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Four in a Terrace

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There we were, on the bed, exhausted. Well, they were on the bed. I had slid down with the bedding and was in a pile on the floor. I looked up, and Carina was staring down at me, a drowsy sexy smile on her face. I smiled back.

“Fuck. That was incredible. I think I don’t believe it happened.”

“Y’know something?” Lilja mumbled from up on the bed.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me explain.

We shared a terrace. Three bedrooms, tall ceilings, pretty run down. Now I’ll explain what a terrace is. It’s a kind of house.

Years ago now, you could rent an old inner-city house that was one of a set all joined together in a row – a terrace. They were built economically (ie. cheaply) in the 19th century. The front was a tiny garden, door and front-room windows. The only access to the back was down a lane at the rear and into the tiny back yard (where the toilet was). While a lot were renovated, the shabby ones were still affordable if you shared with friends. This is all important, as that’s how it started.

Carina and I had the front room as a couple. In the other two rooms were Norma and Lilja, friends from uni days who needed a place just as we came back from travelling overseas. Norma’s Italian heritage made sure we ate well, and Lilja’s Finnish background was a source of great stories – and brutal vodka from her father’s still. We had a great set-up, and no mistake. We laughed a lot, told a lot of cheeky stories and nearly persuaded each other to like our own music. And on the odd occasion, when someone rushed out of the shower late for work, I used to daydream of possibilities…

I should say at the start, Carina and I had great sex. She liked the classic missionary position, staring into each other’s eyes as my cock went into her wet channel (she used to get very wet). Tender kisses on her lips and neck. She was a bit plump, and I loved the soft feel of her body and generous breasts. From behind, her big round bottom was a joy and a turn-on, and I could never get enough of seeing my cock reaming into her as her juices spread out across her wide thighs, plastering our hairs to our skin. Not a bony ride by any means.

We were having the aforesaid great sex one afternoon. We had started with her on the edge of the bed, big thighs spread so I could take in her full, slightly hairy lips opened wide. Her clit was just appearing as I eased my cock into her willing furry pussy. (I can’t stand the fashion for shaving women’s nether regions: the underage/pedo look frankly creeps me out.)

This was good, and Carina was rolling her hips deliciously. I climbed up the bed and rolled her legs up so I could run my nails up her bottom and all the way along the backs of her thighs, tickling behind her knees. She moaned with pleasure and brought her own hands around to pull her buttocks wider. She ran her hands around her anus and felt my wet cock sliding in and out of her pussy, stretching her labia. She swung her legs down and started to rub her clit. She was going easily up to orgasm when we heard the footsteps.

We had left the curtains open. I was never fussed about our nudity, but Carina was sometimes a bit shy. This time we’d just plain forgot. We froze. Who was it? Would they go away?

We recognised Norma’s vague humming, so it wasn’t a stranger or a power supply salesman. She had a key, she’d let herself in and we could continue.


Norma plonked her bag on the windowsill of our room – being old style it was wide and just the right height for searching a messy handbag. She dug around for her key, then chanced to look up.

Her face was priceless. Shock, surprise, a naughty twinkle in her eye, all happened at once. She usually had a smile on, and it got even bigger then. She saw us naked, my cock stopped in mid-thrust, Carina’s hand lost in her pubic hair and still on her clit; she caught Carina’s eye and both of them got the giggles. It was quite ridiculous, really.

Something came over me. I plopped out of Carina and raced to our closed door. I thought “now or never, old son” and opened the door on a startled Norma. I grabbed her hand and dragged her into our room. She dropped her bag at the door as I started tugging on her top. “Edwin!” was all she said as she initially resisted, then relaxed. Back at uni, we’d shared a few long deep kisses, and seen each other naked at late night pool parties, so I guess she was thinking, why not? I don’t know what I was thinking.

I pulled off her t-shirt to reveal her big generous breasts. Still in their bra, they looked gorgeous, heavy and round, begging to be loved. I put my hands under them and lifted them up to my kisses. “Edwin! You’re naughty!” she said with her characteristic giggle and a little shudder. I gave her my best wicked smile and kissed and nibbled her collarbone and shoulder. She put her hands on my hips.

I reached around and somehow managed to unclip her bra. Her great melons spilled out, showing her huge brown areoles and kocaeli escort bayan big nipples, larger than Carina’s and pointing slightly lower. The sight of them brought my slightly forgotten erection up again, as did licking and sucking the big soft teats.

