Mar 31

Getting Closer to Friend’s Dad

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I climbed out of the pool and adjusted my swimming costume to make sure it was covering everything that it should be. I said see you later to John, Sarah’s Dad, who was at the pool as well and headed into the changing rooms.

I opened my locker and took my stuff out and headed to have a shower. The changing rooms were communal, as were the showers, but there were a handful of locking cubicle ones, one of which was spare so I went in. I took my shampoo and conditioner out of my bag and zipped it up before hanging it on the back of the door. I learned my lesson early that you need a water proof bag or to leave it in the locker and collect later.

I slipped my costume off and kicked it to the wall so it was out of the way; I double checked that the door was locked properly before having a shower. I dried myself off and wrapped myself in the towel tucking it under my left arm, wrapping it around myself and tucking the end into itself to hold it in place. I swept my hand down my back and front to make sure the towel was long enough and sat properly, which it was, before picking up my bag, shower bottles and swimming costume.

I unlocked the door using my elbow as my hands were full and left the cubicle, checking behind me to make sure I hadn’t left anything. The communal area was chaos as usual; the kids lessons had just finished so around 15 kids were fighting over the 10 available shower heads while a collection of parents watched them and wiped soap from crying eyes as and when required.

I tip toed around the mine field of shampoo bottles and abandoned rucksacks while avoiding kids. I was just about clear of the showers when a small kid, 5 or 6 years old probably, dodged passed me and used my towel to help him change direction. It instantly slipped and went loose as I tried to catch it with my elbow, but I was too late. My towel unwrapped in what felt like slow motion and dropped to the floor. “Shit,” I blurted out as I twisted my arms and legs as I tried to cover myself.

“Liam,” a parent snapped as she grabbed the kid and looked at me, “I am so, so sorry.”

The hustle and bustle of the changing rooms quietened to an almost deathly silence as I stood awkwardly in the middle of a communal changing area totally uncovered. I could feel the cool air all over my body further enhancing the realisation that I was very much naked. Kids giggled and pointed as the adults just stood in silence; the men stared as the women looked away, making sure their respective partners did as well.

I scurried into a changing room and slammed the door dropping my stuff onto the bench and locking the door. My heart was pounding as I processed what had just happened. “Fi,” I heard John say as my towel got passed under the cubicle, “You okay?”

“Yeah,” I said, my voice breaking as tears welled up and I took the towel.

I choked back the tears and properly dried myself off. I got dressed and just sat on the bench for what felt like ages. I wanted everyone who had just seen me to not be around when I went out. I left it 30 minutes and slowly opened the door and left.

“Hey,” I heard John say as I left the building, “You want a lift?”

“Thanks,” I said as I got into his car.

“You okay?” he asked looking at me, sounding genuinely concerned.

“No,” I said as I lost my battle with the tears that I had been fighting. I didn’t even know why I was crying; I had lost more strip games than I cared to count, I had streaked around the very same changing rooms for dares and the like in my youth, but for some reason, the tears just streamed out of me.

“Aww come on,” he said touching my shoulder, “Don’t let it upset you.”

“I am being silly,” I replied wiping my eyes, grateful that I had no make-up on.

He handed me a tissue as he just looked at me and smiled not really knowing what to say or do as a grown woman practically had a breakdown in his car. “Did you see…” I started but stopped as my voice broke again.

He paused and looked at me for a moment before replying, “Only from behind.”

I took another tissue as I started to regain my composure again. As I breathed in my breaths stuttered as they do when you are crying. “What a day, half the world sees me naked, then I cry like a baby,” I stammered between breaths, “So sorry.”

“I think half the world is maybe a little far-fetched,” he said with a smile, “Drama queen.”

“Yeah maybe,” I muttered returning his smile as I screwed the tissue up in my hand and looked at him.

“If it is any consolation you have an awesome ass,” he said, holding my gaze and smiling.

“Not really,” I laughed “but thanks.”

“Not that I was looking,” he protested too eagerly.

“Yeah, yeah,” I said as I regained control of my breathing and started to calm down again, “You weren’t looking yet still managed to classify it as awesome,” I added with a grin.

“Maybe a small peak,” he said. “You okay now?” he asked as he smiled back at me.

“Yeah,” I said, “Sorry.”

“No need to be sorry,” he replied as he started the car and backed türbanlı escort out of the space. “You going home?”

“Is Sarah in?” I asked.

