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Fun Weekend in Germany

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I have part of my family who live in Germany in one of the Suburbs of a city called Augsburg.

Since the passing of my grandmother a few years back, Mike and I have only visited this side of our family on a couple of occasions. The last time was over 2 years ago. We had decided to pay a visit to coincide with the Munich Oktoberfest, an annual Beer Festival held in Munich.

We stayed with one of my great aunts, and Mike and my male cousins had planned to travel to Munich for the beer festival staying over in a hotel for a couple of nights. I wasn’t going to the Beer Festival and would instead be staying at my great aunts by myself.

The day before my cousin and Mike were due to head off to Munich, I went jogging in a local park. The weather was quite nice for the time of year and I had just worn a pair of my skin-tight lycra leggings, and a tight lycra bra top. I slowly jogged to the park that wasn’t too far from my great aunts, and began doing laps around what was a small boating lake and wooded area.

During my first lap and on doing some stretches, I noticed a couple of old guys sitting on one of the park benches. I noticed them looking in my direction and chatting to each other which piqued my interest, as I thought this might be an opportunity for having some fun. With Mike and my cousins being away for a couple of nights, I knew I was going to get bored sitting in with my great aunt and had hoped I might find some extra cock on the visit.

I slowly jogged past the old men sitting on the park bench and smiled at them as I did so. They both said something to me in German smiling and waving at me as I ran past. I said good morning to them obviously with my heavy Scottish accent. They both smiled and I heard the word ‘Englander’ as I went past them.

I went halfway around the boating lake before turning and heading back towards my old admirers. As I got closer, they both smiled at me again and so I smiled back saying good morning to them once again. With this they beckoned me over and we began to have a little chat.

They asked me if I was on vacation from England and I told him that I was visiting family but was in fact from Scotland. They both laughed apologizing that it was difficult for them to tell accents and I told them not to be so silly as their English put me to shame.

Now I should say at this point I can speak a little bit of German, but I decided for some reason not to tell them this at this point.

In all honesty over the years I have begun to notice the different types of looks that I received from men. You can be out and about shopping or just going about your normal daily business and you will receive several classes of looks during the course of such days. Most are just polite hellos or if you catch someone’s eye a reciprocal nod of the head to recognize that you have acknowledged each other. But I have certainly come to recognize the signs of more admiring and lecherous glances from men, and this was the vibe I was getting from my two old guys on the park bench.

As I was standing chatting to them, I was still moving, trying to make sure that I didn’t stiffen up and they asked me if I was a keen keep fit fanatic. I chuckled in reply, saying no but I try to keep in shape now that I’m getting older, to which one of the guys said “Your shape looks absolutely perfect to me, so you don’t have anything to worry about.” Obviously, this was all being said with what was quite a heavy German accent and the English wasn’t perfect from either of them, but even with my smattering of German, their English far outstripped what I could manage in a conversation.

I thanked them for the compliment and decided to see if I could tease them a little bit more. I asked them how often they came to the park and they said they came daily for a little bit of a constitutional walk before often heading off for some breakfast or later in the afternoon for a spot of lunch.

We introduced ourselves and they were both retired gentlemen. One was very thin and tall, with silver hair and a cheeky smile. I would have put him in his early 60s and he said his name was Franz. The other one was a slightly chubbier, shorter guy whose name was Helmut. I told them I was over with my husband but that he was heading off with some family members to the beer festival in Munich.

As I was chatting, I was doing some stretches and trying my best to give the guys good glimpses of my tits, in my tight lycra top, as I did so. My jogging leggings are very tight anyway and I could definitely feel the material slipping into my pussy, so I was pretty sure that a camel toe would have been on display for my old letches as well.

I bent over to do some stretches with my back turned to them for a few seconds trying to give the dirty old guys a good glimpse of my ass. After showing them my arse as best I could, I then said I was going to head off for another few-minutes around the lake and that I hoped to see them again as bursa escort I passed by. They told me they were going to be sitting there for quite some time as they were enjoying the morning view.

