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Fresh Air

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Copyright 2002 By Sunqueen. All Rights Reserved.

Even though I had known for months that my boyfriend Don was bad for me, I still went out with him, like was stuck in a rut and couldn’t fight my way out. When Don and I walked into the party at our co-worker Corinne’s house I felt a sudden sense of dread. Never one to act subtle or loyal, he saw a buxom, red-haired girl in the corner by the buffet table. “Wow, look at the tits on that one,” he murmured, oblivious to my presence. The girl was quite beautiful, and I knew instinctively that she was the type who wouldn’t give Don the time of day. But of course, that never stopped him. “Hey, get me a drink,’ he said pointing toward the cash bar. I sighed. Well, the party was crowded so I had a good chance of meeting someone interesting.

I slid over to the cash bar, when I watched Don slide off to the crowd that had congregated by the redhead girl. Don was stymied by a talkative buddy of his. That’s when I saw a stunningly handsome, black haired man kiss the girl on the cheek and leave her surrounded by admirers. I walked over to the bar and ordered a double scotch, gulping some of it down on my way to the patio.

I sat down on a straight-back lawn chair and took a huge gulp of the drink to get up my strength to socialize. The full moon was out and the stars hung heavy and dotted the heavenly canvas like a Picasso painting.

I felt a hand on my neck delicate barely there. Slowly I looked up.

The black haired man güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri sat down next to me. “My name’s Evan – you must be Corinne’s assistant, Julie.”

I opened my mouth, ready to let out a gasp because he was so beautiful. But he held a finger up to his mouth to shush me.

He held my hand and stood up and I followed him into the lush grounds behind the patio behind a grove of trees. There was some furniture – a sette with a velvet cushion hidden from view of the patio or the windows. I would have told any other man to get lost. But there was something in him that seemed so gentle. He knew what I needed.

He began kissing me, a deep French kiss as he untied my red silk top. I wasn’t wearing a bra and he sucked on my nipples hard. Then he grabbed the cushion from the sette and tossed it on the ground and laid me on top of it. He undid my bell bottoms. I wasn’t wearing panties. He began eating my pussy. I gritted my teeth, knowing as he did, that sound would give us away. But it was so hard to keep quiet; the way his tongue flicked at my clit. His shirt had come undone his slinky chest and hairless nipples, accentuated by the moonlight and sweat. I reached down and pulled out his cock he was already hard his erection of concrete not flesh as took him into my mouth. A cock had never tasted so salty good. His arms strained against my back – the harder I sucked the more he squirmed. Low-pitched moans intrigued me. I wanted to swallow his come güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri but I knew his time was limited my pussy was so wet and his cock head bounced against it when I let my head go and laid on my back. He crawled on top of me giving me my wish to see his huge cock magnificent and bathed by moonlight candles flared in the distance on the patio. Evan slid his cock into me, the look of pleasure and triumph overwhelming I ran my hands along his hard, tight ass cheeks. Evan was so perfect, so different from what I was used to. As he thrust in me more intensely, I edged my body up to greet him. I could not simply lie still. I did not have words to arouse only my body and I put it to full use.

Loud, metallic music boomed in from the patio, and I could hear the sound of laughter and people dancing. The song’s beat , a perfect accompaniment for fucking, drove us to move furiously. The rhythm was frantic as I gripped my legs around his. Pussy juice dripped down my leg like clear, sweet cream. No man had ever made me so wet, extracting torrents of liquid lust from my body and making me cling to him as though my life depended on sustenance from his cock.

The party-goers on the patio were absolutely clueless about our fucking. They were too busy trying – unsuccessfully – to hit on each other. My mysterious stud clutched my back and gently turned me over on my side so that I faced the patio. Through on opening in the bushes I saw Don putting the moves güvenilir bahis şirketleri on the buxom red-haired girl. He slipped his finger over my soaked clit and rubbed it, glimpsing at the comedy of errors unfold between our muffled, unison cries of pleasure.

The boom-box beat of the music thankfully drowned out Don’s pick up line. The red-head shot him a quick, non-committal glance, said a few words, then wrapped her hand around her drink, stood up and walked away.

Nonplussed, Don looked around the patio, and started hitting on a college age girl, who also shunned him.

Defeated, he walked back into the house. Evan smothered me with kisses, his silky hair tickling my neck and my sensitive, erect nipples.

Our sweat mingled and soaked the velvet cushion until the dewy grass beneath was drier. Evan let out a wild groan and unleashed a river of sweet cum all over my ass and the cushion, then turned me over and drained the last drops on my flat stomach.

I put my arms around his shoulders and pulled him close to me, and we kissed – and I broke the silence.

“Thank you.” I whispered. I could barely hear my own voice.

“I’m glad I could help you. A sweet thing like you deserves better than the asshole you walked in here with. I saw what he did to you.”

Evan smiled, and pointed to a small sprinkler a few feet away from us that was still running. He picked it up and washed our bodies clean. I hated to do it, to wash away proof of his prowess. We put our clothes on, dabbing at a stray spot of cum or grass with water. He walked back to the patio first, and I followed a few minutes later. Later, I bumped into Don at the bar. “Where were you?” he said abruptly. “I went out for a walk. “I said. “It’s amazing what a little fresh air can do for you.”

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