“Nar, she is on some University educational trip,” he said raising an eye brow at me.

“Piss up?” I suggested.

“Most likely,” he said, “Paid for by bank of Dad of course.”

“Of course, man of many uses you,” I said smiling at him, “Home then; fending for myself tonight.”

“Parents out?” he asked.

“Yeah, better social life than me,” I replied.

“What’re you having?” he asked.

“Pizza is probably favourite,” I answered.

“I could do pizza if you want company?” he said.

“Sounds good,” I said. “Bank of second Dad?” I asked.

“Go on then ya cheeky bitch,” he said laughing.

I had known Sarah since I can remember and by extension her Dad. He was like a second Dad to me as I spent half my youth around at her house or her at mine. Some people would maybe see having dinner with your best mates Dad a bit weird, but it was normal, with the added bonus he was paying.

We got back to his and he parked up. I grabbed my bag and followed him into the house. “I will have the usual,” he said, “Order what you want,” he added as he threw me a credit card.

“Ta, will do,” I said as I switched on the iPad and ordered online. “Do we want starters?” I shouted up to him.

“Sounds good,” he shouted back.

I finished up the order and switched the TV on. I kicked my shoes off and tucked my legs underneath me making myself at home. Around 20 minutes later he came back downstairs freshly showered and sat on the sofa opposite me. He put his card back into his wallet and threw it onto the empty chair as he sat down wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

“That is better,” he said as he sat down, “all showered.”

“Just have one at swimming?” I said.

He just looked at me and raised his eye brows, “No one wants to see me naked,” he said with a smile.

“Funny,” I said, “I am sure no one wanted to see me really.”

“19 years old, slim, fit, well toned… hmmm,” he said smiling at me.

“40? Good shape, toned stomach…” I said cheekily sticking my tongue out.

“Yeah, think you easily win that battle,” he said.

“You hitting on your daughter’s best mate?” I teased.

“You hitting on her Dad?” he retorted.

“Touché,” I replied smiling at him.

“Where are my manners? Do you want a drink?” he asked standing up.

“Yeah please,” I said.

He headed off into the kitchen and I heard the fridge door open. He poked his head round the door frame, “Beer?” he asked, to which I just nodded.

He handed me a bottle of Becks and sat back down placing his on the table. The pizza arrived and was quickly eaten between us. We watched car crash TV as we chatted about anything and everything. One beer turned into several and at around 22:30 Friends started: “The strip poker episode.”

I shifted on the sofa awkwardly as the strip poker scene approached. Watching anything like that with “parents” is weird and uncomfortable. The conversation died down as we watched it, us both just drinking sips of beer to keep ourselves busy. The pillows got grabbed by the boys as they got interrupted and the credits rolled.

“Blokes always lose,” he said as he smiled at me.

“Not always…” I said suggestively returning his smile.

He just smiled back and paused for a few moments, “Have you ever played?” he asked.

“Poker specifically?” I asked as I clarified he was asking me if I had ever played a strip game.

“Well… strip anything,” he said trailing off towards the end.

“Yeah…” I said smiling.

“To poker or anything else?” he quizzed.

“All of the above,” I replied with a smile.

“Oh really,” he exclaimed sounding genuinely surprised, “Have you ever lost?” he asked looking at with a smile.

“Erm…” I said looking at him and then the floor, “Maybe…”

“Have you ever lost badly?” he pressed as his eyes glanced down my body to my bare knees and back up to my face again.

“Oh, quite badly,” I replied, looking him in the eyes again.

“Badly, badly?” he asked, his eyes locked onto mine.

“Birthday suit,” I confirmed.

“Wow,” he said glancing between my legs as though he was using imagination, “Totally… you know… naked?” he added, the word “naked” barely audible.

“Naked as the day I was born,” I replied feeling myself flush a little. I knew him fairly well, but we have never discussed this sort of topic before.

“Awesome,” he said, “I don’t mean awesome you lost, just, you not wimping out,” he added back-tracking slightly.

I just looked at him and smiled, “Yeah, yeah, bet as a male you would rather girls lose than boys.”

“Well yeah, assuming Sarah wasn’t there…” he said smiling at me, “What games have you played?”

“She wasn’t. Played a few, most end at underwear though. Played poker, Snap, Risk, Monopoly, matching pairs…” I answered smiling at him.

“Which ümraniye escort one ended in birthday suit?” he asked.

“Not at all nosey are you?” I replied.

