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Friends for everything

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Friends for everythingHello friends my name is Aman 24 from Delhi. We are a wealthy punjabi family living in a posh locality in Delhi. My father is a trader and exporter so has to travel a lot to china and other countries and sometimes the family gets to go too.To come to the point, the ladies namely Gulneet my mom 42 and my sister Honey 21 are sexy vixens who turn heads wherever they go. They are modern, broadminded, sexy social butterflies’ possessing great beauty and amazing bodies mainly due to regular gym and mostly genetics.It doesn’t bother me when men stare at their bodies or flirt with them but in fact makes me proud to be the son of a superhot mom and sister. The great part is they put on an amazing show at home or outside with their scanty dressing when dad wasn’t around.Once I walked in on my mom while she was changing. She just had on a pink panty that was thin at the sides and covered only half of her ass cheeks. I stared at her body for a long time before she noticed me and threw her towel at me and told me to get out.I was so hard that I masturbated 3 time that night. Her figure is 36 with a double D cup with small pink nipples on nice firm breasts 26 at the waist and 38 at the ass. She is a 5’6 tall sexy curvy woman with a flat stomach and a booty luscious ass and heavy soft milky thighs.She was a horny woman and I was certain she had a few discreet affairs as my father could not keep up with her sexual calls and was mostly away. That was 3 year ago when I flirt saw her naked and that’s the maximum I had seen until the following story.She wore sexy traditional salwar kurti’s at occasions and saree rarely but mostly modern dresses and gowns cut sexily at elite social events and normally tight jeans with t shirts, shirts and low cut tops that showed her cleavage.She also owned some seductively sexy miniskirts, shorts and mini dresses. Don’t get me started on her lingerie collections. My sister honey although I had seen her naked growing up but now she had filled out nicely. She was 34 c at the breasts 24 waist and 36 hips. She lost her virginity at her first year in college and had plenty of sex since then. She was open to me about it as we were close both Honey and mummy knew they were sexy women and dressed to accentuate their sexy curvy figures.It all began when I started doing MBA at a local college. I made many friends but the ones that stuck were Mohit, 28, 5’8, Anand 24, 5’10 and Varun 27, 5’7. They were hostellers and after a few days I invited them home and then they became regulars.The first time they met my mom they were amazed and told her she looks more like my sister than a mother in fact if one was to guess how old she was it would be in her early thirties. All of them told me how hot she was, calling her the perfect milf.I said I know guys and told them to easy down as she was my Mom. Anyway they became usual at home and couldn’t keep their eyes of my hot mother and sexy sister. My moms nigh ties were sexy ones which stop at her upper mid thighs and were made of thin material that underneath which she was braless most of the times.My sisters too but she wore shorts at times. My friend had boners in their pants whenever my mom or sister was sitting with us in their nighties. Then at night all four of us got off watching porn. But you know how women are they sense things and my mom and sister knew they were being watched by lusty eyes and at times they saw the boners they caused.Varun had 8 inch cock Anand 7 and Mohit a massive 9.5 inches. My mom saw his boner once and smiled to her thinking no one was noticing her and since then had started dressing more scanty and gave him extra attention hence forth putting on a show for us meanwhile.She wore sexy dresses and was braless mostly. Some days she flashed herself to us accidently when she wore her nighties without panties. My friends got so desperate that they asked my permission to make a move on my mom and my sister.I was totally horny at that stage so I told them to go ahead if they could manage as I could get to see my sexy mother and hot sister in action totally naked and wild if my friends could succeed. We made a plan that since Mohit was a womanizer, it was him that should try, and then the rest of them could make a move.Also as Varun was more attracted to my sister as well as close since they shared similar tastes in movies, music and other stuff he could try seducing my sexy sister Honey Mohit started flirting with mom and to our relief my mom responded and flirted back equally as she was already like a friend to us it wasn’t that hard.Mohit would comment on how ravishing she looked and she would respond by smiling and thanking him. They became close soon and sat next to each other mostly and Mohit moved on to touching her breasts and groping a feel of her ass. The first two times he did were short contacts as he didn’t get any reaction from Mom.The third time he felt her ass they were alone and my mom was wearing a skin tight jeans and v neck t-shirt showing a lot of deep cleavage of her round breasts. Mom caught his hand and spoke. Mom: what are you doing Mohit?Mohit a bit taken aback: nothing aunty might have accidently touched. Mom: oh come on, you was feeling my ass. Do you like to touch me Mohit? Mohit: Yes Aunty, you are so hot that I