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Big Tits

GF Trick’s Me CumeaterMy girlfriend Jennie called me about an hour ago. It was good to hear her voice. I had been so busy with my work and her with both work and school, that we hadn’t gotten together for sex in almost a week.She told me to pick her up at 7 o’clock, because we were going to Brad’s apartment for a party.Brad was a close friend of mine, who had a lot of cool and good looking friends.Let me tell you a little about Jennie. She was by far, the best looking girl I had ever dated. We met in a bar and seemed to hit it off almost immediately.Sex with her was always extreme too. She was into anything and her friends were wild like her.When I arrived at her apartment, she must have seen me pull up, because she met me at the car. She looked phenomenal. She was wearing a short black skirt with high heels and a tube top. Her tits really stood out with this outfit, but it was her legs that I couldn’t stop looking at.”Down boy, you look like a dog that just found its bone,” she said with a cute little smile when she saw my reaction to her attire.I realized how I must have looked and laughed. She got in the car and we began our drive. “You look great,” I said.”Thanks, but I don’t know about these heels. They’re hurting my feet already. I only wore them because they show off my toes. I got a French manicure today.””So take your clothes…I mean your shoes off,” I suggested.”You’re so cute, you know that. Well, okay, I think I will take MY SHOES off silly,” and then slid them off her feet and leaned back against the door. “Why don’t you put them in my lap while we drive and I’ll massage them? They are cute,” I said. She grinned as if she knew where this was headed. When she did so, she spread her legs and I could see her bald muff. I moaned and she felt my dick get hard as a rock. I almost drove off the road.”You like? I shaved for you. By the way, how are you going to massage them?” she asked.”Oh, I like,” I replied staring at her pussy. “Can I kiss it?””Why don’t you suck on it,” she replied and lifted her foot to my face.”I meant your pussy,” I said.”I know what you meant but start here. You can massage my feet with your tongue if you think they’re so cute mister,” she replied with a laugh.I never thought of this but when in Rome they say. I figured I’d surprise her. So I extended my tongue to her big toe and gave it a lick. She moaned and started rubbing beneath her skirt. “They do look cute with that polish. Suck them some more, it’s making me hot.”I never knew that she liked having her feet kissed, so I began sucking and licking them a little more. Her feet looked sexy and were soft and clean. As I began to really suck them in earnest, she pulled them away.”Stop, we can fool around later. You’re getting me too excited,” she said and hastily put her shoes back on.I was disappointed and it showed on my face. I never thought of her feet as erogenous zones before, but the next time they’re up on my shoulders I’m definitely going to give them my fullest attention.”You like my little piggies?” she asked me when she saw me staring at them as they slid back into her high heels.I said that I definitely did and wanted to suck them again for her.”I’d like that!” she answered with a sexy smile on her face.I tried to cool things off a little by asking her how her day was so far. She smiled and said it had been a great day and was excited about tonight. I asked her who was going to be at Brad’s house and she replied, “The usual crowd and my friend Donna from work.” “Who’s she?” is what I asked but what I meant was, what did she look like.My girlfriend works at a fitness club, so I figured her friend must be almost as hot as her.”She’s really pretty and she said that she’d just broken up with her boyfriend. So I thought I’d invite her along.””Why did she break up with him?””Well, it’s kind of personal,” she said.”I won’t tell.””I guess I can tell you. But you can’t repeat a word of it, ever. It was because of sex,” she replied.My curiosity was at full attention, sinop escort as was my prick.”She refused to, you know, when he came in her mouth…””Swallow?” I added.”Yeah, she said the taste is terrible and that he couldn’t get over it.”Thankfully Jennie always swallowed for me, so I played along.”What do you mean he couldn’t get over it? Was he swallowing it?” I said jokingly.”No silly,” she giggled at that remark.”What a prude. If it meant that much to him, she should have just done it. It’s just cum.” I said.She looked at me funny and I knew that I had just fucked up.”That’s pretty easy for you to say. When was the last time you swallowed?”I wondered how I was going to get myself out of this one. So I said, “I never have of course, but if it meant that much to you and it was the other way around I would.””You mean you’d swallow some semen for me? I could probably arrange that you know,” she said rather amused.”No, you know what I mean.””Well, too bad it’s not the other way around in real life. Even being a woman, I’d still like to shoot a big old load of cum in your mouth. You know that stuff doesn’t always taste so good,” she said.My prick was now as hard as steel. I wasn’t done with this discussion yet, so I told Jennie that maybe her friend was just afraid and needed to experience it without any prejudices.”You mean like you?” she asked.I said, “We’re not