Oca 05

Ghost Hunk Ch. 04

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Some time later, Bloke smiles as he walks out of yet another nightclub full of properly bred bottoms — his cock currently swollen to the girth of a wrist and at least 9 inches flaccid. He’s currently wearing a red T-shirt and a novelty gold medal that reads [ANUS SMASHER] and absolutely no pants, letting his member dripping with cum bob in the air and his testicles loose in the air.

“Well, think my balls had enough unloading for now” Bloke boasts to himself as he walks down the sidewalk. His nuts, now the size of oranges, swing and bob blow his massive cock while his meat slaps his thighs as he goes.

“Now I think I’m guuhh-aahhhh…” His body irks and his hips buck about, “I guhhhhoooaauuhh!” His spine undulates as his limbs spazz and his mouth quirks a squeak as his eyes twitch from shifting cyan/brown again, “Uh-oh. Big boy’s fighting back agaaaHAAAiiiinnn!”

His cheeks puff as his lips almost frame around a soft glowing orb while his nude booty cheeks wiggle compulsively while his enlarged penis starts to jump on its own. Bloke hastily covers his mouth as he looks down at his member. He can’t help but snicker at how Blake’s resistance is making his dick flop and whoop around his lap like a wild fish attached to his pelvis.

Laughing aside, he needs to get Blake back in line. Half naked from the waist-down, Bloke runs down the sidewalk and ducks into the Plumaj clothing and costume store again.

The clerk, Scott, looks and gaps as the customer from before dashes past his desk and into one of the VIP changing rooms.

Bloke’s throat gags on ghostly presence as if he’s about to throw up as he forces the body to go inside and close the door. He frowns and huffs as the 9 inch penis shrinks back to Blake’s average length.

“BUAHH! Ahhh… Hahh!” Blake pants as he regains control of his body again. He opens and clenches his fists a few times before looking around. He sees a mirror, but notes that his reflection is not grinning or have electric blue eyes. He’s alone… For now.

“Ok… Ok, what…” Blake looks at himself and pulls at the red shirt he’s wearing — blotched in sweat, lube, and spots of pre and cum “What??? ‘Anus Smasher’??? Guh, agh!” He yanks off the fake medal and the shirt and throws it on the floor in disgust.

“Oooh, I like what I see.” Says Polter’s voice. Blake looks up and sees the ghost in the mirror again — still assuming Blake’s nude appearance yet with a very horny grin with light blue eyes.

“Alright, what have you done with me NOW?!” Blake demanded.

“That depends.” Polter crosses his arms with a smirk, “Ya REALLY wanna know?”

At that moment, the mirror plays as a TV screen to Blake’s homophobic horror. First is a glimpse of Blake’s body on all fours and bucking hilariously from a pot-bellied daddy pounding his ass ‘Uhhh! Ohhh! Ohhh daddy’

Another glimpse is of Blake pinning a slender pretty boy on a bar counter and humping him like a dog ‘Choke my dick, slut! Choke my dick!’

Blake pants with disbelief as he next sees himself in the mirror sitting on a beefy man’s lap as he makes out with a very thick bearded mouth as a pair of hands roam Blake’s back and thoroughly molesting Blake’s peach fuzz butt.

Next the ghost displays Blake moaning on a lounge chair with his legs spread wide open as another random guy polishes Blake’s balls with his mouth with his own cock twitching and threating to burst all over himself-

“ENOUGH! STOP!” Blake ranted as he covers his eyes.

“Awww, but I was getting to the good part!” Polter sneers from the glass as he starts showing another image of Blake’s body humping a man’s head. Blake can’t stand it — the moaning and grunting the mirror profoundly disgusts him, knowing his own distorted voice is practically begging someone to use his body as a cumrag.

“Ok, fine, you know what??” Blake takes a large trench coat from one of the racks in the room, and puts it over the mirror. He feels a subtle shift inside his body once the reflection is blocked; not only that, but the sexual sounds finally stopped as well. At least now he won’t have to look at his reflection looking demented and turned-on.

