saying I was the perfect little girl for him.He then pamukkale escort turned his attentions more fully to me wet pussy as he began to lick me. Me clit was so sensitive, the idea of a 73 year old tongue licking me. I lay on the bed as he licked me, his tongue swirling around my clit and tasting my pussy juices. I told him I want d grandpas cock in my mouth again so he moved eagerly up the bed. He stood near my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. As he stood over me he began to finger my pussy again. I was squealing with delight but the sounds were muffled as he shoved his hard old cock down my throat.Finally he was not going to wait any longer and begged me to allow him to fuck me. He climbed on top on me and quickly thrust his cock inside of me. Suddenly I had a thought that my friends would think this was disgusting, being fucked by a fat old grandpa. This only turned me on more. I stretched my arms above my head and spread my legs as he grabbed my thighs and rammed his old cock in and out of my pussy. He then turned me over and entered me from behind. Grandpa seemed to really love fucking me doggy style. I could feel his balls slapping against me and me panted. It was obviously difficult for him to keep up physically but he was determined to fuck me as hard as he could. It didn’t take long before he was cumming.He kept apologising for Cummings so quickly but I told him that was not a problem that I was so turned on and that was true. This had been my first time I had ever had casual sex, the first time I met someone online to have sex with, the first time I had been fucked by someone within an hour of meeting them and the first time I had sucked and fucked a cock older than 45 years. I am so glad I worked up the courage to go through with this and totally enjoyed sex with a dirty old man in his 70s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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