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Fun With The Girl Upstairs Ch. 03

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With Sam looking up into my eyes she opened her mouth, tongue out for me to rest my cock on before she took it deep inside. Bright red lips wrapped around my cock.

Sam said my cock was big, it wasn’t long, but it was thick, Sam was certainly getting her mouth filled. She was already drooling her spit, it was dripping down onto her tits. Long strings of her saliva hanging down. Whoever said she was a good cocksucker was spot on. She sucked, licked and nibbled. Hands squeezing my balls and even rubbing my own tight hole. I groaned as her finger crept a little deeper. This was new to me, and it felt so good too.

It seemed Sam had a few tricks up her sleeve. And I intended to find every one of them over the next few hours.

While this was good I was sure that being inside of Sam would be even better.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her up. I turned her around and pushed her out of the shower. Slapping her ass to send her slipping and sliding to the bedroom, I watched her sexy ass all the way. God she was a sexy slut. Married or not I was having her in every hole she had. As a bum man I was looking forward to forcing her to take my cock all the way in her tight little fuckhole.

Sam was standing at the bottom of my bed, hands on the brass footboard that was slightly smaller than the headboard. Rubbing her hands over the cold metal as she bent over.

“Mmmnnnnnnnn, Nice bed, perfect for all sorts of games.” She turned around, bum resting on the cold metal. Her small nipples erect.

” Are you going to tie me down? Spreading my legs wide apart so I can’t close them even if I wanted to, and my hands too? I’d be helpless like that, I think you’d like me helpless so you could fuck me as rough as you wanted to. Slapping my poor defenseless tits so I cried for you.”

Sam began to play with her wet tits, squeezing her nipples, pulling them out as far as she could then twisting them between her fingers. She scooped up some of the spit she’d drooled from her mouth. Holding it up, then letting her tongue taste it.

“Mmmmmmnnnnn, I think I’d like that, being all helpless for you. Maybe you should do it so I’m face down, my tight little ass would be available like that as well as my pissy, wet cunt. And I do like it in my ass…really like it. I’m going to roll my stockings bahis siteleri down and take them off. You can use those on my wrists. I’m sure you have something to use on my ankles. Tie me down and take me like the dirty little slut I am, even if I beg don’t stop. No safe word for me today, I’m all yours.”

It seemed that Sam had already made her mind up. She was going to be tied wide open and taken. I watched as Sam rolled down her stockings, throwing them over her shoulder ready to be used to tie her wrists to the headboard.

” That leaves only one thing to decide, knickers on or off, which do you prefer?”

It would be a waste to take them off, the thought of sliding into her little shaved cunt through that lacy slit was too good to pass up. I managed to croak out one word. On.

Sam was smiling as she reached behind her. I heard the ripping of her sexy knickers.

“That’s better, you’ll be able to get at my asshole now…but you’ll have to buy me a new pair, maybe something that has a slit all the way around. I promise you’ll be the only one who gets to see them on.”

Well it seemed that this wasn’t going to be a one time thing. I’d buy her underwear, lots of underwear if I was the one getting all the benefits. I might add another few things to the list that I’d surprise her with.

Sam turned around holding the rip open so I could see her tight little asshole. Fuck. it was going to hurt Sam when my cock was stuck all the way up it. She’d struggle to accommodate what I was going to force her to take. Maybe some tears would be rolling down her pretty cheeks soon.

Sam climbed onto the bed and turned over so she was face down, a pillow under head. I opened her legs as wide as she could spread them and reached up grabbing the rails of the headboard. Ready for me to fasten her wrists so she couldn’t stop me doing anything I wanted.

I grabbed her wrist, twisting her stocking around it, tight so she couldn’t get out, knotting it before tying it to the rails. She tested the tightness and groaned. I repeated it on her other wrist, the groaning getting louder.

“Oh God no, please don’t fuck me, I won’t ever tell what you did to me. Please I’m married, I’ll suck you off if you want, but don’t fuck my asshole or cunt…Pleaseeeeeeeeee.”

She struggled harder canlı bahis siteleri but she wasn’t going anywhere, no matter how hard she tried.

