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Girlfriend Nostalgia: Val

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Val was an intensely beautiful, brandy-eyed redhead. We met at university — she was a senior, I, a grad student — but she would come in and out of my orbit for the next twenty years. She was smart and hardworking and always in motion. She seemed to be running from a trailer park past with a chip on her shoulder.  Wanderlust drove her. She moved from one great city to another about every two years and traveled the world with every available vacation day. Commitment to any one man did not fit that her. I am grateful that I intersected with her at all and as frequently as I did.~Val and I had been flirting with one another for a full semester. I was trying to be faithful to a girl very far away, but at some point, Val was just too beautiful and too obviously available. An overt flirtation in my office ended in a kiss and that kiss ended in bed at my apartment.  Strangely though, as soon as we were naked, Val stiffened. She seemed happy to be there, but the hungry passion disappeared the second we were both naked. I tried the tricks I knew to get her to relax … massage, endless foreplay, slow teasing cunnilingus. At last I entered her, changing positions often, searching for the one that would re-release her spirit.  Nothing seemed to work. She was wooden, nervous, and quiet. In the end, I withdrew, kissed and caressed her, and curled with her in a tight spoon.“Did you cum?” she asked.“Mmhmm,” I lied. In truth, I was ready to burst. But I had no interest in continuing if she wasn’t into it. I got an extra blanket and turned up the steam heat to shield us from the frigid air of my drafty apartment and then cuddled her to sleep. Eventually I drifted off to sleep myself wrapped around this red-haired goddess. I awoke at one in the morning, boiling hot. I pulled the blankets from us, revealing Val’s flawless body covered in sweat. Her nipples stiffened when the cold air reached them. She was so beautiful I couldn’t help myself. I dragged my hand along her firm belly and then cupped a breast, letting her slick flesh slide through my grip until just the güvenilir bahis nipple was left between my fingers. She awoke and smiled.  I kissed her, deeply, and the hungry Val was suddenly back. We made love passionately, vigorously, without inhibition. Though I was confident she had a great time, I was still uncertain if she was fully satisfied. But I had been on the edge for hours, and at last, I pulled out to cover her torso with the thick ribbons of my lust. I could see Val smile through the moonlight and watched as she rubbed my spunky issue into her tummy and tits.We returned to sleep and in the morning fucked again, this time with her standing at my windowsill as I took her from behind. This approach from the rear had seemed to be her favorite the night before, and I really wanted to please her and hopefully make her cum. Snow had fallen during the night and the field outside my window was blanketed in sparkly white as the rising sun reflected off it. When the wind blew, a thin veil of fine fresh powder would be drawn into the air, causing a brief rainbow effect.“It’s beautiful,” Val sighed as I moved slowly within her. “This is beautiful,” she said as she reached a hand back to caress my hip.I reached around to stroke Val’s clit. She startled. She needed a softer, warmer touch. I sank to my knees and pressed my face into her pussy from behind and below. She squealed in a bit of surprise, but those squeals turned to moans as she began to grind back against my face in time with my ministrations. At last I felt her tremor, and she raised herself on to her tiptoes and arched forward, whimpering as she finished. Victory! My conquest-driven young ego was very pleased.I rose, and with Val still facing the window, I hugged her from behind. Unconsciously, I pressed my latex-covered hard cock against the small of her back as my balls nestled at the top of her ass crack.“Did you cum?” Val asked, as she had the night before. This time I answered honestly.Val pushed her lovely firm ass against me and motioned up and down. I pulled the condom off, güvenilir bahis siteleri and as we hugged tightly, staring out at the snow-covered landscape, moving against one another, I released my seed with a quiet moan.I thought I was in love! I took her to dinner the next night. She looked ravishing in a low-cut black angora sweater and tight jeans. Heads turned as we took our seats. I said I was really interested in her. She said I was “sweet.” Not a good sign. When I suggested my apartment, she said she had an early morning—a terrible sign. I didn’t hear from her for a week. And yet, on the day before she was leaving school for good, she came to my office and we necked for twenty minutes.That was Val in microcosm: Distant and cold alternating with intense and hot and you could never be sure which Val would show up. And for nearly two decades of brief encounters, that was part of the fun. I could go months or even a year without hearing from her. Or we could spend every day together for a week, and then she would all but disappear. We could be deeply intimate with each other, physically and emotionally, or we could get together for coffee and she would barely have a word to say. I never knew which Val I was going to get.~More than a year after she had graduated and I had left grad school, Val and I found ourselves living in the same city. It was a brilliant, cold, sunny day and we agreed to go to brunch and take a walk in her new neighborhood. When I arrived, Val greeted me with a hug and a peck on the lips. Dressed in gray sweats and a baggy midriff t-shirt, no make-up, and with her hair tied in a loose bun, she was clearly not ready to go out. Not that I minded. She looked gorgeous to me.“Sorry! I’m running behind! I’m finishing laundry. It’ll only take a minute and I’ll throw some clothes on.” I assured her it wasn’t a problem and to relax and take her time. She gave me a quick tour, telling me twice that her housemate was gone for the weekend. A promising signal perhaps. She got me a coffee and settled me on the bed in her small iddaa siteleri bedroom while she folded and put away clothes. Her room had an odd set-up where her closet was in the hallway outside her room. From my vantage point on her bed, I could see her reflection in a row of closet door mirrors that lined both sides of the hallway, but she could not see me. We caught-up in this awkward physical arrangement, talking around the corner from one another. It was small talk at first. I admired her as I looked upon her reflection: The spectacular red hair… the movement of her breasts under the loose t-shirt … the sweats hanging so low on her waist that I could see the delightful dimples in her lower back. Who knew sweats could be as sexy as lingerie?“I liked your last letter,” she said, out of the blue. A good sign for me as that letter had an erotic undertone. “My housemate is gone, and I have the place to myself,” she said for the third time. “I’m really sorry about the laundry, but I’m out of everything. I’m not even wearing underwear.”I decided that had to be a hint. “You’ll have to prove that to me,” I teased. I could see her smile and peak around in my direction. She pulled off her top, revealing her lovely naked breasts. And then barely a tug caused her sweatpants to drop to her ankles. The sight of that blaze of long straight red down between her legs, and the fit curves of her ass cheeks and thighs made me swallow hard. She kicked the sweats off and twisted to check herself in the mirror. She undid her bun and tousled her hair and took a deep breath. She thought she was going to surprise me, not realizing I could see her preparations. I watched her reflection walk toward the bedroom as she rounded the corner with a huge smile.“Looks like you were telling the truth,” I laughed. She crawled toward me on the bed and I took her in my arms. We kissed as I ran my hands over her.“Fuck me,” she whispered. She had become more confident in her own desire since we had last been together.“Not yet. You promised me brunch.”  She looked at me curiously and then caught the naughtiness of my comment. I slid beneath her to confirm my intent. Val straddled me and lowered that gorgeous red pussy to my mouth. I don’t now recall whether we ever got to brunch that day. I know I’m hungry for Val, still.

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