The more forward one of the two, Helmut, was saying that I had certainly brightened up their morning as well. I smiled once again, winking at Helmut and saying a thank you for the compliment, as I slowly jogged off trying to listen to what the conversation was as I did so.

I absolutely heard the words “titten” and “arsch” mentioned and I knew the guys were chatting about the views that I had given them of my tits and of my ass, as I had bent over to do some stretches. This confirmed that these two guys at worst were a pair of old letches and hopefully at best a couple of willing older cocks, that I could get to grips with whilst Mike was away.

I did a full circuit around the boating lake this time and was building up quite a sweat and also quite a wet patch in my pussy area, from the thought of trying to tease these two old men and from potentially what fun I might be able to have with them.

As I approached them again, they waved at me and I waved back, this time blowing them a kiss, it just happened naturally I hadn’t planned on doing it. Franz laughed, grabbing the kiss out of the air and touching it to his face and then blew me a kiss back. I pretended to catch it and held it to my lips.

I stopped once more to chat with the guys, this time standing a bit closer to them so they could get a real good look at my body. As I walked towards them slowly, I once again heard the German words for tits and ass being spoken between them and knew that I had a pair of randy old fuckers on my hands.

Once beside them I did some more stretches as we chatted making sure this time to really pull my Lycra leggings quite tight up around my crotch area. On looking down I could see that the front of my leggings had literally been eaten by my cunt. I had a clearly defined camel toe on display for them and was hoping that the dirty old fuckers were getting a thrill out of seeing me displaying myself to them in this wanton manner.

We chatted for a little bit longer before I headed off for a further circuit, once again hearing them describing me as I left them and I definitely heard the German words, ‘geile schlampe’ for ‘horny slut/bitch’ being mentioned. The next chat we would have was when I did the circuit again and this was the last one for that day, as I said I was heading back home to my great aunt’s house.

They asked if I planned jogging again the next morning and I told them I most certainly would be back and their eyes lit up as I said so. I told them I hoped to see them again, wishing them a lovely day and again we blew air kisses to each other as I jogged away.

I felt so fucking horny that I gave myself a good finger bashing as I showered once home.

That night Mike gave me an absolutely gorgeous hard pummeling as I told him of how I had flirted with the two old guys, with him asking me if I intended to see if I could take it further while he was away. I told him of course I was intending to try, and I hoped that they would both be game as they certainly seemed a dirty pair and very chatty.

The next morning couldn’t come quick enough for me and once again I headed out from my aunt’s house dressed this time in a different pair of tight jogging leggings and an even shorter cropped top. This top allowed my cleavage to be on display a little bit more than the one I had worn the day before and I was hoping my two old admirers would get a good view of my cleavage and my tits. I wasn’t to be disappointed.

As soon as I got near the bench where they had been sitting the day before, they both waved at me feverishly and I ran straight over to them like a bitch in heat. They welcomed me with a good morning in their broken English as I did so again, keeping up the pretense that I understood no German.

Helmut asked me how my day had gone after I left them yesterday, and I told them I had a pleasant evening out with family. I then informed them that my husband and cousins would be heading off in a few hours, and that I was doing a wee bit of exercise before heading back to say cheerio to them and then I was at a loose end for the rest of the day and evening.

I wanted them both to see that I was available for them that night and needn’t have worried as they both latched onto this piece of information. In tandem they asked me what my plans were for that night and I said that I honestly didn’t have much planned at all. I certainly wasn’t going to be sitting in with my great aunt and she would go to bed very early. I hoped to maybe pop out for a few drinks if I could locate a couple of local bars.

They informed me that they had plans themselves to go out that evening and if I wanted, they would be very happy for me to join them, if I would feel comfortable doing so. Of course, I responded enthusiastically bursa escort bayan to this, thanking them both very much for being such gallant gentlemen. This was exactly the type of an invite I have been hoping for.

