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Geneva School for Girls Ch. 06

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Roberts joined his colleagues for dinner that night, the staff room full of middle-aged men dining on beef bourguignon, one of the chef’s specialties. Like everything else at the Geneva School for Girls, Headmaster Walker had spared no expense when it came to manning the school’s kitchens. A lucrative salary, residence in a hilltop villa, and of course, a description of the school’s ‘specialized curriculum’ when it came to dealing with the student body (or bodies), had been enough to entice a French chef who’d been previously employed at a Michelin star award-winning restaurant in Nice.

Roberts ended the meal with a melt-in-your-mouth crème brule, followed by a delicious ice wine that had been brought in from the hillsides of Tuscany. Saying good night to his colleagues, Roberts retired to his chambers. Blissfully content and feeling deliciously satiated by his marathon session with Paige, he decided that marking some papers and heading to bed early with a good book would be the perfect way to end what had been a wonderful day.

Donning his silk pajamas, he slid under the down duvet and picked up the mystery he’d been reading from his bedside table. He’d been reading less than half an hour before he heard the muffled sounds of numerous voices coming from down the hallway outside his room. The specialized construction Headmaster Walker had insisted on at the time of renovation had made the rooms almost totally soundproof, so Roberts knew that something must definitely be happening for those sounds to even be reaching him. Although he couldn’t make out any specific words that were being spoken, the tone of the voices was definitely high-pitched, letting him know it was in all likelihood the girls that were out there, not staff members.

Throwing back the covers, Roberts drew on his plush robe, GSFG’s crest emblazoned over the breast pocket. He strode across the room and opened the door. He stepped into the hallway and looked in the direction of the voices.


The chant reached Roberts’ ears and he quickly took in what was happening. A group of girls were gathered a short distance down the hallway, huddled around as two other girls were rolling about on the floor, both of them cursing under their breaths as they grappled and swung little balled-up fists at each other. Roberts didn’t waste a second as he sped off towards the melee.



“ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT, THAT’S ENOUGH NOW,” Roberts said as he strode into the group and reached down to pull the two girls apart.

The professor’s mere presence and deep booming voice brought everything to a standstill in a second, both of the wrestling girls almost frozen in place like statues. Roberts grabbed the girl on top by the arm and pulled her to her feet. All the girls were wearing their regulation sleeping attire, the ruffled, white, baby-doll nighties and white cotton panties. As he pulled the one girl off the other, he noticed that the nightie of the one on the ground had been pulled down and to the side during the altercation, one massive breast spilling free over the top of the nightie’s deeply-scooped neckline. Roberts saw that the girl was Rita, an American girl from Florida in her second year at the school. He was quite familiar with her, and knew she had one of the biggest set of tits in the school, one of which was presently on display for everyone to see. In a split-second, Roberts could see that her nipple was stiff as anything, swollen and pointing right up towards him from the centre of that big round tit.

Seeing where the professor was looking, as were all the other girls gathered around, Rita blushed as she scrambled to her feet, stuffing her voluminous breast back inside her nightie.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Roberts asked, his hands spread out as he kept the girls at arms-length from each other.

“SHE STARTED IT!” the girl who had been on top blurted out, jabbing her finger in Rita’s direction.

“SCREW YOU, BITCH! YOU’RE THE ONE WHO STARTED IT!” Rita shouted back, her long hair flailing around her face as she moved forward to get back at the other girl. Roberts’ extended hand held out in a stop gesture prevented her from going any further. She stood there in the hallway, face flushed and panting with anger.

Roberts turned to the first girl. It was Coral, a first-year student from Israel whose wealthy father had made his fortune in the jewelry industry. Coral had only been at the school a short time, like the rest of the first-year students, but she’d been on Roberts’ radar as well. She had gorgeous long brunette hair that she parted in the middle. Her hair was lustrously shiny, and an enchanting dark brown color that made Roberts think of the word “Espresso” whenever he looked at it. She had dark mysterious eyes to match, eyes that he thought could burn a hole right through you into your soul, or, if you were lucky, a certain knowing look from izmir escort those deep dark eyes that could harden your cock within seconds.

