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Subject: Full Service in the Military, Part One Full Service in the Military By Danny Smith This is the second part of a trilogy that began with my story Full Service at Dad’s Motel. The third part of the trilogy has already been written and posted. It’s titled The Traveling Salesman and the Farmer’s Son. The three stories all deal with the story of Danny, a sexually active young man who is deeply attracted to men, including his own father. Dad inherits a motel in southern Mississippi near an Air Force Base and, through a string of events, ends up contracting with the USAF to provide rooms for airmen who can’t be immediately accommodated on base. The son, Danny, provided “services” of his own to the parade of studs that came through the motel. In part three (Traveling Salesman) Danny is married with kids of his own. He has finished up a hitch in the Air Force, and is working for a private company that services farm equipment throughout the state. He meets up with an old Air Force buddy and has sex with both the buddy and his son. Later Danny revisits the buddy, bringing along his own son. Some readers pointed out they’d like to find out what Danny did during his stint in the Air Force. This story is the result of that. Sorry that the posting of these three interconnected stories has been out of order, but it just happened that way. I believe all three can be read as standalone stories and still be enjoyable, but obviously the meaning and significance of the characters and plotline will make much more sense, and you will have a deeper understanding into the sexual motivation of the characters, if you’re familiar with all three stories. Your choice. This is a work of fiction that includes gay sex including sex with minors and incest between a father and son. I assume that if you’re reading this, then that is a topic you’re interested in. Please remember to support Nifty in any way you can! Part one Beth and I were both excited at our new assignment, my first as a newly minted 2nd lieutenant. I had joined the Air Force a couple of years earlier as an airman basic, then promoted to airman first class. But an opportunity came along to enter OCS (Officer Candidate School) and I went for it. Now I was an officer and heading for my new assignment. My wife, Beth, and I were eagerly talking about names as we drove down military highway toward Brooks AFB. San Antonio was a dream assignment but we would probably have been happy anywhere. Beth was well into her pregnancy for our second child. My son Chuck was sitting in the back seat sleeping; he would soon have a brother. There it was, the main gate of our new home base. We had already been assigned base housing and I already knew a couple of guys that I would be working with, as well as the base commander. It was my old friend Roger Baker, now a senior colonel, up for brigadier general. He and I had a special relationship going back to my days working for my dad at our little motel just down the road from Keesler AFB in Biloxi. We pulled in to the gate and I presented my ID and my orders to the guard. He was a good looking son of a gun and I took a walk all over him with my eyes. Damn it I wish I control myself around other guys, but sometimes I just can’t. He handed me back my orders and gave me a smart salute — and a wink. This assignment was getting of to a good start. I smiled as I thanked him and handed him a dollar — it’s an old military tradition that an new officer gives a dollar to the first enlisted man that salutes him. I love stuff like that. We had a map tuzla escort of the base but I still needed directions to our assigned housing, and to the CO’s headquarters. We pulled in and unpacked the car. Our furniture hadn’t arrived yet, but we had packed so much stuff in the car, including sleeping bags, we figured we’d be okay until it arrived. I got Beth and my son settled in when the doorbell rang. It was one of our new neighbors welcoming us. She invited us over to her house and Beth accepted but I begged off; I wanted to report in first thing. When I got to Col. Baker’s office I stopped at the desk of his administrative assistant, another good-looking guy, and told him why I was there. He buzzed in and I heard Col. Baker’s beautiful deep voice, “Send him right in.” Boy I had thought about him a hundred times over the years, wondering if we would ever be able to meet again, and now here we were. I wanted to make a good impression both on Roger and on his admin guy sitting outside so I kept it as formal as possible. I knocked on his door twice (never once, never three times, always twice) and waited until he said “Enter.” I walked in as smartly as I could, stood at attention in front of his desk, gave him my best