Oca 06

Fun with the Babysitter

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I’m sure the babysitter had some idea about the nature of our relationship. We never outright said that we were a polyamorous triad, but she knew that while all three of our children were Josh’s, I had given birth to two of them and Jessica had given birth to the other. I was “mama” and Jessica was “mom” to the kids and the three of us raised them equally. Plus she had been out at the house around the three of us enough to see us being affectionate with one another. She’d notice my hand on the small of Jessica’s back, or see Josh kiss Jessica quickly as he was leaving for work and quickly glance away like she had seen something she wasn’t supposed to. But she’d always peek up from her dark lashes with curiosity.

Stephanie was 18, fresh out of high school, and had been watching our three children for a couple of years. She was a cute little thing, very petite with long, thick natural red hair and full lips. She had plans to attend Oregon State University in the fall with the intention of going to medical school eventually. The weekend Josh worked to get our pool opened up, we invited her out to spend the day swimming with us. We didn’t mention that the kids would be with Josh’s parents and it would just be the four of us, though.

Stephanie showed up, her usual cheerful self, wearing a pool coverup and the strings of her triangle top bikini peeking out around her neck. Jessica and I were in the kitchen fixing some lunch and Josh was already out swimming laps in the pool.

“Hey, Steph!! We’re so glad you could make it! I just put some fruit salad in the fridge and Jessica is making some fresh guacamole. Help yourself to whatever you want,” I said, greeting her.

“Thanks,” she said, smiling. I could see her looking around for the kids.

“The kids are at Josh’s parents for the weekend,” Jessica called to her, winking at me before opening the pantry to get out some tortilla chips. “Come on out back with me!”

Jessica lead the way, carrying the guacamole and chips in nothing but her white bikini. Her long, tan legs looked so good and her blonde hair was piled up in a messy bun. Even after almost a decade together, she still turned me on like no other woman ever had. Stephanie followed her out to the lavish patio just as Josh was getting out of the pool, pressing a towel to his face to dry off. He walked over and kissed Jessica blatantly on the lips right in front of Stephanie, and I could see her nervously look away.

I grabbed the fruit salad out of the fridge and followed them out to the patio. Everyone was sitting at the table chatting when I sat down, too.

“Stephanie, do you know what kind of relationship the three of us have?” Josh asked suddenly once we were all sitting together.

“Um…well…I think so. Are you all married to each other?”

“Well, not exactly. I’m married to Rachel, yes. But legally, the three of us can’t marry each other. We’ve had a commitment ceremony, though. So even though Rachel and I are married, we’re also both in a committed relationship with Jessica. It’s called a polyamorous triad,” he explained.

Stephanie’s fair skin flushed. “Okay. That makes sense now. I always knew things were a little different.”

“It IS a little different, but it works for the three of us. We’ve been together for ten years,” Jessica added.

“Wow, that’s a really long time. Doesn’t anyone ever bursa escort get jealous or anything?”

“Well, I think every couple goes through those issues when they’re first starting out but after a decade, we know that we’re all in love with each other and we work hard to make sure we get one on one time with each other, too,” I explained.

“That’s really neat. I saw something on TV about people who have relationships like that once but I didn’t know it was real.”

We all laughed. It was very real. It had been our blissful reality for a long time.

“Even though we’re in a committed relationship just the three of us, we like to have a little fun now and again, too, and play with another girl sometimes,” Josh began. This was the tricky part. We had all learned how to gauge to see if someone might be interested in having a little fun with us and we agreed that Stephanie’s curiosity might just make her a good match for that.

“You mean, like someone you all have sex with?”

“Pretty much,” Jessica responded, sipping on a beer.

“Stephanie, do you understand why we asked you to come spend time with us today?” I asked.

“I think so. I could be wrong, but you guys are interested in having sex with me.”

