Oca 06

Fucked by the Boss , the Boys Again

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Gina let the three guys guide her back down the hall and into Jason’s apartment. They chatted eagerly about how much they were looking forward to an afternoon at Jason’s.

“I’m Troy,” said the tallest guy. Gina had noticed how young they were but listening to them talk, she realised they were only boys. College students maybe. Not high school seniors surely?

“And I’m Larry,” said the brown haired guy. “And this is Joon. He doesn’t talk much.”

Gina looked at Joon. He was Asian like her. Medium height, dark hair cut short at the sides with a long floppy wave hanging over his eyes on the left. Very fashionable. And cute.

They walked into the bright light. Gina could see Jason and the other three guys and Tracey on the terrace by the pool. They had Tracey on her back on a lounge chair. Jason was fucking her mouth, Jimmy was fucking her pussy and she had the other two guys’ cocks in her hands.

“Now that’s a fucking great sight,” Troy said.

Gina had picked up her thong panties in the hall, and feeling a little vulnerable decided to pull them on. As she bent down she felt giddy and swayed a little. Larry put a hand on her waist to steady her.

“You OK?” he said. “You look like you’ve been hard at it.”

“Thanks,” she said. She leaned on Larry, still completely naked, while she pulled up the panties. They were tiny, but at least she didn’t feel like a complete slut, even if she was still covered in dried cum and had her tits on display. “Sure, I’m fine.”

Larry smiled, but didn’t take his hand away. Rather he let it slip down from her waist where he ran his open palm around onto her ass.

“So how do you guys know Jason?” she asked.

“We met him at the gym,” Larry said. His fingers were now feeling down past her butthole and reaching around gently towards her pussy. Strangely after all she’d already been put through, it felt nice.

Gina knew Jason’s gym. She paid the monthly account. Troy left them and joined Jason and the guys out on the terrace. He stripped off and started rubbing his cock until it was soon hard. Troy was gorgeous and Gina regretted that he hadn’t asked her to fluff him. She watched as Jason stepped aside, and the younger guy fed his ample cock into Tracey’s mouth, then high-fived the host. Gina admired Troy’s firm body and enthusiastic technique. He was long-legged and thin hipped, with bulging abs and a strong neck. Tracey took his cock completely on his first thrust and gagged, but Troy didn’t withdraw.

“Jason invited us over last weekend and we all got to fuck Tracey,” Larry said. He had given up feeling for Gina’s pussy from behind, and draped an arm over her shoulder where he could finger her nipple. “He said to come over again this weekend and see what was on offer. I’m glad you’re here. Tracey sure looks mighty busy.”

Joon hadn’t spoken. Gina looked around. The dark haired Asian youth was standing by her side, eyes fixed on the gangfuck taking place on the terrace. She glanced down to where his cock was seriously tenting his shorts.

Jason extracted his cock from Tracey’s pussy and stepped inside.

“Guys,” he said. “Welcome. Glad you could make it.”

He stood in the doorway, stark naked, his slick cock still proudly swinging before him, then slapped Joon playfully on the shoulder.

“I see you’ve met my new cocksucker, Gina. Why don’t you make my new friends welcome, honey. They won’t mind sloppy seconds.”

But without warning he pushed her into the pool, then stood and laughed. She didn’t mind. It was good to wash off the drying cum on her face and in her eyes.

Larry helped her out. He held out a hand at the steps which she accepted gratefully.

“You’re a beautiful woman,” he said. “But I’m sure everyone tells you that.”

She smiled and Larry smiled back, then with a hand on her waist, leaned down and kissed her, a little harder and longer than playfully, but casually all the same.

Joon was still holding bursa escort a six pack which Jason took and placed in the refrigerator. He came back with cold beers for the three new guys. Larry and Joon took one each, and Jason stepped onto the terrace with one for Troy who took the last beer, and used both hands to open it without even breaking his rhythm fucking Tracey’s mouth.

“Why don’t we sit outside and talk for a bit?” Larry said.

Gina was surprised at his politeness. He could have just joined the other guys fucking Tracey, but somehow he seemed like a nice guy. Sure he had a hand back on her ass, but he’d helped her dress, kissed her gently, and now he was offering her a sip of his beer while he guided her onto the terrace. They stepped past where Tracey was being fucked. Joon stopped to watch closely. He even knelt down so he could put his face inches from her pussy being split by Jimmy’s thrusting cock. Larry led her over to a lounge chair and they sat. It sagged beneath them, throwing them together.

“Don’t worry about Joon,” he said. “He’s pretty new to this. Tracey may have been his first fuck. She was great about it. She took him into the bedroom last weekend on his own and showed him the ropes I guess. Before he joined us gangfucking her.” He laughed. “Can you believe that? Virgin at noon and gangfucking a slut by 3. No wonder he’s quiet.”