talking about me. You know sweetie, if there was only some way to get her to try it, without her knowing about it. Then maybe when she’s confronted with having to swallow again, she might change her mind subconsciously.””So making a person unknowingly drink some bodily fluids is your idea how to fix this non-swallowing issue? Well, maybe you’re right. I think a lesson here is in order. I have a solution.”Holy shit, what kind of lesson was she thinking of?”When we get to the house, I’ll bring a glass upstairs to Ted’s bathroom. See if you can get the guys to leave a little deposit in it.”I said, “You think the guys will go for it?””Absolutely! When you tell them that she refuses to swallow and that they’ll be watching her suck down their man juice, they’ll go wild. You know how guys are.””Okay, it’s a deal,” I said.”Excellent,” she said with an evil looking grin on her face.When we arrived at the house, there were about five couples already there. Besides them, there was also a bunch of other people who were there stag. Her friend Donna hadn’t arrived yet, so I sprung Jennie’s plan into action. One by one, I took the guys aside and told them what we had planned for her.Some of the guys said they wouldn’t do it, but most of the others agreed when they heard it was Jennie’s idea.Several more people showed up. They all said they were in too. When Donna finally arrived, every guy immediately began checking her out to see who was going to be swallowing their cum later. Turns out, she was a petite blond with blue eyes with a dynamite figure. I was ready to go first and make my deposit when I saw her legs.Jennie casually introduced her to everyone and you could tell she didn’t seem too interested in any of the single guys at the party.This, I’m sure, helped fuel their fire to prepare her a special “cocktail”.I figured that we better hatch this plan soon, before she got bored and left.One by one, the guys went upstairs. Every guy came back down stairs with a satisfied look and a devilish grin on their faces. Even the guys that refused to take part at first eventually took a turn and went upstairs after seeing and talking to her.When I started to go and add my contribution, Jennie stopped me. She said, “I don’t want you depleted for later. I’ve got a special surprise for you.” This evening was getting hotter for me!Jennie told Donna that she was going to go get her a drink. Every head turned as she went up the stairs to retrieve the glass.[Now from Jennie’s view point:]I slowly approached the bathroom door. As I went inside, I felt a rush of excitement. There it was on şırnak escort the counter.As I lifted the glass to inspect it, I thought to myself that someone was either in for a real lesson or a real treat tonight. That depended on how you felt about swallowing cum of course.The glass was almost two-thirds filled. I had never seen anything like it before. So I took it downstairs and into the kitchen.I grabbed a spoon and stirred the jizz and mix it all together. Now all the guys were one happy family. I removed the spoon and the semen clung to it like glue. No one was looking, so I put the spoon in my mouth for a taste. Mmmm, it tasted good.Next I grabbed some rum and gave it just a splash and added some crushed ice to just the top. A quick stir to the top part and I was done.The top part will be the bait so they don’t know what’s coming. It will smell like booze but the majority of this concoction will be pure semen, straight from the tap.I had one of the guys make me a White Russian drink as well. Side by side, the two looked incredibly similar.Now it was time to sit back and enjoy. I grabbed them both and sauntered back till I saw them both.[Back to the Hero of the story:]I didn’t see her come back down. But I did see her approaching with what appeared to be two frozen drinks in her hand. I walked over to Donna to watch this unfold.”Here you go. Sip it slowly because the guys made it pretty strong.” She handed one glass to her and then handed the other to me.”Here sweetie, they made you one too.”I’m glad they didn’t make me one like hers.”Now let us toast. Here is to trying knew things and making new friends,” Jennie said.I touched my glass to Donna’s and Jennie’s, plus a few of the guys nearest to me. I watched intently, as did all the other men in the room as she took a big sip of their combined DNA.She smacked her lips and asked, “That’s really good. What’s in it?” Before Jennie could answer her, Donna asked me why I hadn’t tried any of mine yet. “You know, a lady should never have to drink alone.”Wanting to see her swallow some more I said, “I’ll race you to the bottom.”Jennie said, “Honey, she’s already a sip ahead of you.”So I looked at Donna and tipped my glass towards my open mouth. I took a big gulp and noticed that my drink tasted funny. It tasted like straight booze with just a hint of something else. What kind of booze are they serving? I wondered.”Okay, now were ready,” Donna said and then Jennie yelled, “Go!” As soon as Donna’s lips touched her glass and started gulping big mouthful’s of her drink, every man’s eyes were on her and his cock was becoming as hard as glass.She chugged her drink down like a champ but I was having some trouble with mine.My drink tasted like shit and I wanted to stop but everyone was yelling for me to hurry up. So I just figured, fuck it!So I continued hurriedly chugging mine