couldn’t resist. Mom: This is wrong Mohit, you are my son’s friend.I am doomed if he or anyone finds out. Mohit: I know Aunty but it is only wrong if someone finds out, and I promise to keep it to myself with that he put her hand on his massive 9.7 inch cock. My mom held it from over his pants and sighed and sheepishly said: oh it’s so big. I have never seen anything like this. But promise me nobody on earth finds out about us Mohit. Mohit said don’t worry aunty and my mom couldn’t resist and they hugged and eventually started kissing passionately. I was watching from the side hidden as Mohit held my sexy mom their tongues exploring deep into their mouthsAnd had a massive boner seeing their wild kiss, but was somewhat jealous of her being in that position with Mohit, so I fixed my dicking my pants so that my boner wasn’t visible and made walking noises to break them up from their lusty clothes before I entered.My mom looked flushed but hid it well and it looked like nothing had happened. Mohit turned and had a big beaming smile on his face and bone in his pants. He walked towards the living room while I towards the kitchen. I grabbed a coke from the fridge and looked at mom and said: its getting hot huh.How are you doing mom? She said looking at me: Never been better beta. I moved towards her and hugged her, feeling her sexy body against mine and said: Mom you are the best. Thank you for everything. bakırköy escort My mom replied: Thank you beta.I met Mohit in my room later and we high fived each other as I told him I saw everything. He said: damn man your mom is horny right now, I have got to take her tonight. I told him he could give it a try but with me in the house she would not go all the way And it would not be enjoyable for him too if she wouldn’t open up to him. She had to feel safe so that she can open up and put on a nice show. That night we all had dinner and were all sitting in the living room and watching a movie on HBO while my mom cleared up the kitchen and went to bathe and get ready for bed.After sometime I asked Varun, sitting next to me, to start flirting with my sister Honey. Honey looked ravishing as she had returned from a night out with her girls and was wearing a black gleaming party dress. She looked hot as her breast were held by a v neck cut dress that stopped below her breasts leaving two pocket to hold the breasts.After the v line there was a white patch until 3 inches down her dress and then the dress turned into a frilled skirt that covered just her panties. She was a little drunk from her night with her friends. Varun placed himself beside her and I nodded to Mohit and Anand to leave for my room and let Varun make his move.Varun asked her how her night had been. She replied it was fun and they got chatting. Meanwhile Mohit and Anand left excusing themselves for the night. I was sitting across them and saw that Varun was sitting very close to my s*s. I admired her sexy legs and breast as she sat there like a sexy vixen. I heard Varun tell her that she looked very sexy in the dress. She playfully hit him and said thanks. I took the queue too and left them alone winking at Varun, signalling him to go all the way.I reached my room after checking if my mom’s room lights were off and told the guys my sister was in the mood and there was going to be some action tonight and we went to spy on what Varun and Honey were up to. We were watching hidden into the living room from the corridor that led to the stairs to my room.They were laughing and talking and Varuns hand was on her shoulders. He slowly moved it over her right breast while his arm was still on her shoulder. Varun: oh Honey you are so sexy. Honey laughing: you are cute too Varun, I would do you any day if my b*o didn’t mind.Varun: your b*o doesn’t need to know and they started kissing wildly as they hugged each other’s bodies. Varun dropped her dress to the floor, as she stood and there she was only in her black panties. He removed his clothes as Honey turned to see if there was anyone around and was relieved.I noticed her firm mango like breasts that had small round pink nipples just like Moms. She looked like a tender Barbie doll as she stood waiting to be ravished by my friend Varun. He pulled her towards himself as he stood naked with his 8 inch cock. They kissed briefly and my sister went down on him sucking his long shaft and balls saying that it was the biggest she had ever seen. She knew what she was doing as Varuns expression shouted pleasure as he caressed her silky hair with his hands. Mohit said: dude your sister is good at this man. I told him she had experience.She sucked him for 5 minutes, then he picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist with her pussy grinding against his pole dripping of her saliva. He sucked her soft breasts and circled his tongue around her erect nipples and sucked. Then they were lip locked with a passionate smooch.We had our erect dicks in our hands by now and I looked at Mohits dick and saw for the first time how big he was. He smiled at me as though reassuring me that he would ravish my mum with it soon and I smiled back. Varun and Honey were on the sofa nowAnd it seemed Honey had a problem with the size of his penis as this was the largest she had come so far, but Varun reassured her and as she was on top of him he gently placed his 8 inch cock outside the walls of her tight vagina and slowly started penetrating.My