Ağu 04

Fulfilling Fantasies Ch. 04

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As I have told you before, I love fulfilling men’s fantasies. I love to get on the telephone lines and talk to men about their most secrets of fantasies. I really enjoy listening to them. If I can’t come up with a way to fulfill their fantasy as I am talking to them, then I go on to the next person. Some fantasies seem easy to begin with but when you are trying to put them into action, they aren’t as easy as they seem to be.

I think the easiest fantasy that I fulfilled was with Frank. Frank had a very sweet foot fetish. He just loved to touch and feel and lick and kiss feet. He really didn’t even care if they were men or women. He just loved feet.

Frank asked me if he could spend an hour with my feet. He wanted to photograph them in different types of shoes and with or without anything on them. I felt this was really mild so I went along with it.

Frank asked me to start off with hose and heels. He wanted me to wear black hose, thigh highs, with the tallest heels that I had. The tallest I had were about 4”. He also asked me to wear a short skirt and a white blouse. I complied.

When Frank arrived he was carrying a large knap sack. He was tall, about 5’11 and had a nice body. He had kind of long black hair and hazel eyes. I love guys with dark hair and light eyes. Most of the time, it really doesn’t matter what the guy looks like, I just really enjoy what I am doing to pay much attention to that.

As we were talking, I noticed that Frank kept paying more attention to my legs and feet than to what I was saying. So I suggested we get started.

I sat on my table so that I would be higher than him. Frank got out his camera and started to take a few pictures to check the lights. He then asked me to cross my legs at the knee and dangle my shoe on my big toe.

“Oh God, This is great!” He uttered. “I hit the jackpot with your legs and feet. They really are something else”

There is something about spontaneous compliments that make me really get into the spirit of the fun. I really enjoy receiving compliments; they seem to turn me on some.

He took a couple more pictures, and then he knocked the shoe off and took a couple more. He then pulled a chair up by the table and sat down. His eyes were about level with my knees. He took my right foot in his hand and proceeded to stroke it. He started at the top of my toes and stroked very lightly with the back of his hand, all the way up past my ankle. He then took my foot and placed it on his face so that the arch was about even with his mouth. He started kissing the bottom of my foot. I had never had anybody do that before, so I was surprised that I was really enjoying this.

Frank went over and got his bag and removed a smaller bag. In the smaller bag were nail polish and other manicure items. He then came over to me and asked me to remove my thigh highs. I started to and then he said he remembered that it was his hour, so he gently and slowly removed them himself.

Frank went and found a little table that I had in the other room. He got it and sat it down in front of me. It was perfect for me to set my feet flat on it. He took some of the lotion that he had brought with him. It smelled like lilacs. He proceeded to give me an extremely fantastic foot massage. Then he asked me what color of polish I preferred. I saw that he had purple, so I chose that. He then shaped my toenails and polished them. As he completed one thing, he would take a picture. So when he finished with the massage and my feet were glistening with the lotion, he took a picture. When he had one foot polished, he took a picture. And he did the same when the other foot was done. This really put me in heaven. It was so neat. And besides that, my little feet looked so pretty.

While we waited for my toes to dry, Frank started to massage my legs. He was kneading the muscles on my calves. That felt so good. It was really nice. And it was beginning to be erotic. And by the bulge in Franks pants, I would say it was quite a turn on for him also.

Frank sat back down in the chair and was lightly stroking my inner thighs. He was quite impressed with my muscle tone. I have always tried to keep myself in shape. diyarbakır escort He reached up and pulled my butt closer to the end of the table. In doing that, my skirt rose up and showed that I was naked all the way up. Frank then spread my legs further to get a good look.

I looked up at him and gave him a very a very wide seductive smile. I said to him playfully, “My sweet little pussy isn’t part of this fantasy”

Frank drew his brows together and said, “This is my hour, and you said I could do what I wanted.” “Are you going back on what you said?”

Since I wasn’t sure of what I might say no to. I chuckled and said, “Go ahead and do your worst.”

Frank got his camera and started taking pictures. He asked me to spread my pussy lips so that he could get a lot of pink in his pictures. He then got a little lotion on his fingers and proceeded to massage my clit. My sex button started to react quickly. It started getting so hard. I spread my lips further so that he could see it in all its glory. He took a few pictures of that. Then he took a towel that he had brought with him and wiped the lotion off of me. Frank then leaned over a little and started lightly blowing on my engorged clit. Oh wow, did that make it twitch. I felt like it was definitely a little dick because I could feel it flutter and twitch just like bigger ones. Frank gently took it in his mouth and started swirling his tongue around it. I couldn’t believe it. My clit actually got bigger. I still can’t believe how big it got.