“THERE!” Blake scoffed in frustrated victory, “How’s THAT??”

Just then, his eyes rolled up and the ghost takes over momentarily. His own mouth curls that comical smile, “Either way for me, bone-bag. I’m still taking over this hot body of yours.”

Blake’s face shifts again as the ghost switches out and allows the human to resume control again.

“Jesus, get OUT!” Blake points at the air with a threatening finger, “If you don’t stop fucking with my body, I’m gonna-” Then he feels that chill again.

His hands travel to his front and into his undercarriage, “Ahhh! What are you doing to me?! You can’t go all- OOOoooh!” He moans out suddenly as his fingers dig into a spot behind his balls.

‘Ever wonder what it’s like to have a pussy?’ The ghost snickers inside Blake’s mind as he forces Blake’s fingers to massage and scratch at an şişli escort imaginary giftbox on his perineum.

“A-Ahhh! Ssshhhiiit!” Blake whines as he stands awkwardly with his arms ducked down below between his legs. “H-HaahhHHHhhhH” He huffs and moans like a nerd getting his first BJ. The spot between his sac and the bottom of his asscrack throbs with a foreign sensation.

Blake can actually see a small glow emanating from his thighs as the ghost possesses his gooch.

“This is fucking weeeiiiirrrrd!” Blake squeals, “S-Stop…” His eyes widen as one of his hands creep a few inches up, his middle finger twirling around a certain spot, “OOH! FuUUUuuuck, whoa!” His finger thwacked it and pushed it and rubbed around the overall nonexistent lip.

He’s fucked, eaten, fingered, and stroked many a girlfriend’s vagina before. He knows EXACTLY what that ghost is playing with right now…

“Hahh! A-Ahh…” Then his thumb and index finger press in on a very familiar pinch-like hold, “No no. Nononononono!” He shakes his head. He’s banged more than enough girls to know where THIS is going. “Don’t pinch it, don’t pinch it, for the love of God, please don’t make meeeeEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Blake squeals as mind-numbing pleasure races from clenching his fingers on an invisible clit.

“Oh FUCK! OH fucking SSHHIT!” Blake yowls out as his legs get weak, “FFFFOH you fucking bastaaAARRrrd!” Blake swerves as his hands continue to abuse the phantom gloryhole between his legs. Blake screams with intensity as his fingers twist and yanked at his private nothingness.

“BOOWOOWOOH!” Blake yelps out from the imaginary exploding sensation between his legs. He yanks his hands out, and bends over, looking with sheer panic. He pants and huffs as he palms and grabs at his under area. No moisture, no pussy, rubbing it confirms his Commando norm, “Hhhhhoooly shit-fuck!” Blake hushes.

‘Eh hehehahahaheeeehheeeee!’ The ghost laughs inside Blake’s head.

“You fucking sick bastard!” Blake says before his brain feels the speech-pressure again, “I only wanted to feel like a lucky little girl in heat~” He cooed with puckered lips.

“GAAHH!” Blake shakes his head in frustration. Then the mirror behind him gives off the sound of shrugging its own curtain. Blake whips around to see Polter taking over his own image again in the glass. ‘You’re a bit PACKING for a little girl though!’ The ghost taunts as his reflection as he plays with his dick. Blake looks down as he sees his own boner bounce and flop on its own.

“DammiiIIIIT!” Blake SLAMS his hands onto the wall in front of him as his mind tries to expel the ghost again.

“WhooOOoaaAA!” The reflection in the mirror distorts as the image of Blake’s doppleganger bloats in a ghost-like balloon form on/off “E-EasssyyYYYyyYY!”

“HrrRRBBbbBBrrRRbbbRRllLL!” Blake’s face wobbles like mad as his cheeks inflate into big glowing ghost orbs. His tongue flops from the noncorporeal’s tongue before the entity forces itself back, just before his back arches and Polter’s tail spews out of Blake’s butt! Blake’s ass opens wide around the thick glowing appendage as it flops around out of his booty, wiggling about before slurping itself straight back into his hole!

