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Five for the Farmer’s Daughter

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Kurt Wheeling stopped the hay bale in mid-swing to watch the rusty blue Ford pickup rattle down the county road that ran alongside the barn. Perched inside, but hanging half out the passenger window was buxom Sharon Montgomery, and she had Kurt zeroed in with her glacial blue eyes. Kurt started to raise a hand to wave to Sharon, but realized, too late, that his fingers were still hooked in the baling twine. He lost his balance, fell to the floor of the hay wagon, and barely had enough time to see Sharon laughing hysterically, and yelling something back at him as the truck sped away. He was trying to pick it out of the air when he saw her parting gesture. Sharon puckered her lips and blew him a kiss before turning to resume her trip home with her mother.

Kurt, sighing and half smiling at his lack of grace, picked himself and the hay bale up from the wagon floorboards and turned to put it on the conveyer belt. As he did, he saw Edgar and Flo, the farm owners, smiling at each other from the upper section of the barn loft. Witnesses to the little drama that had taken place below. Edgar smacked Flo on the seat of her jeans covered ass, and then quickly looked at Kurt and winked. Flo, always good-natured, and more than a match for old Edgar, laughed whole-heartedly and punched Edgar right back.

Edgar Kennedy looked down at Kurt and shook his head from side to side. “Young man, I know you grew up in Philly, but I don’t even think your city upbringing is any match for that Montgomery girl.”

“Edgar, you leave him alone. Sharon’s a decent girl, just a little wilder than most for this rural hick town. Besides, I’ll bet he’s seen it all in his four years of college.”

“Well, Flo, you could be right. You are, y’know, every once in awhile. But I’ll bet he’s just as mesmerized by ol’ Sharon’s assets as any of our local farm boys she’s teased half to death over the past few years. Ain’t that right, Kurt?”

” Yes, Edgar. I most definitely appreciate a good set of assets, whether they’re attached to Sharon or any of the other milk-fed local beauties you grow around here. Hey, Flo, how old is Sharon now, anyway?”

“Well, let me see. She graduated Fillmore High with the Malloy’s son 3 years ago, so I guess that would make her 21, maybe 22 now.”

Edgar leered from the loft and warned, “You watch out for that Jezebel, boy! She clean your clock for you.”

From your lips to God’s ear, thought Kurt

Flo added, “You’ll get another dose of her hot pants later today, there, Kurt. She’s coming with her daddy to watch Doc Lancaster inseminate Beulah and Sal.”

Beulah and Sal were two of Edgar and Flo’s prize milking Holsteins, in case you were wondering.

Kurt finished unloading the bales and then rode the conveyer to the barn loft to help finish the daily stacking. He loved this life, and would be sorry to see this summer come to a close. This was to be his last summer on the dairy farm he had worked between high school and college years ever since his oldest sister had married into the farming family 5 years earlier. He had packed plenty of muscle on his 6’2″ frame baling hay, pitching silage, and milking 130 head of Holsteins twice a day these past summers. He was anxious to start his new career in September, but would miss not coming back here to spend any more summers with Edgar and Flo.

Around 3 o’clock, Kurt heard the familiar sound of chopper blades and looked across the road to see Doc Lancaster settling his bubble-domed helicopter firmly on the ground. The veterinarian cut the engine, grabbed his supplies, and, ducking his head, crossed under the slowly circling blades. He then came loping across the road to the barn. Edgar and Flo greeted him, and then everyone, Kurt included, funneled into the barn to greet Beulah and Sal.

As countless generations of cows before them, the Holsteins gave the vet and entourage a vacuous stare, and continued to chew their cuds. Doc Lancaster made some preparations, rolled up his sleeves, donned a pair of arm length latex gloves, and prepped the bull semen he planned to plant deep into the two unsuspecting cows. When he was ready, the vet stood behind Sal, probed her vulva, and then slowly pushed his arm deep into her vagina until he was in just past his elbow. He began releasing the semen deep in Sal’s reproductive tract. The good doctor looked over at Edgar and Flo, winked, and said…

“I hope it’s as good for her as it is for me.”

Even though everyone had heard Doc’s witticism many times in the past, it still brought a smile and chuckle to everyone standing there.

It brought more than a laugh to one of those present, however.

Kurt heard a slight intake of breath from behind him, and then a feminine hand lightly caressed his shoulder. He turned to see a wide-eyed Sharon with her spellbound gaze cast firmly on the artificial insemination scene playing out before them. Sharon slowly leaned forward and Kurt bent down to hear her breathless whisper.