to keep up with Donna and noticed that Jennie was watching me with a big grin on her face.I kept thinking to myself that this stuff tasted awful. I’m just glad that Donna liked hers. She still didn’t seem to notice anything yet.I continued emptying my own glass and this shit just got worse and worse. Just past the very top of my drink, the viscosity seemed to get thicker. It even lost its chill. Half way down the glass it was flat out warm and as thick as glue. Then the taste began burning the back of my throat a little and it even smelled a little bleachy. When I finished it, its salty taste clung to my taste buds. Naturally, I had to let her win. All the guys cheered for her. She thought it was because she was being such a good sport. Well, after drinking the semen of more than ten guys, I guess you could say that she really was a good sport.I walked away and Jennie followed me. I told her she was a genius and that she had really taught her a lesson.She seemed excited to say something. Sort of like the cat that swallowed the canary.She said, “That glass was full to the brim when I picked it up. I’ve never escort bayan seen so much cum in one place. You sure have got some horny friends. Some of them even did it twice. I’m glad I wasn’t the one drinking all that sperm.””I wonder if she’ll like the taste from now on.” I asked Jennie.”I’m not sure because I didn’t really teach her a lesson after all.””I knew it! You made that whole thing up. I wondered why she hadn’t stopped drinking. She surely should have tasted something.””Maybe there’s a reason she didn’t react,” Jennie replied.”What, maybe she liked it? I mean who wouldn’t enjoy a tall glass of man juice, huh? She swallowed every ounce of cum in this room, so don’t tell me she didn’t know. How could you not? Besides, I know that all you girls like it.””Real funny. So you think we girls cherish your junk? How about you guys?””What about us guys?” I said.”Do you like it? Did you enjoy the drink I gave you?” she asked.”It was okay. I didn’t want to say anything but what was that, a White Russian or something? It tasted pretty crappy,” I replied.”So do you like the taste of cum, too?” she asked.”What kind of question is that? I love the taste of your cum,” I replied. Then with words that burned in my psyche, she replied, “I don’t mean mine, I mean all your friends?””What?????””Well, I did teach someone a lesson tonight. Did you like your drink, because you just swallowed all of your friends’ jizz and not her?” “You’re fucking with me, right?” She didn’t say a word. Then I thought how thick and salty it had tasted. As what she had done to me sunk in, I sat down on the couch and contemplated the situation with a bitter aftertaste lingering in my mouth.”You fucking gave me her drink? How did you fuck that up? You only had two glasses!” I yelled.”No, I gave you both the correct glasses. Now be quiet or someone will hear you. Do you want all the girls to know that they now have some stiff competition for swallowing their guy’s sperm or the guys to know that they just emptied their nuts into your belly? Come on, was it really so bad?””You bitch,” I said. “Why are you so mad? Is it because there’s no more? Don’t worry; you guys have an endless supply of that stuff. I bet I could have the guys make you another one, if you want. Maybe the second time will be the charm and you’ll enjoy the taste just like you thought she would,” she said. She started to get up and I grabbed her hand.”I know, hold the ice and booze this time for the full flavor,” she teased.”But why did you do it?” I asked.”At first, only a couple of guys had shot their loads into the glass. I needed to help out a little. So I sat in the chair over there and put my feet up on the table in front of it. Then I accidentally opened my legs. Soon your friends put so much cum in the glass for you that I barely had room for some rum and a little crushed ice on top to cover the taste.”I told her it didn’t work.”Welcome to the all girl club. Oops, well I guess it’s almost an all girls club now!”She was laughing hysterically. I stayed pretty quiet for the rest of the evening. When Donna left a little while later, the comments from the guys began to circulate.Tim said, “That was so hot. Dude, that glass was so nasty too. It was over half full the first time I juiced it.”I said, “What do you mean the first time. How many times did you do it?” “Well, Amy’s been at her grandmothers taking care of her. So I hadn’t busted a nut in her in over a week. As soon as you said that chick was gonna swallow it as a prank, I knew I was in. You see, Amy rarely swallows for me anymore. I must have spurted into that glass a dozen times knowing my little swimmers would be in her belly later. What a dumb bitch, huh? How could you not taste it?” he said.”How could you not,” I mumbled.”Then, I hope you don’t get mad at me but your girlfriend sat down over there. I guess she forgot her panties tonight. I blew another load after seeing her pussy and I bet every one else did too. I guess nobody’s getting laid tonight. Everybody’s balls are empty now,” he said as he began laughing. I told him that Jennie and I had to go and we all said our good byes.”Tell Jennie to invite her back next week. All the guys will want to buy her another round if you know what I mean!” he said with a smile.

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