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First Timer

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I checked my phone and the time was only six in the evening, Traci had asked me to go to the club with her. But I didn’t feel like getting dry humped by a bunch of strange guys.

So I’d told her no, and here I was regretting it because I had nothing to do, and it was Friday.

I decided to head for the pool, of Traci’s and I’s apartment complex.

I pulled off my t-shirt and rifled through my dresser to find my skimpy bathing suit.

I finished undressing and started tying the top in place, the black material felt nice against my skin.

I enjoyed the feel of it as I slowly slid it up my legs and over my ass.

I checked myself out in the bathroom mirror, liking what I saw.

I’d always loved the look of my firm, and toned body, and swimming helped me keep it.

I quickly ran a brush through my long hair, and then grabbed a towel and made my way out of our apartment and towards the elevator.

That’s where I first saw him, I’d pushed the button and was waiting on the elevator doors to open.

When they opened he almost bowled me over since he couldn’t see me over the box he was carrying, I squeaked and jumped out of his way. Then blushed bright red, who the hell squeaks?!

I wanted to melt into the floor right then, but he glanced around the box at me and his eyes made their way up my legs, slowly over the towel covering my firm stomach and full breast.

By this time, my blush had gotten worse.

He threw the cutest smile at me and apologized and all I could do was escort kocaeli smile stupidly and mumble no harm done.

“What’s your name?” He asked as he adjusted the box so he could better support its weight.

“Luna, how about you?” I’d never seen him before, so I was wondering if he was a new tenant. I wouldn’t mind seeing him again…

His dark eyes finally settled on my face and I felt a tingle run through me.

“I’m Ace, I’d love to stay and chat, but this box is getting kind of heavy. I’ll hopefully catch you later.” He smiled at me again and walked down the hall, my eyes trailing after him before I stepped into the elevator and pushed the button.

If I was going to see him later, and that must mean he was moving in.

I was smiling as I made my way to the pool, I pushed the glass door open and found myself a chair to set my towel on.

No one else was in here, so it was nice to be able to have the pool to myself for a while, I threw my towel onto the chair and headed for the deeper side of the pool.

I slipped into the water and sank to the bottom of the pool, just enjoying the feel of the cool water against my skin.

I heard a splash and made my way to the surface, feeling a bit cross now that someone had ruined my silent time to myself.

I looked around for the other swimmer but didn’t see anyone and then I felt someone grab my foot and pull me under.

I shot my way back to the surface and to the edge of the pool and glared at the head that popped up laughing.

“Don’t gölcük escort worry, I won’t drown you, darlin’.” Ace said teasingly.

I almost drowned myself right then, but instead I smiled and swam over to him.

“Well I hope not, I just met you and all. I didn’t think I’d annoy you that quickly.” I stuck my tongue out at him, and he wrapped his arm around me.

Pulling me close against him, his face less than an inch away from mine, I shivered when I felt his breath tickle my neck.

“I don’t think I could kill you, you’re honestly too sexy for me to even think about that, so distracting and all with your delicious looking body.” He ran his lips softly over the skin of my neck and I thought I was dying.

I felt the tingle start again except stronger this time, starting in my thighs and making its way up my stomach. He’d pulled us into the shallower water and I hadn’t even noticed, as my assaulted my neck and senses.

I felt my back push into the wall as he bit my ear softly and his hands trailed down my sides. He whispered against my neck, asking how old I was.

I trembled as his hand slowly made its way up my thigh.

“I’m nineteen,” I whispered, my eyes were closed and my breathing was speeding up slowly, with every inch that his hand made further and further up my thigh.

His lips trailed slowly up the side of my neck and across my cheek they barely touched mine, “Kiss me,” he said.

And I did, I pressed my lips to his and wrapped my arms around izmit sınırsız escort his neck. I felt his tongue slowly slip between mine and caress my tongue, inviting me to play. I shyly slipped my tongue into his mouth, exploring cautiously.

Who knew my first French kiss would be with a guy I just met…

He pulled away and smiled at me and I felt his hand rub against my pussy through my skimpy bathing suit.

I gasped and he pressed his lips again to mine, he kissed then bit my lip softly.

My hand started to move to his but he grabbed it with his free hand and pinned it against the pool wall, his lips made their way to my neck and bit playfully. I moaned softly and thought about what was going on, what was I doing?!

I was letting a stranger touch me, and enjoying it.

I couldn’t do this though, I couldn’t let my first time be with a stranger in the pool!

Or could I… his fingers started to slip into my bottoms and I almost panicked.

“Wait, wait…” I whispered, and I felt his hand freeze and his dark eyes looked into mine questioningly.

“I.. I can’t do this, not like this…I don’t want my first time to be… ” I trailed off and couldn’t look at him, he probably wouldn’t even want to talk to me again after this.

He laughed and pulled his hand away from my thighs and wrapped both his arms around me, “Look at me.”

I made myself look at him.

“Would it really be your first time?” I nodded, my face going hot and looked down again.

“Well, then the pool definitely won’t do.” He smiled at me again and kissed me softly.

I sighed and leaned into him, I liked this way too much, and I wondered who this stranger was.

He made me want to just melt into him and let him have his way with me…

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