Şub 18

Gigolo Ch. 06

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My apologies for the time taken to get this episode out – out of town on business. Enjoy.


The fabulous Fiona Fields, fading movie star kept me with her for three days at $5000 a day. Mostly in bed. I took her to the airport and she lovingly kissed me goodbye. I went home to mum and died in the rack, completely fucked out. Miranda let me sleep for about 18 hours before waking me with a cup of coffee.

“This job of yours is taking it out of you, Allen. I hope it’s not too much.”

“No Miranda. Just that some of the sessions are a bit tiring.” She thought my job was market research.

She frowned at me. “Please take care then. Oh, and there’s a message for you from Mrs. Croker. She wants to see you at 2pm.”

I duly obliged and duly fucked her and her daughter, Crystal, finishing off between the latter’s large firm tits and giving her a pearl necklace. She laughed. “Jeez, Allen. I’d have thought mum would have wrung that out of you, but you had plenty for me. Mum asked me to tell you that you have been booked by Betty from the Misty Valley Flower Shop for tonight. She asked if you could be there about sixish when she closes up.”

I wondered whether it had something to do with Dorothy, Betty’s daughter whom I had made into a cinderella and then shagged. Or was it Betty? I remembered the attractive grey haired lady in her sixties and the thought that having somebody that old would be interesting.

Betty was just closing the shop when I arrived. “Come in, come in, young man. Let’s go upstairs for a drinky.” Her beaming smile shone like a beacon. She really was an attractive old bird. As we moved up the stairs to the living quarters, I followed her still shapely figure watching her broad behind swaying just feet in front of me. The dress she had on was knee length and I had a good look at the dimpled backs of her knees. She produced a couple of glasses of chilled white wine, and after giving me mine, she clinked her glass against it. “To you, Allen. You did wonders with Dorothy. I swear she hasn’t spent a night at home since. She is making up for lost time and I doubt she’s been to bed with the same man twice, lucky girl.” Betty giggled again and took a large swallow of wine and sat down on the divan, patting the seat beside her. “Tell me what you have been up to lately. And I want all the dirty details. Leave nothing out.” She reached out, picked up the wine bottle and filled our glasses.

So I told her, amused by the flush appearing on her lower neck. The dress was buttoned to the neck but her large round breasts heaved noticeably as I recounted each of my little adventures. “Oh my, Fiona Fields!” she squealed. “The lucky bitch! Three days she had you.” She sighed and looked pensive. “If only.”

“Betty, why am I here?”

“Oh, I’m sorry Allen, I should have told you earlier. You’re here for my younger sister. She’s only a year younger but she needs as much of a lift that Dorothy got, although you don’t have to go to the mall with her. Jane went through a messy divorce over 20 years ago and I seriously doubt that she has had a man since. You don’t have to take her to bed, but if you get to that stage, she is staying in the spare bedroom.” Her eyes twinkled merrily. “Like me, she’s probably forgotten how anyway. I’ve forgotten what a man induced orgasm was like, it’s been so long. I’ve booked you into that nice restaurant over the road, so enjoy.”

Before I could respond, the door bell rang and I stood as Betty ushered Jane in. She was a big, big woman who towered over her sister by at least a head. Her face was tanned but smooth and she had solemn brown eyes. She wore a coat that effectively disguised her body but it was still clear that she possessed a pair of monumental breasts. Her waist had long disappeared and she had sturdy but shapely legs that were also tanned. Betty introduced us and over a couple wines, I found out that Jane was the owner of a riding school outside güvenilir bahis town.

We were ushered out and crossed the road to the restaurant which was indeed very nice. Over a couple of bottles of wine, Jane loosened up as I plied her with understated charm, and more wine than me. She had slipped her coat off on entry and was wearing what could only be described as a tent. Her hair was cut as a helmet and while mainly dark, showed some grey streaks. As she leant forward to listen to what I was saying, her huge breasts rested on the table top. I couldn’t help it. My eyes flickered downward then back up in time to catch a brief smile, the first of the evening. The topic of conversation changed. It had been horses – now it was…..

“Do you like large breasts, Allen?” Does an alcoholic like gin? “My bastard husband found them awful after the birth of my second daughter. He made me cover them up whenever he made love to me. And that became very infrequent, until he stopped altogether. Eventually, as soon as the kids left home, he took off with a flat chested harlot and divorced me five years later. Not only that, he left me with enormous debt that I have only just overcome. Christ he was a right cunt!” She saw my slightly raised eyebrows. “My language has always been a bit salty and that disturbs my darling sister. Betty has stuck by me through and through, and I love her dearly. But when you are around horses, the only language they understand is basic to say the least. Dumbest animals on the planet……next to men that is.” She almost grinned at that one as I gave her a pained look. “Allen, you may be the exception. I haven’t enjoyed myself like this in many, many years. I like you. You don’t press, you don’t try to take over and you’ve got more out of me than I care to admit. Yes, very enjoyable.” She raised her glass and looked at me expectantly. “What now?” she asked.