Coral’s penetrating eyes were accentuated by bold curving eyebrows that drew your gaze to those compelling dark eyes. She had a roundish face with a cute button nose and full dark lips, which could either turn up in an enchanting smile, or turn down in a menacing glower if she was so inclined. That mouth was set in a grim line right now as she looked at Rita, and Roberts knew that if they were in a cartoon, steam would be coming out of the girl’s ears.

Roberts had noticed Coral’s sizable breasts on more than one occasion already in the early days of the new term. They weren’t hard to miss. Like nearly all of Headmaster Walker’s recruits, Coral had been blessed with a set of knockers that any adult film star would love to have and, like all the girls at GSFG, they were all natural. Her pair of tits seemed almost oversized for her slender body. While most girls with breasts like that had wide hips and a curvy bum to match, Coral had a much more slender body than you would expect, her tits looking almost cartoonish in comparison to her compact little body. But Roberts, like all the other staff members, couldn’t tear his eyes off her prominent chest any time he saw her. They were definitely worth a closer look. They were close to Rita’s in size, but Roberts had the feeling Rita had her beat when it came to cup size…barely.

“I think she started it.” Roberts turned to see one of the other girls, Denise, pointing at Rita.

“No, Coral started it,” another girl said.

Roberts turned and looked over at the group of girls gathered around, his open palm held out towards them. “All right, that’s enough.” Wanting to dispel the tension cutting through the air, Roberts kept his voice low and calm, but maintained the firmness in it that he knew the girls understood. “The rest of you, go to your rooms, and I don’t want to hear a word out of any of you for the rest of the night.”

The girls reluctantly dispersed, disappearing one by one into their rooms until all that was left in the corridor was Roberts and two girls who’d been fighting. Roberts had stood calmly between the girls and not said a word until the final door of the girls from the on-looking throng had been closed.

He took another look at Rita, who had managed to bring herself under control. Both girls were about the same height, about 5′-4″ or 5′-5″, but where Coral was quite slender with a Barbie-doll top-heavy look about her, Rita was a full-bodied girl that was all lush curves and enticing valleys. Her skin was tanned golden brown, and looked fantastic with her dark blondish hair. Where Coral’s dark locks reminded him of rich, dark coffee, the color of Rita’s hair was more what he thought of as “toasted pecans”, a dark honey color with sun-tinged tips that suited her perfectly. Her face matched her body; prominent cheekbones beneath plump curvy cheeks, a wide full mouth, and big doe-like eyes that made her look alluringly childish and innocent. Other than a touchable layer of baby fat that covered every inch her, there wasn’t anything childish about that spectacular womanly body of hers. Roberts thought the word ‘voluptuous’ suited her perfectly. Her big round bum, her creamy thighs, her chubby cheeks, her plump kissable lips, and especially her huge, mouth-watering tits were a complete package that he knew any man would like to take to bed and roll around with all night long. There was enough warm curvy flesh there to find a new spot to play with, and come in, or come on, for hours on end. Rita was definitely way up there on the ‘I’d love to fuck her all night long’ list that he knew each professor kept to himself.

But now, these two big-busted beauties had gotten into some kind of disagreement that had escalated into a physical confrontation. What had happened for things to get to that point? It was Roberts’ job as one of their teachers, one of their grown-up mentors and guidance givers, to get to the bottom of it. Dealing with these sort of squabbles between these young girls happened more than most people might think, and Roberts was quite skilled when it came to resolving these disagreements. The school didn’t tolerate behavior of that nature, not from anyone, staff, or students. And now with Rita and Coral, Roberts would have to see what he could do to get to the bottom of it, and put an end to it. As he looked from one girl to the other, both of them teasingly adorned in their enchantingly short white nighties, certain thoughts on what he’d have to do to make things right started to flow through his mind. ‘Yes, this could be quite interesting,’ Roberts thought as he looked at the two massive sets of tits the girls had lurking beneath the frilly nighties.

