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Fitting Room

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In my ten years as a bra-wearing girl, I’m ashamed to say I’ve never actually gone into a store to be fitted. Not once. So when my bra I’d bought online almost a year ago started hurting me more than helping me, I decided it was about time I face my fears and get a decent fitting bra.

I’d chosen to go to the boutique in the mall that I frequently walked past whenever I went shopping. It was early on a Tuesday afternoon, while most people were at work and the kids were still in school. The less people I had to contend with, the better.

As soon as I walked into the store my nose was assaulted by the strong smell of perfumes hanging in the air. I almost gagged and turned around to walk right back out, when a bubbly salesgirl approached me.

“Hi there, my name is Kristyn. Can I help you with anything today, Hun?”

My mouth popped open shamefully as I gave the girl, Kristyn, a once over. She wore a long flowing black skirt with a slit running up the side from the floor to her waist, a black lacy bralette and a tight fitting blazer. But it wasn’t her looks that caught my attention, it was the fact that she was barely five feet tall, the top of her messy blonde bun reached the top of my nose. She couldn’t be more than fresh out of high school.

“Uh, yeah,” I sputtered, baffled by the fact this girl was more than likely four or five years younger than me. “Actually I was hoping someone could help me find a decent fitting bra.”

Kristyn smiled, white teeth gleaming in the dim light of the boutique. “I can definitely help you out. Now, do you know what size you wear?”

I bit back a grimace. “Well, you know, I’ve never actually been measured or anything. So…”

Kristyn dismissed my hesitation with a flock of her wrist. “Not a problem. Happens way more than you’d think!” Without another question she waved for me to follow her as she headed for the back of the store.

She lead me through the mostly empty store and back through a thick black curtain. Slipping a set of keys off of her wrist, she unlocked one of the many floor-to-ceiling doors to reveal a cozy little room with a lit full length mirror and what looked like an ottoman against the wall.

“Now, I didn’t catch your name,” Kristyn smiled as I squeezed past her into the fitting room.

“Sorry, yeah, my name’s Leah,” I told her as I set my purse down on the floor.

Kristyn closed the door behind her as she joined me. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Leah. Now, if you don’t mind my asking, are you currently wearing any kind of bra?”

I shook my head, my eyes flicking down to where my chest strained against my t-shirt. “No, just a tank top under this.”

Kristyn’s brown eyes assessed my chest as she took a measuring tape out of her pocket. “Alrighty. If you wouldn’t mind taking off your jacket and lifting your arms up, I’ll get your measurements.”

I nodded, shrugging out of my denim jacket and tossing it down with my purse. When I lifted my arms, Kristyn wrapped her measuring tape around my ribs, just below my breasts. Noting the number, she made oved the tape, this time so that it was encircling the swell of my chest, her fingers brushing over my breasts as she overlapped the measuring tape.

When she was done, she rolled the tape back up and tucked it back into her jacket pocket. “Okay, Leah! It looks like you’re a size 34D. Now, I’m going to go grab you a couple things to try on. Any preferences?”

Since hitting puberty, my bras had always been one of three colours: black, white, or beige. I was twenty-five, and I’d never added colour, or worn a push-up bra for fun in my entire life. How pitiful was that?

Feeling a moment of spontaneity, I shrugged my shoulders. “You know what? I’d kinda like something fun and sexy. Surprise me?”

Kristyn grinned as she turned to exit the change room. “You got it! I’ll be right back!”

As the door shut behind her, I settled in on the ottoman to wait.

Never once had I ever thought of looking sexy in my underwear. I was a very closed off girl, always focusing on school and work. I never had too many friends, and I’d only had a couple of boyfriends in college. But I was never concerned with my looks.

A couple quick raps on the door let me know Kristyn had returned. “Come in!” I called as she unlocked the door with her key and slipped inside.

In her hands were three brilliantly coloured bras and matching pairs of panties. Kristyn held them up for me to see. One set was hot pink, another navy blue and the last a red lace covered in rhinestones. All of them were low cut and looked to be very well padded.

“These are some of our more popular styles. My personal favourite is the red, but it’s entirely up to you what you chose,” she smiled sheepishly and handed me the bras. “I also took a guess for your size and brought you some panties to match.”

I took the merchandise from her hands. “Thanks. I think I’m going to try the red.”

