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Subject: Rooming: Fourth of July 2 ROOMING: FOURTH OF JULY 2 ****************** Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don’t like any of the following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this. Please leave now!! This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent. Action will be taken against those you do copy my story! If you want to write me, please do so at: wasputz2525@yahoo. ***************** Kris, Colt and I finished up at Corey’s gym and headed out the door with Corey promising to be home very soon. He wasn’t surprised by the announcement of Chase becoming a dad since Tabor had told him some things concerning Chase’s active sex life. “Bros, that place was so sweet. Corey looked like he loved his job,” Kris said while we were walking to my car. “I know. We only saw part of it too. Anyone who goes there has no excuse for not getting fit,” Colt said. “Matt, do you go much?” Kris asked me. “I told you, I go but I do my best to avoid Corey. I know the last thing I’d want is for him to show up at my job and want my attention while I was working,” I replied. “Still you can go,” Colt said. “I do, but I miss everyone going. It’s hard getting motivated when you’re alone,” I stated. We got in my car and drove to buy some much need groceries. I was hoping it’d be a quick trip but it turned out to take longer than I wanted. It did bring back some good memories of us shopping. Kris and Colt hadn’t changed a bit and acted like kids most of the time. It was okay with me for them to let loose every now and then. We stopped to grab a burger at one of the newest places around. It was crowded but well worth the wait for me. I think Kris and Colt loved it as well since they inhaled their burgers. Once back at my place we watched a little TV and waited for Corey to arrive home. He came in the door shortly after two and was excited to be off until Sunday. Since it was very nice and sunny, I suggested we head out to the pool and enjoy some time outdoors. They agreed as long as they had a cooler with them. Corey and I put on our bikinis while Kris and Colt wore trunks. “First time I’ve worn these in a while,” Colt stated. “At our place I bet I’ve been to the pool maybe once since y’all left.” “We don’t go that much,” Corey stated while we exited our apartment into the heat. At least it wasn’t as hot as it was the previous weekend. We walked down to the pool. It was a little bigger than the one at our old place with more seating around the pool itself. “Kris!” I heard Scott yell to us in his bikini. I looked over and saw Jordy and Alton there next to them. We walked swiftly and greeted Jordy with a big hug and shook Alton’s hand. Alton had let his dark blond hair grow out and was looking great in his bikini. Jordy was looking great as ever with a great tan as always and still one kick ass body like Scott. The nice thing was Alton could hear enough and interpret for Jordy. “How are you doing?” I asked Jordy. “He’s doing great,” Scott replied after Jordy signed with a big glowing smile. “We tried to call you, but as usual you didn’t answer.” “Some things never change,” I said with my arms up. Thankfully there were enough seats for us all. Kris hated being stuck on the end and came to push my legs away to sit down. “Bro, you’re looking so good,” Kris said. “I know I am. You are too,” Scott replied. “Jordy says thank you and that you’re looking hot as ever,” Alton said, laughing. “So what are you doing here?” Kris asked. “We came to see Scott,” Alton said while signing to Jordy. “This is so fucking awesome,” Kris stated. “We have almost the entire gang back together.” Colt walked down and sat with Scott. Jordy was adjusting to his life with Alton and was happier than ever. He had begun his teaching job for the deaf while Alton worked in sales dealing with the deaf. “Bros, I feel like a big ass party is about to happen tonight,” Kris stated. “For sure,” Colt said. “We wouldn’t expect anything less,” Corey stated. Kris opened the ice chest and passed out beer to us. Jordy and Alton had brought their own. There were a lot of people here, but there was enough room for us to sit around, though we did get in the water to cool off. When we returned Kris and Colt went back to their chairs to take in the sun. It wasn’t long before I could hear Kris talking away to the guy next to him. Some things about Kris would never change and I hoped they never would. “Hey, Matt, Corey, come down here a minute,” Kris said and signaled with his head. Corey and