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Geneva School for Girls Ch. 05

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A typical Tuesday for Professor Tom Roberts…continued…

Professor Roberts made it through the rest of the school day with nothing untoward happening. He spotted his alarm-clock girl, young Cindy, in one of the rustic old hallways at one point, but she knew to keep her distance, giving him a knowing coquettish smile before turning to join her classmates as they hurried to their next class. Just a glimpse of that innocent young face and curvy body had Roberts looking forward to tomorrow morning.

The last history class of the day came and went, and Roberts reported to the school gymnasium, one of the few new structures that Headmaster Walker had built on the hallowed old grounds. Roberts was the staff member who coached the girls’ volleyball team, a duty that, for him, was by no means a hardship.

It wasn’t the love of the sport that he enjoyed all that much, it was watching it played by the nubile young girls who represented the academy. He loved their tight uniforms with the stretchy little navy shorts and blue and white tops. Once again, the uniforms had been chosen by Headmaster Walker with one thing in mind—making sure those uniforms showed off the buxom young bodies of his students to the best of their ability. And show off those curvy young bodies they did. The stretchy fabric of the uniforms clung to the girls’ bodies like a second skin, showing every lush curve and enticing valley, guaranteed to make every male member of the staff hard.

Games were well-attended by most of the professors, anxious to see their girls perform. There was something about young girls sweating in any form of uniform that made most men want to climb the walls with sexual frustration. But at GSFG, the professors happily assisted the girls in the post-game cool-downs, taking them to their private chambers for some personal post-game stretches, which often led to deep internal massages. Most of those stretches ended up being the young girl’s mouth or pussy stretching to accommodate the professor’s thick hard cock, while the professors made use of those youthful vaginal muscles to massage their cocks until they provided the girls with a soothing ointment treatment that was applied to those aching muscles found deep inside the young girls.

It seemed that every year, some of the newer staff members tried to persuade Roberts to give up his coaching duties, but the man didn’t budge—the volleyball team was his. And right now, as today’s practice wound down to completion, he was looking at one of this year’s reasons why he’d never consider giving it up.

Paige Thomas looked every bit the corn-fed middle-American girl-next-door that she was. Her father was the CEO and majority owner of a major insurance company in the United States, and Paige hailed from her father’s home state of Nebraska. She was a well-built girl with all the curves in all the right places. Tall but not too tall, full-bodied but not fat, she had a body that Roberts felt was made for one thing—fucking. She had a gorgeous face that any model would envy, with prominent cheekbones and a slender nose set above a full mouth that spread wide across her face. A mouth capable of taking a big cock, Roberts thought. Her glittering blue eyes were accentuated by a halo of lustrous hair that had been kissed by the sun, the shimmering blonde locks falling well past her shoulders. The girl’s skin was perfect, blemish free and smooth as glass, her skin tone like warm golden corn silk. Roberts thought her skin tone and hair color suited her perfectly. She was a buxom young thing with a set of tits that matched the broad expanse of the Midwestern plains. Roberts knew they were a pair of breasts that a man could get lost in all night long.

It was Paige who was striding in Roberts’ direction right now. Her teammates were heading to the showers, but she was walking towards Roberts. He stood outside the shared coach’s room door at the side of the gym. He leaned against the doorframe as he watched the blonde girl approach, her lustrous corn-silk hair pulled back in a ponytail that swung back and forth behind her. Roberts thought that swaying ‘fuck-handle’ was like a hypnotist’s watch, able to mesmerize any able-bodied male with its rhythmic movement.

Roberts let his eyes roam over that powerful young body deliciously displayed in the tight volleyball team uniform. The blue shorts hugged her curvy bum and ended at the tops of her thighs, giving Roberts a compelling view of her full meaty thighs, which he hoped someday soon to have wrapped around him. Her white jersey with blue trim was stretched taut across her absurdly-large bust, the tremendous mounds restricted by what he knew had to be a specially-made sports bra. He could clearly see the outline of the heavy elastic garment through the fabric, gorgeously emphasizing the magnitude of her tremendous breasts. Emblazoned across the front of her jersey was her uniform number, ‘2’, which Roberts thought was perfect for accounting for the number of huge tits she was carrying inside. poker oyna Her body was glistening from the exertions of the vigorous practice, her golden flesh catching the light and making her almost seem to glow. Just knowing she was hot and sweaty sent a jolt of blood pulsing to Roberts’ midsection.

