Mar 31

Getting to Know Jane’s Family Ch. 02

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Author’s note: This is an edited version. Hopefully I have fixed and clarified the confusion created by the name mix-ups I had in the original version. This version is clearer and should offer a better reading experience. Thanks for the input.


“Whoa! Sorry!” I cried, embarrassed as I walked in to the bathroom.

I had forgotten that Sarah, my wife’s younger sister, was staying with us for the summer. I was following my morning routine and had to piss. As I opened the door and walked in, Sarah was in front of me, nude, and stepping into the shower.

“Good morning! Let me get outta your way. You do what you need to do.” And with that, she moved her tight, nude body into the shower. I stood there for a second. I couldn’t help staring. Sarah was a mini version of my wife. Tall, blond, athletic. Her tits looked just like Jane’s too. Nice abundant B-cups. Her pubic hair, I noticed now, was a shade lighter than my wife’s. As she turned to face the hot water, her ass stared at me. Even though I needed to piss, I started getting hard. I shook my head and tried to relieve myself without pissing on the wall in front of me.

Sarah’s behavior may seem a little strange but my wife’s family has very liberal attitudes toward personal privacy and nudity. I have known Sarah since she was twelve or thirteen and I was dating her sister. I ended up moving in part time for about two or three years. Throughout that period, they accepted me as part of the family which was great, except they had no qualms about nudity amongst themselves. It was very uncomfortable many times.

Especially with Sarah. I had to be constantly aware of her. I didn’t mind seeing my mother in law, Mary, nude or in her underwear (hell, I liked that quite a bit. In fact, I had fucked Mary several times. But that is another story). I could even live with seeing my brother in law in his underwear or nude since, in the end, it was what I saw every day in the locker room and gym. Sarah, however, made me nervous.

Back then, she was in her teens and becoming a woman. Seeing her as she changed or getting out of the shower or whatever made me very uncomfortable. She wasn’t my sister. She was a young woman. When she was fourteen or so, I had started telling Sarah’s friends that she was my “girlfriend.” I’d flex my biceps for them and ham it up. Jane and I thought it was funny. Since Sarah really did have a crush on me, maybe it wasn’t the best idea. What’s worse, Sarah had inherited her mother’s natural flintiness. Her mother, Mary, would always wear low-cut tops showing a lot of cleavage. She’d lean on you, pressing her breasts against you. Or she’d rub your shoulders and back while you sat at the computer. Sarah would do similar and I tried my best to avoid her.

When Sarah turned eighteen, I relaxed a bit around her. If she was flirty, I could live with it — even enjoy it. Plus, by that time, I had married Jane and we lived about three hours away. During our regular visits, apart from occasionally having secretive sex with Jane’s mother, I finally learned to enjoy Sarah’s openness — as her “brother.”

During these visits, Sarah and Jane would go shopping. When they returned, they’d excitedly model their clothes for Mary and me (Mark was in college).

“Mom, Look at this! Isn’t it cute? Only $27,” they’d squeal together holding up a blouse.

“Wow! And only 27 bucks? Try it on — let’s see” Mary encouraged.

And they’d both peel off their tops and try on the new blouses, one after the other.

“Look at these new bikinis!” holding up three or four small bright strips of cloth. “Three for the price of two! Can ya believe it? We each got three!” And the sisters would strip right there and try on the bikinis. Obviously, I’d get hard just watching my wife strip and try on a bikini. Seeing Sarah, her sister, strip nude in front of me and place small cloth triangles over the nipples of her sweet tits, was too much. Watching her bend over to put on tight thong bottoms, and then turn from side to side asking flirtily “C’mon Chris, do I look as good as Jane? Jane looks so hot, right?”

“You’re even hotter, Sarah.” I’d say winking at me wife.

Jane’d put on her fake pouty face. She’d look at me with raised eyebrows as if to say “Oh, really?.” Then she’d pulled up her top and shook her tits.

“Is that your final answer, Chris?” she’d asked.

Sarah, competitive as ever, cried “No fair!” and pulled up her top too. Perky b-cups bouncing as she shook her chest too.

Mary had laughed. I gulped and barked out my best social laugh, glad my hardening dick was trapped uncomfortably but not embarrassingly in my underwear due to my crossed legs. The sisters giggled at themselves.

Through the laughs, Mary had said “Oh, you girls…Stop being silly. Let’s see what else” and the modelling show would go on.