Joon was standing by Tracey’s head now watching Troy banging her mouth. As she watched Troy’s body bucked and he came violently, his cock springing from Tracey’s mouth and flooding her face with his copious white cum. He held himself close to her face until he was spent and then let Tracey clean his cock off, Joon watching inches away all the while.

“So how do you know Jason?” Larry asked.

“I work for him,” Gina said.

The day was warm and she lay back, quite comfortable now, on the lounge in the sun.

“I came over to talk about work and one thing led to another, and as you can see, I got busy.”

She laughed. Larry leaned forward, offering the beer again. He spilled a little and the cold fluid splashed over her tits.

“Do you mind if I lick that off?” Larry asked.

“Sure,” Gina said. She wanted him to. He was a nice young guy.

Larry leaned over and placed his mouth on Gina’s tits in turn. She felt his tongue licking firmly around her nipples and then in between and down onto her stomach. In the shadow of his body she could see the outline of his cock protruding against the swim shorts he wore. If she reached out she could rub it, slip it out of his shorts, suck it. She guessed that was what he wanted. They were going to fuck, after all. Larry, Troy and Joon, she guessed. And maybe the other guys as well. But just as she resolved to reach for Larry’s cock, he sat back down again.

“That was nice,” she said.

“Anyway,” Larry said. “Jason sort of took us under his wing. He said he organised gangfuck parties at his place each weekend and we were free to join in. Last weekend was our first, and this weekend looks to be turning out just fine. I hope you don’t mind me saying, but you have a great body and I want to fuck you real bad.”

Gina laughed. What do you say when a hot young guy says that, she thought.

“Me too,” said Joon, who had joined them. He reached down and touched her tits lightly.

“See, he speaks,” Larry said.

Joon sat close beside her on the other side.

“But how old are you guys?” Gina said. “You’re very young.”

“We’re in college,” Larry said. “I’m 19. I’m experienced. I’ve fucked plenty of sluts, I mean girls. One at a time at first. But one on one is fucking lame. Gangfucking is where I’m at now.”

“And you Joon?” Gina asked.

“Fucking you will fulfil one of my greatest fantasies,” he said. “It will be like fucking my mother’s friends.”

Gina laughed. These guys were a scream.

“How old do you think I am?”

Joon looked at her closely.

“34,” bursa escort bayan he said.

“Amazing. That’s right.”

“My mother and her friends are in their 30s,” Joon said. “I’m not into fucking my mother. That’s sick. But she has some hot cougar friends. Hot Korean MILFs. I imagine how they’d lean back and open their legs to me and say ‘Joon, I want you to fuck me, you bad boy. I’ve wanted you to fuck me for a long time’. And how Larry and Troy and I would fuck them senseless in every hole.”

“Is that what you want to do to me?”

“Mmmm.” Larry said. “I guess that just about covers it. Do you mind?”

Jason had rejoined the guys and Tracey. Troy had conceded his place at Tracey’s mouth and walked over to where Gina, Larry and Joon were sitting. He stood between Gina and the sun and folded his arms. Gina glanced up at his hot body and his large fat cock, dripping with Tracey’s spit and his cum, pointing straight at her face.

“So,” he said. “I don’t want to waste this fucking great hard on. Jason says you are up to be gangfucked. Is that OK?”

Gina reached up and gently flicked the end of his cock. It sprang up and down like some bizarre, obscene child’s toy. The surprise she’d felt earlier in the day when Jason, Tracey and the guys had humiliated her seemed to have drained away. Fucking these three hot young teens would be something new and exciting. She flicked Troy’s cock again, realising that Larry and Joon had stripped off their clothes and were standing naked beside her. Three fat young cocks were at her disposal and like Troy, she wasn’t going to waste his or the other two large erections which now filled her gaze.

She took them one at a time into her mouth, keeping her hands as much as she could round the other two cocks. The lounge chair was too low and she had to squat so she was at the right height. She quickly lost count of which teen was fucking her mouth and which were in her hands. Troy and Larry were caucasian and tanned. The white torsos in her face could have been either of them. Joon was Asian. She could tell when he used her mouth.

What she had expected was a little tentativeness from them. Maybe not Troy having watched him ruthlessly pound Tracey, but Larry was so polite, and Joon was inexperienced. But none impressed her as an apprentice mouth fucker. The three guys went at it as hard and vigorous as the older guys had earlier. Maybe that’s how it is with young guys, she thought, growing up on a diet of online porn, strip clubs, and willing partners.