As she got closer, the corners of her full mouth started to turn up, her perfect set of teeth resulting in a thousand-watt smile that made her look even more beautiful. “Could I speak to you about something, sir?”

“Of course, Paige. What is it?”

“I won’t take more than a minute of your time, sir.” She paused and looked around as she watched her teammates disappearing into the locker room. Two of the girls remained talking a short distance away, one girl giving the other one some tips on how to improve her serve. “Uh, would it be okay to talk inside your office?”

“Of course,” Roberts said. He stepped to the side and gestured Paige to step inside. As she walked past, he could feel the warmth coming off her at the same time he caught her scent. It was the alluring scent of a young girl’s sweat, earthy and athletic, yet all girl and teasingly enticing at the same time. There was nothing offensive about it at all, quite the opposite, as far as Roberts was concerned. He breathed deep, filling his senses with the intoxicating essence, knowing her cunt was likely equally warm and alluringly fragrant.

He closed the door behind him as he followed her into the room, throwing the lock, just in case. “What is it, Paige? What can I help you with?”

Roberts could see that the girl looked nervous. He knew she was somewhat shy to begin with, and her anxiousness was obvious as she stood with her hands clasped behind her, stepping from one foot to the other. The one thing about her standing like this was that, for Roberts, with her hands pulled back behind her, it thrust her buxom set of tits even farther forward. And with her nervously shuffling back and forth, he could see the flesh swelling out above her packed sports bra jiggling enticingly, even through her tight white jersey.

“Well, sir, we’re going to be starting the regular season soon, and I was wondering if you’d had a chance to consider who you were going to pick for team captain yet?”

Aah, so there it was, the reason for her visit, Roberts thought to himself. The girl wanted the title for herself. His lurid mind was already mechanizing on how he could work this to his advantage. He shrugged. “I’ve given it a bit of thought. There are a couple of strong candidates that I’m considering.”

“Am I…am I one of those candidates?”

Roberts paused, making the girl wait for his answer. He finally gave a gentle nod. “Yes, you are. But I do have to say, Julia is making a strong case for herself.” Julia, along with Paige, were the two strongest players on the team, and Julia was very popular with the rest of the girls, while, although Paige was well-liked, her shyness kept her from being at the same level of popularity as Julia. Roberts could see that his mention of the other girl’s name had set Paige to thinking.

“Has she, has Julia talked to you about it?”

Again, Roberts paused before eventually giving a non-committal shrug. “Yes, we’ve talked briefly about it.”

“But you, you haven’t decided yet, right?” Roberts could see the girl’s anxiety written all over her face.

“No, I’m still thinking about it. But like I said, Julia seems to be willing to put in the time and the effort that the captaincy requires.”

“But sir, I can do that. You know I work really hard in practice. I know Julia’s a very good player as well, but I really think I can do a much better job than her of being team captain.”

“You’re right, Paige. You’re both worthy candidates. I will tell you that it’s going to be a tough decision. Julia has put forward a strong case for herself, and I’ll have to consider your attributes as well in order to make sure I make the best decision.” Roberts couldn’t keep his eyes from drifting down to Paige’s magnificent shelf of tits as he said those last few words. And he purposely did it, knowing she’d see exactly where he was looking.

She took a step closer, and Roberts saw her draw in a big breath, her chest filling out even more. “I’d really like to be named captain, sir. I know I’d be good at it, and I’m willing to do anything in order for you to make me your choice.”

There were those words again, Roberts thought, the words all of the professors loved to hear: “I’m willing to do anything…”

Roberts paused before replying. “Julia said almost those same words when she was in here the other day. We had a very good conversation. She showed me how willing she was to do what was necessary to take on the duties as captain. One of those duties is to ensure that the team coach is personally pleased with the captain’s efforts.”