I led her backwards and around to the bed where Carina was still lying, watching the whole thing, hand still toying with her pussy. Norma was breathing heavily with desire already. She let me undo her belt and buttons, and I wriggled her jeans down to reveal lacy red panties. They joined the jeans around her ankles. What glory, she had a vigorous dark bush growing under, letting out a sweet perfume of active body and new arousal. I pushed her over and she went down with a squeal. Her big boobs rolled around as she put her hands up so as not to hit Carina. One breast rolled off and bumped against her and I could compare the slightly darker skin of Norma against Carina’s snowy white mounds.

I was in a crazy mood. In no time I had Norma’s shoes and socks off and I got on the bed too. I rolled her over so she was facing Carina and squeezed her between our two bodies. “Kiss!” I ordered, and they complied. I bit Norma’s shoulder again and she giggled and hunched. Then she went down and suckled Carina’s breasts. This let me stretch over and kiss her. She looked a bit flushed and startled, but was enjoying the extra attention. Then I climbed over both of them so I could get more of Carina.

She rolled onto her back; Norma kept her attention on her big soft breasts while I worked around to eat her pussy. It tasted lighter and sweeter than Norma’s scent, but similar. Carina managed to grab my cock as I went over her, and she fondled it and playfully poked Norma in the face with it. Norma bit it and I yelped.

I worked out a way to eat Carina’s pussy while I played with Norma’s glorious bush. She helped by spreading her legs, which allowed my fingers to feel up into her hot wet cleft. She felt so ready as she squirmed to my touch. I was ready too.

“Who wants to come?” I asked. “Ooh yes,” said Norma, ready as ever to experiment. Carina didn’t say, but had been rubbing her clit the way I knew would bring her to orgasm. “Come for me then!” I commanded. I must have sounded ridiculous, but we were too involved to care. The girls lay back and started rubbing their clits vigorously. Norma’s was long and pale, and I could see it as she pulled back her hairy lips. Carina’s was shorter and smaller, but stood out more. They were both breathing hard now, and rubbed their voluptuous full bodies at the same time. Norma had a way of squeezing her full titties and making the nipples stand out, while Carina had a shudder which made her breasts and whole body wobble. I playfully tickled or scratched one then the other.

As they got close and the smells of their juices filled the air, they started to whimper. “More noise!” I ordered “Scream for me!” They started to moan louder, Carina higher pitched than Norma. Their fingers fluttered over their pussies as they both thrust their hips up. As they came, almost together Carina shrieked. “Ah, ah, AAAAAAaaaaaah O God!” Followed by Norma “Oh, oh, oh, ooooohh FUUUUUCK!” They both fell back on the bed, and held hands.

What a sight! Damp, panting, their pussies pink with rubbing, the girls lay skin to skin. The smell of their come filled me with crazy pleasure.

“That was very good. As your reward I will fuck both of you.” This made them burst out laughing, but I meant it. I climbed onto Norma – I’ll admit I had wanted to taste her joys for some time now – and with a smile I put my cock up to her sopping cleft and eased my way in. She felt so warm and loose, and full of love-juice. She guided me in to go all the way down. I watched my cock disappear inside, then slid my shaft in and out of her hairy cunt, and bent down to suckle her huge rolling breasts. They were wobbling to my thrusts as I worked her delicious hole. Then I pulled out and moved over to Carina. My lover gave me a long penetrating stare and I wondered momentarily what on earth we were doing, then she lifted her legs and pulled her pussy lips apart for my cock, wet with Norma’s fluids. It was tighter and I felt some resistance at the bottom of my stroke, but felt wonderful. Her familiar smell turned me on as I filled her channel and held her big hips.

Norma was stroking my arm beside me as I fucked Carina; with her other arm she was stirring her clit. It was just too much and I could feel my climax coming. I had a mad idea to come in the air and see where my semen would end up, so I pulled out of Carina. As I was pumping my reddening cock, I looked up and saw Lilja in the doorway.

“The door was open, I just came in… what’s happening here?”

“Come in, come in!” Norma was cheerful as always. “It’s a fuck party. I think Edwin’s about to unload all over us.”

“I… I think I’ll just watch. Is that all right?”

“Only if you take your clothes off!” I put in. Lilja was very well-built by my tastes, so I was looking forward to seeing her pearly white izmit escort bayan body.

Norma got up and very gently led Lilja in and started to undress her. She was a bit plump too, and we all savoured the sight of her smooth pale shoulders, her big heavy breasts with small bright pink nipples on white skin, her soft tummy with a deep belly button. I had an urge to put my cock in it.

