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Fun With Frilly Socks and Mary Jane Shoes

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Fun With Frilly Socks and Mary Jane ShoesAs I walked into the bathroom to take my evening shower I noticed that mydaughter’s cute pink mary jane shoes and a pair of her white frilly sockswere laying on the small dressing bench. The socks had each beenseparately placed just inside each shoe’s opening with great care,certainly not the usual way she would have normally removed and discardedthem by flipping the shoes off in 2 different directions and then pullingoff the socks, turning them inside out and balling them up. No….thisseemed as if tender loving care had been given to the delicate items. Sounlike my daughter.I didn’t think much more of it as I was taking my shower, but when Istepped out grabbing my towel from the hook above the dressing bench, mygaze was again drawn to those sweet shoes and socks. As I dried myselfoff I thought back to all the times I’d seen Michelle wearing them, orother similar socks and shoes. She has been a pageant girl since she was6 years old and these were part of the outfits she’s worn. Although she’sstill a pageant girl, she doesn’t usually wear outfits quite asfrilly anymore. I couldn’t even remember how many times my wife and I hadattended her pageants…cheering her on….being so proud of the manytimes she won a crown. And even when she didn’t. It is quite expensive,buying all the pretty pageant dresses and accessories. Plus a lot of timeand expense is spent traveling all over the area, sometimes having todrive hundreds of miles. But it is always fun and rewarding because weare so happy that Michelle has something she is so interested in and isso good at. I’m sure I’d seen these very socks and shoes many times as she paradedaround the stage in front of the judges and audience, doing her wellrehearsed routines. At times I could hardly recognize her because of herheavily made up face and glamorous dresses. She always appeared olderthan she was, but the tip-off that she wasn’t mature at all was alwaysthe fact that she had on such girly anklets and strap shoes. Yes….onlypretty young girls wore those things. Usually, anyway. After I had completely dried myself off I couldn’t help myself as Isuddenly felt drawn to those shoes and socks. Always before they werejust things that I saw Michelle wearing and nothing more. But tonight wasdifferent…..much different and I felt a shiver hit me as I picked upone of the sock-filled shoes. It was as cute a shoe as one could imagine.Pink with a lustrous look that reflected almost like a mirror. There wasa diamond shaped area right over the toe portion that consisted ofseveral small tear drop cut-outs with accents that looked like tinylittle flower petals surrounding each opening. The single instep straphad similar cut-outs and the effect was to make what was certainly a veryfeminine shoe even more girly and delicate. Since the sock was stillinside the shoe I could see that the thin nylon of the sock could justbarely be seen through those small openings. I couldn’t understand what was coming over me as I continued to study mydaughter’s pretty things. I removed the slighty damp frilly sock from theshoe and a sweet, delicate, yet intoxicating smell wafted towards mynostrils. It wasn’t the normal pungent odor of a worn sock but more of afresh fragrance of the youthful sweaty feet that had worn them just ashort time ago. The sock wasn’t dirty at all most likely because the shoehad been worn constantly with it. I laid the sock down and then took aclose look at the inside of the shoe. While these shoes had been worn alot it was still fairly easy to see the large brand imprint on the heelof the insole that sarıyer escort said ‘Princess Belle by L’Amour’. I also saw, on oneside, 4 rows of small lettering that had almost been rubbed off from wearbut could still be read.The top row said ‘Size 7 1/2’. The second rowsaid ‘100% Patent Leather Outside’. The third row said ‘All LeatherInsole’. And the fourth row said ‘100% Satin Lining’. Peering into theshoe it did indeed look very slippery and satiny indeed. I again felt ashiver run through my body as I thought about how intimate I was gettingwith Michelle’s shoes. What was going on with me?I then turned my attention to the sock. I couldn’t have ever imagined mybeing even remotely interested in such a feminine looking thing, yet hereI was holding it in my trembling hand. It was made of a very sheer andsikly nylon fabric that almost seemed to be too delicate to allow a footto enter it without causing it to tear. The sock had been so carefullyremoved that I could easily make out the indentations in the materialwhere the toes had left their mark. There was a heavy seam that was sewnin just above where the toe area was. There was also diagonal stitchingon each side of the heel and what appeared to be a slightly darkerreinforcement