There’d been no such conversation or meeting with Julia, but Paige didn’t need to know that. Roberts’ eyes flicked down to the girl’s canlı poker oyna sumptuous chest one more time, his gaze lingering longer than was appropriate. She breathed deep again, pulling her arms even tighter behind her. As that monstrous shelf of tits thrust even further forward, Roberts felt his cock begin to swell. He eventually raised his eyes back up to hers. She was nibbling nervously on her bottom lip, unsure of what to do next.

Roberts had seen many young girls in this position. Ones who had bodies made for women much more experienced and knowledgeable than them, with young curious minds who didn’t know, yet, the power those bodies of theirs had over boys, and men, of any age. Roberts knew it was one of the duties of the professors at this institution to teach these sweet young girls what they were capable of, and how to use those alluring young bodies to provide as much pleasure as they could for their future husbands, and for themselves. It was a tough job the professors had, but, like all the rest of the staff, Roberts was more than up to the challenge.

“Paige, are you willing to do what’s necessary to make the coach happy?”

He saw the girl flush, knowing exactly what he was talking about. “Yes sir. Like I said, I’m willing to do anything. And I know I’ll be much better at it than Julia.”

Roberts smiled to himself. There was nothing like a little peer rivalry to bring out the competitive instincts in these young girls. “Well, how about I give you a little test to see how you compare to Julia. Would you be all right with that? Would it be all right if I gave you the same test I gave her?”

Paige eagerly nodded. “Yes sir, like I said, I’m sure I can do better than Julia did.”

“Good. That’s the spirit. That’s what I like to hear.” Roberts gave the girl a broad smile, which he could see comforted her. “Now, why don’t we start by having you do the same thing Julia did after coming into my office.”

“What’s that, sir?”

“Well, I never asked her to do it, but she surprised me by taking off her top and showing me a couple of good reasons why I should choose her.”

Roberts saw Paige flush again, but he also saw the gears going around in her head. He saw that light bulb go on in her eyes as she realized the same thing he’d intended by what he’d just said. Although Julia sported a generous C-cup, there was no way she could compete with the stupendous set of breasts that Paige had to offer. Without saying a word, Paige reached down to her waist and drew up her uniform top, pulling it over her head and dropping it onto the chair beside her.

“Oh fuck,” Roberts muttered under his breath. Even with all the girls he’d been with in his years at the school, his eyes still opened wide and he almost felt dizzy with excitement as he looked at Paige’s enormous knockers. The stretchy sports bra that tightly encased those magnificent guns still couldn’t hide how spectacularly huge they were. As Roberts looked at the tanned athletic young girl, his mind started swirling with every ‘B’ word he could think of. There was no doubt as he looked at that tremendous set of boobs that she was a busty, buxom, bosomy, bronzed, bountiful beauty.

Roberts watched as Paige reached up and started to draw down a small zipper at the front of her bra. He realized she must have had her sports bras specially made. He’d seen a number of them on girls over the years, but none that had a reinforced zipper at the front to anchor the two straining cups. And with the way that bra was being stretched so taut, Roberts knew that if it had been done up with the usual hooks and eyes at the back, when she undid it, it would have been flung forward across the room upon release. That poor bra was stretched so tight, it was like it was fighting for its own life.

Paige drew the zipper right down to the bottom of that point between her breasts until it popped open, the two sides of the bra immediately pulsing outwards, giving her confined breasts the freedom they sought. They immediately settled somewhat lower on her chest, but by no means did they sag. They just settled naturally into place, but still rode high and full as they spread out over the full breadth of her chest. She drew the bra off her shoulders and tossed it onto the chair as well. Roberts was now able to see those stupendous breasts in all their glory.

She stood proudly with her hands on her hips, letting the professor hungrily devour her with his eyes. Roberts didn’t blame her—he’d be damn proud if he was a girl and had a set of tits like that too. They were, in a word: SPECTACULAR. More “B” words came to Roberts’ mind: they were definitely a set of breathtaking, bodacious, buoyant, blue-ribbon boobs.

Her areolae were a soft bubble-gum pink, and in perfect proportion to match her voluminous breasts. Freed from the tight confines of her bra, her nipples seemed to be growing right before his eyes as the cool air hit them. They were as big around already as the tip of his baby finger, and getting internet casino bigger by the second. They pointed directly at him, with just a hint of an upturned tilt, as if beckoning his mouth to drop down and suck on them. Like the rest of her body, her breasts glistened with a fine sheen of perspiration from her exertions on the court. To Roberts, that healthy, athletic glow made her big tits look even sexier.

