Oca 06

Fr. Pete , Sr. Melanie

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Fr. Pete ordered the girls and Sr. Melanie to pack up their things and put them into the bus. He then told them where to sit. He would have no arguments from them anymore. “Sister Melanie, come here. Sit by me!” Sr. Melanie did as she was commanded. She was very subservient now and did not try to antagonize him. The girls had cried initially but, she calmed them down. “He is a priest. No one would believe us. Priest’s represent Jesus on earth and Jesus would do no wrong.” So they agreed to keep quiet but they were greatly confused.

Fr. Pete started the bus and had Sr. Melanie stand by him. He simply wanted her there. Soon she would be driving the other half of the distance home and then he would see her to her convent.

The drive took three hours and the girls were quiet and contemplative. By the time they arrived home the girls were asleep and Sr. Melanie was driving. Fr. Pete lay down on a bench near the front of the bus and slept. When they arrived ad the debarkation point, he awoke with the girls and got out. “Good bye girls. I hope you had fun!” He said honestly. They said their goodbyes and left.

Sr. Melanie, come back to the bus for a moment. He said. She obediently went into the bus. Fr. Pete brought her to the back and he sat down on the back bench seat. “I want you to unzip me and suck me off.” At first her face was screwed with confusion but then she knelt down and did as she was bid. She took his organ deep into her throat and sucked and licked him till he came. Then she very softly and timidly asked, “Why Father? Why did you do this to me? To us?” “Well, you boldly walked into my bedroom and made demands on me. I am a priest and you are to be obedient to me. And you will be! I do not tolerate nagging, nor being pushed. Now you know. As to the girls, well, I shouldn’t have. I did and they seem no worse for it. I would imagine many of them, if not all of them will ask for a vocation to your order.

Fr. Pete drew her up to him and sat her on his lap. He spread her legs on his lap and pushed her dress up so he could play with her pussy while he talked. As he talked to her, he kissed her on the lips and her cheeks. His hands fondled her breasts and rubbed her vagina. She was becoming aroused. The rough sex play before and now the dominance gave her such a deep feeling of arousal. She wanted him but was afraid to make a move yet. Fr. Pete, began to suck on her neck below her ear. And he licked her there and on the lobe too. She was trembling by now as his other hand had been massaging her clit and his fingers were entering her pussy hole. He carefully took her blouse off, then her bra, loosened her dress and took it down, then the panties and bahis firmaları nylons. She sat on his lap naked and wanting him deep inside her.

He lifted her up, and then lay her down on the vinyl rug in the center of the bus. He didn’t care that it was dirty. He didn’t care that it would be uncomfortable. He opened his trousers and pulled them down. He pulled his boxer shorts down too. Then he knelt between her legs and slowly, torturously slowly began to enter her. She wanted to be fucked badly and thrust her hips into his hard. She kept thrusting in and out on him till he came violently and curled up on her, burying his mouth on her shoulder. When he finished, “Now you can lick me clean!” She trembled but got on her knees and did as she was told. She was a very obedient woman. He then let her dress. “No. Don’t put on your panties. I want them. I don’t want you wearing panties from now on!” He said. She cried and trembled but simply said, “Yes. Father.” And he escorted her to the convent house. Then he went to the rectory. In all he had a wonderful vacation. Sex seemed a tool now. A way to demand respect from the arrogant women he met. Sr. Melanie, had kissed him when they parted.

It was 9PM at the rectory and he went to his office. Monsignor Boyle had left and he was now the only priest in charge. As he sat down he saw the message light flashing, he had some messages.

He hit the play button to hear them. “Hello Father this is Mrs. Wintrone. I hope you recall me. My husband was ill. Well.. He died last week while you were on vacation and I need to talk to you about making plans for the funeral and church services.” Fr. Pete called her even though it was late. She asked if she could come right over. I guess she couldn’t tell by the strain in his voice that he had been acting very out of character. She dressed quickly and drove to the rectory.

FR. Pete heard her knock on the door. He went and opened it. Hello Mrs. Wintrone. He said. She came in and hugged him. “Father, I don’t know what to do.” Well there are some forms here and we can discuss the funeral directors in the area and your insurance. I will be glad to help. “My name is Ruth, Father.” “Well, ok, Ruth. Great! You can call me Pete.” She told Pete how her husband had died of a heart congestion. He was only in his mid thirties, thirty six years old. She was five years younger.