“SHhhHHiiiIIiitt yoooOOuuuUuu rrrhhHHHEEEEEE!” Polter fights harder just as Blake’s body quakes and jerks even more.

“GeEEeewwwEERRRlllbbbRRR” Blake entire body vibrates as the possession goes into overdrive. His arms puff and bulk massively with round glowing clouds of phantom muscle before they dissipate just as his legs clap his thighs together. His nipples and his penis flash a blinding light just as his torso flexes for his stomach to instantaneously balloon out into a massive gut before shrinking down again.

“BUAAHH!” Finally Blake stops and pants as he flops down onto the wall, with Polter glaring at him through the mirror with frustration, both of them taking hard breaths. “You… Out… Of my body… Or I’m gonna fuckin…”

“Ohhh you REALLY don’t know when to nut up, flesh bag…” Polter retorts angrily.

“You can’t control my body forever.” Blake gulps and glares back at those cyan eyes “Next time I fight back, your ass is out at the first fireplace I find. I’ll fuckin fart you out if that’s what it’s going to take.”

“Gheh… Stronger guys than you have tried, jock-fuck.” Polter persisted. “So.” The poltergeist stands up straight and puts his hands on his bare hips. “If controlling your body’s gonna drive it up the wall, I’ll just fuck with a few other things in your head.”

“Goddammit NO!” Blake grabs into his hair to go for another round. This time though, Polter goes right for the I.Q. bank of Blake’s mind.

‘Eeeeeaaassy… Dumbass!” With that, the ghost attacks Blake’s intelligence.

“W-Whooaa!” Blake swerves a bit when his head suddenly feels light and dizzy “Fuh… Wuuhh… Huh?” He blinks a few times as he tries to string the usual amount of thoughts together… But something about what Polter just said is striking him odd mecdiyeköy escort “Uh… My ass is like… Dumb?” He looks over his shoulder at his naked rump and patting at it.

‘Pffff, you wish!’ Polter laughs inside the human’s head ‘Your ass is smarter than you, dumbfuck!’

“Huh…” Blake wiggles his booty a bit and watches it in the mirror, “Like… Is THAT what guys mean when they call me a ‘smartass’?”


“Oh…” Blake shrugs as his simplified mind settles with the temporary intelligence loss “Makes sense.” He turns around to look at the mirror “So… So uh… Why was I freaking out again?”

“Hehehe” Polter snickers as he moves Blake’s hips forward and made his penis fly up on its own!

“Whoa! Hah ah”

“Cause you weren’t likin it when I did this!” Polter then masturbates in the mirror.

“Whoa, hoh! Hoh shit!” Blake scoffs with amazement as the skin of his dong moves itself up and down, like an invisible handjob, “Holy shit, you’re jerking me off?? Awesome!”

While temporary, this drop in I.Q. gives Polter a lot of leeway. Polter doesn’t do this often, only to guys who have proven extremely resistant. In the mean time, this fix makes the possessed hunk in question very susceptible; one time when Polter did this, he was possessing a bodybuilder and he had the man convinced he was a run-away mannequin, and he had him posing nude in random retail stores for a whole day.

“So uh” Polter grins in the mirror “How would you like to get stuffed like your girlfriends, huh?”


“You know. Get plowed doggy-style, missionary, side-ways, anyway you like. Have a rocking guy rail you like you rail your dates?”

“Dude, that sounds really gay.”

“Oh, oh-hoh” The mirror laughs, “It is VERY gay. But you’re still going to get fucked like a slut. And there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“…” Blake shrugs and nods, “Guess that makes sense.”

“Hah, good boy.”

“So um. If I’m gonna get fucked… You mean like, fucked up my butt?” Blake questioned his reflection.

“Nope.” The ghost sneered.