Frank stopped doing what he was doing and said, “If I keep this up, I wont be able to finish my fantasy. Don’t worry; I will make sure I don’t leave you hanging.”

He got his camera and took a couple more pictures of my now very large clit. I wish I had those pictures now. Would love a visual reminder of our time together.

Frank sat back into the chair. I realized that he was now naked from his waist down. Oh wow. He was huge. He was quite large and long. I would say about 9”. He was also about 3 1/2 to 4” in diameter. He also was quite smooth. The head of his cock was also large. It had a drop of cum on it. I am surprised that he had lasted this long.

He had pushed my skirt all the way to my waist earlier, so now he had no problem spreading my legs even further. He positioned my legs with the knees out and my feet were touching. He then moved the table and set my feet in his lap. Frank put lotion on my feet then placed his beautiful cock between the soles of my feet.

I had not seen him set up a video camera. He had placed it on a box a little bit away from him. I couldn’t see the viewfinder, but I would imagine that he was able to record this whole thing. He placed his hand under my feet and showed me how he wanted my feet to move up and down on his engorged member. I slowly started to jack him off with my feet. I could feel him get even harder. He was so hard; I could see the veins pulsating in that fantastic dick. He leaned back and allowed me to continue on my own. He arched his back a little and leaned his head back. When he did this a raw emotional moan came out of him. It was so powerfully raw. No holding back.

Frank leaned forward and was able to suck my clit in his mouth while I was pumping his throbbing member with my feet.

I continued to stroke. Slow up and down strokes. I could feel that I was dripping all over the table. Suddenly I felt Frank get so hard I thought he would lift off of his chair. He grabbed my ankles and made my feet go faster. He all but rose up in the air and let out a yell. Almost knocked me off the table. All of a sudden he started to spurt. Great big globs of his manhood came bursting out of him. It got all over him and me and I think I even got some in my hair. It was so fantastic. It was incredible. I felt that I had really made him feel good.

After his breathing returned to normal he shyly looked up and me and whispered, “Wow”.

I started to readjust myself and Frank said, “Please don’t move” So I stayed there a few seconds.

I now felt utterly exposed. There is a difference to being exposed during sex, but afterward it is quite different. düzce escort I watched as Frank reached into his bag and pulled out a large vibrator.

“Oh Yes, Use it now” I exclaimed, with a large smile. I shivered with anticipation.

He gladly complied by turning it on and putting it on my still engorged clit. I came in a matter of minutes.

This was a really great fantasy. I learned that I also have some fetishes. I also went a little farther and asked someone to suck on my toes. That was really mind blowing.

It is good when you keep an open mind.

Another really good fantasy that I helped with was a really nice guy named Mike. Mike was really afraid of diseases and only wanted to watch and be watched. We talked a few time and I felt that he was safe enough, so I met him at his house. He was a really nice guy. He was quite tall, about 6’4”. He also had long blonde hair, a nice body and the sweetest smile that I have ever seen. He also was very soft spoken and had a southern accent. He also was a rodeo rider. He wore tall cowboy boots, which made him even taller. I looked up at him and gave him a big grin. With that he grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug that I have ever received.

We sat and talked for a few minutes, had a beer and then went into the bedroom. I was pleasantly surprised that when I walked into the bedroom, there were lit candles all over the place. Also there were cut flowers in a vase by the bed. Mike had arranged the pillows so that I could basically recline on the bed. It looked so inviting. I couldn’t wait to get started.

I started unbuttoning my blouse, when Mike came over and took my hands in his. He looked at me and said, “Just because we aren’t having the typical type of sex, doesn’t mean that I can’t be romantic and undress you.”

I allowed him to unbutton my blouse; even though his hands were so big I thought he might rip it. While he was undoing the buttons, I felt his hands caress my skin. That was very nice. In typical male style, He also tried to take off my jeans without removing my shoes. That led to a lot of laughter. With that he pushed me onto the bed, removed my shoes and jeans. I looked up at him and we started laughing all over again.

I love to laugh before, during and after sex. It heightens it a lot. I really enjoy doing these fantasies, especially when it is so much fun.

Mike had me get on my belly and lay flat on the bed. This really surprised me because this wasn’t part of what we talked about. I did as he requested, and I saw him get out the baby oil. He straddled me at the waist, and was basically sitting on my butt. He them proceeded to pour baby oil all over my back. He rubbed the baby oil all over. When he finished with my back, he moved and started putting it all over my legs. He really wasn’t giving me a massage. Just sort of getting me all oiled up. It was enjoyable. He rose up quickly and said, “Oops, I forgot.”