During other visits, Sarah who played volleyball at the college, would come home late after a long bus ride to an away game. After hugs and greetings, çatalca escort we’d move to the table to eat and trade stories to catch up. My wife got in the occasional habit of saying, “Hon, look at poor Sarah. She’s all sore from the game. Whydoncha give her one of your patented massages.”

Due to my sports interest in college, I had minored in massage therapy. Since I was a lawyer, I never used this knowledge professionally. I’d massage my wife all the time, though. It was often a doorway to sex.

The first time Jane suggested massaging her sister, I tried to decline. My massages were usually intended to relax the person. But they tended to excite me so I then turned the message sensual. It worked well for both parties since we were married. I’d love to massage her sister but I knew I couldn’t “finish the massage” the way I wanted to.

“Come one hon, she’s all tight. Plus, they lost the last set…it’d make her feel good.”

I closed my eyes at my wife’s unintentional double-entendre — pictures of Sarah’s tight little pussy in my mind. I bet she was tight. I had something to loosen her right up and, you’re right, hon. It’d make her feel very good.

So I agreed. Sarah and I headed off to her room. I stopped and got a towel and some oil. When I got to her room. Sarah was nude. “How do you want me?” Man! I said to myself. How do I want you? I want you fucking bent over the bed with my cock pushing deep inside you!

Instead I said nothing, had her lay down, and gave her a very nice massage. I was hard as a board. But she was relaxed (And, I suspect, turned on).

So this was how my life went on. I was happily married to Jane. I would occasionally have sex with her mother. And I was constantly cock-teased by her sister — at the insistence of my wife.

Sarah had recently transferred to a college in our town and she was staying with us until she found her own place…or indefinitely. It was unclear.

Our place was smaller than the house they had grown up in. Much smaller.

But Jane and I were happy. I was making very good money at a large firm in town. Sarah was a successful pharmaceutical rep and made great money. Men like to buy from hot women. — especially smart, qualified, hot women.

That morning, after pissing, I’d decided to forego the shower (as much as I wanted to climb in with Sarah), and went to work. It was Friday and I wanted to get a lot done so I could leave at a reasonable time tonight. Sarah, Jane and I were going to go out.

When I got home, the sisters were already chatting. Jane was still in her dress and blouse from work. Sarah was wearing a revealing sports bra and skimpy running shorts. Jesus!

“Hey girls. Daddy’s home.” I joked. Sarah skipped over and gave me a tight playful hug. “Daddy! I’m so happy you’re home.” My wife laughed and brought me a drink.

“Daddy, huh? Does ‘daddy’ want some wine with his dinner?”

“Sure. Red, please. Hey, I thought we were going out?” I said as I sipped my manhattan.

“Yeah but I’m tired and Sarah is sore from her work out. We thought we’d just stay in and relax tonight. Catch up. Y’know” Jane said from the kitchen.

I was kinda looking forward to going out but, on the other hand, a relaxing evening would be nice too. Plus, I enjoyed the friendly competitive banter the two sisters had developed over the past few years. “Sure, that’s cool.” I agreed. “I’m going to go change.” And I went off to our bedroom.

I threw on shorts and a tee shirt and went back out barefoot. The two sisters were telling stories, teasing each other, and making each other laugh. I realized that they had already been through a bottle of red between themselves. I finished my drink and then joined them.

Jane filled me in while sautéing something. “Sarah’s no longer with Ted. Said his dick was too small” and Jane started laughing.

Sarah protested, “I did not! I didn’t say that! Jane — Stop.” “Your wife’s such a bitch, Chris, why’d you marry her?” Sarah teased her sister. “What I said was…” and she smiled at me as she downed her wine, “was…that Ted was boring. He was fucking boring.”

I refilled both of their glasses and opened a third bottle.

“…And that he had a small dick!” added Jane laughing.

“…And that he had a small dick!” agreed her sister laughing.

Taking another drink, Sarah whined lightly. “I’m so unlucky. If the guy is exciting, he has a small dick. Right? And if he’s boring…”

“…he still has a small dick!” Jane and I said together, clinking glasses. All of us laughed at this.

“Yeah…” agreed Sarah. “They all have fuckin small dicks.”

Jane closed the oven and said quietly to her little sister, “Not all of ’em.” And nodded at me.

“We’ve got about an hour till that’s done. Let’s go into the living room and have some more wine.”

Sarah squinted at Jane and tilted her head. Then she looked at me from head to toe. “I bet.” She agreed quietly.