The funny thing about this situation was, these two were roommates. Headmaster Walker had specifically put these two alsancak escort girls together, hoping that with Rita being in her second year, that she would prove to be a calming mentor for the fiery Israeli girl. Word had gotten around already that Coral was known to be a little edgy when it came to her temperament. She’d apparently been the instigator in a kerfuffle in her gym class a day or two ago, and Roberts wondered if, right now, he was witnessing an episode of that ‘short fuse’ she apparently had.

“All right, girls, both of you, into your room.” Roberts gestured towards the open door just behind where the altercation had taken place. Both girls seemed somewhat guilt ridden as they stepped quietly into the room, Roberts following close behind. “Let’s just make sure this is no one else’s business.” He closed the door behind him, and then crossed his arms over his chest as the girls turned to face him. “Okay, now what’s this all about?”

“I’m telling you—” Coral blurted out before Rita interrupted her.

“She’s the one—”

The palm of Roberts’ hand shot forward, stopping both of them. “Both of you, control yourselves. That’s not the way the girls at this school act. Do you understand that?” His voice was firm as he pointed his index finger at each of them in turn. There was no mistaking the seriousness in his tone and in his eyes.

“Yes, sir,” Rita replied first, guiltily dropping her eyes from his.

“Yes, sir,” Coral responded in kind, and Roberts saw that some of the angry wind had come out of her sails. She too averted her gaze from his.

Roberts gave the girls a little bit more time to calm down, not saying a word for close to a minute. “Rita, you’ve been here longer. You go first. Tell me what happened.”

The girl shook her head, and with her eyes looking down at the floor as she did, Roberts couldn’t help but steal a glance at the front of her nightie, where her mighty boobs jiggled back and forth in unison with her head shake, the thrusting nipples causing teasing shadows to drag from side to side across the front of her nightie. “Fuck me, they’re big,” Roberts said to himself, forcing himself to bring his eyes up to hers as she eventually looked up at him.

“It’s nothing, sir. I’m sorry it happened. It won’t happen again.”

Roberts weighed Rita’s response, wondering what she was doing. He looked over at Coral, whose eyes were cast down towards the floor as well. Like Rita, she was shuffling guiltily from one foot to the other, her breasts shifting provocatively beneath her nightie as well.

“Hmm, I see,” Roberts said, rubbing his chin. “Coral, what do you have to say?”

The girl gave a sniff, and it seemed to Roberts that this girl could swing emotionally from one end of the spectrum to the other in a split second. Just a minute or two ago, she seemed ready to spit nails, and now, she looked like she was on the verge of tears.

“I’m sorry as well, sir. I apologize for my behavior. I understand this is not the way we’re expected to act here at this school. You…you’re not going to have to tell our parents, are you, Professor Roberts?” Coral finally looked up, her deep dark eyes seeming to be begging Roberts.

Roberts looked from one girl to the other, both of them looking guilty and repentant over what had happened, and he still didn’t have a clue what it was all about. But he’d seen this reaction from girls at the school before. When they got into trouble, it was almost an unspoken understanding amongst them that it was time to circle the wagons, close ranks, and make sure the administration was inclined to put the whole incident, whatever it was, behind everyone involved. Roberts figured that there was something at the heart of it that was just between these two girls, maybe something too personal for either to talk about, but the other one understood, and didn’t want to push it, for either of their sakes. For Roberts, that final question from Coral about notifying the girls’ parents was once again some of those choice words that he, and all the other professors, loved to hear. He figured the inappropriate feelings he was having as he looked at the two girls would be the same with male teachers everywhere in the world who had the pleasure of teaching busty young beauties like these ones. He was just fortunate enough to work at the Geneva School for Girls, where sinfully illicit fantasies that plagued and tormented most male teachers were actually able to be brought to fruition, much to his delight.

“I don’t know what to say about that, Coral. Fighting amongst students is a serious offence, and our position here is that we keep all parents informed if matters like this come up with their daughters. I should discuss this with Headmaster Walker and hand in a written report of this incident. It would be in his hands then, but historically, he has notified parents when something like this takes place.”

“But buca escort sir, you don’t really have to tell the headmaster, do you?” It was Rita that spoke this time.

Roberts shook his head. “I don’t know what to tell you, Rita, those are the rules.”