of the heel. The top of the sock had cuffs that were 3layers of the most delicate lace I’d ever seen. The outer layer of lacewas a very light pink color that matched the color of the shoe. Whenfolded down, the area above the cuff had an adorable pink ribbon bow onthe outside that was drizzled with a row of tiny pearls on both ends ofthe bow. This sock would have been heavenly to any sweet, femmy littlegirl…but it shouldn’t have been having the effect it was on me. My pusle was racing and my penis had gone from just slightly stirring toa full blown erection and was starting to drip profusely. This wasunnatural, unreal…..and yet amazingly exciting and a whole newexperience for me. Whatever it was that was taking control of my sensestold me to savor the moment regardless of how wrong it seemed to be. DidI harbour some hidden shoe or foot fetish? What was causing me to getturned on by my daughter’s shoes and socks like this? Or was it due tothe events of this evening and odd coincidence of finding these things inhere on such an evening? Whatever it was, I was beyond worrying about it.As I gazed down at the sock I could also see my bare feet on the floorand a very impulsive thought hit me like lightning. I had to feel thosedelicious looking socks on my own feet. I quickly sat down on the benchand drew that flimsy white anklet over my foot. I could see my toes fitalmost exactly into the toe imprints left in them and I shivered as Iremembered who had worn them earlier. As I drew it over my foot I couldeasily see my toes clearly through the thin nylon material and Icarefully made sure the thick seam was in place just above my toes. Iwasn’t even sure it would fit me but the stretchy nylon material easilyconformed to the size of my foot as if it were made for me. As I pulledit around my heel I could see that it did indeed have a slightly darkerwhite reinforcement there and it almost looked sexy that way. Iremembered when my mom used to wear nylons that had a similar heelreinforcement way back when I was just a little boy. Strange that I evenremembered that. I guess it didn’t mean anything to me back then. But itsure did seem to matter now. The sensations that were running through my body were unlike anything I’dever felt and my penis was drooling as never before. As I finishedpulling esenyurt escort the sock on and turned the frilly cuff down to reveal the sweetgirly ribbon bow and tiny pearls I almost fainted. This was the mosterotic experience I’d ever had, and it was with Michelle’s dainty socks.Oh man….what was happening to me? My mind was trying hard to rejectwhat I was feeling, but my emotions and the physical sensations I washaving pushed me on. My feet looked very sexy, I thought. But how could Ipossibly think it was sexy since it was my daughter’s socks on my feet? Iguess the fact that I had HER socks on MY feet made it that way.Whatever….I quickly gathered up the other anklet and again felt thesame pleasant sensations as I pulled it on my other foot. I really wanted to wear those heavenly pink mary jane shoes too, but Iknew they were way too small for me. By this time my hand was pistoningup and down my hard throbbing cock as I gazed at my sexy sock coveredfeet, but I needed more. But what more? I pulled one of the shoes to myface and started sniffing the inside of it. It was still slightly dampfrom the foot that had worn it for several hours earlier and I wanted tosmell more of that wonderful, intoxicating aroma I remembered fromsniffing the sock. It hit me like a ton of bricks….such a sweet yetstrong smell of girl feet lingering in well worn mary janes.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm As I started licking the inside of the shoe in order totaste what I was smelling I also picked up the other shoe and startedrubbing it over my cock. I felt the strap slap against me and suddenly mycock slipped into the shoe and was rubbing against that slippery satinlining. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…what a feeling. I was still juicing a lot ofpre-cum, and that coupled with the effect of the slippery satin liningwas driving me over the edge. I pulled the shoe down hard over my thickcock and it felt like a tight wet glove had just enveloped me. I wasstroking with it and it was tight and warm and slippery. This was thebest masturbation I’d ever experienced and I wondered how, or if, I’d beable to stay away from these shoes in the future. I kept looking at my frilly anklet covered feet…..oh luxuriating in howheavenly they felt. My own socks would never feel right again I was sure.And the aroma from the shoe that was filling my nostrils was inflaming memore and more. My orgasm was rapidly building as I continued to stroke mycock with the other shoe. The head of my cock completely filled the endof the shoe and I could see glimpses of the purple head through the cut-outs as it was sliding up and down in that heavenly silken trap. I hit