“I believe Betty left a nightcap out for us,” I said, not knowing whether it was true or not. As we strolled arm in arm over the road, Jane leant against me, one big firm breast pressed into my ribcage. The lights were on in the living room but there was no nightcap to be seen. “Maybe it’s in your room,” I suggested innocently.

“Maybe it is. Why don’t we have a look.”

The room was lit by a table lamp but there was no drinkies. She looked at me and I pulled her into my arms and kissed her thoroughly. She returned the kiss as I worked her coat off her shoulders and threw it behind her. Immediately my hand went to one of her majestic breasts and discovered that although she was wearing a bra, I could feel the outline of a very large nipple. I groaned into her mouth, surrendered her breast and reached behind her large torso to run the zip of the dress down. I reached in and cradled the large orbs of her bum and gripped and caressed them. Until then Jane had her arms around my neck. Now she reached between us, undid the belt, flipped the button and slid my zip down. My cock was hard as a rock. She pulled my underpants down and gasped into my mouth as her hand clutched my erect dick. She pulled back and looked down.

“I’ve seen bigger, but only on horses. What a fucking beauty! Certainly beats the wee willie my old man had, and that is the only one I’ve seen. Big, thick and meaty – and what a pair of balls! My god, I’ve got to have that. Get naked, lad.”

I quickly stripped and watched goggle eyed as she slid her dress off to puddle at her feet revealing monster tits encased in a double hammock of a bra. She had a deep tan down to her neck then on her forearms and to her knees; the rest of her was milky white. I stood there in front of her, my prick waving and throbbing as she pulled the shoulder straps off, slid them down her arms, then pushed the cups down and off her breasts. They exploded and hung low to the middle of her rounded stomach. The sight of her huge milk veined breasts rolling and swaying almost undid me. The nipples were türkçe bahis dark brown on massive areolae the size of a saucer. The nipples were broad with a small hole in the centre. She pulled the bra around and undid the catch and let it drop. She licked her lips as she gazed at my pre-cum leaking erection and began to push her panties down over her large hips. As she leant forward to push them down over knees, her magnificent breasts swung forward, elongating. I nearly dropped my load at the sight. She stayed in that position and inched forward until she could lick my shaft like a lollipop. Taking the glans in her hot mouth, Jane gave the piss hole a lick and then sucked. My knees buckled.

I pulled her upright and kissed her feeling her big tits against my stomach. “You are a horny wench, Jane. Get on the bed, I want to lick some pussy.”

“Oooh I do like a masterful man.” She turned and fell back on the bed, those mammoth breasts of hers rolling all over her chest. She pushed her elbows under them so they lay on top, her nipples pointing at her very furry muff.

I dropped to my knees and pushed her strong meaty thighs apart. Just visible and surrounded by a mass of curls was the outer lips of a longish cunt. I divided the hair already dewed with moisture with my fingers revealing a glistening pair of thin lips. I ran the point of my tongue up the groove and it opened like a flower. I did it again and an inner pair of very pink lips suddenly filled with hot blood and protruded out past her outer lips. I licked and licked then licked the top of her slit. She did not have a large clit, more like a small pea. As I sucked on it, I reached up, found her fat nipples and pinched them, hard. Jane whimpered and bucked her pudenda against my face nearly pushing me back.

“Jesus H Christ, I’m cummmming you cunt licker. Cumming, cumming, cumming. Ooh, that is so amazing.”

I slipped two fingers into a surprisingly small opening then felt for the Gspot while recommencing my licking and sucking. She came again and again she almost crushed me with her big thighs. I could feel her pussy walls clutching at my fingers as I diddled the upper side of her cunt. “Ooooooh, you bastard, I’m still cumming, keep going, I’m cuuuuuuummmmiing!! Oh sweet Jesus.”

I licked, sucked and poked some more until Jane’s arms and legs just flopped sideways onto the bed. Her smouldering eyes met mind above the curl covered mound as I gave her clitoris one last lingering suck.

“Cock me Allen, please, cock me. I’m fucked and I’m about to faint with pleasure.”