“Sorry,” he said.

“Is fine. Monopoly,” I said. Deciding to not admit I have probably lost most of the games at some point, I just selected Monopoly.

“How does that work?” he asked sounding genuinely interested in the concept.

“Normal Monopoly game; if you run out of money you can sell or borrow against clothing. If you borrow against something you only get half. Like, if your top is worth 500, if you sell it and remove it you get 500, if you borrow against it you can keep it on, but you only get 250,” I explained.

“Take ages to play?” he asked.

“Couple of hours until someone loses, when it goes two versus one it turns into a slow motion strip game,” I replied smiling at him

“How many were playing?” he asked.

“Four,” I said, “Two girls, two boys.”

“Was it close?” he asked.

“Nope, not really,” I said matter of factly, “We got our arses kicked.”

“Oops,” he said.

“As I said, as soon as one of you loses and it is then two against one it doesn’t go well,” I said.

“I guess,” he said as he again glanced between my legs as he shifted position on the sofa.

I saw his eyes glance down and shifted myself around as well, my skirt probably was a little higher than it should have been. He couldn’t see anything, but I was showing a lot of leg by the way that I was sitting. In fact judging by the way his eyes snapped back down as I shifted my position, I probably gave a quick flash of my panties while I moved. I considered asking him if I had indeed just flashed myself to him, but decided not to. “Have you ever played?” I asked.

“Not really,” he said, “Few games in my youth but someone always wimped out before it got interesting.”

“What do you class as interesting?” I asked, smiling at him.

“I class interesting as underwear; some games stopped at socks though,” he said.

“Wimps,” I agreed.

“Yeah,” he said, his eyes once again wandering up and down my body as I sat opposite him.

I smiled at him and diverted my attention back to the TV. He did actually look quite sexy sat in shorts and a t-shirt that hugged his toned body very well indeed. I glanced back at him a few times; I have no idea what was on the TV, just one of the many late night sitcom reruns that are always on.

I almost asked him if he wanted a strip game, but Sarah would kill me. “Hey Hun, played a strip game against your Dad last night. How was your evening?” Sure it would go down very well. I saw him check the time. It was 23:15, “Wow, time flies,” he said, “Want me to call you a taxi or you staying?”

“I’ll stay if that’s okay?” I replied.

“Fine with me,” he said, “Fresh sheets as well as I changed Sarah’s bed this morning.”

“Awesome,” I replied finishing up the last of my bottle and placing it on the table.

He finished his and said, “Going to head up; you want a drink to take up with you?”

“Yeah, just a juice or something be fine,” I said as he stood up and headed towards the kitchen.

I stood up, sweeping my hand down my skirt to make sure it was still covering me as I had barely moved for around 5 hours. “Thanks,” I said as he handed me a drink.

We headed off upstairs, he let me use the bathroom first, so I did my teeth and washed my face. I stayed here that much I had a second tooth brush here. I went back to Sarah’s room and closed the door making sure it snicked shut. I always slept with the windows open and it is really annoying when the door spends all night banging with the breeze. I slipped my blouse, skirt and bra off and stood next to the bed for a while. I toyed with my panties for a few moments before pulling them down at the back as I contemplated sleeping naked.

There was a tap at the door, “One sec,” I blurted as I curled my arms against my chest to cover myself.

“Sarah keeps her stuff in the spare room now if you want something to sleep in,” he said through the door.

“I’ll be okay thanks,” I replied.

“Okay. Nite,” he said.

“Nite,” I replied dropping my arms and smiling as I felt the cool air against my now naked bum before pushing them down entirely leaving them on the floor. I opened her second draw and shifted the books out of the way, I knew where she kept her toys and I lifted the first one I found out. I hesitated as I squeezed it in my hand before putting it back again. It was quarter to 12 and I really couldn’t be bothered cleaning it afterwards. Lazy I know, but I replaced the dildo and the books and closed the draw before climbing into bed and was asleep almost before my head hit the pillow.

I woke up around half 4 in the morning, it was just about starting to get light outside, the morning light just about filtering through the badly closed curtains. As I rolled onto my back, I could feel that I had no covers or clothes on; I instinctively threw my hands between my legs. I was alone, acıbadem escort of course I was, who was going to be here? I stood up and closed the curtains properly, hesitating momentarily as I needed a pee. “Should I just go naked?” I muttered to myself as I silently opened the door and glanced into the hallway using the door to hide myself if her Dad was awake.