sister moaned softly as he slowly went in and out and they kissed again. She told him to be gentle as he was big enough to cause pain. He kept it gentle and my sister let out moans that were a mix of ecstasy and pain. They kissed like lovers and fucked gently for 3 to 4 minutes when Varun couldn’t hold himself and started humping her harder and harder and she moaned louder and louder. He was now wildly humping her lifting his ass of the sofa to thrust deeper into Honeys cunts as she forgot where she wasAnd moaned in painful pleasure and her moans were filling the silent house. They fucked for 5 mins and my sister had her first orgasm as she shivered and letout sexy moans of pleasure but Varun wasn’t done yet. He kept pounding her Anand suddenly said guys hideWe lay flat on the walls of the corridor and he explained that my mom whose room was on the other end of the living room in a U position on the opposite end from us was awake and also watching Varun and Honey. Me and Mohit sly peaked and and saw my sexy mom in a black nightie to her mid thighs.She was also watching the action as Varun pounded his back to her and my sister riding him moaning, her front in Moms direction. They fucked for 3 more minutes and me and Mohit saw my mom lift her nighty and put her right hand inside her pink panty to her pussy and pleasure herselfAnd her left hand on her breasts rubbing her nipples Mohit whispered to me, I am going to pound that horny bitch soon. I told him to be patient. Varun fucked my sexy sister honey for two more minutes and came penetrating deep inside her and letting his hot juice deep in her cunt flow, joining him my sister came tooAnd they again kissed like lovers as both their juices flowed onto each other. Just then we saw Mom walking in on them and stood facing them. Varun saw her as he was engaged in kissing honey he immediately let her go and stood up. My sister also saw Mom and attempted to cover herself. At least she let them finish whispered Mohit. Mom noticing his cock: What are you two doing? In an angry tone.Varun totally nude and scared I’m sorry Aunty Honey: Oh mom, how long have you been watching? Feeling a little asham. Mom: You in spite of being Amans friend, are doing all this?How dare you and she lectured them both. Varun: Aunty I promise Aman will never findout and this won’t happen again. Honey: yes ma this will never. Mom: Yes, Aman should never find out about you two and I don’t care if you two like each other as long as what you two do never leaves this house and no one finds out.Honey I hope you are on birth control? Honey: Yes Ma, thank you. Mom: beşiktaş escort And please don’t have sex in the living room, moaning like that. You are lucky your brother did not catch you. Then she walked off and we guys too left for our room. Varun and Honey kissed and dressed and he left her in her room opposite mine on the first floor and joined us.Varun entered my room like a victorious warrior and we all congratulated him. We were happy that our plans were shaping up even better than we imagined. My mom was clearly okay with Varun and Honey so I laid out the next plan. I told the boys that the next day we would spend with the ladies, take them to a movieAnd then drinking at a pub and then Anand and me would excuse ourselves saying we have to attended a friends engagement in Agra and would spend the night there and then Mohit and Varun would take my Mom and sister home and there we would be spying on them as Mohit would fuck my mother for the first timeAnd Varun would pleasure my sister again as me and Anand would watch them. The next day was a Saturday and we boys woke up at noon. My mom had woken up early as she had to attend a social event of friends. Honey was in the living room still in her nighty watching something on the TV.She looked sexy in her cream silk nighty that stopped at her upper mid thighs exposing her milky thighs. She told me that Mom was out and would be back by 2:30 pm. So I told her that we boys were planning to see a movie at 3 and asked her if she wanted to join us.She said she would be ready by then. Later when Varun went downstairs they made out while they were alone. Mom reached at 2:30 by then we all were dressed and she asked us why we all were all dressed up. Mohit told her that we all were going for a movieHe eyed her exposed skin through her mid thigh length loose mini dress that exposed half of her beautiful bust and complete cleavage. She agreed to join us, smiling at Mohit as he winked at her. Honey was wearing tight mini Lenin shorts and a tight v neck top and looked sizzling hot in the movie thither.I had bought last row tickets and Mom sat at the end with Mohit next to her and then varun and Honey and then Anand and me. At the end of the movie Mohit looked excited as he told me he got to finger my mom and smooch her a few times and that she was in a horny mood today.Honey and Varun were less lucky but managed some play. Once in the car, I asked everyone what they wanted to do. All the boys said they felt like drinking and told me to take them to a pub. Mohit asked Mom and mom said she too felt like a drink.I had the perfect place in head that was less crowded and had a dancing floor. We reached there and we ordered beer for the boys and vodka for the girls. We were talking normally and after 2 rounds everyone was at ease. Varun and Honey were seated next to each other and underneath the table Varun was