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From Fantasy To Reality

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She stood shifting from one foot to the other, her slinky silky dark blue dress rising mid thigh. She twirled her long dark brown hair round a couple of fingers on her right hand as she shivered, waiting outside the restaurant, her other hand holding her tiny clutch bag with her essentials in it.

Rachel glanced at the clock inside, he was 5 minutes late and she hated to enter somewhere alone, so she continued to wait. Chewing her lip nervously she began to wonder if perhaps Nate wouldn’t show.

They had met some months previously on a chat site, nothing sinister, nothing sexual…at first…but as time went on they discovered how much they had in common. Their interests didn’t just include reading and similar taste in music, both of them were in loveless, tired relationships and longed for company, for a connection, for total intimacy.

Rachel knew her relationship would be over soon, her short fling with Steve was pretty empty and just suited them both for a short time, it was Nate’s situation she found much more concerning.

Nate had drawn her in, his charming American humour, his gorgeous brown eyes in his photos, his willingness to share, before he’d dropped a bombshell. He’d waited until she had opened herself up to connecting with him, agreed to meet in the flesh, before he mentioned his wife…

He had just dropped it in as if mentioning he liked milk in his coffee or milk chocolate instead of white chocolate, Rachel had sat open mouthed at her computer screen when she read, ‘eh yeah I meant to mention I have a wife’.

Thing was though, she couldn’t stop contacting him, she was fascinated by him.

And there he was…walking towards her, grinning like a kid in a candy store, smart in a grey shirt and black trousers. His top buttons undone, exposing dark curly brown hairs. Rachel flushed as soon as she saw him, nervously she dared, ‘Nate?’

He nodded, ‘Hey honey’,he curled an güvenilir bahis arm round her waist and kissed her cheek, ‘mm you smell delicious’.

They talked over dinner, Rachel sharing about growing up in London and how she was finding it in New York. Nate was enthralled by her and the lilt of her voice. He touched her hand lightly over the table, his other hand brushing her knee. She tried to keep talking but his touch, his cute American accent, the lack of wedding ring on his marked finger made her dizzy with anticipation.

Nate invited her back to his hotel room and Rachel politely accepted. As she stood by the lift Nate picked his key up from reception, Rachel studied the receptionist helping him. Her eyes fixated on the blonde’s plump breasts. Rachel suddenly realised the receptionist and Nate were looking at her, embarrassed she looked away.

In the lift together the air was heavy with anticipation, with nerves, with excitement. Rachel was accutely aware of Nate’s stocky figure beside her, for a man a good twenty years her senior he was muscular and clearly a regular gym user. Nate kept glancing at her, fascinated by her luscious curves, her low cut dress, her smooth skin, her pert 25 year old body.

Before they reached their floor Nate stepped closer to her, his groin against her bum, his hands sliding onto her hips and he leant in close to whisper in her ear, ‘Rach,are you sure you want to act out what we discussed online? You can change your mind’.

Rachel’s heart pounded like crazy in that moment, this handsome American, his wife unsuspecting at home, coming on to her, arousing her so quickly, making her dizzy with anticipation. Without turning round Rachel whispered back, ‘I’ve never been more sure of anything’,with that the lift doors opened and Rachel followed Nate to the room, his fingers curling round hers, leading her to a night of extreme passion.

He encouraged her to sit on the türkçe bahis edge of the couch as he fetched her a drink. She perched nervously and once he passed her a glass of white wine she settled back a little further. They made small talk and Nate nursed a small glass of whiskey.

When he set his glass down Rachel knew…she knew there was no more waiting. Wordlessly he reached round the small of her back and pulled her close to him. He kissed her neck and firmly held her still. She groaned very softly and pushed her glass away, her soft hands reaching up along his bare arms, his sleeves rolled up.

He groaned as he kissed her and she massaged his arms, he moaned and whispered, ‘God I want you’.

She replied,’Have me…’.

He lifted her into his arms immediately, his manhood stiffening at her response to him. He would not miss an opportunity to have this young woman, to take her in the way they had talked of online..

Rachel lay on her front, Nate pulled her ass in the air and he knelt on all fours. He pulled at her dress and lifted it up, but didn’t remove it, they had talked of this and he acted it out just as they’d said.

Nate pushed Rachels bra up so he could grope her full breasts, greedily squeezing them hard as he became more aroused. Rachel groaned, she could feel Nate’s body close to her now, pressed up against her. At some point he had slid his trousers and briefs down because she could feel his bare cock pressing on her ass.

Rachel groaned and cried out for him, begging to be fucked. Nate laughed then, pleased at her desperation for him, he knew her fingers were inside, working her clit, preparing for him. He slid a couple of fingers into her, both of them groaning with the pleasure.

She rocked back on his fingers as he roughly fingered her. Suddenly his fingers were out of her pussy and into her asshole. Shocked at the change she cried out in pain. He reassured her he güvenilir bahis siteleri would slow down and just worked at her ass with one finger at first. Rachel had never had her ass worked, she groaned as it hurt but moaned with delight too.

She was enjoying it and her pleasure made him stiffen more, he began to throb for her. She reached back as he continued to finger her ass and she began to work his shaft, making him harder and ready for her…

At first she didn’t realise the change, she thought it must be two fingers in her hole now, but as his hands came to grope her tits again she realised his cock was going up her ass.

She cried out in pain, with pleasure, with disbelief at the size of him, his girth and how wet she had become. He only pushed a part of himself in her ass, careful not to hurt her too much, enough to tease her, to cause her to cry out for him.

Then he pulled out and pushed her up to the beds head, she clung onto it and he rammed into her pussy. She screamed and he told her to tell him what she wanted.

‘More,more’, she cried, ‘more cock Nate,more Nate’.

His cock swelled when she used his name, he worked up a steady pace, in and almost fully out, in and out, in and out. Then he pumped her, he just went for it. She was crying out obscene words, names, she was worked up and he loved it. He couldn’t hold back any further and shot his load up her.

Rachel shuddered as she climaxed because of the sudden rush of warm fluid inside her. She screamed out as he kept fucking her, he would not relent as she shook on him.

When they were spent she collapsed on her front and he lay on top of her, his weight holding her down. His cum trickling down her legs, their sweaty bodies as one.

‘Where does your wife think you are?’ She asked him.

He smiled and nibbled her shoulder playfully, ‘she knows’.

Rachel was shocked at his answer and glanced back at him, ‘Huh?’

Nate smiled, ‘She encourages me ‘cos I need more sex than her so she tells me to get it elsewhere, so this can be regular if you like?’

Rachel smiled and reached up to his thigh, stroking, wanting to arouse him again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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