As there were no curtains on the hall window and the sun was shining through it, it was very bright, which reinforced the illusion that it was later than it was. I could see the bathroom from the door, and I could see his door which was closed, so I just went naked. On the way back I diverted to the spare room and found a t-shirt to put on.

I got back to Sarah’s room and slipped on my panties underneath the t-shirt before falling asleep again. I was woken up by a soft tap at the door; I blinked myself awake and checked the time which was just gone 10. “Yeah,” I said rubbing my eyes.

“Want a cuppa?” John asked.

“Please,” I replied stretching my arms and legs as I squirmed on my back.

I kicked the covers off to keep myself awake and stretched my arms and legs. I gently drew circles on my tummy with my fingers which caused my tummy muscles to pulse involuntarily a few times. I opened my legs, causing the t-shirt to ride up and show my panties before slowly sliding my hand down my body and into my panties, gently curling my fingers between my legs. I tipped my head back and closed my eyes as my fingers found my clit. I slid my fingers further down and genuinely surprised myself at how wet I was; guess I had nice dreams, as I pushed two fingers inside me. “Oh yes,” I whispered as I fingered myself, half my attention was the noises from downstairs to make sure I didn’t get walked in on as I raced myself to orgasm. I needed to cum; I was just horny, but I heard footsteps on the stairs. I stopped and sorted my t-shirt out, silently cursing to myself as there was tap at the door. Another minute and I would have been done, but never mind. “Yeah,” I said as I double checked that I was decent.

“Can I come in?” he confirmed.

“Yeah,” I answered as I flipped onto my side to face the door.

“Morning,” he said as he came in, his eyes looking up and down my body. I was still only wearing a t-shirt and panties and as I flipped onto my side the t-shirt was not doing a great job of hiding the panties. “You sleep okay?” he asked, tearing his eyes back up from my panties to my face.

“Yeah,” I said, “You?”

“Yep, nowt like Becks to aid a good night’s sleep,” he replied as he placed the drink down.

“John,” I said as he headed towards the door causing him to turn round, “Thanks for yesterday.”

“You are more than okay,” he said smiling warmly at me, his eyes once again glancing between my legs.

“I mean it, I just… well, thanks,” I said.

“Don’t mention it,” he said, “If a pizza is the cost of seeing a nice arse, sign me up,” he added with a cheeky grin.

“Dirty old man,” I teased as I bent my knee upwards off the bed causing the t-shirt to ride up and show the rest of my panties and some of my tummy above my panties.

“Yeah,” he mumbled, his eyes locked between my legs as he stared. After a few moments, he looked back at my face again to be greeted by me smiling. He smiled back as his eyes snapped back down south as I twisted myself slightly and shifted on the bed so the t-shirt rode up to just below my rib cage. His eyes were locked onto me as he stared at me. “I… I can see your underwear…” he said as he stared.

“I know,” I grinned.

“Fuck me Fi, you will give me a heart attack,” he said, still staring.

“Stop staring then,” I teased as I stopped just shy of exposing my boobs.

“Sorry,” he said looking at me shyly before heading towards the door again.

I knelt up on the bed allowing the shirt to fall back down to cover me again. “John,” I said causing him to turn around to face me again as I gently lifted the shirt so he could see my underwear again.

He just looked at me dumbfounded, unsure what to say as his daughter’s best mate knelt on the bed in front of him. The panties were pure white and very high leg as I wore them to not show through a fairly thin skirt. They were not quite a thong cut, but there was not much coverage from behind, and not a massive amount from the front either. He didn’t know, but I was also creaming them as well as my body craved completion of what I started. He was still wearing his shorts and t-shirt which I assume he slept in, and his penis was making its presence known as it pushed against his shorts. I knelt up on the bed and smiled at him gently hooking my fingers around the hem of the t-shirt and lifting slowly. It slowly rose up, first showing the tops of my thighs, then my panties, then my belly button and the start of my ribs. “Are you wearing a bra?” he stammered.

“Nope,” I said matter of factly as I slowly lifted the t-shirt higher.

“Fuck me,” he mumbled as he just stared at my boobs as my t-shirt rose high enough to expose them as I lifted it over my head and dropped it onto the floor.

I looked at him and smiled; he was just staring at me, his mouth moving as though he was wanting to say something, but words had escaped him. I ran my index fingers around the elastic of my panties, “Fi…” he mumbled, almost silently.

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