With that esenyurt escort bit of awkwardness, they left for the living room. I followed them both, bringing the open wine, a full bottle, and an opener. Jane sat in my recliner. I sat next to Sarah on the couch. She leaned into me. I think she was starting to feel the wine.

“Janey, you’re so lucky with men though.” she said pouting.

I lifted my eyebrows and smiled accusingly at my wife. “Is that so?…Lucky with men is she? News to me. Fill me in little sis…”

Jane laughed and followed along but offered a strong denial. “Lucky with men! Huh! I am NOT lucky with men!”

“THEY — they’re lucky with me!” she added dryly offering her glass up in a toast to me.

Again, we laughed, the wine at this point making us all a little cleverer.

Sarah shook her head as she giggled at her sister. “Noooo. Thashed — that’s …not whata meant.” She took a quick drink and refilled her glass. She sat back and continued.

“No.” Sarah still giggling. “I mean lucky with this big idiot.” And with this she pointed at me with her wineglass, inadvertently throwing wine all over both of us.

All three of us burst out laughing.

Sarah said drunkenly “Oh shit! Sorry!” and started wiping my wet crotch with her hand, as if that would clean anything. After running her hand down my soft cock for the third time, she realized what she was doing and what she wasa rubbing. Her first reaction was one of shock. She was shocked by the size of my soft cock. This first reaction actually caused her to clench it tightly in her fist in disbelief. I don’t think she’d even seen it – even with all of our years of living together. I had been very careful around her when she was younger.

Then realizing that she had first petted my cock and then was holding it tightly in her grip, she released it and, embarrassed, quickly jerked back her hand.

The three of us were quiet for a moment, taking in what had just transpired. Sarah was embarrassed, smiling guiltily.

Then we all burst out laughing again. The whole scene had been hilarious.

Jane was choking, trying not to spit out wine.

Through the laughter, shaking her head, and with tears coming out of her eyes, Sarah apologized — or tried to.

Still laughing, she looked at me and then pointed at my cock. “I’m so – I totally grabbed you – your…”

More laughs.

“Sorry…” Sarah tried again.

Still laughing, she wiped away a tear, looked at her older sister and then pointed at my cock. She grabbed it again as if to use as evidence. “…but what the fuck is this …thing?” Sarah wiggled my hardening cock inside of my wine-soaked shorts; shaking it towards my wife.

This triggered even more laughter from both of them.

“Is this thing fucking legal?” Sarah added.

Howls of laughter.

My wife, laughing and repeating her sister’s comments to herself, found her way to the kitchen and brought back a dish rag. She wiped a tear from her eye with her arm and tossed the towel to her sister and sat back down.

“Here -” Jane sniffed, trying to stop giggling. “Use this.”

My cock was semi hard now and was making a tent in my shorts. Sarah finally let go if it and started wiping herself and the couch with the dishrag.

She poured herself more wine and took a strong drink and placed the glass on the table.

She wiped her shorts again, the couch, and then my shorts again. She looked up at me as she did this. She bit her bottom lip (an expression I know well in her family) and ran the towel down my shorts over my cock repeatedly.

I swallowed.

Sarah rubbed the hardness in my shorts with the towel, clearly no longer concerned about cleaning anything. She stared it the shape of my cock now clearly outlined in the shorts.

Sarah licked her lips and swallowed.

Sarah glanced at my wife and said in a questioning manner, as if asking permission,

“Jane, hon. These…are gonna stain. We should have him take these off so we can wash’em, right?.” Sarah nodded her head convincingly at her older sister (I was convinced). “I’ve never seen such a large…stain before.” She pleaded.

My wife looked at her sister and tilted her head to the side, trying to understand if Sarah was asking what she thought she was asking. They maintained eye contact for a while. Finally, Jane smiled and shook her head at her little sister. Jane looked at me with raised eyebrows. “Chris?” was all she said.

Not being an idiot, I added helpfully. “Well, the stains are so…hard…to remove. And…and…Sarah can help…um…rub it out.” I said please with my cleverness (the wine was hitting me too). I smiled at my wife and jerked my head toward her sister.

Jane looked back to her sister. She nodded, and said, “Sarah, he’s not Ted, hon. I dunno if you can handle that much…wine.”

Oooooh, a challenge. Works for me, I thought.