I walked down and sat on Kris’s seat. “Bros, Seth here wants to meet y’all,” Kris said. I extended my hand to the cute brown haired guy. He did have a nice body and was fairly dark like I was, but not in the same category as Scott and Jordy. He had tattoo on his right shoulder and hoop earrings in each ear. “Finally, I get to meet ya. I’ve seen you around,” Seth said. “Matt, I’m ashamed of you for not meeting him before,” Kris said. Seth laughed, “It’s my fault more than theirs. I’ve only seen them at a distance.” “Scott, get your ass down here and meet Seth,” Kris yelled. Scott came walking down and introduced himself. “Good to meet ya,” Scott said. “If you go both ways, Scott’s your man,” Kris said. “Kris, come on,” I said, shaking my head. “I go one way now,” Scott stated. “I’ll believe that when I see it,” Colt said. “So all of you went to school together?” Seth asked. “We did. Matt, Corey, Colt and I roomed together for three of the best years of my fucking life,” Kris replied. “Ain’t that right?” “I agree,” I said. “So you’re all gay?” Seth asked. “No, just these gaziantep escort two,” Kris said, hitting me and Corey on the shoulder. “Are you?” “Ummm… I go for undecided at the moment,” Seth replied with a big smile. “Bro, I’d say with that bikini you’re leaning in one direction, but it’s all good,” Kris said. “If you like it then fuck what they think. I’m not gay and I love wearing one,” Scott said. “Hell, Kris and Colt do too.” “We used to,” Colt said with Jordy and Alton coming down. I felt bad leaving them out but I wasn’t expecting this. We introduced Jordy and Alton to Seth. “Bro, tonight we’re partying at Matt’s place. You’re more than welcome to join us,” Kris announced. “Ummm… I might,” Seth said. “Let me warn you,” Colt said. “You could feel left out. We like reliving old times like we’re fucking fifty years old.” We laughed. “No, it’d be a good chance for these guys to get to know a few more people. All I’ve heard is how they don’t know anyone,” Kris stated. “Leave it to Kris to welcome in the whole community,” Corey said. “Somebody has to do it,” Kris said with his big arms up. “First, I’ve noticed the tattoo the four of you have. What does it mean?” Seth asked. “It’s Kris, Matt, Corey and Colt. The BF has double meaning, best friends and brothers forever,” I replied proudly while pointing at my chest. “You see some of us don’t mean that much to them,” Scott said. “We still love ya, Scott,” Kris said. “So what do ya say, Seth?” “Oh the peer pressure now,” Colt said. “Alright, like I have shit else to do,” Seth said. “That’s the spirit,” Kris said. “Let’s say we meet about seven, how’s that?” “You’re the boss,” Corey replied. “Always will be no matter where we are.” “Someone has to be,” Colt said. We stayed around and got some sun until about 4:30. It would allow us to relax a little and get ready since Kris had a party planned. I didn’t mind at all and pretty much expected this. It had been great that our leader was here with us and drew us back together, but I wasn’t sure had Kris been living here if things would be much different with us beginning our new careers. Scott, Jordy and Alton came over a few minutes early. From what I had seen, Jordy finally seemed very content with Alton and should be since they had been dating for quite a while now. Scott and I began preparing food while Kris, Corey and Colt headed out to our patio to start our grill. Having a larger patio was nice, as was being on the end. Also our neighbors had moved out next to us so we wouldn’t have to worry that much about the noise level. “Matt, now that we’re back together maybe I was wrong about not missing everyone,” Scott said. “I missed everyone, but it was really okay for me…” “You have Corey,” Scott said. “True, but I was beginning to adjust,” I said. “I really was. I know we’ve all been so busy with our jobs. It’s funny how now I want to come home and just die,” Scott said. “Me too,” I said with a knock at our door. I went out to answer it. Seth was standing there with Bruce, Aaron and Shawn right behind them. It did give me the opportunity to introduce him to the three. They were lugging a big 30 pack with them and asked where they should put it after ripping it open to start their night. They found Jordy and Alton on the couch and joined them while Seth stood back and didn’t know where to go or what to do. “If you want you can come in the kitchen with me and Scott,” I said to Seth. “Okay,” he said. The thing I disliked about this kitchen was it wasn’t as big or as open to the living area like our other