“God, I wish someone would do that to me!”

Her mouth was open perabet and her body twitched with each contractual push of the vet’s enveloped arm.

Realizing she wasn’t joking (or was she?), Kurt whispered back, “Stick around and help me finish milking tonight. Afterwards, if your serious, I’ll fill you as full as you’ve ever dreamed possible.”

Snapping out of her trance-like state, Sharon flipped back “Think you could do that, do you?”

“Well, Sharon, I’m not too sure about getting up to my elbow, but I can guarantee you won’t be running off anywhere while I have your womb in my grasp.”

Sharon inhaled sharply. “Are you serious? God, Kurt, don’t you tease me about this. I’ve always wondered…”

Before she could finish, Kurt took Sharon by the arm and guided her away from the crowd hovering around Sal. He put his lips up close to her right ear and whispered, “Baby, I’ll give you everything you ever wanted, but were afraid to ask for. You can have all the tongue, cock, and even fist you ever-dreamed possible. All you have to do is lie back and surrender.”

As Kurt said these things to her, he watched her reactions to his words. Sharon’s eyes widened, and her eyelids and fingers began to quiver. Her breathing began to develop a slight hitch, sharp little intakes of breath coming at shorter and shorter intervals. Kurt had no doubt that her pulse had begun accelerating more than a few beats per minute. It seemed to Kurt that sweet Sharon was used to having the upper hand with the local boys. Maybe, just maybe, this sassy little farm beauty needed to be ‘guided’ to another level she didn’t even have a clue existed.

“Are you wet, baby? I think I can hear it when you walk”

“Oh my God, Kurt, my panties are getting sooo damp. I can feel the wetness seeping out of me. Ohhh, baby, please…please let’s go somewhere private. Now, huh…come on!”

Kurt took Sharon by the hand and pulled her away from the milking stalls. He led her to the hay storage loft at the far end of the barn, as far away from the milking area as they could get. Once there, he spun Sharon around, facing away from him, and then pressed her back firmly into his chest. Her jeans clad ass pushed back into his thickly expanding cock.

Kurt urgently grabbed Sharon by her hips, and moved his hands down her flanks until he could mold her upper thighs into his grasp. She gasped at the suddenness of his actions, but threw her head back and exhaled sharply, her released breath tickling his ear and ruffling the hair at his temple. Kurt moved his hands inward until his fingers crept between the creases of her covered cunt and thighs, cupping her sex. With his thumbs, he rhythmically rubbed above and down into her pubic bone, forcing her hot blood to pulse into her overheated pelvis.

Sharon began moaning and threw her arms up only to clasp her hands behind Kurt’s neck. Her breasts stretched upward with the movement, and Kurt, looking down, beheld the view of her swollen nipples pushing out the front of her tight t-shirt, in spite of her breasts’ encasement in a jogging-style bra. Sharon began rocking her head against his chest, nuzzling her cornsilk blond hair into his throat. Kurt rode his thumbs over the seam covering her pussy, and put heavy pressure on the spot where her clit lay hidden beneath the denim fabric. She sharply gasped his name and implored him to…

“Kiss me, you bastard. Ohhh God, shove your tongue down my throat!! I want to suck you dry!”

Kurt plunged his mouth on hers, not letting up on his assault on her cunt. He drew one hand up to a ripe breast and rolled the C-cup orb around her rib cage while pressing her taut nipple into her puckered aureole with the large palm of his hand. With his right hand, he undid the button at the top of her jeans, and slowly lowered the zipper to the bottom of its track.

Her ripe, earthy, smell drifted up from her drenched cotton panties. Sharon’s lusty odor floated directly to the primitive base of Kurt’s brain and inflamed him even further. His already throbbing cock stretched to it full nine inches in preparation of its envelopment in one of this beautiful woman’s slippery holes.

Kurt plunged his right hand into Sharon’s swampy panties and found his hand quickly marinated in her warm thick cream. He ran his middle fingers between her loosened pussy lips and felt them enfolded by her hot flesh. Grazing his fingers from back to front along her sex, he scooped up a liberal coating of her cream and swiftly brought it up to her sucking lips.

He placed his fingertips on her lower lip and said, “Taste yourself, baby…see how ripe you are for a good fucking! That’s my girl…, lick it all up. How do you like yourself, hmmm? Make sure you get all that sweet juice off my fingers.”

Sharon’s eyes slowly closed as she exhaled her warm breath. As her chest started to rise, Kurt used his left hand to flick his fingers over her clitoral hood as he fed her the slippery syrup of her own cunt. Sharon began to circle his gently probing fingers perabet giriş with her tongue, but suddenly her inhaled breath began to hitch in time with the twitching spasms between her tensely muscled thighs.