The guys had stunning cocks – firm and pink, all circumcised, much the same length, although one of the white guys was a little longer. Whoever it was was catching the back of her throat, then holding himself there until she gagged when he would pull out. She looked up next time it happened and saw it was Larry. She resolved to suck him in a little longer if she could.

Troy, on the other hand, just plunged in and out as rapidly as he could, thrusting long and deep and then out to her lips. She could taste the cum he’d shot into Tracey’s mouth and tried to give him an extra flick with her tongue, but he was so quick.

Joon fucked her a littler arhythmically. She couldn’t quite work him out. For a novice he fucked her with his hands behind her head and drew her onto him, sometimes fast, sometimes langorously. She wondered if he would simply cum in her mouth and was quite surprised that any of them had so much staying power.

But Joon did cum. She locked onto his cock and let him cum as deep in her mouth as he could reach. She loved how he kicked against her, and let go of the other guys so she could finger his balls. Then as he slowly withdrew and she rolled his sweet cum round her mouth, she ran her lips along his shaft and then let him rest his knob under her nose where she could clean him up. He groaned, let her lick for a few seconds, then thrust in again. Still hard, he pushed as hard as he could, his cum and his escort bursa cock filling her mouth until she coughed , and his cum started spilling out over her lips. Then he withdrew and leaned down. His expression was neutral as he took her head in his hands, and kissed her deeply, swilling his tongue round her cum-laden mouth.

“You’re a great mouth fucker,” she said when he stepped back. She hoped that was what young guys wanted to hear. “I can’t wait to have you fuck my pussy and my ass.”

Joon stood before her, naked, hands on hips, his fat cock swinging like a pendulum.

“Did someone say pussy and ass?”

It was Larry. She laughed. Larry and Troy lifted her onto a large inflatable ribbed ball which lay by the pool. She felt her back bend back until her head was nearly on the ground and her tummy was in the air. Larry took up position at her face and recommenced mouth fucking her, but upside down if you like. She bent her head back to give him maximum access to her mouth and throat. She could feel him sliding down and wondered if he was deep enough for his cock to be rising and falling in her throat enough for people to see. The thought made her horny as hell.

Meanwhile, Troy had knelt between her legs and was licking her pussy. She was highly aroused, and felt herself falling into the rhythm of the mouth fucking and the cunt licking and knew she would join Joon in cumming next.

As she reached the brink of an orgasm, she felt Troy’s fingers in her cunt, first one then another, and as she opened up to him, most of his clenched fist. At least that’s what it felt like. Was she actually being fisted? No one had ever done this to her before – not Jason and the guys earlier, not her previous lovers male or female. Sure she’d seen it in pornos. It looked filthy and painful. It seemed to be what happened in the worst pornos to the worst sort of sluts. Is that what she’d let them make her? It hurt yet made her swoon at the same time. Fuck, she was sure he had his whole hand up her cunt. She spread her legs and pushed against him, hoping Troy would get the message. She wanted to experience everything. She was theirs to use however they wanted.

And then a third sensation. Someone lifted her legs and pulled them wide until they were maybe they were pointing vertically from the hips. She couldn’t see as Larry had her head pinned back to accommodate his cock in her mouth. But added to the fist in her pussy, someone was fingering her butthole. Sure she wasn’t as tight as she’d been earlier when Jason and the boys has ass fucked her, but still, it went from one finger to two and then a fist as well.

She cried out around Larry’s cock, but he didn’t relent, and if anything thrust deeper. And as she was brutalised in her cunt and ass, she orgasmed, cumming in a great wave of euphoria and pleasure and pain, grunting and screaming as she bucked against the guys’ body parts violating her. She wanted to breath and to swallow and extract the cock and fists while taking them even deeper if that was possible. Gina could hear herself swooning and squealing, her legs held fast against her kicking, wanting it to end and wanting it to last forever.

And then Larry came in her mouth. She couldn’t count the number of times his cock discharged its load. It jackhammered into her until her until she knew she had to spit out his cum. And when she was sure she’d have to fight them, Larry withdrew his cock and she yelled ‘fuck’ and ‘fuck’ again. She heard him say ‘guys, easy’ and then the grip on her legs diminished and she realised her pussy and ass were no longer stuffed to bursting point.

She lay on the inflatable ball with her head back and let her legs dangle wide. A vision of her raw and spent body, curved across the ball in the sun, the guys’ sweat and Larry and Joon’s cum in her mouth and across her face, her red raw pussy and ass used and gaping, and the guys and the others standing around examining her like a doll in a porn film.

Gina lifted her head and opened her eyes against the sun.

“Hey, I haven’t cum in the slut yet,” Troy said.

That’s when she realised Tracey was filming her again.


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