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Fun times @ a conference Pt 3

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Fun times @ a conference Pt 3’Deeper – take it deeper’ I commanded, ‘now stop’ I said very quickly. Julia by now was looking very turned on and a bit pensive at the same time, which unnerved me a little, but true to the role play I said ‘put two fingers inside your cunt and use your other hand to play with your clit’ as I climbed off her. ‘Keep doing that until I get back’ I said as I went back to my room to get the dressing gown cord from the one I hadn’t used and I then got the two from the one’s hanging up in Julia’s bathroom. All this time Julia had been dutifully fingering herself and was making some a****l noises the like of which I would never have thought her capable of, until now.The bed had a very ornate wrought iron head board and foot board which was ideal for tying the dressing gown cords to, and as I watched Julia I thought ‘don’t you cum yet’. Unbeknown to me I had said it out loud, and Julia immediately stopped. I put the cords down, and said ‘open your legs and don’t move’, I then entered into to her wet cunt and started to move my dick in and out very slowly. Not unnaturally Julia started to move her hips. ‘I said………… don’t move!’ as I slammed into her as hard as I could and held hips roughly. The look on Julia’s face was a mixture of sheer excitement excitement and terror rolled into one.Pushing her into the middle adana escort of the bed, I then climbed off and started tying the dressing gown cords to the bed, and as I did I could see Julia looking very vulnerable, so I said ‘you OK?’, ‘very’ was the almost indiscernible answer, that was the invitation I needed as I attached the cords to Julia’s ankles and tied them so that her legs were spread with just wide enough to allow a little movement. The cords on her wrists were tied in a similar way but stretched out above her head.Her mouth was opening and closing in an involuntary movement that made my next move obvious: to put my dick back into her mouth. ‘Slowly’ I said as she licked me up and down the length of my dick making my balls tighten up. Turning round into the sixty nine position I concentrated on her enlarged clit that was so sensitive to every lick that I could feel Julia’s hips thrusting up towards my mouth in response. We carried on like this until I could feel Julia starting to cum, so I jumped off and reiterated to her ‘don’t you dare cum!’, as I turned round and started to push my dick up and down the lips of cunt, stopping at the top to caress her clit.Poor girl, her face was contorted with a mixture of pleasure and concentration, and I knew it was only a matter of time before she would not aliağa escort be able to hold back no matter how hard she tried. Ever the gentleman, I carried on teasing her clit and pushing my dick just inside her pussy, just enough to keep her on the edge of an orgasm. This carried on for a few minutes and a combination of Julia’s moaning and the pure pleasure my dick was getting I too found myself getting close, but I had one more trick to play.I stopped playing with her pussy and undid the cords, and then walked over to the balcony doors, opening them to night air. Julia looked at me as if I was mad saying ‘what are you doing’ her voice trembling with anticipation ‘come here and find out’ I replied. Tentatively she walked over and I maneuvered her out on to the balcony. Being on the 7th floor we could not be seen from the hotel courtyard, but from above was a different manner. ‘Bend over and put your hands on the wall’ I said, at which point I heard an audible in take of breath, but that paled into insignificance with her cry as I pushed my dick deep inside her. Holding still momentarily I said ‘ look at the sea’ and as she did I started to thrusting into her slowly, but very firmly. Every time my hips met the cheeks of her arse, Julia moaned, which was making me hornier and hornier to the point where ceyhan escort I could hold back no more and I thrust into as quickly as I could. As I came I could feel Julia using the balcony wall to push back towards me as her orgasm ripped through her, the only problem was that between us we lost balance and fell to the floor.Laughing and giggling we made our way back to the bed and crashed out next to each other. Laying still for a moment I propped myself up and started stroking Julia’s, not for any other reason other than I hadn’t played with them so far, but Julia said ‘my nipples are linked to my clit, so if you keep doing that we are going to hungry tonight’, looking at the clock which read 9 pm, my stomach kicked into life and reminded me that breakfast and a grotty airline meal was not enough to keep me going for very long, so reluctantly we got up and headed to the walk in shower, where upon Julia’s insistence we showered separately, so as to ensure that we eat that evening rather than return to the bed for another bout of sex.We made our way to the old town in Cannes and found a very intimate little restaurant and had a very romantic dinner for two, and spent the entire meal whispering to each other what we were going to do to each other for the rest of our time in France. When we got back to the hotel, we were found that for that day at least, we had sated our appetites for food and sex as we curled up in bed and fell into a deep sleep.The following morning came and we were then faced with a major dilemma, do we go to the conference key note speech or not?To be continued…………………………..

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