“We are. We all think you’re such a beautiful girl and that we could have a lot of fun. But we want it to be clear that we do not want to pressure you into anything you’re uncomfortable with whatsoever. If you aren’t interested in having sex with us, that’s perfectly fine. We all respect that completely and hope that it won’t affect our working relationship. We’re all really thankful that the kids love you like they do; you’re so great with them and so reliable when Rachel and Jessica can’t be home,” Josh said.

“I’ve never been with another girl before…” Stephanie began. “But I’ve always wanted to.”

Jessica and I exchanged knowing glances. She had never been with another girl when Josh and I first invited her into our bedroom. She was 18 and we were 28, and it had been such a beautiful experience that we all became attached instantly.

“Is that so?” I asked.

“Well, yeah. I’ve always been curious. I’ve just never had a chance to do it. So yes. I’d like to have sex with you all.”

“Are you absolutely positive? Because again, we really do not want you to feel pressured into anything. We don’t have any boundaries or limits sexually so we’d need to talk about what yours might be,” Jessica said.

“I’m on birth control, I’ve never had an STD, I’m down with just about anything. And I just got a Brazilian wax yesterday so I’m ready to go right now,” Stephanie said, making us all laugh.

“Well why don’t you show us then?” I said, grinning.

Stephanie proceeded to stand up and pull her turquoise coverup over her head, revealing a tiny orange string bikini. It looked incredible on her petite body, her small breasts jiggling just a little as she did so. Unashamedly, she began untying the sides of her bottom, letting it drop to the ground. Just as she had said, she had a perfectly smooth mound above her pussy, not a trace of hair in sight. The, without provocation, she reached back and untied her bathing suit top, dropping it as well, revealing her perky little breasts with perfectly pink nipples. I looked around at my husband and our girlfriend and both of them were grinning just like I bursa escort bayan was.

“You are one sexy little thing,” Josh complimented her. “Girls, why don’t you go ahead and do the same and we’ll head inside?”

Jessica stood up at the same time I did, pulling her bikini bottoms down and unclasping her bra, letting her full breasts spring free. I, too, removed my bathing suit, letting my breasts, the largest of the three, out. I walked over to Stephanie and put my arm around her shoulder and whispered into her ear, “I promise you’re going to have a lot of fun today.”

Josh lead the way back into the house straight to the living room and Stephanie followed behind. He had her sit down on the couch, so Jessica and I sat down on either side of her. Jessica immediately began kissing Stephanie passionately at the same time I reached up and began playing with her hard little nipples. Josh got down on the floor in front of her and spread her legs, pulling her by her hips closer to the edge of the couch.

“Look at that pretty little pussy,” he said, smiling. “I can’t wait to taste how sweet you are.”

Josh kissed up her thigh until he was at the apex, and looking up at Stephanie, gingerly ran his tongue up her slit to her clit. She immediately whimpered and Jessica and I began sucking her nipples. We had our eyes open, looking at each other, watching each other licking Stephanie’s hard nipples and taking them in our mouths to suck on them. I reached across and squeezed one of Jessica’s full breasts in my hand as Stephanie moaned softly. Josh was between her legs, tongue deep inside of her tight little pussy, holding the folds open so he could lick everywhere inside her before moving back up to her clit to flick his tongue across it and suck on it.

“Girls, why don’t you hold her legs back for me?” Josh suggested. We each stopped sucking on her nipples and reached to pull her legs up to her chest, holding them in place. As soon as we did that, Josh moved down and planted a soft kiss on Stephanie’s asshole. She almost jumped from the contact.

“Oh! Nobody’s ever done that to me before!”

“If you don’t want me to, we don’t have to do that, sweetie. It’s just something the three of us really enjoy,” Josh explained.

“Oh no, I want you to do it. I just wasn’t expecting it,” Stephanie allowed. Josh eagerly moved back down and began passionately licking Stephanie’s tight little asshole while Jessica and I held her legs back and watching him hungrily. We all loved having our asses eaten and eating each other’s asses, so I knew Jessica’s mouth was watering just as much as mine was to taste Stephanie.

