Haz 04

First Time With The Bartender

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First Time With The BartenderLet me tell you about Mark. He was a barman in the Hotel bar I was staying at. Handsome, rugged , real American boy, 36 and married. He always knew my usual poison , had it on the counter when he even saw me approach the bar room, now that was service with an All American smile. Maybe he was after a hefty tip ( which he always received) or maybe he was after something more …. And the night before I left for home , I certainly found out! We had built up a good rapport , the banter was great and he always had a twinkle in his eye, the gaze the cheeky smile ; everything about him smelled right. ” Last night here?” he asked. “One more night on my own , and then it’s back home,” I answered. ” Shame a nice guy like you has to spend his last night on his own ,” he smiled cheekily.To be honest, I blushed at that moment and I rarely do. Was this guy coming on to me? Maybe I was imagining things. “Nah,” I said to myself and I ran my fingers over the lip of the glass, downed the drink in one gulp and withdrew my wallet to settle the bill. “I get off in a while, if you’re planning a nightcap in your room,” he said boldly. ” I’ll bring up a bottle of your usual” Was I really hearing this? Nightcap? Room? “Sure,” I gulped. ” 301″ ” I’ll be there in about 40 minutes,” he assured. “Great”, to say I was overconfident is an understatement , I showered and readied hiltonbet giriş myself for what I hoped would be a hot steamy night with this fine stallion of a man. My heart was racing and the hardness quivered in my crotch area as I toweled off. I was still wrapped in the towel when the knock came on the door. “Hey “, he said with that always evident cheeky grin. ” Ready for bed already? I can go….” “Can you heck,” I said to myself and I ushered him in to the room.No sooner had the door closed he was on me placing a long wet kiss on my wanting lips , the scent of his sexual desire rising as his tongue flickered with mine , and the cold bottle he carried hard against my bare back. There was no coy play fullness with the man , he really meant business. My towel had now dropped to the floor and his wet hot tongue began to explore every part of my moaning body. By the time he reached my groin I was in ecstasy! This guy was not only a great barman, but he also knew how to turn a guy into a quivering moaning mess. He took my hardness in his hands and pulled back on my foreskin, retracting it back fully to reveal my already wet and sticky helmet. His eyes rolled and I could hear him purr with delight as his wet moist lips enveloped it completely, my pre cum oozing from it onto his wanting palette. Man, could this guy suck!” I’m going to explode if you keep hiltonbet yeni giriş this up”, I moaned.He winked at me and continued, slurping greedily on my straining shaft. I shuddered as he picked up pace, his now free other hand delving deeper into my ass. Oh Man! I wanted to cum there and then but this guy knew how to work a cock without making it cum. He pushed me onto the bed and through dazed eyes I watched him undress, revealing a perfectly ripped furry chest. I followed the treasure trail of hair to his groin and saw a huge cock hidden and straining behind his shorts. He peeled the shorts down to reveal a huge thick raging weapon the likes of I hadn’t seen in a long time. The shiny shaft head glistened purple and wet in the low light of the room. I wanted it NOW!Before I knew it I was upon it, feeling his thickness swell in my wanting mouth as I licked and sucked on what must have been at least nine inches of man muscle.”Oh Man!”, he moaned as I took his cock deep into my gullet, slobbering hard on the straining erection . I worked the wet veiny shaft as if my life depended on it and I could taste the salty pre cum on my mouth. He groaned as my tongue went deep into his ass and I eat him out with relish. The more he moaned, the deeper I went with it , picking up the pace as I fucked him with my mouth. That ass was ready for company and my hiltonbet güvenilirmi raging hard on knew exactly how to satisfy it!I straddled him feeling his deliciously hairy legs against my hips as I pushed into that wanting whole. He moaned as I inched the head into him, his hands grasping tightly with mine as I began to push further in. I could feel it pop deep inside him then began to pick up a steady rocking motion as our bodies fused with each other. “Oh, Man!” he moaned , “Fuck me!”That was the invitation I needed. Gathering up pace I began to fuck him hard, my cum full balls slapping hard against his butt cheeks as I thrashed him deeper and deeper harder and faster. I’m sure the guests next door heard our actions but I didn’t care, I was in the zone, in the moment…in him! He worked his ass in motion with my thrusting and I knew I was going to explode fast and soon. Between the man scent and sweat and the moaning and the hard kissing as we fucked I could feel the surge deep in my loins and I knew I was going to come. I pushed deep inside of him and he struggled from the deep penetration. I held him down, pinning him to the mattress with my weight. I had him now. He was my slut and I was about to impregnate him. I tightened my legs against his and slipped my arms under his arm pits and squeezed with all my might, as I felt my cum start to pump into his ass. He was all mine now. I knew I could fuck him any time I wanted him. We collapsed in a heap together , wrapped in the moment, kissing gently and listening to our hearts gradually subside to a regular beat again. We kissed again knowing there was more to come that night. That was only the beginning….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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