Kristyn backed towards the Ankara bayan escort door and hooked a thumb over her shoulder. “We’re not really busy right now, so I’ll be hanging around just out there if you need any help.”

“Awesome. Thanks,” I smiled as she exited the change room. I quickly stripped out of my t-shirt and tank top and slipped on the red lacy bra. The gemstones glittered in the light from the mirror, drawing attention to my now ample breasts that were on display. I knew there were girls who would kill to have breasts like mine, but I never understood why. They served as more of a pain in my back than anything else. But now, standing in front of the mirror in the lacy red bra, I could admit that they looked kind of nice.

I shucked my leggings next, slipping the red lace panties on over my own white cotton ones. It was mostly out of curiosity as to how the pair looked together. Kristyn had guessed right, and gotten me the perfect size.

Looking in the mirror, I actually felt sexy. The only thing that was bugging me now was the straps on the bra that kept falling down over my shoulders.

“Kristyn?” I called hesitantly through the door.

Her answer was almost instantaneous. “How are you doing, Leah?”

“I’m loving this. I was just wondering if maybe you could help me fix these stupid straps.”

“Absolutely,” I heard her laugh lightly through the door before the lock clicked. When she stepped in and closed the door behind her, I noticed her eyes travel over my breasts before looking down at my panties. “You look super sexy, Leah. How does it feel?”

“Honestly, it feels pretty good. Aside from these straps.”

“Of course,” she nodded, stepping up behind me. “Let me fix those for you.”

Her small hands were warm against my shoulder blades as she shortened the straps on the bra. “How’s that?” She asked as she finished.

I rolled my shoulders around, feeling the lightest touch of her hands still hovering over my back. “Um, that’s actually a little too tight.”

“No problem!” She said cheerfully, going back and loosening the straps, her fingertips lingering. “Better?”

I nodded, taking another look in the full length mirror in front of me. Kristyn came around to stand by the mirror, her hands resting on her slim hips.

“Wow,” she murmured, her eyes sweeping over me again. “I’m not lying. You really- you look really fucking sexy in that.”

I was taken aback by the husky lilt in her voice, as well as her reluctance to take her gaze away from my red lace covered chest. I wasn’t used to being stared at, let alone having someone stare at my almost naked chest.

“It’s amazing how good a little sexy lingerie can make you feel, huh?” She commented, her voice low as the corner of her mouth quirked up.

A weird knot was forming low in my stomach, a sensation I wasn’t familiar with. “Uh, yeah. I guess so.”

Kristyn came up behind me then, her fingers trailing up my arms and leaving goosebumps as she watched me in the mirror. “Makes you feel confident, doesn’t it?” She had risen on her toes to set her mouth next to my ear.

“Yeah… well kinda,” I sputtered, my body unwillingly focusing on the goosebumps Kristyn was leaving on my arms. “I mean sure.”

A grin twisted at Kristyn’s lips in the mirror. Her warm, minty breath warmed my ear as she spoke. “You should feel confident. You should feel sexy,” she murmured as her fingers trailed over from my elbows to my stomach. The slowly glided further down, leaving behind a trail of goosebumps and shivers.

I was frozen in my place, completely unaware of what was going on. Why was this girl touching me like this? Why was she whispering in my ear? Why was her touch making me feel… so good?

“Wh- what are you doing?” I asked, my voice growing breathy and shakier. My breath hitched as her fingers trailed downward. When they reached my hips, they stopped, her small hands warming my skin beneath them. I took a tiny breath then, letting my starving lungs breathe.

“I’m letting you know just how… amazing… you look,” she whispered, her hot breath fanning over my neck as brushed my hair to the side. “I’m showing you.” Her fingertips danced across my abdomen, hovering just above the waistband of my panties.

I was trying to figure out how I’d gone from getting a new bra to having this girl’s hands all over me. I had never been touched like this, such light, provocative contact. It felt so good I almost forgot that it was a girl who was touching me.

I’d always found girls pretty, but I’d never thought of them in that way. I’d never fantasized about a girl kissing me or touching me before. But now, standing here while Kristyn’s delicate fingers teased at the elastic of my panties, I was giving it some thought.

“Kristyn,” I murmured, my breaths coming in quick pants. “I don’t know if I’m comfortable with this.”

If I thought she’d pull away at my words, I was mistaken. Instead, she trailed Escort bayan Ankara the tip of her tongue along my shoulder to my ear, suckling on the lobe with her teeth and eliciting a soft moan to escape my lips.