definitely doing something to her as she was giggling naughty. Mom and Mohit was sitting beside each other too and Mohit openly flirted with mom. Mohit: Aunty you are looking so hot today in this mini dress. Mom: Well aren’t you a sweet boy, Thank you, and call me Gulneet since we are more like friends now smiling seductively.After a few more rounds, Mohit asked mom for a dance. Mom was shy at first but agreed and asked Varun and Honey to join in also as there was no one else dancing. Both the vixens were on the dance floor soon, in their sexy dresses.Mohit and Mom had their bodies together face to face, hands around each others bodies as they swayed to the beat, her big tits rubbing against his hard chest, their groins rubbing and Honey had her ass in Varun crotch as they moved. Mohit moved his hands over Moms ass and at one instance raised her dress and exposed her panty covered ass to meAnd I smiled at him Varun let his hands explore Honeys belly to boobs as they danced. Then they changed positions as Mom grinded her sexy ass on Mohits now erect penis. Mohit had raised her loose dress from behind and her panty clad ass was directly rubbing his crotch.They were really having fun as I watched my sexy Mom and sister scantily dressed, dirty dancing with my friends. I was about to come in my pants watching the action. Anand said to me that my Mom was sexier than my sister.He continued that my mom had a body like Jenifer love Hewitt while my sister more like Ashley Judds. I laughed at his observation. After sometime the couples came back to the table and had more drinks. I informed everyone that me and Anand had to leave soon. Mom said they should head home soon too. Other men in the pub oggled at my mom and s*s throughout. We had our last round after which the couples left in one car and Anand and me in the other. We reached home first and placed ourselves in our chosen hiding spot and waited for the sexy couples to arrive and the wild night to begin.Ten minute later our Skoda pulled up on our drive way. Mohit was driving and mom sitting next to him. Varun and Honey were in the back seat where they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. My mom opened the house and the rest followed.I could make out that all of them were pretty drunk. Varun and Honey placed themselves on the couch in the livingroom and French kissed each other with Varuns hands exploring her sexy body. My mom looked at them and I could make out she was turned on. She looked at Mohit and tauntingVarun and Honey told him about the previous night. I could hear what was being spoken as we watched from the window in the garden. Honey looked at mom and said: Oh come on Mom, big deal you caught us.Anyways Varun is so handsome I bet even you couldn’t resist. She said smiling at Varun. Mom: You are drunk Honey. Okay I’ll get the dinner ready meanwhile I don’t want things ending up like last night here. Take it to your room later Honey okay. Honey: okay ma, and placed herself on Varun laps and lips on his lips.Mohit already had a hard on as he watched Honey getting raunchy with Varun. Mom: Mohit will you help me set the dinner up? She asked Mohit with a naughty smile. With that he followed her to the kitchen. Me and Anand moved ourselves and placed ourselves outside the kitchen window.Once inside Mohit hugged her from behind as my Mom froze. He squeezed her sexy breasts whilst kissing her behind her neck and on the sides. My mom slowly moved her ass against him to pleasure his cock. Then she slowly turned and they lip locked each other in a passionate kiss. They kissed for a long time like long lost lovers just reunited. Then Mohit kissed the front of her neck and started giving her a love bite on her lower neck while my mom said: Oh Mohit, we have a long night ahead of us lets have dinner beylikdüzü escort and I promise you a hell of a night later.Mohit caused a deep red love bite on my mother’s neck and then they separated laying the dinner out. They called Varun and Honey and them four had a pleasant dinner. After dinner all four sat on the couch and were watching TV. Honey was sitting on Varun as he playfully kissed her back and neck and she massaged his boner.Mohit and mom sat close to each other but mom removed his hands and rejected his advances as she wasn’t comfortable with being like that in front of her daughter. Soon Varun slid his hands inside Honeys shorts and panties and started fingering and rubbing her, she let out a soft moan and my mom and Mohit both looked at her.Mohit was rubbing his cock watching Honey and mom saw him. Mom: Hey hey guys? You are getting dirty on my sofas. Get a room if you are that horny. Hearing that my sister stood up and pulled Varun up, whose dick seemed like to burst out of from his pants.Varun bent down and picked Honey in his arms and they said good night to mom and Mohit as he carried her upstairs to have wild sex with her. Now my Mom and Mohit were alone in the living room. Mohit couldn’t help himself and he moved towards mom and kissed her pushing her body down on the sofa with his.Mohit unleashed himself upon my sexy tender mom wildly kissing her, lifting her dress with his lower body grinding against hers, he kissed her neck as I watched my living room turn into a b grade movie scene. My mom was enjoying and responded to his kisses but suddenly stopped and stopping him too and sat up. She said sexily: You know Mohit that’s the problem with