I slid up her voluptuous body and my champion slid into her portals like a homing missile. Tight, tight, creamy sheath until my pubes joined hers. I could have come right then but I held on by concentrating on algebraic formulae. The moment passed and I started the age old fucking movements – in, out, in and twist, in, out, change angle. Her mammoth tits were rolling about as her eyes rolled up in her head. I grabbed them pinching her flattened teats until the little holes in each disappeared as they rose to half inch prominence. I pounced and sucked each in turn, giving them bites and hearing her moan, “I’m cummmming, oh I’m cumming again, and again!” I felt the tension fall out of Jane as she fainted dead away.

I was still sliding in and out of her fantastic juicy pussy but it was a bit like necrophilia, if you like that sort of thing. My desire to shoot my load abruptly left me. Just then, I felt a hand on my bum. I looked around and saw Betty dressed in a filmy nightdress.

“Jane does that, you know, although not very often over the years. You must be good.” She continued fondling my arse cheeks as she continued. “It must be forty years since I saw her cum like that. I don’t suppose you’d like to hump an old tart like me, would you?”

Would I? I pulled my semi hard cock out of Jane, amused at the flow of female juices that followed it to spill down between güvenilir bahis siteleri the cheeks of her arse and onto the bed. A mixture of clear viscous fluid and white cream. I stood and pulled Betty into my arms and kissed her gently but passionately on her still firm lips. My cock re-erected against the feel of her rounded tummy through the filmy nightdress as my hands wandered down over her surprisingly tiny waist to the flaring curves of her bum. Yum, yum, grandmum’s bum! Her breasts were big and soft and pressed against me. I reached down and jerked the nightdress up over her head. Her huge soft, creamy breasts rose up with the gown and then dropped when freed, rolling and swaying. I wished I’d have seen them even twenty years ago. They were prizes. I hefted one up and suckled on a big raspberry shaped nipple, gloriously red and covered with rough milk producing bumps. Betty gasped and clutched the back of my head. I swapped to the other and did the same. All the time, my beast was beating a tattoo on her mounded stomach and dripping slimy moisture.

“Please Allen, I can’t wait. Lie back and let me do the work.” She pushed me back next to the comatose Jane and eagerly clambered up my legs, her pendulous tits with their charming age and weight wrinkles swinging like bell clappers, brushing my body with every inch of her progress. She pulled my slimy rigid prick upright and with surprising agility for somebody her age, pried her bulging cunt lips apart and sunk half my cock into her hot moist depths. “Gaaawwdd, it’s been ages! I hope I can get this monster in.” I grabbed for her swinging tits as she rose up and pushed down and got a couple more inches in. Up she went almost to the helmet before squirming back down. God she was tight! Finally, I bottomed out and felt her pussy walls clench spasmodically, then unbelievably relax as fluid spewed out of them to bathe my cock with hot juices. She yipped like a dog throwing her head back. For an old girl in her sixties, she was amazing.

She suddenly slumped down on me, and I thought that maybe she had fainted like her sister and I was going to be left with blue balls. However, she pushed herself up, her beautiful blue eyes beatific. “Thank you, Allen. I can’t remember the last time I had a prick like that up my cunt. It was wonderful. I can’t believe I still have juices. I thought I had dried up long ago. Can we fuck now?” She started humping up and down again and I dragged one of her big crinkly nipples into my mouth and started pinching, tweaking and caressing the other. Faster and faster she went, panting and mewling little cries, the bed bouncing as she rode my eager cock. Next to us, Jane’s voluptuous body rolled and swayed as Betty rode on.

All too soon, I felt the cum boiling in my nutsack but held back as Betty reached a crescendo with her cries. “Oh, oh , oh, oooooh, keerist, oooh, bloody hell, yes, yes, yeeeesssss!” And then, as I unloaded my boiling spunk against the deepest part of her cunt, “ Oooooh, I felt that, I’m cumming again. It’s still doing it. Oh sweet boy, what a load. I’ve never felt that before!” She fell forward onto my chest again, frantically kissing me all over my face. Her old cunt continued to spasm and clench and milk me dry.

Eventually, she slid off me on the other side from Jane and cuddled up to me flinging a warm thigh across my loins. Next to us, Jane stirred and her eyes blinked open. They swivelled and took in the sight of her older sister and I cuddling.

“You bitch, Betty! You said he was all mine for the night.” She rolled over toward me and I put my arm around her shoulders and my hand filled with her huge breast. My other hand was similarly occupied with her sister’s big soft tit.

“You fucked him, didn’t you, you old tart.” She said it with a smile and reached down to grab my semi erect dick.

Betty did the same. “Dorothy did say he could go all night. Help me get him up and then you can ride his marvellous cock. I’ll ride his mouth. Dorothy tells me he really is a talented clitty licker, darling.”

So help me, I couldn’t stop grinning like an idiot. Two randy big titted tarts preparing to slut me until I shot dust.

I love my job.

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