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First trip home

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First trip homeThis story is 100% true, it happened to me last fall and was by far the most amazing sex I have ever had. A little background behind this story; I have been dating my lovely girlfriend for almost 2 years now, when i first met her she was truly a sweet innocent girl, that all changed once we started having sex. As she was truly just starting to explore sex and the many pleasures it can bring, her lust for it increased dramatically. By the time my story takes place her sex drive was much more insatiable than mine, which is saying a lot for a 19 year old guy. For a year we had the time of our lives, having more sex than I even though was possible. But sadly it couldn’t last, I had to leave town to go to university, about 5 hours away by car, which i didnt own one so it was more like a 8 hour bus trip. We decided that we would stay together even though i was moving. We got to see each other about every 3-4 weeks as I would take the bus home. But the during the late fall during exams i was not able to see her for 6 weeks. This was by far the longest either of us had gone without sex for over a year. I thought that this would be a terrible thing but it turned out to be absolutely fantastic. adiosbet yeni giriş When i finally did come back home for winter break i was staying with my parents, so it was hard to get time alone with my gf. The fact that my gf’s mother keeps a close eye on her didnt help our situation. It eventually got to the point at which we couldnt hold out any longer. One night while we where having company over for dinner she was all over me every chance she got. She was wearing these tights that she knew drove me crazy, and would continually tease me. A few times we where able to sneak away for a few minutes and make out but no real time to do anything. We had to sit through a family dinner so turned on that we where visible squirming. This is where the real fun began. During dinner we still couldnt keep our hands off each other. I eventually got my hand into her pants and quickly got a finger deep insider her. luckily family dinners are loud and full of wine so noone seemed to have noticed. As i pulled out of her she moaned which im amazed noone head and if the did no one said anything about it. That was the end of all self control. We quickly finished dinner and said that we where going adiosbet giriş to go for a drive. I quickly drove down the street to the parking lot of my old highschool. I had taken the back seats of my truck out in anticipation of this happening. As before i could even park she was in the back moaning while touching herself. She was so wet that it had seeped all the way through here tights. Amazingly i was able to slightly hold myself back because i knew if i teased her, even for just 5 min she will go through the roof. So i stripped her naked, taking in the smells and sounds of her exctasy. This put her into a frenzy, without warning she attacked me stripping my clothes off as fast as she could. As soon as i was naked she jumped on my cock without hesitation, almost screaming with the first thrust. I had never felt someone so wet and so tight. The whole time i fucked her she bucked like a bull, which only made it better. Her nails where digging into my back as she held on for dear life. The long wait for sex had built her up past a breaking point and it was fantastic. As i am not a “small” guy and she is a very small woman, i was normally never able to full thrust into her but this adiosbet güvenilirmi time she took me all, i could feel myself hitting the top as i went in. She was in too much bliss to feel it though, i knew that we where both going to be sore in the morning. This wild sex quickly tired us out and for a break i laid her on her back and ate her deeply. She was wetter than i have ever seen anyone get, it was amazing. After about 15 min of eating her she stopped me and demanded, “I want you to come in me RIGHT NOW.” This sent me over the edge as well, we fucked even harder than we had before. My truck was rocking so hard i was worried it would tip over. As i felt myself nearing she started to scream, fuck me fuck me hard i want to feel you fill me deep. and as she screamed i came more and harder than i ever had before. This didnt stop me though, i just kept pumping, I had filled her so much that it started to leak out the sides but i keep going, not too long later she came soo hard that i thought she was going to pass out. The mess we made in the back of my truck was unbelievable. We tidied ourselves up abit and then drove home. I though noone would know what we had actually just done but i forgot about her scratching at my back and my body was still in too much exctasy too feel the cuts deep in my back. When i got home noone said anything for a while untill my dad pointed out to my the scratches on my neck.That was the best sex i have ever had. I hope you enjoyed it as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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