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Genetic sexual attraction..

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Genetic sexual attraction..About 10 years ago i got into the whole genealogy thing. As everyone usually does, i built myself a family tree and eventually got around to taking the DNA tests. Everyday i would get a recommended list of cousins i could communicate back and forth with. One, in particular caught my eye, jennifer, but i will call her jen for short. She was a few years older, but had the body and face of a 29 yr old despite being over 50. There was something special about her smile that intrigued me to read her entire profile. She was about 5’5 with brown hair and a big, beautiful smile, and while reading her profile i saw that she was an orphan and was dying to connect with any of her real family, so i being very intrigued, emailed her. I should note, this was not a sexual thing as i had had a girlfriend of 9 years at the time, but it was clear to me that relationship was ending and i wanted new friends who could keep my spirits up and give me the courage to end a bad relationship and move on.Upon hearing from me, jen was so thrilled as she had previously tried in vain to contact several family members and none would reply and the only one who did gave a flat out sorry, but i do not wish to meet random relatives i did not grow up with. She was feeling alone, heartbroken and dejected that literally none of her real biological family wanted anything to do with her. I should mention though that her adopted family was wonderful, but, she literally did not know a single soul of her biological family, none!So, later that year, i finally ended my long relationship and things took a turn for the worse for me financially. In fact, they got so bad, i found myself sleeping in my friends attic and a stack of bills i had to catch up to. Luckily, i was able to slowly turn things around and after i told my cousin all i had been through she literally chewed me out for hiding how dire my situation was. She had offered me to stay in her home at anytime and said, she would even consider out her bursa escort deadbeat k** if they gave me any trouble.So, i eventually paid off the bills, saved up for a new place and moved in to a new duplex. My cousin all the while had been begging me to come visit her several states away and while i did not take her up on that right awa, i did tell her i needed to work extra hard this year to catch up financially in case of a rainy day, so she offered to come see me. We agreed upon a date in early fall and then i went with a friend to pick her up at the airport as she arrived.From the moment our eyes met, it was magic. She was absolutely lovely, with long flowing hair, large breasts and small waist, (not petite mind you) but a nice S shape you see on the really sexy, beautiful film stars of old. She rushed in to hug me with tears in her eyes, it was a hug that lasted a good three minutes or so and i have to say she smelled divine! She kissed me at least two or three times on the cheek telling me how this was the greatest moment of her life to finally find her family as i had promised to take her to my mother and sister for a birthday party.Jen immediately met my mother, and within a day, sister and others. She was related to mother’s side, and we treated her like family despite her being only like a 6th cousin, we took her in as our own. After many pictures, selfies and hugs, she came back to my place as i refused to let her spend the night at her hotel. Yes, she booked one, but i had her come stay with me the entire time as i felt comfortable with her. She had a glowing personality, bright, sweet, spiritual but not preachy and pretty open minded. She did tend to drink a lot as i would later find out, but never let it interfere with her work.Then, as we sat drinking wine and looking at old photographs in my living room, we had many laughs about my wacky time growing up as the little annoying brother who had all these funny costumes. I told her how my sister would always tickle till i peed bursa escort bayan and how hard it was for revenge because she was only ticklish on her feet and nowhere else. Jen, then said, im kind of like her, im not super ticklish either other than 2 spots. So, i closed the book, and immediately tried to find those spots, tickling my cousin.I do have to say, my intention was not to sleep with her, i merely wanted to make her my best friend, like my sister and older cousins who used to tickle me when i was young. After trying her feet, legs, shoulders and under arms i finally found it, her sides! i tickled and tickled until she squealed and laughed so hard i had to shush her before i started back up again. Then, it happened. I tickled her, and she tickled me and i leaned forward into her face trying to avoid her hand and our eyes met, and our smiles matched.She kissed me on the cheek smiling, so i gave her a quick peck too, but mine was on her lips! Nothing sexual at first, just a quick happy peck, then, i saw her smile and trying to give me another peck, but this time, she kissed on the lips! The third kiss was us mutually coming together, nothing felt forced or creepy, just a natural, cousin kiss, very sweet and innocent. The fourth we held our lips together a second and i gently touched her face. Her, smile went sideways into an almost awww, you are so nice, why cant i find someone like you.Then, we had our fifth and this one had tongue involved, it kept going and going and our breathing started to increase. our hands started massaging each others backs and shoulders and simple innocence was turning into passion. Then, my hands started touching near those perfect large breasts as i watched her eyes to see if there was any resistance and soon as i saw it had wilted, i gently rubbed each one, paying special attention to her nipples. What a scene this was, long lost cousins and here we were necking on the sofa like a pair of lorn lovers aching to be loved by someone, anyone who could escort bursa justify our need for acceptance and love.Gently, she tugged at my shirt as she leaned back laying on her back, pulling me in to suck on her neck and lustfully hit second and third base while both drifted into territory unknown. Then, she quietly whispered in the most sexiest voice i have ever heard, i want to feel your skin, as she started pulling up my shirt and egging me on to new heights of love or lust or whatever this was?? Before we knew it, clothes starting coming off, and i found myself fingering her wet hole and licking, sucking and kneading those beautiful breasts to her absolute pleasure!While it would have been nice to feel her suck on me, i simply could not wait any further. As soon as my cock was released from my pants i pulled down her panties hurriedly, and slowly started to slide it all inside of her. Slowly at first as not to hurt it, then, gradually, increasing the pace as her wet hole seemed to be inviting me to its home. We fucked hard and and both made loud, audible moans of absolute pleasure, no words were spoken and right as i was about to come she must have sensed it because she finally said something, yes, yes, i know you’re close, do it, come, come inside of me, come inside of me……….!!!!!Waves of pleasure hit us both, we kissed, held each other for what seemed like hours. Then, i got up, cooked us some spicy noodles and fixed us both a small bowl. I looked at her smiling and she said, i know society will say what we did was wrong, but i want you to know cousin, i don’t regret what we did, not one bit. We can’t really be lovers, but i think i already love you cousin, you have given me the best day of my entire life, and i can’t thank you enough for that.Today, Jen and i are closer, we agreed it was a one time deal and tried to stay away from each other, but as you can guess, old habits die hard, and our bodies definitely got hooked like a magnet. She emailed me one day hearing of a syndrome of long lost relatives who find each other sexually attractive, and i believe we both this phenomena of genetic, sexual attraction. Stay tuned for part two, as my cousin and i delved deeper in the taboo abyss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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