“Huh?” Blake feels his hand turn cold as it moves by itself and shows itself to his face. His fingers tuck themselves onto his palm except for his index and middle fingers before this arm goes down and around to his backside. Blake’s eyes widen and his mouth gaps as his digits easily slide right into his hole! “WHOOA! Holy fuck what are you doing, bruh??”

“This isn’t your ass” The phantom snickers as he makes those fingers roll and wiggle in his anus, “This is a pussy.”

“Hoh! Fuck, what the, this feels weird!” Blake irks and watches as his sentient hand really digs into his anus, “I thought this was just my butthole!”

‘Nope! This is a pussy. A big, sweaty, hairy, meaty cunt.’

“Whooooaafffuuuck” Blake fingers himself for a few more seconds before he pulls out and looks at the mirror.

‘And what do you usually do with pussies?’ The ghost grins.

“Uuuuhhhh… Eat’em and fuck them?”

‘Very GOOD, Blake!’ The phantom laughs, ‘Now, if you have a pussy. Don’t you think you should dress the part?’

“Uhhh, yeah!” The dumb jock nodded, “Dress the part… Yeah, like this!” Blake reaches into the clothing rack and pulls out a pink skirt. He holds it in front of his hips in front of a mirror “A dress like this?”

‘Hahaha that’s perfect.’ Polter snickers.

“Awesome.” Blake grins as he bends over and pulls up the skirt between his manly thighs and puts it on his waist. “Ooh. Nice.” He smiles as he circles his hips a bit “It’s cool and breezy! How come guys don’t wear dresses all the time??”

‘Heh heh heh, it’s a mystery’ Polter sneers ‘How about you get a tight shirt on? That one over there: the big rhinestone heart on it…’

“This one?” Blake picks it up and puts on the pink T-shirt with the jewel heart on it. It’s way too small — it barely covers his chest and leaves his treasure trail exposed “Hahah. Niiiiiiiice” Blake twirls around and waggles his rump at the mirror, grinning as he sees a peek of his booty under the curtain of his short skirt, “Sweet, I look like my first girlfriend!”

‘Mmmm yeeaaah’ Polter watches with lewd delight as the jock checks himself out in the girly apparel ‘So remind me… Who do you think you are?’

“I’m Blake!” He answers “I like, work at Shellshock Auto-Mechanics and making sweet rides, and I bang loads of hot pussy the cars. Like, no joke, I fuck a lot hot ladies all the time.”


“Huh?” Blake tilts his head at the mirror, genuinely confused. He’s sure that’s his usual deal, isn’t it. “What do you mean?”

‘You got the facts wrong, but you’re close.’

“I don’t get it.” Blake puts his hands on his hips, really liking how going Commando feels in a skirt. Meanwhile, the ghost plays on the man’s dumb gullibility.

‘You’re Blake!’ Polter starts “You work at Shellcocks Auto-Felatio’s while having sweet rides up your hairy cunt. You get banged by loads of men in their cars. Seriously, not joking, you get fucked like a manly lady all the time.’

“Fuck, why did I forget that?!” Blake slaps his forehead as he completely buys this ‘fact’ “I don’t FUCK girls, I DRESS like a girl!” He shakes his head in disbelief, “God, I’m so stupid!”

‘Yeah you are’ The mirror grins ‘In fact, when was the last time you had a cock jam inside your man-pussy?’

“Like uhhhh…” Blake counts his fingers, not really remembering how counting works.

‘An hour and a half.’ The entity reminds him, ‘A while ago, you were breeding a someone’s fat ass three times in a row.’

“Oh yeah, that’s right!” Blake snaps and grins, now remembering Polter possessing his body and making him hump a chubby man’s booty — well sort of. He barely recalls the image, as the ghost was possessing him at the time, but he distinctly remembers it, “Man, I gotta get some cock up my pussy! Like, now!” With that, Blake quickly finds a a satin panty from the collection of exotic undergarments and yank it up his legs. Next he secures pair of white fishnet stockings and hurriedly pulls them on over his feet; for some reason, he feels like completing the outfit before going off to find meat.