“You look comfortable to me, Leah,” she smiled, eyeing me up in the mirror. “But maybe you could still loosen up a little.”

Before I could ask what she meant, Kristyn slipped her hand underneath the elastic of my panties. My lips parted as I cried out in surprise, but she was quick to latch her free hand over my mouth.

“Shhh,” she whispered, as her fingers carefully massaged the folds between my legs.

A feeling of sheer ecstasy pulsed through my veins as her fingers teased at the flesh of my core. I’d had sex a handful of times before, with men, but this felt different. Kristyn’s hands were soft, her touch meant entirely to please me. And she knew just how to do so, taking her time.

As she dipped a smooth finger inside of me, I moaned loudly into her hand. She laughed lightly, her lips feathering kisses on my neck. “Are you comfortable now, Leah?”

It was all I could do to nod my head, her hand still covering my mouth like I might scream at any moment. Given, when she started gently thrusting her finger into me, I came close to doing just that.

Involuntarily, my hips began rocking forward and pressing harder onto her hand. She laughed again, more husky this time. “Do you like how my finger feels in your little pussy, Leah?”

My head bobbed again as she watched me in the mirror. A Cheshire grin crawled over her face as she slipped another finger up inside of me.

My pussy clenched as she filled me with her fingers. My hips began to roll, rubbing my back end against her front. The tiniest moan left her lips, only adding to the pleasure building inside of me as she pumped her fingers into me.

I rocked my hips harder, hoping to speed things along. However wonderful her thrusts felt, the building pleasure was driving me crazy. My actions were successful as her hand started moving faster in my panties, until I could almost hear the fingers pumping in and out of my opening.

“Cum for me, Leah. Show me how gorgeous you look when you cum,” she encouraged quietly, her eyes never leaving my face in the mirror in front of us.

My eyes fluttered closed as the pleasure reached its high, and I cried out into her hand on my mouth. As my legs began to quiver, I rocked harder against her hand, until I finally felt my release.

When I was finished, Kristyn slowly pulled her fingers out of me and freed her hand from my panties. She brought her hand into the light by my face, where I could see they were glistening with my creamy juices.

She took her fingers in her mouth by my ear, licking them clean before grinning at me in our reflections. Finally taking her hand from my mouth, she brought it behind me and a second later, I felt my bra falling freely down my arms and allowing my breasts to be displayed.

She took the fingers of her other hand out of her mouth with a pop, resting her chin on my shoulder. “Did you like that, Leah? Did you like having my fingers make you cum?”

I nodded slightly as I processed her words in my mind. I’d just allowed this gorgeous girl, who I had only met twenty minutes ago, to get me off in a public dressing room. And I’d liked it.

I’d liked it a lot.

“I should, um, I should get going. Thank you for your help, Kristyn,” I said suddenly. I needed to go home and take a shower. A very cold shower. This wasn’t the kind of girl I was. I didn’t have sex in public, and I certainly didn’t have sex with strangers.

But before I could even lean down to pick up my t-shirt, Kristyn reached out and pinched my nipple between her warm, wet fingers. A moan escaped my lips as I leaned into her.

“I’m not done showing you yet, Leah,” she chuckled huskily, massaging my breasts with her small hands. The size difference was evident, but I didn’t care. It still felt good.

After a moment, Kristyn stepped out from behind me and in turn, shoved me backwards into the wall behind me. Once my back was firmly against the wall, she quickly latched her mouth onto my nipple.

While nipping and suckling at my breasts, Kristyn took the opportunity to shrug off her jacket and drop her skirt, revealing a lacy black bralette and panty set, as well as knee high stocking. She was tiny and didn’t have much in the way of curves, but the sight of her in her lacy undergarments had my own panties growing warm.

Next to hit the floor were my borrowed red lace panties. However, Kristyn quickly scooped them up and stood up, pulling her lips from my nipple with a pop.

She grinned as she took my face in one hand, the other quickly shoving the panties into my mouth. “What I’m going to show you next might make you scream. But I don’t think you want my co-workers coming in here, do you, Leah?”

I was quick to shake my head, the scrunched up panties Bayan escort Ankara staying in my mouth.