“Please sir, we promise not to cause any trouble like that again. Right, Coral?”

“Please sir, I agree with Rita. We were just being stupid. It won’t happen again. My parents would kill me if I got in trouble here.” Roberts looked at the Israeli girl, who continued to look guilty and sheepish, the fury that had possessed her such a short time ago having been replaced by what appeared to be some degree of fear. Fear of what the consequences of her actions might actually be, should this matter be referred to a higher authority, and then to her parents. “If you think we need to be disciplined, couldn’t you do it, sir? I’d do anything if you just wouldn’t go to the headmaster about this, anything.”

With those last few words, Roberts felt the blood start to pulse in the direction of his midsection. Once again, the words “I’d do anything,” were music to his ears. He imagined the multitudes of teachers he’d left behind when he’d taken this position—this position which provided him with the types of delightfully perverse opportunities that they could only dream of—those teachers would have been equally aroused to hear those innocently provocative words from the busty young things in their own classes. From those sweet young girls who sat close to the front of the class and wore those tight sweaters that showed off their gorgeous young breasts, breasts so big for girls that were so young. Those girls that wore the short little skirts who unknowingly displayed their creamy thighs when they sat with their legs absentmindedly spread apart, giving their teachers a teasing view up to never-never-land.

Roberts had been one of those teachers himself prior to taking this position. His soul had been tortured by those sweet young things, having to suppress the urges to just reach out and cup those full young breasts, or run your fingertips up those soft creamy thighs. Of having to hurry home at the end of the day, or sometimes dart into the men’s washroom, to jerk off a load while picturing that certain young girl, picturing what you wanted to do to her, and what you knew deep down in her curious mind what she wanted YOU to do TO her, and how much she would love it. If…if only you could take that courageous step and let your fantasy become reality, and how glorious that would be to fill that innocent young thing with more cum than either of you thought possible.

And now, with those perfect words spoken by Coral, Roberts knew exactly what he wanted to do. “What about you, Rita?” he asked as he looked over at the buxom American girl. “Do you feel like Coral? Are you willing to do what it takes to ensure this type of thing never happens again? Would you be willing to accept whatever type of discipline I deem necessary?”

The curvy girl nodded emphatically, her dark blonde hair catching the light as it bounced against her shoulders. “Yes sir. I don’t want my parents to find out either. I’ll do whatever you want us to do too, just as long as you don’t report us to the headmaster.”

Things were coming along just as he’d hoped, with both girls eager to be on board to ensure they wouldn’t be reprimanded any further than whatever was going to happen, right here, right now. “I’m not fully convinced after what I saw that the two of you can get along as is expected of you here at this school. Most of the girls who are roommates here end up being friends for life.” He purposely grimaced as he looked from one girl to the other, and then shook his head. “I don’t know. I just have the feeling you girls might be fine for a few days, but then something will come up to start things all over again.”

“No, it won’t. I promise, sir,” Coral piped up. “We can be good friends. I know I have to work on controlling my temper, but with Rita’s help, I’ll try as hard as I can.”

Roberts let the girl’s words hang in the air for a minute before turning to Rita. “Well, Rita, what do you think? I know how well your first year here went. Are you willing to help Coral? This will be more on you than her, you know? As the second year student, it’s up to you to set a good example.”

Rita nibbled at her full bottom lip nervously, and then nodded. “Yes sir. I understand. I remember how well my roommate last year, Lindsay, treated me when I was new. How she showed me what the school was all about, and the way we were expected to behave.” She paused and looked over at her roommate. “I think we just got off to a bad start. I’m pretty sure if we both work at it, and I show Coral the way things are between roommates here, she’ll be fine.” Roberts was happy to see Rita give the other girl a little smile as she gestured towards her with an open hand. “I hope so, anyway.”

“Coral? Are you willing to do as Rita tells you? Like she said, her roommate taught her the ‘Geneva Way’. Do you think you could let her teach you what’s expected of you?” Roberts threw it back at the fiery young girl, putting it back on her to accept what was going to happen next, what he was going to orchestrate between the two of them.

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