place. We found Seth had moved here about a month earlier and worked in his family business of construction, real estate and renovation. Kris, Colt and Corey came back inside to see if everyone had made it. I handed them the hot dogs for the grill, which was appropriate for the holiday. Kris took them while Colt and Corey grabbed a dining room chair. Aaron reached over and grabbed our cruise picture. “Now there was the best fucking time of my life. Damn, we looked good.” “Didn’t we?” Colt asked. “Show it to Seth,” I said and walked over to grab it. Kris came back inside carrying the hot dogs. “Some of them are a little crispy, you might say,” Kris said and laughed. “Now we need to get Ethan, Cody, Brennan, Garrett, Dillon and Sergio to have everyone here.” “You forgot Grady,” Aaron said. With the dogs warm, we got up and began filling our plates. Along with the hot dogs, we had chips and store bought potato salad, with all the fixings for a hot dog. “Where is Grady these days?” Scott asked. “He went back home and is working at a plant there,” Bruce replied. “I think he’s miserable.” “Just like me,” Aaron stated. “Man, the real world is a bitch.” “Tell me about it,” Colt said. “We had it made in college,” Kris said. “Seth, we always had something going.” “We did until our senior year,” I said. “I can see that you did. I’m envious of all of you. Hell, I didn’t have three good friends in college,” Seth said. “Jordy says he didn’t know Kris,” Alton said. “I have to agree.” “Come on now. I think I met Jordy first,” Scott said. Jordy nodded yes and smiled. Seeing and hearing everyone all crammed in our living room and on our bar brought back nothing but great memories. I sat there with Corey and listened, hoping to savor every moment like this. Now these moments would be few and so far between. “Has anyone heard or seen Brennan and Garrett lately?” Scott asked. “I have. I saw Garrett the other day,” Colt said. “He’s still the same.” “Damn, Garrett had the biggest fucking dick,” Kris stated. “Thanks Kris. I really needed to hear that shit,” Shawn said. “You should know, Kris,” Bruce said. “I do know for suriyeli escort a fact,” Kris said. “Seth, I won’t hide shit. I’m bi and so is Colt.” “I see,” Seth said with a big smile. “They even dated for a while,” Scott added. “That almost tore us apart,” Kris said. “It did for a while,” Shawn said. “I still can’t get over Bishop and Alex.” “Now I really don’t give a fuck!” Colt said loudly. “That was the worst of times, but the good times outweighed them by far,” Corey stated. “Didn’t they?” Scott said. “In the beginning it was just us five and slowly we added to it.” “I can say Aaron, Grady and I only wished we’d come along sooner,” Bruce stated. “Let me get this straight,” Seth said. “Y’all actually hung around together with gay guys.” “Of course, we did. Matt and I are still best friends. I love him to death,” Kris stated. “That was one really cool thing about this group in that it never mattered at all,” Shawn stated. “I wouldn’t change one thing about it ever in my life.” “Man, that is the coolest shit I ever heard,” Seth stated. “Most people around here are so homophobic it’s not even funny.” “Say, are you gay?” Shawn asked. “I’m undecided,” Seth replied, giving the same answer as earlier. “You’d fit right in at the beginning,” Shawn said. “Scott still is.” “I’m fucking leaving,” Scott said. “Who dated a girl for a year?” “I know for a fact you still sucked dick,” Alton said with Jordy smiling. “Okay, I’m bi,” Scott laughed. “That was supposed to be private.” “Scott, like we didn’t know,” Kris laughed. I only assumed he might still mess around but didn’t know for sure. “Say has anyone heard how Bryson’s been doing lately?” Shawn asked and got up to grab another beer. “I haven’t and didn’t even think to ask Garrett,” Colt replied. “Last I heard, which was right before we graduated, he had settled down a little bit and was living with his girlfriend,” Scott replied. “First off, who’s Bryson?” Bruce asked. “The shorter dark haired guy that came to our parties and tailgate,” Kris replied. “My bad! I know who he is,” Bruce said. “There’s been a rash of guys moving in with their girlfriends.” “My brother is 20 years old and lives with his girlfriend,” Seth said. “Wait `til he knocks her ass up,” Colt said, shaking his head. “Yeah, Colt just found he’s gonna be an uncle,” Kris said. “Chase knocked up some girl?” Shawn said, sitting back down and handing beer to Aaron and Bruce. “Yeah, now he has to deal with the fact he stuck his dick in that girl’s pussy and knocked her