Sarah started wiping my crotch again etiler escort and smiled deviously at her sister. Then she looked at me and my cock. “…I like wine though…I can drink quite a bit, y’know. Probably s’much as you can. I bet…”

Sarah tossed the towel to the floor and reached for the waistband of my shorts. Grabbing both underwear and shorts, she started tugging. I lifted my ass to help but the shorts got caught up on my cock. She kept pulling and my cock broke free and ricocheted back, slapping my belly. Sarah sucked in her breath. I pulled off my shirt, leaving me nude.

“Whoa…I fucking knew it. Fuckin knew it.” My sister-in-law grabbed my shaft with her hand and squeezed it tightly. She looked at my cock. “Well done, Janey. Well done.” she said more to herself.

She stroked my cock for a while and then looked at my balls. She switched hands and filled her palm with them.

“Jesus. You’re even hotter than – I mean I knew you were…because I always tried to get a peek…” Sarah trailed off in her own thoughts as she kept stroking my cock.

Jane came over from the recliner and knelt on the floor, wine glass in hand. She took a drink and called to her little sister, “Sarah, honey? Come down here between his legs. I always liked this view.” My wife then looked up to me, tilted her glass while winking, and drank.

Sarah slid down to the floor next to my wife. “Wait…” she said, and she stood up, pulling her bra off over her head, freeing those perky breasts capped by hard little nipples. Sarah’s tits were identical copies of her sister’s. Perhaps slightly smaller. She slid her tight running shorts to her knees and then pulled down the pink thong. There was Sarah, my hot, flirty little sister-in-law. Nude in front of me again. Sarah ran her hands up her body to her tits and pinched the pencil eraser nipples. This made her jerk her hips.

Fuckin direct line to her pussy. Definitely a family thing.

My cock twitched. My wife smiled knowingly up at me.

Sarah moved her hands down her slim waist to her hips. It was now I noticed and remembered from this morning that she was shaven clean.

My cock twitched again.

Sarah ran one hand down to her pussy and slid it over her slit a few times. Then she put a finger inside herself.

Keeping my hands behind my head, I swallowed. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen my sister-in-law nude. I’d massaged her – upon my wife’s request – many times. And she’d “accidentally” flashed me countless times since I had first met her. But after years of teasing and anticipation, we had never done anything. My cock was pulsing knowing that today – today she’d finally make me cum.

Sarah pulled her slick finger out from her pussy and knelt on the floor between my legs. Jane scooted up next to her. Sarah sat up on her knees and grabbed my cock. She squeezed it and released. Squeezed it and released. Squeezed it again and released. She shook her head at my cock. She slowly pulled it towards her until it strained and then let it thud onto my belly. She gasped. She did it again.


She smiled. She had obviously never seen a larger cock before and was enjoying playing with my seven and a half inches.

Jane watched her little sister, strangely proud to share my cock with her. “Jack him off, honey. Wait till you see how much he cums.” she promised proudly.

Sarah did just that. She slowly pumped my cock, sliding the smooth skin up and down over the hot hard core of my shaft. She was using both bands to do this.

She kept licking her lips and would occasionally look up at me hungrily. Mostly she stared at my cock. Sarah reached her left hand under my balls and held them in her palm again. She gently squeezed them and then jiggled them in her hand. “So heavy. Your balls…so heavy” she said admiringly.

“Can I…?” Young Sarah looked at her older sister questioningly. Can I kiss them?”

I smiled and shook my head immediately “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

My wife winked up at me again and agreed. “He like it when you suck his balls.”

Sarah leaned down and licked my ball sack in her hand. She kissed my balls gently. Then, still stroking, my sister-in-law sucked one ball into her mouth. I stiffened briefly and exhaled. Sarah kept pumping my cock. She pulled her head back slightly stretching my scrotum and pulling my balls tight.

My wife slid behind her sister, raised her eyebrows at me, and smiled devilishly. She reached both hands in front of Sarah and softly squeezed both of her younger sister’s tits. She then lightly wiggled her forefingers across Sarah’s hard nipples.

Surprised, Sarah gasped aloud and my ball plopped out of her mouth. She stopped pumping as she gripped my cock tightly and threw back her head. She bit her bottom lip and hoarsely scolded lightly, “Janey! What’re you doing?”

Sarah remained like this for a moment, my cock tightly in her fist, enjoying the way my wife -her sister- was playing with her nipples.

Sarah opened her eyes halfway, sat up straighter, and looked at me lustily. Behind her, my wife followed her sister’s movement and kept playing with Sarah’s nipples and fondling her breasts. Jane knew what she liked when someone played with her own nipples and grinned as she did these same things to her sister.

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