Once completely naked she sat on the bed. Carina said to me, “We came for you, now you come for us.” What could I say? I had no choice! With three gorgeous full girls in front of me I started to rub my manhood. They watched intently as I slid the skin up and down, still wet from their juices. Sometimes I drew the foreskin over the shiny helmet, sometimes my hand went right down to my balls. With my other hand I stroked their thighs, rustled their marvellous pubic bushes or wet my fingers in their pussies to smell their scent or lubricate my throbbing cock.

Lilja was naturally a pale blonde, and her bush was a golden toast colour. She had a different smell again. I preferred the other two, but hey, no complaints from over here! She watched every move, of mine and of the other girls, who were rubbing themselves. Sexy pink blushes appeared on her cheeks and chest.

I straddled first one girl, then the other, inviting them to lick my cock as I fucked my hand. Carina kissed the head, took in a bit then pushed it away. Norma sucked the head in, then played her tongue around the helmet, dribbling her spit over it. It felt too good and I knew my climax was coming. I thrust my hips up and pumped my cock hard. I felt the thick channel underneath twitch. Lilja was leaning over to see better and her big pale boobs were swinging. I needed them. With a gasp I came in spurt after spurt, pointing at Lilja and splashing my white semen on her pearly skin. She gasped too as my thick juice spattered across her marvellous tits. I squatted down and pushed my softening cock into her generous belly button. My cock head fitted in beautifully and my come filled the hole, oozing down into her fine golden pubes.

“Edwin’s so randy he can fuck a belly button!” giggled Norma.

“What other holes of yours can I fuck?” I replied.

“You tell us!” was the cheeky answer.

Lilja looked slightly shocked as my come moved slowly down her breasts. A drop slid to her nipple and hung there. Norma leant over and sucked it up, kissing and caressing the soft flesh. I bent down to kiss the other, taking the tiny nipple and areole in. I could feel the point harden to our touch. Then I saw Carina’s hands on her shoulders, massaging and stroking them. She was kneeling behind Lilja, who put her head back to kiss her deeply. I stroked her upturned chin, going down her neck and breasts. Her smell got stronger.

Norma and I seemed to have the same idea: to explore Lilja’s pale cunt. She spread her legs and we squatted in front. She had quite small pussy lips, covered in golden curls, unlike Norma’s big fleshy lips or Carina’s gently rounded ones that let the wrinkled inner labia show through. We each prised one side open to see her vivid pink vagina, beautifully ringed by her hairs. We’d opened her up, and a trickle of clear juice came out and ran down to her tiny anus. I stretched in and licked the juice from around her back hole. She wriggled her hips with pleasure. Norma squeezed in above and searched for her clit, finding the small white button in the pink folds. She licked it then blew on it, licked then blew, making Lilja gasp and grind against us. Up really close I watched Norma insert a finger, then two into her soaking channel. She started moaning and gasping. She slumped back onto the bed, as Carina kissed her and suckled her breasts, Norma worked her clit and vagina and I ran my tongue around the wrinkled skin her anus.

“Oh God, oh fuck, no, no, yes!” She slurred.

The three of us worked on Lilja’s pleasure, stroking, pressing her soft flesh, licking, tickling. She was flushing more, her skin starting to feel damp. I was enjoying the unusual sensation of her rim when suddenly as her orgasm came closer, her anus relaxed and puckered out. Here was my chance. Scooping up some of her liberal juices, I soaked my finger and pushed it in.

“OWW!! FUCK! GOD! EEEEEEYYYEEEAAAHHHH!!! Lilja clamped every hole as her orgasm shuddered through her. Her whole body stiffened, shook, then slowly relaxed. her skin shone with fine sweat and the sheen of orgasm. Norma and I watched her come trickling down over our hands and around her heaving thighs. Her whole body was heaving with her breathing, and had more pink patches. It all looked so fuckable. My cock had hardened with all the excitement, and was more than ready. Then I realised Norma was squatting just beside me…

I eased her up onto her hands and knees and rubbed my cock up and down her big warm channel. She looked around with a surprised but naughty look, then curled her back down to present all of her fine hairy glistening cunt.

“Gently does it big boy.”

I took gebze escort the hint and slowly eased my cock in. It seemed familiar this time, big and warm and ready. My balls rustled against her hairs as my shaft disappeared Into her. Her big breasts swung gently. Her body rocked with my easy thrusts as I fucked that glorious cunt. Carina and Lilja watched as Norma rested her shoulders on the bed, and with her free hands strummed her clit. I felt her vagina walls open and close on me as her climax built up.