With a wink, Kristyn dropped to the floor in front of my, her face coming level with my worn, white panties. She made quick work of them, pulling them down to my ankles and knocking my knees apart to reveal the unshaven mound between my legs.

“Such a pretty pussy,” she murmured as she leaned forward and nuzzled her nose in my curls there.

I moaned into the panties as the tip of her nose brushed against my swollen nub, making me flinch as pleasure exploded low in my belly.

“You’re a clit girl, aren’t you, Leah?” She said huskily as her fingers parted my folds and revealed the bud there. When I said nothing, she took her thumb and gently flicked it over my clit.

I shuddered again, my pussy begging for more. As if she could hear it, Kristyn obliged by burying her face in my sex. It only took a moment of her licking and sucking at my sensitive slit before I was shuttering and moaning against the wall. As stars of pleasure exploded behind my closed lids, Kristyn only intensified her ministrations, focusing in on my swollen, sensitive clit. As her tongue swirled around the bud, I couldn’t help but reach out and grab a hold of her bun. Using that grip, I forced her face ever closer to my pussy as she brought me to my climax.

I did scream, the sound thankfully muffled by the panties in my mouth, as I felt my juices flow freely over her face. Kristyn didn’t stop as I rode out my orgasm, but she did slow until my legs stopped shaking on either side of her face.

When she pulled away, she stood up and pulled the panties out of my mouth, only to replace them with her tongue. I’d never even kissed a girl before today, yet here I was, tasting myself on her tongue.

Her hands tangled in my hair. “You taste as good as you look,” she moaned into my mouth as our tongues collided together.

I searched for something to say to her in return, but for some reason, saying “thank you for giving me two mind blowing orgasms,” didn’t seem appropriate. So, instead, I dug down deep inside, and channeled the one erotic novel I had read in my life. “I want to taste you,” I told her as I pulled away.

When she grinned, I knew I had said the right thing. “Get on the floor.”

I did just that, sliding down onto the floor and resting my back up against the ottoman. Above me, I watched as Kristyn slowly pulled off her bralette, freeing her small perky breasts. Next were her panties, which she daintily slid down her legs to reveal her perfectly shaved mound.

With her feet on either side of my hips, Kristyn crouched down and straddled my outstretched legs. Before she could get too comfy, and I could lose my nerve, I planted my hands on her hips and brought her forward.

Perfectly executed, she fell into me, her hands clutching the ottoman on either side of my head and her small breasts stopping just in front of my mouth. With one hand, I reached up and flicked the pink nipple there, watching as it hardened before my eyes. I did the same to her other nipple, and Kristyn groaned above me.

“Play with my tits a bit,” she instructed, her voice husky and low with need.

I was quick to lean forward and lap my tongue roughly over her hardened nipple before taking as much of her breast into my mouth as I could. I squeezed her other in my hand, massaging it with my palm as I suckled on the one in my mouth. Taking turns between the two, I started to feel Kristyn grow wet where her pussy was pressing into my stomach.

“Fuck, Leah. I need you to make me cum,” she moaned, her breaths growing shorter as I swirled my tongue once more around her nipples.

Pulling away, Kristyn stood over me. I opened my mouth to inform her I’d never actually done this before, but I was interrupted by the sight of her glistening slit coming down on my face.

My first instinct was to lap up the juices that had escaped her. So I grabbed her hips and brought my tongue up to glide through her folds. She shuddered above me, a load moan vibrating all the way down to her pussy.

“Oh fuck, Leah. That feels so good!”

Her words encouraging me, I buried my tongue deep in her folds, stroking roughly as she cried out. Her hips rocked her sex against my tongue as I quickened my ministrations, licking her slit with quick intensity. After a moment, I felt her growing wet again as a salty cream covered my tongue.

Taking one hand from her hip, I spread her lips wide and flicked my tongue against her swollen nub. Her hips bucked against my face again as my flicking turned into lapping. My other hand was quick to join the fun as I thrust a finger inside of her.

“Oh Leah, fuck, baby, I’m gonna cum!” She cried out above me, one hand gripping my hair as I’m sure the other muffled her cries.

Adding another finger, I pumped them in and out of her fast and hard, while I flicked my tongue quickly over her clit. Not even a moment later, her legs were shaking on either side of my head.

But before she could climax, she pulled her body away from me, my fingers ripping out of her with a squelch. Confused, I looked up, fearful I had done something wrong. Or worse, we’d been caught.

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