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Friendly Neighbor 2

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Friendly Neighbor 2I stood up and the big rubbery head of his massive cock pressed against me. Pulling my t-shirt up and pressing against my chest. Shivers swept my body from the contact of his fat cock against my skin. I pulled my shorts and boxers down releasing my young rock hard cock. His beautiful uncut cock rubbing against me as I did. “It’s not very big.” I said looking at our cocks almost touching each others. I had butterflies in my stomach admiring his massive cock. The dark purple head was shaped like a mushroom even bigger around that his thick, heavy veined cock. His balls were tight and big. Both of our cocks twitching around.”Your cock is good sized for your age and is still growing. I think you have a beautiful cock.” He picked up our juices and I followed him into the family room and we sat on the couch side by side. I could not take my eyes from his long, fat penis.”How about you take a break from working around here today and we just sit around naked and talk? I will still pay you. How’s that sound you get paid for letting me see your cock.” he laughed.”That’s nice but you don’t have to pay me for this Tom. I’m happy to just look at your big cock.””That’s nice but I will still pay you.” Tom said. He asked me if my mom ever seen my cock.Told him about Mom walking in on me when I was naked and the two times she caught me jacking off. He was real interested in that. Telling tuzla escort me she must enjoy looking at my cock and seeing it must have excited her. “Do you like her seeing your cock.” he asked.”Yes…yes I do….I really like the way she looks at my cock.” I said telling him something I had never told anyone.”I also love seeing her body my cock gets so hard.” Just telling Tom about it had me very aroused. He told me about his mom and all the kinky things they did.”So do you think about your mom sucking your cock and fucking her?’ he asked.I thought I could tell Tom everything and I confessed to telling him I thought about it all the time. He told me that he was sure she thought the same thing about me. Saying that all women were like that. Asking me if I had ever seen her sucking and fucking her boyfriends.” When I go to bed they are still in the living room. Mom always comes up to make sure I’m asleep, I’m very good at faking. Then I crawl out on the dark landing and look into the family room. The first time I seen my mom sucking one of her boyfriends I came without even touching my cock. I always cum at least 3 times watching them sucking and fucking. My mom always talks dirty when she is getting fucked. “That is so hot!! So fucking hot that you watch her sucking and fucking. I would sure like to fuck your mom’s pretty mouth and pound her pussy. Would you like watching me fucking tuzla escort bayan your mom?” Tom asked.”I sure would that would be so hot!””How many boyfriends does she have?” We both had precum oozing from our cocks. I wanted to touch his huge cock so bad. “She just has three boyfriends but sometimes one of them brings another guy with him. Mom goes wild with do of them doing her.”Damn you have one hot sexy mom!” Tom said”Tom if I ask you something do you promise not to get mad?””I would never get mad at you for asking a question.”My voice cracked as I started speaking. “Is it alright if I touch your cock?” I asked moving my eyes from his cock to look up at him.”Have you ever touched another cock before?””Yes, some friends of mine when they sleep over. I wait until they are asleep and play with their cocks. None of them are as big as yours. I swear I won’t tell anyone Tom.” I said so anxious to touch his huge cock.He told me I could touch his cock and suggested I sit on the floor in front of him. I moved down on my knees as he moved his legs apart. My hands were shaking as I reached out to touch him. I gasped as I moved my fingers over the slick rubbery head. With my other hand I moved my fingers over the thick heavy veined shaft. Exploring every inch of his hard flesh, and fondling his big tight balls. I had goose pimples all over feeling his hard flesh, my fingers sticky with pre cum. escort tuzla He told me how wonderful it felt and what a good job I was doing. Asking me if I liked playing with his cock. I told him I loved it.I fondled his cock for quite a while, my own cock leaking pre cum like a faucet. He directed me on how he liked his cock stroked. I had seen my mom doing this all the time before she sucked a cock. I wondered if he was going to have me suck his cock. I wanted to suck his big cock more than anything. He had me grip the base of his extremely thick cock then put my other hand on top of that one. My fingers did not even cum close to going around his cock. There was more cock sticking above my hands than I had covering it. I moved my hands up and down pulling the thick, fleshy foreskin back and fourth over the shiny purple head.”You are doing such a fine job making me feel so fucking good! ” He moaned.”I really love doing this Tom, your cock is so big, so hard, and feels so good!!” I moaned pumping his cock even faster. Jacking him off the way I liked jacking off. I didn’t care if this was right or wrong to be jacking him off and wanting to suck his cock. I didn’t care. ” Is it alright if I suck your cock Tom?””Lets not rush anything right now, perhaps you can suck my cock another time. Once I know I can really trust you.”I was so disappointed but I did not want to make him mad. I would do anything he wanted me to do so I could suck his cock. “Okay.” I replied. My mouth was actually watering thinking about his cock in my mouth. The head was so close to my mouth, the musky aroma exciting me even more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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