“Ohhhh, baby…AAAhhhh, sweetheart… I’m gonna come! Feel it? Can you feel it?? Ughh…Ughhh…Ohhh Yes! Yes!! YESSSSSS! Ohh you BASTARD… Keep doing that!!!”

Kurt had no intention of stopping. He pulled back hard on her fleshy hood, and left her swollen clitoral bulb exposed to the open air. He could see her inflamed clit as he looked down between her heaving tits. I’m going to suck that sweet pea before this day is done, he promised himself.

Sharon was still spasming, cumming hard as she obediently licked Kurt’s pussy slickened fingers clean. As he continued to lightly stroke her soaked gash, he could feel her building to another big cum. As she started round two, Sharon began to bite down on his hand with involuntary pulses of her lower jaw.

The first painful nip caught Kurt by surprise, but he quickly reached in and pinched her clit between his thumb and forefinger. A warning.

It registered. Sharon jolted and unclamped her teeth. “Sorry, baby, I lost it there for a minute.”

“OK, darlin’, but if you keep that up, I won’t do this anymore” and he changed the light pinching sensation to a rolling motion of her clitoris between the pads of his strong fingers.

“Ohhh, you prick,” Sharon moaned loudly, “I’ll give you just one hour to stop that.”

Two minutes later, Sharon’s nervous system once again abandoned all hope, and short-circuited. Kurt had to gently lay her down before her weakened legs gave out and landed her on her pretty ass.

With half of his blood volume pooling somewhere south of his navel, Kurt could wait no longer. As her breathing returned to what could be taken for normal, he unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it on the closest hay bale. His belt, pants, shorts and work boots quickly followed. When he pulled down his briefs, and his big cock sprang free, Sharon’s eyes widened in genuine surprise.

“My God,” she said, “look at the size of that thing. Have you really gotten all of that into a woman?”

The spontaneous comment once again made Kurt realize that country-raised Sharon wasn’t as experienced as the folks around there assumed she was by the way she acted. He couldn’t resist the temptation.

“A few screamed out loud over the last inch or two, but only one ever fainted dead-away. And she did recover…Eventually…”

She was earnestly watching his face, with occasional furtive glances at his throbbing, rigid cock, so she didn’t miss his crinkled eyes and broad smile as he finished the tale.

“Oh, you shit, you. I’m game, baby, but you have to use a rubber. I’m not protected, and I’m not going to end up like ol’ Sal back there. Or half the girls in this town.”

Kurt couldn’t help but show his disappointment at her last statement. A rubber?!! Out here in the middle of nowhere, with the closest pharmacy better than 20 miles away! Jesus!

Sharon saw his crestfallen expression, and knew instantaneously that no straight fucking was in the cards that day.

“Come over here, baby. Bring that bad boy to mama. I know what you guys like.”

Sharon swung her legs around and got quickly up on her knees. She extended her arm and then her index finger, and began to curl her finger inward in the classic ‘come hither’ gesture. Kurt looked down and saw that he was fully distended and sporting a deep reddish-purple color. His glans looked like it was about to explode, and his cock was pulsing with every beat of his strong heart. He smiled back at Sharon, and walked over to her waiting hands and mouth, his cock bobbing with each step. His balls bounced heavily, almost painfully in their swollen sac.

Sharon wasted no time, opened wide, and engulfed his widely flared cockhead. She brought up both hands and held the considerable length of his prick by placing one hand at the base, and the other in the leftover section of meat not contained in her mouth. It didn’t go unnoticed by her that her fingers were not able to meet around the circumference of his massive dick. The sheer size of it caused her heart to beat faster and her pussy to seep more slick fluids.

“Jack me off, sweetheart! Suck that hot cum right out of my balls!”

Sharon began to work his cock in earnest. She stroked him with both hands, sweetly and sensuously, with a fabulously loose sliding grip. She periodically swung one hand under his hanging testicles, rolling his eggs gently in their overheated pouch. Her active tongue tip sought his urethral opening and licked over the slit, occasionally attempting to penetrate down his thick shaft.

Kurt could feel a dollop of pre-cum work its way up his cock toward her sucking mouth and active tongue. Just before the fluid began to leak from his cockhead, he gently held the sides of her face and extracted his spit-slickened phallus from her tight lips. She gave him a puzzled look, perabet güvenilir mi but he simply said, “Stick out your tongue, baby.”