He then went into the bathroom and got a big towel, which he place unfolded next to me. Then he went back to making sure I was all oiled on my back. He poured baby oil on my butt cheeks and started to rub that in. He got the oil again and poured some more on me. This time though, he poured it into my butt crack. I felt little droplets go into my tight little asshole. He put his hand in my crack and slowly started rubbing in the oil. Now that felt really good. I was so slippery that when he moved his hand down his little finger went into my butt hole. I didn’t stop him because it was such a turn on. After a few minutes, I think he realized what was happening, and inserted his thumb and started to thumb fuck my ass. As I was just beginning to cum, I felt him stop and remove his thumb. Wow did that leave me hanging. Mike then asked me to roll over and make sure that I was on the towel. I guess he didn’t want me to get oil on his sheets.

Mike started pouring baby oil all over my chest. I think by then, my breasts, my belly and my pussy were the only parts that didn’t have baby oil on them.

I asked Mike why the baby oil. He stated, “It makes it even more erotic when I see a lady all oiled up when we are together. And to think edirne escort of what it would feel like when we rub bodies together”

Mike continued to pour the baby oil on my chest. When he started rubbing it in he made special effort to circle the nipples and then pinch them to attention. As he was doing this he leaned down and asked: “You really loved it when I put my thumb in your ass, didn’t you?”

I mumbled yes to his question, but wasn’t quite sure of what he was saying. It was like I was sex drunk and couldn’t think of anything but what he was doing. The only thing that I could concentrate on were his hands rubbing all over me. He spread my legs and poured more baby oil on my clit and pussy. There is nothing prettier than a clean shaved glistening pussy. He kept rubbing and rubbing. The next thing I knew was that he was inserting a couple of fingers in my dripping pussy. I started humping his hand. He allowed me to do that for a few minutes, until I was all worked up, then he twisted his hand around and poured more oil onto it before he inserted that large thumb in to my asshole again.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The feelings were rushing all over me. I knew I was getting ready to cum. I started humping him harder and harder, and then all of a sudden he stopped again. He rose up from the bed and went over to a chair on the opposite wall. It took me a few moments to compose myself. I rose myself up and looked at him and wondered what was going on. He must have felt my gaze because he just shrugged his shoulders and started taking off his clothes.

Mike removed all of his clothes. He went out in the other room and brought back the little bag that I had brought. In it was my electric vibrator. I really love my little vibrator. I am glad it is electric because it stays at a constant vibration unless I want it different. I hate the battery ones because they wear out so quickly.

After Mike plugged in my vibrator and gave it to me, he then positioned me against the pillows. He spread my legs with the feet flat on the bed and the knees up in the air spread wide. He took my hand and had me open my pussy lips so he could get a better view. He then took my other had with the vibrator and positioned it so that he could see just about everything. He reached into another bag and pulled out another vibrator. This one was blue and slim. Mike took the end off and inserted the batteries. I really wasn’t sure what he was going to do with that one.

He took the cap off of the baby oil and inserted the vibrator. After making sure that it was nice and slick, he took the blue vibrator and inserted it into my waiting asshole. Oh that felt so good. He then turned the vibrator on and went over to the other side of the room and sat down. He had a big smile on his face, so I felt that he was enjoying this whole thing. He took the baby oil again and poured it over his belly, cock and balls. He then used the same motions on himself that he used on me.

I put down my electric vibrator and got my hand all slick and started masturbating myself with my fingers. I was able to hold myself open and to pinch my clit. I kept pinching my clit till it felt huge.

I looked over at Mike and asked him, “Do you want me to use the other vibrator?”

He shook his head and said, “NO. What you are doing is great.”

So I continued to masturbate myself, with the little blue vibrator in my ass. I reached down and turned the little blue vibrator up higher. Oh that felt so good. I continued to do this for a few till the pulsating started. Then I started moving my hand faster and faster. I couldn’t believe how fast my hand could go. I moved my butt on the bed and I was able to feel more of the vibrations from my butt hole in my pussy. That was an extra turn on. I started to quake and shake. I was shaking so much I couldn’t keep up a steady rhythm. I reached behind me and pushed the vibrator in as far as I could and started to ram it in hard. I felt like the bed was moving. It was starting at my feet and it felt like it was going to engulf me. I felt this hot liquid cum pouring out of me. It gushed and squirted all over the place. At the same instant I felt the gushing, I heard Mike make a very loud moan. I looked over at him and he was gushing a geyser full himself.

To this day if anybody says that safe sex masturbating is boring, I just chuckle and say to myself “They don’t know what they are missing.”

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