mypeak and felt my semem surge and watched as it was forced out through theshoe’s tiny toe cut-outs. The force of my ejaculation and the fact thatthere was no place for it to go except through the cut-outs of the 8 or10 tiny openings propelled my semen out in several thin streams about afoot in the air. It reminded me of when my wife was lactating and couldsqueeze milk out of her nipples like that. It pulsed that way for 7 or 8squirts and then just starfted oozing down the shiny pink patent leather.It was undoubtably the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. As I regained my senses I was in shock. That I had done such a disgustingthing with Michelle’s delicate items completely left me feeling guiltyand dirty. Plus I quickly needed to clean up the mess I had caused beforestains could form. Luckily none of my cum had hit the socks or the shoethat was up against my face. But the other shoe was a mess of stringy,clinging thick cum. As I avrupa yakası escort examined it I was relieved that there wasn’tmuch mess inside the shoe since my semen had been forced out the cut-outsto the outside. So it was actually quite easy cleaning up the mess thatwas covering the patent leather. And it was so slick that it couldn’tabsorb anything. Whew….that was close. After cleaning the shoe I removed the socks from my feet. And even thoughI had just orgasmed a few monents before and had felt nothing but guiltimmediately afterwards, as I slipped the smooth silky socks from my feetI couldn’t help but feel slightly aroused again at the sensation of nylonon my skin. Wow….I wondered if I’d be able to recover from this new-found interest and resist temptation in the future. I smiled a littlethinking ‘as long as these things aren’t left in the bathroom anymoretempting me again I’ll be OK.’ Yeah……well maybe. We’ll see. Hmmmmm. I put my pajamas and robe on and placed the cute socks in the shoes asbest I could remember how they had been when I found them and left thebathroom with them in hand. I sure didn’t want to have to face them againif I got up in the middle of the night! When I got to Michelle’s room Iknocked and opened up the door just a slight bit. “So did you have fun atBrittany’s Halloween party tonight, honey? Didn’t you miss going trick-r-treating with Brian?”…referring to her brother.”Brit’s party was totally cool and we all had a blast. And daddy, I’m WAYtoo old to trick-r-treat anymore…so no…I didn’t miss it. But I’m sureBrian had fun, huh? He sure looked good in his costume. I didn’t thinkhe’d do it, did you?” And she sort of giggled. “Well, sweetie…at my age not much surprises me anymore. You just neverknow when someone’s going to do things you thought they never would,” Isaid taking note of her pretty bare feet. And then I gazed at what I washolding in my hands and felt my penis twitch. She said, “yeah, I guessso” and turned back to what she was doing. I then went to Brian’s door and knocked and he said “just a minute!” Ithought that was strange and went ahead and opened it after a couple ofseconds. He was laying on his bed with his robe on looking very red facedand flushed. “Are you OK, son?” “Uh…yeah dad….I’m, ah, OK. Was just doing some sit-ups and I’m sortof hot.”Weird, I thought. Sit-ups in bed wearing a robe. O K. I glanced overtowards his closet and saw Michelle’s pink pageant dress hanging on thedoor. It had been her idea for his costume. I was surprised he’d gonealong with it so easily. “Soooo……how was trick-r-treating? You surelooked cute in your little outfit.” “Awwww dad…….give me a break!!! The guys really gave me a hard time.””Sorry, Brian. I’m sure they did but maybe they were just jealous. Ithink it was very cool that you dressed up like that. Really, I mean it!Takes a real man to do that. Oh…by the way……here’s your shoes andsocks. You left them in the bathroom when you changed out of them. Bestyou get them and that dress back to Michelle soon.” As I handed them to him and he reached out, his robe fell open and I sawhe had on a old pair of Michelle’s frilliest, silkiest pageant panties.They had lace and ruffles and ribbons all over them. And…….there wasa slight bulge and wet spot on the front. Wow…I had no idea she hadgotten him to wear those. Oh my. No wonder he was red-faced when I camein. He must have been….I must have caught him…..oh my! And Imomentarily felt a little jealous as I wondered how he must feel wearingthem. Hmmmmm I quickly exited his room before either of us gotembarrassed further. As I left I glanced at the shoes and socks he washolding and thought about what I had just done with them. He shifted alittle on his bed and his bare feet came into view. They were as prettyand girlish as his sister’s. I suddenly remembered the sweet aroma thathad overwhelmed me a short time ago. Whew. And I suddenly felt a slightbulge and wet spot too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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