‘You got it, dumbass.’ Polter snickers as Blake puts on a Hello Kitty collar around his neck. ‘In fact, I think there’s a guy just outside the changing room with a thick dick. Why don’t you ask him to wreck your ass?’

“Ooh good idea.” Blake nods as he puts on some cute shoes and looks at himself in the mirror — a butterfly clip on his hair, a pink and white tight collar with a Hello Kitty button around his neck, a magenta shirt with a bejeweled heart on the chest that can be mistaken for a croptop, a uniform pink skirt that hardly even reaches halfway his thighs, a dainty gold bracelet around his wrist, fishnet stockings up to his knees, and petite girl shoes on his feet “Ok. How do I look?” He asks as he holds his arms open.

‘Pffff heheheheheh…’ Polter grins malevolently ‘Like a horny school girl with a soaking wet pussy’

“Awesome! Just like all the girls I banged! I’m gonna go get railed now, thanks!” Blake grins and turns around to leave. “Later, dude!”

‘Ghhhehaahahaha’ Polter laughs inside of Blake’s mind ‘I better give you a photographic memory…’ He alters the brain a bit more. As he does this, Blake’s eyes turn from his brown color to a vibrant magenta color — just to match the outfit. ‘By the time tonight is over, I wanna make you remember every fucking second of the whole night…’

Scott looks over his issue of Cockstuction Workers as he waits for some other customer to browse the shop. Slow night tonight; the most who came in was that same guy from before twice, and he’s sure that an old… ‘Acquaintence’ of his was accompanying him. Other than that, the buff clerk with rich dark hair with smooth muscles adorned with a foax fur vest and tight short denim shorts is just pushing through a rather dull-

“Hey bro!”

“Huh?” He looks up and gaps as he sees a semi-hairy male come up to him — it’s that guy! And… He’s wearing some of the shop’s clothing. The man is wearing a brightly colored crop-top with a red heart in the middle, just covering his chest above his treasure trail along his abs and down to a very short pink skirt. Along with some white

“Scoooott… I’ve been a bad, bad boy” Blake chuckles while holding his hips.

‘Not boy…’ Polter remind him.

“What?” Blake looks to the side for a second “Oh right, yeah!” He looks back at the clerk “Girl, I mean. I’ve been a reeeaaally baaad girl.”

“Uuhhh, are you on something, sir?” Scott says as he sets down his dirty magazine and looks to the new-comer. The first thing he checks are his eyes — which are a bright pink color! Yet the pupils don’t indicate any sign that he’s on some drugs.

“What’re you talking about? I just gotta get some cock in my pussy.” Blake struggles before his cheeks puff and he lets out a moan of glowing white-blue mist. “Ohhhhooo… Ahem, ‘scuse me.”

Scott raises his brows at the phantom gas as the guy’s body “Oh! My bad.” Scott chuckles as he has a distinct idea of what’s going on… “So what’s a pretty ‘girl’ like you doing out this late?”

“Thing is” Blake dons a wide shit-eating grin “I’m possessed by a horny ghost so he could make me suck dick constantly. I also fucked a lot of butts tonight, and my asshole is getting used like a fuckin toy.” After a second Blake blinked “Whoa… Like, how do I know all that??”

“Possessed?” Scott raised his brows.

“Yeah-huh!” The dumb hunk nods “He like, controls my body, and what I’m gonna do, and like…” Blake wonders for another second. Is the ghost controlling him now? And why is he fine with it? Didn’t he spend the entire evening fighting the spirit between when he’s being forced “What as I doing to uh… Irk!” Blake’s eyes suddenly flashed cyan colored as he grins

“Oh yeah” Polter’s voice comes out of Blake’s mouth, “And make this fleshie-fuck into a massive cumdumpster and use him like a huge slut with a hungry bunghole!” Blake’s eyes close and they reopen to the previous color.

“Whoa…” Blake swoons a bit, “What just happened?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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