Ara 30

Fond Memories

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I remember the day as though it was yesterday, a Thursday morning. A male friend of mine had invited me round for coffee, so ok I don’t like coffee but we never seem to say tea, as that conjures up images of cucumber sandwiches on the patio.

I arrived a little early; I’d sat in the car for a few minutes looking up at his house. I noticed the bedroom curtains were still drawn across and started to wonder whether I’d got the day wrong or whether he had forgotten. A smile crossed my face picturing him arriving at the door all tousled from sleep in just his boxer shorts. I’ll admit I had a crush on this guy and at my age I thought I’d outgrown that along with the hot pants.

Anyway it reached 10 o’clock and I decided to chance it without a call to him to check. I took a quick look in the review mirror to check my make-up, not that I wear very much and I have impossible hair. It is shoulder length and curls wildly however much I try to tame it; it is still predominately auburn although I have noticed some grey coming through.

I’d not known what to wear and my bed at home was littered with clothes, tried on and discarded as unsuitable. So I’m now stood locking my car, having second thoughts about the final choice of outfit. I was wearing a calf length gypsy style skirt in a dark grey silk and a camisole type top. Over which I had put a jacket as it was cold, all the same my nipples stiffened as the wind hit me. I also wore heeled knee length boots of black and hold up stockings, also black.

He must have been looking out of the window, as he opened the door as I struggled up the path against the wind, trying to anchor my skirt from blowing up. He had a huge grin on his face.

“Hi there, that reminds me I must find my old kite for my nephew.” He laughed as I reached the door.

“Hi, you’d lose him if he went out in this.” I replied brushing the hair from my face.

He stepped aside and I went to pass him, as I did so he caught my wrist and leant forward to kiss me on the lips.

“I thought you were going to sit in your car all morning,” he said as he led the way into the warm kitchen. As he took my jacket, he looked at my erect nipples.

“Oh now that is a nice sight. Hope you’ve been thinking about me…..”

“I’d say yes but to be honest it’s a cold wind out there,’ I replied.

We both laughed and he put the kettle on to boil. I sat on one of the high stools at the breakfast bar. He came round and lifted my left leg, holding it in one hand at the ankle, running his other hand from my ankle to my knee and back down again. I felt a surge of pleasure at his touch.

“Oh you know how much I like boots they are so erotic……” He trailed off, as he unzipped the boot and placed it on the floor. He still held my ankle and ran his hand up my stocking clad leg, again stopping at my knee. I noticed how slender his hands were. He repeated the actions with my other leg.

“Now I’ve deprived you of your footwear, I’ll give you the guided tour of my home.”

He offered me his hand as I slid myself off the stool. As I landed on the casino siteleri floor he stepped in close and wrapped his arm around my waist, I looked up to him and again he leant down to kiss me. This time his tongue darted quickly into my mouth before he withdrew and released me from his hold. I shivered but it wasn’t from the cold as his warm body moved away from me, it was from the unexpected actions he was performing.

We moved from the kitchen, through to the dining room. He opened the blind at the patio windows and stood behind me, pointing out the various local points of interest; the river; the Severn crossing; I did not take much in as all I could think of was him so close to me that his breath tickled my neck as he spoke.

We moved from the dining room through to the lounge, then back into the hall. He led the way up the stairs. He showed me the bathroom and the second bedroom, which like a lot of spare rooms had accumulated a lot of junk.

He then directed me to his bedroom, as I walked in I was lost for words

The room was warm, the flickering light of the candles throwing long shadows on the walls. I turned to tell him but he put his fingers to my lips.

“I wanted to surprise you.” He whispered close to my ear, “but you are not allowed to do anything, I just want you to enjoy…..Close your eyes.”

I did so. He brushed his fingers lightly across my neck and shoulders, down the outside of my arms and back up the insides. With a firmer touch he ran his slender hands down my sides and across my buttocks.

He stopped touching me; I stood still with my eyes closed. I was aware of my breathing; it was deep and somewhat rapid.

He sighed close to my ear brushed my hair aside and kissed my neck, shivers of excitement ran down my back. His hands caressed my breasts through the material of my top as he pulled me close to him.

“You have such lovely breasts,” he whispered as he lifted the material over them and continued to caress my flesh. His hands were warm and soft, and he tweaked my still erect nipples. “I hope that’s not still the cold.”

I shook my head. I could feel his erection against my bum. I was tempted to wriggle my ass but his request had been simple that I was to remain completely passive. He undid my skirt and let it drop to the floor. He ran his hands over my deep lacy thong front to back.

He kissed my buttocks around the material before sliding the thong down as he did so he ran his hands up and down my legs. He stood and led me to foot of the bed.

“Lay face down on the bed for me, head at this end.” He requested.

As I lay down, he lifted my camisole top and left it covering my eyes. My arms were also still caught in it.

“That’s so you don’t peek.” He said.

He massaged my shoulders and back. Then he ran his hands all over my back and sides; his touch firm yet gentle. He parted my legs, as he ran both his hands down my left leg, removing my stocking. He bent my leg, sat and caressed my foot. He then tied the stocking around my ankle and to the headboard. He repeated the canlı casino procedure with my right leg.

He ran his hands up the insides of my thighs, gently brushing my pussy.