Fr. Pete, led her to the couch in the waiting room. He had locked the doors earlier when he let her in, as this was after hours. They sat down next to each other. Ruth was crying though. The loss of her husband. His young age. They had no children. But she was so helpless. She sobbed and sobbed. Then she leaned kaçak iddaa over and put her head on his lap, crying. Fr. Pete stroked her hair and patted her back. He tried to say some nice soothing words. But his penis was becoming erect and he was getting aroused again. The beast was back. Somehow this priest had become a carnivore, a predator. He rubbed her back, gently. Finding where her bra straps where he put some pressure and strokes there, moving her breasts as he moved the straps. His other had, stroked her hair and delicately touched her ear. He then drew her up by her jaw and they kissed. She kissed long and hard, putting her tongue in his mouth and sucking a bit. He moved his other hand to her dress and began to undo it. So now she was sitting next to him in her underwear and he was stroking and kissing her.

Finally he moved her back and at the same motion removed those panties. He put his head between her legs and licked up one side of her vaginal wall, then the other. Then he delicately licked her clit and sucked on it. Moving his head back and forth. She moaned deeply over and over again. Mmmmmmmmmmmggggggggghhh! His erection got rock hard and he moved above her, put the head of his penis inside of her and thrust quickly. She loved it. She loved the way he so masterfully knew how to fuck her. She enjoyed his touch. The feel of his penis inside her. She made small noises of approval. Finally they both came. He gushed his load inside her and she gushed her’s too. They lay there on the couch.

A few minutes later she was dressed again and ready to leave. They had made plans for her newly dead husbands burial and for small meetings from now on to take care of her needs, he had said. She walked outside the door with a sexy swing of her hips. Though she had loved her husband and never strayed before. Now she felt happy and content. Pete had released some of the burden and tensions she had. He enjoyed it too.

Sr. Melanie had returned to the rectory and watched as Mrs. Wintrone made love to her man. For surely, if any woman owned a man, she owned Pete. He just didn’t know it yet.

She knocked on the door. Pete had been busy with something and she had to wait a bit. “What do you need Melanie?” “You had sex with that woman!” “How could you?” Pete said, “That is none of your business!” “You don’t own me!” “Yes I do! I could turn you in!” Pete was enraged but in control. He slapped her hard on the face bringing tears to her eyes, and he swatted her breasts causing her arms to come up and shield them. Then he grabbed her hair and pulled her head down to his groin. “Open my zipper with your teeth and pull my cock out! You are going to clean it up!” She tried kaçak bahis to protest even then but he ignored her and only slapped her again and again. She relented and did as she was instructed. “You will do as I tell you! You will not interfere with anything I do!” She cried. He took his clothes off, and then took hers off. This time he was more gentle. He pulled her down to the carpet and kneeled in front of her vagina. He began to give her head, delicately, softly, so sweet and so nice. She moaned and groaned and loved every moment. Lost in deep ecstasy. He put his penis inside her and it thrilled her, she made delightful sounds. He thrust and thrust, and commanded her to grip down on his penis. She begged loudly to be fucked. “Fuck me!” “Please, Oh God! Fuck me!” She begged again and again. He took his time. Yet though she was afraid, she clamped down on his penis and rode him till he came in torrents and she with him. “I love you” She said.

Pete got dressed and helped her. Maybe this had gone too far, he thought? He walked her to the convent, where she once again gave him a deep loving kiss. ‘She is in love with me now?’ He thought. All I did was rape her, and abuse her for a few days and now she is in love with me.

The next day Pete was thinking about his situation and his life. He called the Cardinals office and asked for a appointment to discuss his leaving the Roman Catholic church. They made it for Friday.

On Friday he dressed in his Black clerical suit. His polished shoes. He groomed himself well and looked quite dapper in spite of the threadbare uniform he was wearing. More for the subliminal publicity that it aroused than out of need. He had money. Lots of money.

He spent the better part of his day at the Cardinals office. Finally they agreed that he could have a sabbatical. So he asked that Sr. Melanie come with him. “Oh, are you having a affair with her?” He admitted to the Cardinal that he was. The Cardinal tried to down play it. Just use her till you get sick of her and come back to me, I’ll get you some new orders to another parish. “I’d like that,” he said. But he wanted to ‘play house’ with the Sr. for a while. He’d love to make her pregnant just to see how she would react. He also wanted to see her pregnant.

When he returned he called on Sr. Melanie and told her the good news. She was elated. She thought he was going to marry her. But this wasn’t to be the case. Instead he was going to a “Swingers” Convention in Minnesota and was taking her with him. He was already fantasizing about what he would do with her, and what the other men and women there would do with her. ‘Should I tell them she is a sister?’ He thought. ‘Well, maybe?’

So this is where I will leave them right now.

I’ll follow up with the story about Pete’s sabbatical and further degradation for Sr. Melanie who will wind up pregnant (But who would the father be?).

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