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Fulfilling My Babys Fantasy

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Fulfilling My Babys FantasyFulfilling my babys fantasyYou and I have been having trouble letting each other know what our fantasy are. You finally told me about your transsexual interests thinking that I would think your weird. But was happily surprised that I fully supported you. We had been chatting with fairdesire for a few months and I wanted so badly for you to fulfill your fantasy. I seen several raffles for to win trips over seas and bought several. I WON THREE !!!!!Oh my goodness, I had a hard time keeping my mouth shut about winning 3.I only told you about 1. And sent one to fairdesire and one to pjk.WERE GOING TO JAMAICA FOR A 3 DAY ALL EXPENSES PAID HOLIDAY.I knew you loved your visit there in the past and wanted you to have an all new memory you would never forget. You rambled on and on about all the things you did and remembered from before.The closer our flight got to our destination the more excited you become.(OH JUST WAIT UNTIL I REVEAL MY SURPRISE)We arrived early in the morning. The lobby was beautiful. Full of huge flowering tropical plants. I have never seen such a site. We got the key to our room and showered and dressed. I quietly sat with you looking over the site seeing booklets and pretended to go along with what you were planning.The trip included transportation and all meals at 5 STAR RESTAURANTS.We were getting really hungry and had to get going for our reservation.The hotel VIP transport pulled up in front of the 5 star steak house restaurant.You were so excited to get through lunch and take me out and play.And I was about to burst knowing I had a grand surprise planed for you inside.Once we were seated, at a table for four. Facing each other, ordered our drinks and meal I told you “I do not want to disappoint you…but we are going to go back to our room for the day.”Oh man…. I thought you were going to fall out of your chair.I said…….”I don’t think you will mind. I have other plans.”At that moment someone behind you placed a hand on your shoulder.Startled, and still in shock with my request, you turned to see who had their hand on you.Standing there to your surprise, was fairdesire. Dressed to the 9’s in a lovely red silky sexy gown, punk heels and the most sexual arousing perfume on the face of the planet. he says “hello my dearest. Would you mind if I join you ?”I felt so bad lotusbet güvenilirmi for you because your face went from disappointment with our conversation, to absolute shock. You were froze in time.You could not speak, could not move…..Yourfairdesire moved her hand across the back of your shoulder around the back of your neck and off your other shoulder as she asked if she should seat herself. You jump up , your chair falling over, as you scramble to pull the chair out for her. Saying, “oh no, let me get that for you.” She is seated to your left. As you reach to pick your chair up, keeping your eyes on her. She had the biggest most beautiful smile on her face. She was so pleased with your reaction at the site of her.”I hope your not to disappointed with me changing your plans” I told you.I don’t think you heard a single work I said. You were speechless. Behind you came another voice. “Do you have room for one more to join you?” You turn to see who’s speaking. Not wanting to take your eyes off her to see PJK standing there also dressed to the 9’s in a lovely red slinky sexy gown, punk heels and the most sexual arousing perfume She placed her hand on your left shoulder running it along the back of your neck down your other shoulder and started to reach for her chair when once again you jump up causing your chair to fall back and help her be seated. With a shit eating grin on your face, you say “Am I dreaming?” PJK answers, “No darling, we are really here and once you have finished eating, we will be waiting for you in your room to serve you desert.” And just as they came, fairdesire from your left and PJK from the right, they run their fingers up around your shoulders and neck. They criss cross and gently kiss you on the neck as they depart.You turn completely around in your chair to watch them slowly and elegantly walk across the floor and disappear out the door.Even tho a full minute has past since their departure, you remain turned in your chair with eyes on the empty door way.The waiter comes with our order and as your plate clatters when being placed you jump back into the present time.”Oh my sweet dear wife. I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH”I explain how it was all planed while we ate. I had to make it quick tho, because we decided that we might not want a full stomach before our evening activities. lotusbet yeni giriş When we arrived to our room, the “DO NOT DISTURB” Sign