As I was chatting, I once again was trying to do some small warm-ups, this time bending over facing them trying to give them a good ogle at me, hoping they might get glimpses and views of my tits.

I said I was heading off for a quick lap and that we could chat more later, to plan how we would meet up later and arrange popping out for a few drinks.

Once again as I slowly walked away building up to a slow jog, I clearly heard Franz saying

something like, “She has fantastic tits. Could you imagine getting your hands on those,” to his friend Helmut.

My fanny was already soaking wet from the knowledge that I definitely had organized a date for myself, even if the two old guys had no idea and I wasn’t just going out for a friendly drink with them. I would make that clearer and more obvious on the night I had decided.

I repeated the laps and the chats as we had done the previous day but noticed that on the last two chats, they became more and more risqué, with compliments flying my way. Especially from the more forward one, Helmut. He told me I was a very beautiful young woman and that my husband was a very lucky man. He added that if I was his wife, he certainly wouldn’t be leaving me behind to head off to a beer festival, as he would be worried about what I might get up to.

I laughed with him and told him, “Oh, my husband doesn’t worry. He knows how naughty I am anyway!” and continued telling them, “He doesn’t worry about that sort of thing. He knows what I like and anyway he doesn’t mind if I have a little bit of fun every now and again.”

I just wanted to plant the seed that I wasn’t just being a tease, but I was also prepared to go through with my teasing, and would be a willing slut for them, if that’s what they wanted. We arranged to meet later that evening, again in the park, before we would go to a bar/cafe they knew that wasn’t too far. They both lived in what they described as a retirement complex and they were both recently widowed.

I left my two older lotharios, again hearing them talking about me and the word ‘schlampe’ being used again. The thought they were describing me as a slut had me fucking creaming.

I ran back to say my goodbyes to my cousins and Mike with my cunt dripping. Once I had showered and got myself ready, I explained to Mike that I had been invited out for the night for a couple of drinks by the two very kind older gentlemen, I had met whilst jogging in the park. He smiled a knowing smile saying,” I suppose you have plans for both of them!” and I simply replied, “If I haven’t had both of their cocks in my cunt and my mouth by the end of tonight, then it will be an absolute failure in my eyes’, love.”

I spent the afternoon in the company of my great aunt which was nice as I hadn’t seen her for quite some time. But in all honesty, by late afternoon I was absolutely frothing at the gash at the thought of the fun that I could be having later that night.

Once we had finished eating and my aunt was settling down, I explained that I was going to get myself ready and head off for a few drinks. She told me to be careful but that she knew that I would be wanting to head out for just a little bit of younger company. I thought to myself, little did she know but I had my eyes on two men old enough to be my grandfather and was hoping that both of them would be fucking my brains out before the end of the night.

My flirting with them had definitely confirmed that they had a naughty side to them. The comments made about my ass and tits had confirmed this to me, and I hoped that by wearing a very revealing outfit for them to ogle me in, I would get the conversation quickly turned to some naughty chat where I could make it clear to them I was up for more than just teasing.

I had decided on wearing a very short leather mini skirt which was white in color. I decided to wear no tights or stockings and instead went bare legged which I think always looks quite slutty when out for an evening with a mini skirt on.

I decided on wearing a very tight, revealing top to go with it. The top was cut into a V-shape and whilst I don’t have the biggest tits, even in this tight top I had a decent cleavage. Coupled with the push-up bra that I wore underneath it, this made my tits look heaving and I hoped that I would not only be getting their eyes all over them but their hands, lips and tongues would be on them later in the evening.

I followed my usual routine of having a nice, long soak in the bath and on this occasion shaved my cunt completely bald, ensuring it was smooth by double shaving it and oiling it nicely. My fanny was so fucking wet getting ready, and putting on my see through, white laced, knickers. My wet fanny was already devouring the material, escort bursa I was that wet.

To top it off I decided to go with a pair of white stilettos and an ankle bracelet around my right foot, the sign of a shared wife. I popped my makeup on (red lipstick and pale blue eyeshadow) and couldn’t resist a little play with my pussy again. My hair had been tied up in one long ponytail and I popped a pair of hoop earrings in just to top the complete slutty look.