ass up,” Colt said with disgust. “It could have happened to any of us,” Bruce said. “Jordy says not him, Matt or Corey,” Alton said for Jordy. “We know,” Aaron said. “It could work out like Juan’s has,” Shawn said. We had to explain to Seth who Juan was and his ordeal, which was working out great. “It could if he was still dating her ass,” Colt said getting up for another beer. “I think she was just a fuck for Chase, like so many he dates.” We sat around with lots of beer being consumed by everyone. It did make us louder and louder. I wasn’t sure what Seth was thinking but he too was putting them away and was beginning to loosen up a little. My favorite part was telling him about all the big birthday parties we threw over the years and about our spring break trips. We loved talking about the tailgate parties and said that was for sure happening this fall. There were so many laughs, with some of the tales getting taller as time moved on. The night ended about one, with Seth hanging with us the entire time. He probably knew more about us than he should have. Once the alcohol took over, things did get a little crazy. I knew two bathrooms had got a good working over with the many trips back and forth as the night grew longer. Corey and I headed to our bedroom after everyone was gone. I was feeling the effects of the many beers yet still wanted my partner. The last thing on my mind was Kris and Colt hearing us making love. They had heard us so often that it was probably getting old to them by now. No doubt they heard us this night with the headboard banging against the wall and Corey’s loud moaning and screaming with my 8.5 inch cock deep in his hot ass. Our sex life hadn’t suffered since we were living alone. After almost four years it was a big thrill to me to fuck Corey, have Corey fuck me, have him suck my cock, suck his thick hot cock, eat his hot ass and taste his cum. I was up about nine this Fourth of July and started cleaning up our big mess. It was more empty beer cans than anything. Seeing all of them made me wonder how people walked out of here last night. Colt came walking down the hall and found me having a glass of orange juice. He asked where I kept the aspirin and headed straight for that cabinet. “Damn, was last night not the best or what?” Colt asked before taking the pills. “It was, because we were back together,” I replied. “Yes it was, and a lot of beer didn’t hurt either,” Colt said. “Dude, I’m feeling it today?” “So has it sunk in yet about Chase?” Colt laughed, “You know last night was great. I said something about it but no one gave a shit…” “You said it after half of them were wasted,” I laughed. “There’s nothing I can do now about it. It is what it is. Chase fucked up and has to deal with ramifications of sticking his dick in that girl’s pussy,” Colt stated. I laughed, “You said the same thing last night.” “I guess I did,” Colt laughed. “I will say this. You and Corey were loud as hell last night fucking.” “Nothing you haven’t heard before,” I said with a big smile. “You’re right there,” Colt said. “I’m sure you’d say the same shit if Faith was here. Matt, one thing I miss is the rus escort way we are now. I don’t run around naked in our apartment. Hell, I have a hard time getting her to sleep naked with me.” “It is nice, but thanks to Kris I’ve grown to enjoy this time of being free,” I stated. “I take it things are great between you and Corey.” “Like always, if not more so.” “Yeah, because you’re alone.” “And bored,” I laughed. “Right now is one thing I really miss. Yesterday I was able to talk to Kris and now you.” “I miss that too. I know it could never ever be possible but I wish we could buy a big house and always live together. Something tells me Kris will be back here before you know it.” “I don’t know. He might enjoy where he is and stay for the long haul. No matter what happens I will always know you are both a phone call away and will always be with me,” I said. “Yes, we will always be like brothers,” Colt said. “Are you and your dad still not speaking?” I asked. “Nope we aren’t. I know I should be a man about this shit, but I can’t do that. Mom has told me I really should try to mend things. I tried about a month ago and got so pissed off at him I had to just hang up,” Colt replied. “How’s Linda doing?” “She’s doing great and really seems very happy.” “And Corey’s mom?” “I think she’s doing okay. Corey really needs to take time and go see her…” “Or she could come to see him,” Colt said. “You’re right,” I said. “The worst part of living here… well maybe not the worst… is