Sharon released his prick, opened her mouth wide, and extended her pointed tongue. Her eyes met his with a lust-filled, but questioning expression. Kurt quickly grabbed her hand that was encircling his bloated shaft. With his fingers entwined in hers, they mined a massive blob of pre-cum from his slit by gripping his cock at the base and sliding their hands tightly up the entire shaft until the glans looked in danger of exploding.

He watched Sharon lay her tongue tip at the bottom of the clear, viscous dollop of cum and slowly lick up and over the sensitive opening, capturing the large liquid pearl on her tongue and lower lip.

Sharon used her tongue to spread the seminal lip-gloss from one corner of her mouth to the other, never breaking eye contact with Kurt. After the second pass of her pink tongue, she closed her eyes and moaned deep in her throat.

Kurt brought their hands back to the base of his pulsing cock and squeezing down harder on his urethra, simultaneously brought the flared head of his cock to her rigid, tightened nipple while squirting a pulse of cum onto the nubbin and dark, puckered areole. The sudden heat from the unexpected bath of her nipple caused Sharon to gasp and snap open her eyes.

“What are…?”

Kurt gave her little time to adjust as he dropped to his knees and buried his face in the valley of her soft breasts. He quickly seized the cum-dripping nipple in his mouth and gently worked her hot flesh like a hungry newborn. He fondled her other breast, molding the plump orb while occasionally bringing her tit to a peak where he could switch sides and tongue suck her other distended nipple.

Sharon just gave in to the incredible electric sensations her puckered nipples were sending to her brain and cunt. She placed her hands on the back of Kurt’s head and neck, and pulsed her fingers in his hair, timing the palpitations of her fingers to the suckling motions of his tugging lips.

“My God, baby, you have no idea how good that feels…Lick my nipples…suck ’em hard, baby. Just…keep…going…,uugghhhh…Oh, yeah,..Oh YEAH,…that’s it…that’s…”

…”sooo sweet” Sharon cried as she plunged her hands down her heaving belly and under the elastic waistband of her white cotton panties. Her left hand cupped her sopping wet sex while her right hand sought out and found her expanding clit. Pulling back on her overhanging clitoral hood, Sharon scooped thick cream from the mouth of her cunt and brought her fingers northward until she slathered her blood-engorged bulb with her warm slippery discharge.

Amazed at her expanding open displays of raw lust, Kurt nevertheless took advantage, and plunged his strong fingers into her swampy pants. With his palm firmly against her pubic curls, he found her busy fingers and re-directed them to the apex of her wet lips. He then used his own hands to guide her oily fingers to insistently circle her sensitive clit.

“Do you want to come, baby?” Kurt asked her

“Yes,..YES!..I need it now…I want to come now…please,..you’ve got to help me coommmme…”

“Not just yet, baby…let’s let it build some more,” Kurt teased, as he lifted their hands away from her dripping pussy. He sought out the lobe of her ear and gently sucked it into his mouth while allowing her finger tips just enough room to lightly stroke her quivering cunt lips.

His taking control of her own hands on her own sex struck a deep chord in Sharon’s primitive brain center. The sudden idea of his controlling her mounting passion, his ALLOWING her to have an orgasm, rocked her to the core.

And had the unexpected effect of causing her pussy to pulse deep contractions while squirting clear, hot ejaculate forcefully onto their entwined fingers, completing the soaking of the crotch of her cotton panties.

The rhythmic pulses and hot splashes of her fluids on his hands caused Kurt to sit bolt upright on his haunches. Never in his admittedly limited dalliances with women had he experienced one who either ejaculated or lost bladder control in such a sudden, unexpected manner. After the initial shock wore off, he found he was overjoyed at the prospect of encountering a partner with such arousable passion. He was also more than a little overwhelmed at the thought that he had brought her to that height.

Sharon was an exhausted heap. She was lying on her side, opening and closing her thighs with her hands pressed tightly to her cunt. Her panties were completely transparent, with her wet curls visible beneath the saturated material. She was still returning to Planet Earth as Kurt hooked his thumbs in the elastic binding at her hips. Sharon could barely lift her butt upward as he pulled the soaked fabric down her strong legs.

Kurt brushed away the dry hay from the floorboards of the barn loft and lay down on his back. He gently pulled Sharon to him and kissed her deeply, probing her mouth with his tongue. Sharon gradually began to respond, and gave his teeth a thorough cleaning with her own warm, saliva-coated tongue. After their heart rates were once again cranked up, Kurt broke the contact of the deep kiss and whispered hoarsely to his new partner.

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