I made my way out stopping to say good night to my great aunt. I wore a big long mac coat over the top so that she could not see the utter whore outfit her great niece was wearing for these two older men to ogle.

The walk to the park took me about 20 minutes and all the way there I was feeling extremely randy and turned on. This was from being dressed so provocatively when outside, even though I had my coat on, the cool air was sending shivers up my legs and my moist pussy was getting wetter and wetter. My nipples were stiff as I started thinking I shouldn’t have worn a bra to give my two old letches a better view of them.

I reached the park and saw my two old guys standing by the bench where we had been chatting for the past couple of mornings. They both looked very well dressed in nice suits, shoes and both looked quite dashing for men of their age. Helmut told me he was 66 and Franz told me that he was the older of the two friends, the boss as he described himself, and he had just turned 67.

I thanked them again for agreeing to accompany me on a night out, and they replied they both were looking forward to spending more time with me, as it wasn’t very often, they got to spend time with such a beautiful young lady. I thanked them again for the compliment, telling them that they both looked very handsome and that I was the lucky one to be escorted by two such dashing and handsome gentlemen.

The walk to the pub, which was actually more of a cafe, bar bistro was about 5-minutes and I was delighted in the clicking and clacking of my high heels as I walked, making sure that I drew attention to both Helmut and Franz to my legs. I still had my long coat on and hoped that once we were inside, sat comfortably and I had fully displayed my goods, the chat would get even heavier and naughtier than the nice compliments that had been thrown in so far. Once we arrived at the bar, we found a quiet corner which had a booth style seating area, and I was pleased as this would allow us to have a bit of privacy.

Once we got to our table, Helmut being a gentleman offered to take my coat and this was the point I was really looking forward to. His big, old, strong hands gently removed my coat from my shoulders and I was now fully on display for my two old admirers. I could feel their eyes looking me up and down and I did nothing to dissuade them by simply standing allowing both Helmet and Franz to take their seats letting them have a good look at the full length of me.

“You look very beautiful Anna, may I say,” Helmut said to me.

I thanked him saying, “I hope that you approved of my outfit, as I chose it especially for you.” I stood letting them ogle my legs and tits in my tight top, parting my legs slightly, to tighten the mini skirt a wee bit, and clicked my heels to show them my anklet as well.

Franz responded, “It has been a while since I have seen such a beautiful pair of legs on a young lady, and especially on a young lady who I am going to be spending some time with.”

I thanked him again, asking, “Do you think my legs are very nice?”

He replied, “Oh yes, they are stunning.”

I quickly drew attention to the length of my mini skirt, asking, “Do you think my skirt is a bit short? Do you feel that I am looking like a bit of ‘mutton dressed as lamb?” I had to explain this last part to them as they didn’t understand what I meant, but as soon as they got the gist, Helmut retorted, “No Anna. The length is perfect and with your figure and legs there is no reason why a lady in her 30s or 40s should not wear the same outfit as a lady in their 20s.” Adding that he loved my high heels too.

Whilst asking about the length of my mini skirt, I stood still to display myself the best I could to them at the side of the table as they took their seats, wanting both of them to get a good look at my fucking legs that I hoped both of them would be in between later, hoping I would have them wrapped around their backs as they fucked me hard later that night.

We sat at the table with me at one side of the booth and the two guys at the other, and ordered a round of drinks and continued chatting for a little while. I was very conscious of their eyes wandering from my face to my tits and smiled at them enjoying the view as we chatted.

“I hope you like my top as well. I think you both do from your looks,”” I teasingly added. I had decided to start pushing the envelope right from the start because I was absolutely gasping for a good cocking and feeling so bloody turned on.

The bar was quite full, but luckily the booth behind us was empty so we could chat, keeping our voices down, but I was able to be quite risky and fruity with them both, in terms of what I was saying.

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