“Can you feel my cock inside you? Can you feel it spreading your arse cheeks and pushing further into you?”

Norma liked the dirty talk and giggled. “Oh yes, my cunt can feel you. You’re so deep it’s pushing me around.”

“It’s filling your hole. I’m gonna come and fill you up, fill your cunt with my sperm, slap my balls on your pussy and shoot into you.”

“OH YES!! Come in me, come now, co… co… aaaAAAAAH! Fuck! Fuck me!”

Norma’s orgasm sent me off the edge, I thrust once or twice more and unloaded my semen into her. On one thrust my still-firm cock came out and prodded against her lightly-haired anus. Come oozed out around my cock head and soaked her hole. Her big fleshy lips hung open and shone with her juices.

She climbed up on the bed. I tried to follow, but collapsed on all the legs of the watchers.

“Poor boy, he looks a bit spent!” The girls smiled down at me.

“Just give me a minute. Maybe five. Possibly more. Hey since it was your gorgeous beautiful bodies that wrecked me, you can help revive me. Could be worth your while.”

“Edwin, you’re a cheeky bastard! But a considerate fuck. That was really nice then, thank you. Carina, you’re a lucky one. Well, come on girls, looks like we have to do this one.”

Norma signalled to Lilja, and the two of them handled my soft cock. It felt wonderful, but all I could manage was a sigh and a little extra come, which Norma wiped up and patted on Lilja’s unspattered nipple. Lilja squealed.

Then all three just rubbed me down, stroking my arms, going through the hairs on my chest, caressing my thighs and lower legs. Norma kissed my nipples, which sent tingles down my body.

“You are making me feel great, ladies. I think someone else should take over from me as master.”

“Master!” scoffed Carina. “Are you the master, or your dick?” This seemed to stir the said dick which was gradually firming up. It was quite red, and tender as well.

Norma spoke up. “I reckon Carina’s not getting her share of attention. Lilja got all three of us, I’ve fucked Edwin till he can’t stand up; it’s Carina’s turn.”

“I’m not sure. This is all so seriously odd. I’ve liked it, but I feel funny about it. I dunno. It’s too weird…” Carina’s tense voice and glistening eyes suggested tears were coming. I got up.

“Carina baby, this is just fun. We all love each other, and we sure know how to give each other pleasure, but what I feel for you is way more. Real caring love.”

“I guess you’re right, but it’s just, too much I think. I’ve never done anything like this before. What am I supposed to think…”

“Don’t over think it, love. Come here, lover.”

Hugging her closely, I gently laid her on our bed. I curled up behind her and stroked her hair and shoulders, kissing her ears. I worked to ease her tension. Lilja knew something about it, being less outgoing and crazy than Norma or me. She gently stroked Carina’s arm and hip. Norma followed suit, and we gently made Carina relax.

Not all of me relaxed. My stiffening cock was now resting between Carina’s generous buttocks, and was hard again. I rubbed it up and down her crack to see if she liked it. She seemed to.

I pushed my cock down towards her furry pussy. She lifted her leg slightly to make it easier to enter her. I nodded to Lilja, who understood. She carefully lifted the leg a bit higher, giving me better access and her a good look into Carina’s swollen, shining pussy. I eased my cock into her familiar channel, and from behind her we gently fucked. Lilja held her legs and stroked the skin up and down, not taking her eyes off my shaft disappearing into the wet folds of Carina’s cunt.

Norma lifted Carina’s arm and lightly stroked under it, across the armpit and down over her full breasts, lying on top of each other as she lay on her side. I ran my nails lightly down her back. Norma played with her nipples. Carina sighed contentedly as we pleasured her.

I could feel her getting more worked up as her breathing increased and she started pushing back on me. “I want to roll over,” she murmured.

She moved herself up onto all fours. I had come out of her to let her position herself and enjoy the view of my love’s big thighs and open hairy pussy. Her glistening vagina was wide open and I could see into the dark inviting hole. I gently pushed my cock back in and started thrusting. She started rocking back to meet me and slap against my thighs. Her boobs swung back and forward. Norma couldn’t take her eyes off this and started to thrum her clit as she watched us humping. She moved around and spread her legs in front of Carina, giving her access to all areas. Carina stopped her swinging and went down on Norma, pulling her lips wide and licking and kissing her cleft. My thrusts jogged the two of them as they worked Norma up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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