I found a couple of ties in my chest of drawers, perfect for her ankles.

Sam was whimpering as she felt the knot tighten around her ankle, I pulled her further open and tied her tight. She was lashing her free foot around but I soon grabbed it and tied her completely spread, wide open and so ready to fuck.

Sam was panting now, still trying to free herself. I wondered if she would beg some more before I finally stuck my cock into her. I hoped she would, I found it was turning me on more than it should have. I thought I’d play along with her game, after all she did say no safeword for her today. I lay down next to her, I wanted to tease her just a little more.

” Listen to me, I’m going to fuck your married cunt and ass, there’s nothing you can do to stop me, so behave yourself, no screaming for help and I will be gentle. If you scream not only will I gag you, I’ll do it to you so rough you’ll wish you’d never been born. Not only that but I’ll film the whole thing and send it to every porn site I can find. Your husband is bound to see it eventually. You be a good little married slut for me and he’d never needs to know my cock had enjoyed his wife.”

I reached over and grabbed the lube, squeezing a good amount on my fingers. Sam tensed as she felt the coldness as I began to slide my fingers around her hole, She pushed up when the finger started penetrating her. I could hear her repeating Oh God, Oh God as I pushed a second finger in, harder, so she really felt her ass being opened up.

” See that’s not so bad is it babygirl? You’re tight, but I’m going to change that for you. I’m guessing hubby hasn’t used this hole much, his loss is my gain. I think this may even be your first time, nice. Now one last thing, you’re going to tell me to fuck you. I want you to beg for it. You know what will happen if you don’t. So let me hear you say it.”

” Please fuck me, I want you inside my cunt and asshole, take my anal virginity. I’m just a slut, a dirty married slut who wants your cock up me now, do it to me, do it please.”

I climbed between Sam’s legs and pushed the tip of my cock into her dripping cunt, hearing her groaning canlı bahis as I pushed into her harder. Looking down to see her lips stretching around my cock. I buried it all the way up Sam, grinding against her as I was firmly inside.

” Ready babygirl, ready to be fucked like a whore, you never know maybe I will be fucking a baby into you.”

Now Sam was filled I began to ride her hard. Pulling out only to thrust back into her. She was lifting her bum up, only to be forced back into the mattress, groaning as she pulled on the ties that held her down. I slid one arm under her neck, turning her face to mine so I could see her face while I fucked her. She had her eyes closed and was panting hard. I went at her harder, driving myself in deep every time.

” Yes that’s how I want it baby, nice and hard, my cunt loves that cock, I’m dripping for it, soaking your bed as you use me Mmmmnnn, I’d love you to bite my neck hard but you know I can’t let you do it, but maybe you could bite my thighs, on the inside, up high, those I can hide easily and I could see them and remember how I got fucked by you.”

Yes that I would like, Sam would be my property, having to hide them from her husband but seeing them as she pissed.

I kissed her, pulling her mouth onto mine feeling her need in every breath she took.

Even with Sam tied tightly down I felt her whole body shaking beneath mine. She was pulling on all four restraints, her body thrashing under me. She bit my lip before pulling her mouth off of mine, mouth open wide, just like her eyes.

I felt the hot liquid pour from her cunt as it opened wider. Then she screamed.

” I’m cumming for you, God yes I’m fucking cumming for you.” The rest I didn’t hear as Sam pushed her face into the pillow, but she was still saying something, until she was biting down hard, still shaking.

I just let my cock stay inside of her. I looked down at the spreading wet patch beneath her. Sam had either pissed or squirted her juices when she was cumming. I didn’t mind, the quilt could be washed. Finally Sam came up for air, face all red and sweaty.

” What did you just do to me, you made me fucking squirt, I never squirt…Ever. Oh my God I hope you can make me do that again baby. That was the best fucking orgasm I’ve ever had ever, ever, fucking ever. I should be sorry I made your bed wet but I’m not. Spank me until I cry and I still won’t be sorry. You made me do it so it’s all down to you. You sexy fucker.”

What could I say to that? Not much at all really.

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