Mom thinks Corey and I should come visit say once a week.” “I take it she doesn’t come here.” “She and Vince came a few weeks ago,” I said, with Corey walking into the kitchen. “There’s the loud fucker,” Colt said. “Fuckee,” Corey laughed. “It shows you still love each other so much,” Colt said. “I guess so, more than anything it shows how great it still feels after all these years,” Corey said before giving me a kiss. He grabbed the aspirin to take a few. “Once Kris wakes up we’ll have breakfast and plan our day,” I said. “Man, wasn’t last night just the best ever? I bet we ran Seth off for sure,” Corey said. Colt laughed, “I doubt it since he stayed here `til the bitter end.” Kris came walking in about fifteen minutes later and looked rough. We all did, with none of shaving for a few days. I scrambled some eggs and cooked some bacon for us, along with having wheat toast so we could start our day out. We decided to stay around for the day to see what was going on and then possibly catch some fireworks nearby. We were dressed and watching TV when Scott called to see if we wanted to sit out by the pool. We agreed but Kris and Colt wanted to head to the store for more beer after downing most of what we had bought previously. With Seth drinking ours, we had demolished a 24 pack. It was wishful thinking that it would make it for our weekend. Corey left with the two while I waited. While they were gone, I got a call, but didn’t talk very long. The three came back with enough beer that should last us for the weekend and beyond. “You know I think I’d rather stay in for a little while today,” I said to them. “Why? You’ve always liked tanning,” Corey asked. “I think I’ve got enough for now. We can just enjoy being together,” I said. “Call Scott then. He yelled at us before we came inside,” Kris said. “He can wait. I want just the four of us to spend time together without having everyone else around,” I said. “That’s fine by me,” Kris said, putting his arm around me. “We all miss each other so much. I hate to tell you this but we’re here only until Saturday. My parents want to see me, then we’re off to see Colt’s mom to deal with that shit.” “Colt, have you talked to her?” Corey asked. “Not since we came here and Chase busted out the big announcement,” Colt replied. “I hate that you can’t stay the entire weekend, but I understand. Since you’re here you can see everyone,” I said. “I hate it too, but you know we’ll be back,” Kris stated. “Do you miss your girls?” Corey asked. “Of course… that is the right thing to say, right?” Colt laughed. “Hell, we are with them every day so this short break ain’t gonna kill any of us.” “I think Melissa was actually looking forward to it. We command so much of each other’s attention that there’s not much free time to ourselves or with others,” Kris stated. “I think this short time away will be good for us, or at least I hope it is. I can already see that it ain’t gonna be easy leaving again.” “Just like it wasn’t when you helped us move,” Corey said. “Matt cried for hours.” “Not hours,” I said. “The graduation party was rough, but nothing compared to that. I had kept my emotions in check until the end. I just couldn’t help it.” “We all cried,” Colt said. “I tried not to but damn it was so fucking emotional.” “I know. It was hard even driving,” Kris said. My phone started ringing. It was Scott wondering where we were. I said we’d be there shortly and were talking. “See I told ya,” Kris said. “Let’s go before he gets his panties in a wad.” “We just sat down, Kris. We’ll see plenty of Scott. He knows where we are, if he wants to come he can,” I stated and looked at my phone to check the time. We sat around talking but Kris was starting to get antsy. I heard a knock at the door and had to contain my smile. “I’ll get it,” I said. “It’s probably just Scott,” Colt commented. TO BE CONTINUED… This is Chapter 2 of 3 that happens after my long “Rooming with My Best Friend” series. I have started a new series under `Adult Friends’ called `A New Journey’ if you are interested. You are always welcome to write me at: wasputz2525@yahoo. I really do enjoy your emails and try my best to respond to each one. Also, my website, ies, has all my stories along with a place to sign up for my emails when new stories are posted. Please if you can, contribute and keep NIFTY GOING strong as ever. They need our support so stories like this and so many others can continue to entertain and … well you know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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