“Does what Julia has compare with these?” Paige said.

Roberts knew she had Julia beat by a mile, or, more to the point, by a huge number of cup sizes. But he continued to play out this game. He perched on the front of the desk in the room and beckoned to Paige. “Why don’t you come over here so I can make a closer comparison?”

The blonde girl stepped forward, stopping mere inches away from Roberts, her huge tits almost touching the front of his shirt. She was so close that, again, he could feel the heat coming off her flushed young body. He caught the scent of her glistening sweat again as well, the warm young fragrance sending another pulse of blood to his groin. He loved it, and wanted to make sure he took advantage of the lurid feelings stoking his brain right away. “In order to compare these to Julia’s, I’m going to have to do a taste test first.”

Suppressing the urge to reach up with his hands and heft those big heavy mounds, he leaned down with parted lips. He avoided her nipples for now as he slid his tongue forward and pressed the flat of it against the side of one of her breasts. He licked upwards, feeling his taste buds come alive as her salty sweat made his tongue tingle with delight. He kept licking, his tongue pressed firmly against her warm flesh all the way up to her neck. He drew back and made another long leisurely swipe a couple of inches over, drawing more of her tasty sweat into his mouth.


Roberts heard Paige let out a warm purr as he continued licking up her dewy perspiration. He made his way from one side of her breast to the other, finally spearing his tongue deep into her cleavage before licking upwards until he hit the hollow of her throat. A shiver tripped down her spine as the tip of his tongue tickled that tender spot before moving over to the other massive globe, giving it the same treatment. When nothing of her sweat was left except a shiny coating of his saliva, he sat back and started using both his hands at the same time. His fingers circled the perfect round tits from below, her warm skin feeling luxuriously exciting beneath his palms. And then, he hefted them.

“Oh fuck…” Roberts couldn’t help the expletive that he mumbled under this breath. They were just that heavy, incredibly, deliciously heavy, and so perfectly shaped, and soft as a velvet rose. He felt his cock lurch in his pants as blood poured into it, his prodigious member rising and prodding against the front of his trousers. He squeezed those massive tits, watching as the warm flesh oozed between and around his fingers.


Paige moaned as Roberts kept groping her, moving his hands all over her stupendous breasts, squeezing, caressing, stroking. Her nipples had continued to stiffen, and now stood up like bullets, a succulent warm pink color that had him salivating. He rolled both of them between the thumbs and forefingers of each hand at the same time, feeling the rubbery buds harden even more.

“Oh, Mr. Roberts, that feels so good,” Paige said with a breathy moan.

Roberts decided to make it even better for her and replaced his thumbs and forefingers with his mouth, nibling and sucking at her nipples until he had her climbing the walls. He kept his hands busy, stroking her midsection and mauling her tits at the same time he sucked on them. Her nipples were buttons of rigid flesh, hot and almost glowing beneath his oral assault. Roberts could hear the girl gasping as he worked over her tits, her breathing fast and ragged. He could feel her heart pounding in her chest, right through those massive breasts he was having his way with. He knew he’d have to make time to fuck those gorgeous tits another time, but he wanted to continue his little ruse a bit further right now.

He sat back on the edge of the desk, her nipples turned up and shining with his spit as he looked at her flushed face, his hands still cupping the heavy mounds gently. “I have to honestly say you’ve got Julia beat in that department, but there are other things I need to take into consideration as well.”

“What’s that, sir?” Paige asked, so aroused by his breast-play that she was barely about to mouth the words.

Roberts let go of her breasts and got up from his spot on the desk. He crossed the room and sat down in the middle of the leather couch against the side wall of the office. He patted his thighs. “Come over here and lay across my lap, Paige, this is what Julia wanted to show me next.”

Still wearing her running shoes and tiny navy shorts, the young girl stepped over to him and lay across his lap. Roberts was happy as he looked down past the side of her tanned young body, her huge tits hanging down pendulously beneath her. Tearing his eyes away from that compelling site, he focused on her curvy bum directly beneath him.

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