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Fun With Lavinia (part three)

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When I was 20 years old, I came home from college to find that my Mom had put in a hot tub. Very interesting. My father left years before. I had never really understood why. But I had matured into a quiet introspective scholar in high school and later in college. I was about five feet eight inches tall and weighed about 150 pounds. I was into working out but had never participated in sports. As a young man I was normal in my sexual desires. I was to learn new things this vacation from school.  While I was in high school I noticed that even though dad had left Mom never dated. She would occasionally go out for an evening on her own but she never spoke of where she went and it really wasn’t my business. Anyway my arrival home was going to be a total surprise to Mom because I was arriving on a Friday evening. She was expecting me late Saturday afternoon. But all my exams had been completed earlier than expected and so I drove straight home from school which was about a four hour drive. I would arrive home at eight in the evening. When I drove up to our ranch style home I noticed a different car in the driveway. Of course I had my own key so I just let myself in. I had no reason to make a loud announcement. I just wanted to surprise my Mom whom I loved dearly and always had. So not seeing anyone in the front I carried my stuff into my room and went in search of Mom. She wasn’t to be found anywhere in the house but I glanced out to the deck at the rear off the kitchen and it looked like there was a new hot tub out there. This was fun. I loved soaking in hot tubs. But there seemed to be someone I didn’t know in the tub. Mom had short brown hair and this woman appeared to have long hair.  I casually walked outside through the french doors. “Hello, what’s new?” She jumped up quickly and I couldn’t help but see she was naked. But this lady was beautiful and I bahçesehir escort could see her huge tits and clean pussy as she quickly covered herself up. I could see she had long wavy blond hair. But I couldn’t tell if she was a true blond. I was sort of amused by the whole situation because my Mom had never manifested any sexual desires that I was aware of and here was a MILF in her hot tub. So I said to the lady who was now grinning with glee, “Hi beautiful. Are you here by yourself?” She giggled and stood up and proudly showed me her pussy. It was hairless. “Well, you must be Mike I suppose. Your mom has gone out to get some things for a late dinner tonight. She thought you would be coming home tomorrow I believe.” “I was just wondering if you were a true blond. Can’t tell from the nice clean pussy though.” “Oh, I’m a true blond sweetie. Call me Lavinia. Maybe I’ll let it grow out and prove it to you. You’re home for the summer aren’t you? Well I’m willing to have some fun with a strapping young stud. Are you into ladies of a certain age Mike? Your Mom doesn’t really have to know. In fact, I’d like to keep it our secret sweetie.” At this point I had decided that, come hell or high-water, I was getting in that tub with this beautiful lady. So I started stripping off my clothes. Getting my underwear off was hard because I already had a raging hard on.  “Mike, what are you doing?”  “Cool it Lavinia. If you’re not horny right now that’s fine but I am going to hot tub!” And I climbed in. Lavinia reluctantly sank back into the tub. I am sure she was afraid Mom would appear and find us together. She didn’t have to worry. Our drive was about a quarter mile long. I would hear Mom coming soon enough to get out and go to my own room. Simple. “So how’s tricks Lavinia?” I could tell Lavinia was interested. She made that obvious by moving beylikdüzü bayan escort over next to me and grabbing my hard cock and starting to jack it off.  “Lavinia. I think you’re a mind reader.”  Lavinia just kept jerking me off with one hand. She was rubbing my prick and with the other squeezing my balls. I took advantage. I was no fool. Pussy was pussy and tits were tits and I had never found any more appealing than these I was with. I started groping Lavinia’s tits. They were huge and choice. And they were real. Her nipples stood out like little cocks they were so hard. I pinched them and she moaned with desire. She squeezed my cock extra hard which was fine with me.  Lavinia was a little MILF vixen. And I had no reluctance whatsoever in taking what was offered. Even in my Mom’s own hot tub. I had my hand on Lavinia’s slick cunt and her swollen labia were quite greasy with pussy juices. What a cunt it was. I picked her up by the waist and put her on my lap facing me. She only weighed about 115 pounds. My prick entered her and it felt like that cunt was sucking on my cock. I immediately started fucking as hard as I could. I wasn’t going to miss this chance. God that was good pussy. It was so good that she came with the first thrust. She was that sexual. And after fucking only about five minutes and making her come six or seven more times I had to shoot my wad up her pussy.  I wasn’t a virgin but that was the best cunt I had ever had. I only hoped this was just the first time. Lavinia had been moaning aloud while everything was happening. In fact she sucked on my face the whole time with her tongue crammed down my throat. You would think she hadn’t been fucked in ages. It was fucking incredible.  Then I had a great idea. I grabbed Lavinia by the waist and hoisted her up onto the edge of the tub and told Lavinia escort beylikdüzü I needed to eat some pussy. Then I started feeling up her hairless pussy with my fingers and diddling her little clit while I got her ready for the next act. My cock was hard again but I wasn’t going to need him right now. It was pussy eating time. Her hands were tightly holding my black hair and trying to force me to do my job. I was not reluctant. I moved forward and my tongue tip touched her clit. It was a button sticking out waiting to be serviced. When my tongue touched it she trembled and came. She was one hot MILF bitch. I licked it harder and then sucked on it and she squealed with passion. Now the pussy needed more attention. I slid down her flesh with my tongue and licked up one side and down the other of her labia. They were wet from the tub and slick from my come that was still dripping out. I placed my whole mouth over the vulva and sucked as hard as I could. Her trembling increased and her squeals got even louder. At that point I spread the lips apart with my fingers and fucked her cunt with my hard tongue. I loved pussy. At last I could tell she’d had enough. She could barely sit up on the hot tub edge. I helped her out of the tub and we went over to a chaise lounges to relax. We were still naked. I finally heard Mom’s car coming up the lane so I gathered my things and kissed Lavinia goodbye. I went up to my room. I have no idea what Mom and Lavinia were up to. Mom came up later when I was in bed and just peeked in to see if I was asleep and then closed the door softly. The next morning I showered and dressed about nine in the morning. Not too early and not to late. I may have missed breakfast but I had learned to cook over the years while Mom and I were on our own together. Descending the stairs I heard the laughter of two women. I walked into the kitchen and found Mom and Lavinia sitting at the breakfast nook having coffee. “Morning dear. I’m so glad you could come home early. Lavinia tells me you met last night?” “Yep, that’s right Mom. Lavinia is definitely a nice lady. You know how to pick friends. I didn’t know she was spending the night.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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