salute and repeated “Lt. Smith reporting for duty, Sir.” He saluted back just as crisply and responded, “Lt. Smith, welcome to Brooks,” then got up from his chair and walked over to the door of his office. He started to close it, then told his admin to hold all his calls for now. He closed the door and very quietly locked it. He walked over to me, stuck out his hand and said “Dan, so good to see you again.” We shook hands warmly. I responded with “Thank you Sir. I’ve missed you.” Without warning he then hugged me, holding me close to his chest, and kissed me passionately. “Oh Danny, I’ve thought about you so many times. Those times we were together at the motel. Your father….” He stopped in mid-sentence. Still embracing, I whispered in his ear, “Rasheed, I’ve thought about you too. Dreamed about you.” [note: Roger Baker’s name is anglicized from Rasheed al Bakir. For details read Full Service at Dad’s Motel]. “Danny, please for old time’s sake….” With that he began opening his belt. “Rasheed, here? Now? In your office.” “Don’t worry, no one will disturb us. And my admin Sgt. Kasa is used to hearing some unusual noises coming from the office. He makes some unusual noises himself!” He dropped his trousers to his ankle, pulled down his shorts and gave his huge flaccid penis a couple of tugs. That was all it took for me drop to my knees and begin sucking him. It was as beautiful an experience as I remembered. Feeling his cock fill up with blood, stiffening in my mouth. I swallowed him whole, holding all of it in my mouth as long as I could. “Don’t make me cum yet Danny. I want to fuck you.” Without a second’s hesitation I had my trousers down to my ankles, turned my back toward him, and bent over. He spit into his hand and wiped it on my hole, then spit again on his cock. By now I’m experienced enough that I don’t need much lube, but it’s still a nice gesture. He took his fully erect cock and carefully, but forcefully, stuck it inside my asshole. A yelp came to my lips, but I mostly stifled it, at least I think. Despite Rasheed’s assurances, I didn’t want the admin to hear us if I could help it. But my short yelp of pain turned into soft moans of pleasure as I felt once again the magnificence of his hard cock slid deeper and deeper inside me. I was actually proud of myself that I was now so experienced tuzla escort bayan that I was able to bend over to any man who wanted my ass any time, and take it with no problem. Rasheed began to slowly fuck my, sliding his pole all the way in, pulling almost all the way out, then slamming in again. He kept that up for long minutes and took it with pleasure. Again and again he slammed into me. I began moaning louder and louder, and this time I didn’t care who heard me. I was being fucked by a beautiful, mature, stud of a man and I was proud of it. All good things come to an end, and this did too. With one last mighty thrust Col. Baker rammed it home and shot a huge load of cum into me. I’d taken tons of sperm into my body over the years, including a couple of quarts of Col. Baker’s, and I always loved it. Just knowing that those beautiful swimmers had shot from inside his balls all the way to the inside of my body made me feel like I was something special — part of something sacred. That made me think of my Dad for some reason, and coincidentally as we were finishing up he asked, “And how is your father?” “Still loving life and running the motel as always. He says that business is steady but at a lower level than when I was there.” “I think we all know why that it!” he chuckled. I liked the sound of his voice. Then he added, “You and he did finally…?” “Yes, Sir. And it was everything you said it would be. The only problem was…” “Go on.” “Well, both of us sort of pretended that it wasn’t happening. That it didn’t happen. I don’t know exactly how to express it.” I told him the story of that cold night in December when we slept in the same bed and Dad managed to fuck me while I pretended to be asleep. “My only regret is that we weren’t more open about it.” “Perhaps someday you will.” We cleaned up, embraced one last time, and I left to go back to our new house and meet up with Beth. On the way out, I checked out Sgt. Kasa, the admin assistant. Just as the gate guard had done, the sergeant winked at me. Did everyone on this base know what was going on? Back at home, Beth was a little upset. Unfortunately, the furniture didn’t arrive that day, or the next, or the next. We were getting pretty tired of sleeping on the floor in our sleeping bags. We were seriously considering heading to a hotel for a couple of days, when I finally got the call that the movers would arrive that day. As luck would have it, it was the same day that Beth was going to enroll Chuck in first grade, so she wasn’t