your generation. You rush through things without self control and miss the good parts life has to offer. So let’s take it slow. She now placed herself on top of him, with both her legs on either side of his hips as he lay inclinedAnd placed small kisses on his chest and moved upwards on his neck and finally his lips and they French kissed, while mom grinded her pussy on his dick as he pushed upwards. She slowly moved backwards while kissing and Mohit moved forward with her but she pushed him back on the sofa with her left hand breaking their kiss and she finally stood up.She said: I’ll show you how its done boy. I’ll give you a night to remember. She turned to the stereo and put on a nice hip hop number as Anand and me watched with our dicks in our hands ozzing with pre cum. Just then we heard painful moans from upstairs of my sister screaming with pleasure.Mohit and mom heard it too and my mom laughed looking at him. She said: You boys are really well hung. I saw Varuns dick yesterday and oh my god it was one of the biggest I have ever seen. No wonder he had her screaming so bad and she said laughing as she bent down and opened Mohits pants and underwearAnd pulled them off exposing Mohits monster cock and she looked at it and said: oh my god, I am going to faint just looking at that. Mohit jokingly: why? How big is Uncles? Mom bent down and and held his penis admiring it and runing her hands up and down its length and said; He is very small according to you only 6 inches and thin. He has never really satisfied me. She went back and started dancing seductively to the hip hop song, swaying her sexy hips and giggling her breast that was bouncing to freedom. Mohit stood up to grab her but she pushed him back saying no touching yet.Mom danced sexily for a few minutes and then removed her one piece cream mini dress and was now only in her lingerie and high heels. Mohit pleasured himself watching her. Mom was wearing a tiny black and purple mesh cheeks panty and matching bra.Her ass cheeks were totally exposed and as she danced her bra worked hard to contain her full breasts. Her undergarments were tiny and she looked over sexy. Then slowly she undid her bra and we saw her most gorgeous breasts. You can only imagine how turned on I was seeing my sexy mom in just tiny panties, stripping and seducing my friend.Then she went and gave him a lap dance, seductively rubbing herself on his now naked body. She rubbed her breast on his face then chest, then on his dick. Holding his dick between her breasts and rubbed the soft globes up and down his dick. Then she placed her behind on his front with her back on his chest and ass between his cock.Mohit had his hands on her breasts now, pulling and pinching the nipples. He turned her around and started sucking them wildly. After being satisfied with her breasts he made her stand and tore her panties from the side and pulled it off her body. Now my mom was completely nude and her vagina was completely waxed and smooth.She might have got a Brazilian this morning, I said to Anand and added, she was prepared for tonight. Mohit started to lick my mom’s pussy and tongue fucked her saying she was really tight. My mom moaned softly. He eat her out for 7 minutes until my mom’s legs trembled with her first orgasm accompanied with moans and noise.I thought I would never hear from my mom after she recovered, she said: Fuck me Mohit now Mom placed herself on top of Mohit and as he put his dick at the entrance of her vagina and started to penetrate her, he couldn’t as mom pulled away, sensing it would pain. She said: wait. I’ll be back soonAnd ran butt naked to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of olive oil. She rubbed it on her stomach and pussy and rubbed her hands on his dick and started ridding him slowly as now Mohit went in only up to half his length. He slowly humped into her vagina making it slowly get used to the size.My mom’s moaning got louder and louder as the pain gripped her. Mohit tried kissing her to keep her from screaming. She got to a point where she was asking Mohit to stop but Mohit held onto her firmly and fucked her harder. She screamed in pain and pleasure. Mohit and mom fucked wildly.After 10 minutes of hard ramming my mom let out a loud sexy moan as her body shivered with another orgasm. Mohit kissed her subsiding the moans and they were lip locked. Mohit kept ramming her harder and increased the pace bouncing my mom in the air with each stroke and now my sexy mom met his humps wildly moving her hips.After another 10 minutes they both came, as now Mohit too moaned in ecstasy as he emptied his semen deep inside my mom’s vaginal walls. They kissed like lovers with my mom on top of him, untill his cock grew soft in her slippery vagina. Anand and I had cum plenty of times by now watching my sexy mom get boned like a virgin by our friend when they broke their kiss Mohit said: Thank you Gulneet. That was incredible. Mom looking deep into his eyes, with a smile on her lips: That was some of the best sex I have ever had, so Thank you Mohit. Hope you have more? They kissed again and Mohit lifted her in his arms and into her bedroom. Me and Anand slowly tiptoed into my room and the whole night we heard screams of my mother and sister at various intervals as my friends took them to their sex peeks to be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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