was already placed on the door handle. We could smell the perfume as we approached the door. With shaking hands you unlock and open the door.The only light inside was flickering candle light. PJK and Fairdesire were stretch out on the bed. PJK was on her stomach on the left side propped up on her elbows feet at the head of the bed. Fairdesire was sitting up on the right side with her back against the head board. Both wearing very skimpy elegant night gowns, full fishnet stockings and spike high heels. They both smile and together say, “We’ve been waiting for you darling.” PJK sits up leaving her left leg up on the bed and dropping her right foot onto the floor.Saying, “I’ve been waiting weeks to have a taste of that fine cock of yours. Cum to me you sweet piece of meat.”Fairdesire then stands and gracefully with her long sexy legs walks over to you and says “This way my love.”With one hand on your shoulder guiding you to the end of the bed where PJK is once again lying on her stomach with her head at the end of the bed arms stretched out reaching to undo your jeans. And at the same time fairdesire is using her other hand to unbutton and remove your shirt. As your jeans hit the floor, you realize that this was the reason I wanted you to wear your sexy black girly panties.You look back over to the door where you last saw me to see that I had already sat down on the couch along the wall at the foot of the bed with the video camera to catch every moment of your fantasy being played out.Looking at me with the most endearing look I have ever received from you, I just smile, give you a wink and continue to record.In just the few seconds it took us to exchange glances at one another PJK already had your fine hard, dripping precum cock in her mouth rocking your world. Even though you were shaking deep beyond your soul with excitement, you managed to get Fairdesire out of her shoes and standing on the bed over top PJK.With open hands you run both of your thumbs around Fairdesire silky panties waist band from the hips to below her naval. Lower them just an inch,and begin to lick and kiss her lower stomach just feeling the heat of her manly pussy against lotusbet giriş your cheek was more then you could bear.Starting at her balls you begin to lick around them and up and down her shaft.PJK then tells you she wants you to last so she pulls out from under you both and begins to lube up your ass and begins to gently finger fuck your ass with slow tender insertions all the while licking, and kissing your back and neck while your lapping at Fairdesires aching, hot, throbbing cock. Fairdesire is loudly crying out moans of pure pleasure. And calls for places to be switched. She then grabs your face and sucks your bottom lip slipping her tongue deep into your mouth. And just like magic had your tongue entangled with hers. And then back to a gentle suck of your bottom lip as she works her way down to your still hot, hard throbbing cock.You then guide PJK up onto the bed over top of Fairdesire grabbing her breasts and sucking her breast as if you were a starving infant in desperate need for nutrition working your way down slowly kissing and licking her lower stomach before taking her whole hot hard pre-cum cock one inch at a time until you have it fully deep into your throat. As you are about to back up PJK grabs your hair and thrusts it just a bit deeper and holds it there for just a moment till she feels your gag reflex against the head of her cock. At that moment you let out a cry of total excitementas fairdesire rocks your world to an earth shaking climax. PJK knows her Que and now that your ass is well lubed, easily inserts her hot throbbing cock into your ass as fairdesire takes PJK’s place on the bed gliding her sweet shaft in between your lips as PJk`s gently pumps her cock until she unloads her full load filling your ass cavity with her sweet juices as fairdesire begins to tremble you know she is at the point of blowing her love juices and you thrust forward to take her sweet meat as deep as you can in your throat as she literally screams out……..”I love your fucking cock”. and you totally rock her world. The three of you fall to the bed in complete exhaustion. Taking every bit of the strength you have left, you raise your head, look over to me and say, “YOUR SO FUCKING AWESOME BABY. I LOVE YOU DEARLY.”And that is the way the next two days went.Hot, wet and wonderful.This ones for you baby. I hope you enjoy.TNT88JEAN (This was done for my loving Husband TNT48)My Wife wrote this to me and Whom I dearly Love gave me permision to post this story on my page. So Please write a comment and send her a message how you felt about this story. Thanks tnt48 you can find tnt88Jean on my friends list!!!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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