available to tell the movers where to put things. That fell to me. When the van showed up there was a three-man crew, clearly two workers and a supervisor. The workers didn’t do much for me, but God, the supervisor was so sexy. Young, maybe mid-20s, tall, light brown hair, and really handsome. And hung! How did I know? By constantly checking out his package, of course. He was clearly going commando. He needed a shave in a sexy way. His light brown whiskers were about four days old. Long, but not long enough to hide the cleft in his chin, or his dimples. I kept hoping I’d get a chance, but I didn’t think I had much of a shot. He had a wedding ring (well, so did I, of course) but there are some guys you can just tell are straight enough not to want to get into this kind of thing. Still, over the years, some really straight guys have allowed me to blow them as long as I didn’t get too “gay” about it. When they were finished the two helpers went back to the truck to put away the equipment. The young supervisor stayed inside escort tuzla for a few minutes finishing up paperwork. He handed me a delivery invoice to sign, then asked if he could use the head. I pointed to the bathroom. Before he went in he raised up his t-shirt to wipe the sweat off his face and I got a great glimpse of his hairy belly and part of his chest. He stepped into the bathroom, but didn’t close the door. I saw immediately that he was not standing in front of the toilet, but off to the side giving me a great look at his cock. The size of that thing was perfect for an experienced cocksucker like me and I thought I had to at least give it a shot. All he could say was “go to hell” or something. I walked in just as he was finishing up, and asked “Where do I sign this?” He flicked his dick a time or two, then three, then four. Then he started tugging on it the way some guys do “just to make sure.” But I knew what was going on. He was showing off. “On the bottom,” he halfway snarled. Clearly he didn’t like me this close, but what the hell? I made my move: “That’s some dick you’ve got there guy. Looks like you’ve been eating your Wheaties.” He laughed but didn’t stop tugging it. “Yeah, the girls all like it.” I swallowed hard and said, “Bet some guys do too!” He gave me a half-puzzled, half-interested look and asked, “Are you one of those guys.” It was risky but I was horny. “Yeah. Want me to take care of it for you?” He paused for a long moment, then said those wonderful words, “Think you can handle it?” “Hell yes.” “Okay, dude, chow down. Never been sucked by a guy in the service before.” I shut the bathroom door behind me just in case the two helpers got curious then knelt down in front of him. I figured I’d try to impress him so I took the whole thing all the way down in one gulp. It worked. “Jesus dude,” was all he could say. As I started my tongue action he just kept it up, “Jesus, God, man that feels fucking good. Keep it up dude.” And. of course. I kept it up. I was in heaven, sucking a beautiful dick on a masculine good-looking, straight-acting man, but I pushed my luck a little too far. I’m a sucker for chest hair and I really wanted to feel his, maybe even play with his nipples. But when I reached up under his shirt, he grabbed me by the wrist and angrily shoved my hand away, hard. Oops! Fortunately, he didn’t cut things short then and there, but he did seem to want to get it over with. He grabbed his own cock and, keeping the head in my mouth, began jacking himself off. That’s fine, I thought to myself. As long as I get a mouthful. Just please don’t pull out and squirt it into the toilet or something. He kept telling me what to do, which I like in a guy. His main instruction was “suck harder,” but also “go all the way down,” “tongue the shaft,” and “hold it as long as you can.” No need to tell me the basics, like “don’t use your teeth.” I was a pro. Apparently he had forgiven me for trying to feel his chest, or had forgotten it. He actually said those magic words to me “Do you want my cum?” I nodded without stopping. “In your mouth?” Again with the nodding. And he squirted it — a hard, forceful stream, jet after jet. They all as thick as cottage cheese, hitting the back of my throat. Awesome. What a load, and what a hunk. Afterwards, no “thanks,” no “go to hell,” no anything. He just stuck that gorgeous pecker back in his pants, zipped up, took the paperwork from me and walked out. Reminded me of all those times at the gloryhole back at my Dad’s motel. I loved it then, and I still did. I sat down on the sofa with a smile on my face and waited for Beth to come home. I unzipped and started playing with myself, thinking about Beth…and the stud mover I had just blown…and my Dad. To be continued…

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