After several minutes of eating her ass, Josh got up and motioned for us to move and sat on the back of the couch.

“Stephanie, get up here on all fours and suck my cock. Girls, I want you to get behind her and eat her pussy and ass for me,” he ordered. We all did what we were told and in no time, Stephanie was gagging on his thick cock like a good girl. When Jessica and I got behind her and I pulled her ass cheeks apart, we both looked at each other with excitement. She had the prettiest little pink rosebud, nice and tight, just what we wanted to get our tongues on. We both dove in at the same time, our tongues dancing around her little asshole and touching each other constantly. She had the sweetest little ass, especially escort bursa because all the wetness from her pussy had dripped down when Josh was eating it. The sounds of her gagging on his cock, getting her pretty little face fucked, just turned Jessica and I on even more and soon Jessica was sitting with her head tilted back to eat Stephanie’s little pussy and I was between her legs eating her pussy. Our girlfriend had my favorite pussy I had ever tasted – faintly sweet, the prettiest shade of pink, and even after having a baby, tight as a virgin. I never could get enough of Jessica’s pussy and asshole. It wasn’t long before I could feel Jessica’s pussy clenching around my fingers and she began to moan into Stephanie’s pussy, her entire body stiffening and twitching from the orgasm my tongue was giving her.

“God, Stephanie, you suck cock just as good as Jessica and Rachel do,” Josh said, panting with exertion from fucking her face. “I need to fuck your little pussy now, though.” He got up from his position on the couch and Jessica and I moved from ours to lie beside Stephanie in a 69 position with Jessica on top. Josh got behind Stephanie and after grabbing her hips, immediately thrust his cock into her tight pussy. She cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure as he began slowly pumping his cock in and out of her, gradually increasing in speed. I could hear his balls slapping against her, soft grunts and moans escaping her mouth as he fucked our little babysitter. At the same time, I had pulled Jessica’s ass to my face and I was buried between her cheeks, tonguing the asshole I loved so much while she shoved her fingers in and out of my pussy and licked my clit.

Soon, I could hear Stephanie’s moans getting louder and louder and I knew that Josh was fucking her to orgasm.

“Oh my God, fuck me, Josh, fill my pussy up with cum,” she yelled and with that, Josh unloaded his cum deep into her tight pussy, filling it up just like she wanted. Jessica swiftly moved off my face and got down between my legs; she knew what was about to get me off.

“Stephanie, straddle Rachel’s face. I want her to suck my cum out of your pussy. That’s what gets her off the most,” Josh ordered, slowly pulling his cock out of her and helping her to maneuver herself over my face. She looked down into my eyes as I lifted my head off the couch and delved my tongue into her pussy, tasting her sweet pussy juices mixed with his tangy cum. At the same time, Jessica was furiously licking and sucking my pussy and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. Josh watched me licking the cum out of Stephanie, my face getting messy from the huge load he blew in her. I felt my climax building and started sucking her pussy harder, shaking my face into her pussy so it would get absolutely drenched with her juices and my husband’s cum. Soon, I was moaning into her wet pussy, my body shaking with orgasm. Once I relaxed, Josh helped Stephanie climb off my face and sat her on his lap on the couch, kissing her and rubbing her nipples and Jessica and I began kissing passionately. She licked up the traces of pussy and cum off my face, and then shared it with me by kissing me deeply. The two of us crawled over to Josh and Stephanie and the four of us engaged in a perfect quadruple kiss, all of our tongues touching.

“Girls, that was perfect. Absolutely perfect. I’m so glad you agreed to play with us, Stephanie,” Josh said, stroking her hair.

“Me, too. I can’t wait to come back and play with you again,” she responded, grinning.

Josh, Jessica, and I exchanged surprised looks. Maybe we had found a long-term play thing?

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