He removed his belt and stroked my arms, bringing my hands together above my head. Using his belt he loosely bound my wrists together.

“Are you ok?” He asked

“Yes.” I replied my breathing more rapid. I felt nervous as I’d never been in this situation before but I was also extremely turned on.

“Back in a minute,” he said as he kissed me lightly on the lips.

He got off the bed but I could just make out his profile through the material of my top. I felt he was looking at me as he removed his clothes. His fully erect prick sprang out as he removed his boxer shorts. I wished he had not covered my eyes as I wanted to see his naked body. I’d felt it close to me many a time; dancing in the clubs; hugs on occasions and squashed into the rear seat of his brothers car on that trip to France. I suppressed a giggle.

“What are you thinking?” He asked as he sat alongside me, I could feel the warmth of his flesh next to mine.

“I was thinking of that trip to France we did in your brothers car,” I replied with a smile.

“Oh yes. I was so tempted to molest you that day.” He chuckled as he started to stroke my pussy lips gently at first, then slightly firmer teasing them apart as he did so.

He then sought out my swollen clit and teased that with first his fingers and then his tongue. He then licked along my pussy before taking the lips into his mouth. I moaned as he continued to lick suck and stroke my clit. I know I was asked to do nothing but I wanted his tongue deeper. Such was my position, I could do nothing. He had total control and was in no rush to give me what I wanted.

I groaned as two fingers entered my pussy, stroking the front wall, seeking that elusive G-spot. My pleasure was mounting as I writhed against his fingers, and he continued stroking the front wall of my vagina. He lay beside me; I could feel his hard prick throbbing against my hip. Oh I so wanted to see his prick but had to just imagine it. I imagined it between my lips and then in my pussy; him on top of me pounding his prick into me; me on top slowly lowering myself onto him and taking his whole length into my hot pussy. These thoughts fuelled my excitement, and much to my surprise, pushed me over the edge into a shuddering orgasm that hit every nerve in my body. Tears welled up in my eyes and I unromantically sniffed. He was there loosening the belt and uncovering my eyes, a look of concern on his face. He was about to speak but I put my fingers to his lips; slipped one hand around the back of his head and pulled him towards me. I kissed him my tongue exploring his mouth.

“That was absolutely amazing.” I whispered to him. “To get an orgasm from me is like getting blood from a stone.”

He smiled at me and wiped the tears from my eyes. Then he stood to untie my legs, as he did so I lay watching him.

“You have a lovely prick.” I advised him as he returned to me on the kaçak casino bed.

He looked slightly embarrassed. I curled myself around him as he sat on the bed. My head supported on my left arm. The fingers of my right hand stroking the hairs on his thighs, his pricked twitched with every caress. The temptation was too much to resist, I pushed myself up to sit behind him. I rested my head on his shoulders as I reached around and ran my hands up and down his smooth chest and stomach. I then slid round and off the bed and stood in front of him.

I parted his legs and knelt between them, as I did so took his lovely prick in my hand and stroked its full length, watching his face as I did so. He closed his eyes and leant back. I ran my tongue around the head of his prick, tasting the pre-come. It was an exquisite taste, knowing he had gotten this turned on just by pleasing me. He sighed as I slowly encircled his prick with my lips and took his length into my mouth. I sucked his prick as I withdrew it from my mouth. Again I took him into my mouth, slowly withdrawing him and caressing his balls as I did so. He groaned as I continued to lick and suck his prick and caress his balls. His balls contracted and his whole body quivered as he shot his load into my mouth. I swallowed his cum then licked his prick clean.

I then stood and straddled him; he flopped back on the bed with a grin on his face. I kissed his stomach and up his chest, rubbing my body against him like a cat. I lay next to him and stroked his chest as he stroked my breasts.

His prick remained semi-erect and as I continued to touch his chest and stomach, it began to respond. I watched in wonder as it twitched and stiffened. Shortly he was hard again and ready for further action, but before he had chance to move I straddled him again. I rubbed my mound against his lovely hard prick, his head poking lightly between my warm swollen lips. I raised myself up above his prick and lowered myself just enough, that the head of his prick rested at the entrance to my pussy. I watched his face as I slowly lowered myself onto his prick. He sighed as my hot wet pussy slipped around his hard prick. I sighed as his hard prick filled my pussy. I withdrew him as far as possible without losing contact and again slowly slid down his pole, taking his full length into me. I continued this slow deep rhythm for a time. I could feel a second orgasm building as he stroked my body. From the change in his breathing I could tell that he was close to coming for a second time. I increased the speed of the strokes and shortly his body started to quiver again as he came in my pussy. I slowed again. I could feel my muscles contract against his prick as a second orgasm overcame me. The feeling radiated out from my clit, raising goose bumps over the whole of my body.

I leant down to kiss him as he lay there, again with that cute grin upon his face.

“Do you think the kettle will have boiled by now?” I asked. He shoved me off of him and rolled onto me.

“I’ll go and have a look shall I?” He replied as he started to lift himself off the bed. I pulled him back down to me, not wanting to lose the warmth of his body.

“Maybe later,” I replied as I again kissed him, deeply my tongue exploring his mouth. He responded with his tongue and his hands began to wander yet again.

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