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Girlfriends Mom Fucks My Ass (Part 2)

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Girlfriends Mom Fucks My Ass (Part 2)Part 2 – Continuing on from Girlfriends Mom Makes Me CumA few months went by after the first encounter with my girlfriends mom Julie. I couldn’t stop thinking about that night, the way she made me cum, the way she took the dildo and pushed it into my tight ass was just amazing. Since then we haven’t spoken about what happened , it was our dirty little secret least I think so. Julie had a sister who she told everything to but i’m hoping this stayed quiet. We carried on as normal with our day to day lives, Julie had a new energy to her though which was noticeable in the way she dressed around the house. She was never uptight in her clothing but these days she doesn’t even try and hide it. Before I use have to try and wait for an opportunity for her to bend over in her nighty or come out the shower now she always has something on show. She caught me looking up her skirt once when we where eating at the dinner table but instead of doing anything she gave my devilish smile like the one i seen before. During this meal my girlfriend announced that shell be staying away for night for one of her friends hen party. To which Julie responded with a number of questions like ”how long are you going for? when would you get back? ” with is each answer my girlfriend gave, Julie looked at me and smiled which sent waves to my cock. The day came when my girlfriend had a local hen party to attend which I think I was more excited for. I didn’t know what will happen or even if anything would happen. I played it cool and carried on like any other day. The evening came and I was just mopping around the house with a semi thinking of Julie. I noticed Julie had a bottle of wine and not long after she took the bottle with her to the bath tub. My mind was going mad, thinking i nevşehir escort should just walk in there with my cock out and hope for the best but my mind came to its senses and played it cool. I lay on the sofa and just watched junk tv for about an hour before Julie came down stairs. I didn’t take any notice at first but i could feel her presence standing in the living room behind the sofa. Her foot steps slowly walked towards me which i then decided to look up at her and what a sight it was I couldn’t believe it, standing there in front of me she had fish net black suspenders on with a black lacy bra and my biggest surprise was the big strapon she had in her hand .My body froze and I was lost for words , she came even closer and said ” aren’t you going to suck it?” still lost for words i just fell to my knees and put the strapon in my mouth. Even know I’ve watched many porn videos of stapon women I never thought I’ll ever do it and I’m also not gay but hearing Julie tell me what to do made want to do anything just to please her I even think would suck a real cock for her. As i’m sucking her off her other had was on the back of my head making sure i choked on her cock every time she put it in my mouth. Being new to cock sucking it didn’t take much for me to gag all over it. Each time she was saying ” choke on my cock i know you love it” and she was right as much as I gaged on it i did love it. I took all 9” in my mouth a few times, my tongue was inches away from her pussy which was covered from the starpon harness which went all the way round like a thong. As I carried on chocking on her dick she told me ” I know you would like this from the porn I caught you watching, its time for fantasy to become reality . Its something I’ve alway wanted to do too” niğde escort I couldn’t believe what i was hearing. Next thing she turns around and shows off her perfect peach ass and pulls the harness out from between her ass cheeks and tells me ”eat my ass you dirty boy” I didn’t hesitate and showed my tongue straight into her asshole. It was like heaven i licked it like a crazy person which she began to moan and call me a ”dirty fucker” after a while she told me to get undressed and bend over to which I did. Once on all fours she began to lube my ass up slowly inserting 1 finger then working in another 2 fingers whilst the other hand was milking my cock. The pleasure and pain was so good, so good i didn’t notice 4 fingers where in my ass before Julie said ” I nearly have my whole hand in your ass you dirty slut” . The moment came when she asked if i was ready for her cock which I just automatically said yes. Next thing she got in doggy position behide me and slowly showed her cock inside of me. As the first strokes started i thought it was too much , her cock was too big . I buried my head into the carpet as she started to pick the pace and go in deeper, all the time she was telling me what a good little slut i was and how she loved fucking my ass. Before I knew it my ass started to accept Julie’s big cock and I started to enjoy the pleasure and pain. As the fucking got more intense i could feel Julie’s thighs slap against the back of mine with sweat coming off them, it was so hot and dirty. After a short while Julie pulled out and turned me over to which i was now lying on my back. Julie shoved her cock back in with my legs over her shoulders she really started to fuck me. ” You love this cock don’t you?’ ”You love me fucking your ass” ”You want a escort bayan real cock next time” I was so fucking horney I just shouted yes to everything she said. She then started to jerk me off whilst fucking me which felt like the best feeling ever and i was going to blow in no time. Julie must of noticed because she grabbed my cock even tighter and jerked it faster whilst fucking me harder and faster. The feeling got too much with Julie encouraging me by saying ”cum for me you fucking slut i’m going to make you eat your own cum” just after that I blow my load with Julie making sure she caught most of it. Still inside of me she reached over and dripped the cum into my mouth ” swallow that cum you dirty little boy” to which i did. The taste of salty cream wasn’t something i enjoyed but I was so horney and controlled by Julie i did it anyway. Whilst swallowing the last drops Julie pulled out of me and sat on the sofa with her legs wide open. she took the strapon off and rubbed the rest of the cum over her sweet pussy. Her pussy was nice and shaven with a little bit hair just above it with a extra glow to it from the cum that she just rubbed into it. ”come and finish me off with your tongue now” I crawled over and didn’t think twice to licking the rest of my cum off her pussy. She was soaking with my tongue dripping from her juices and my cum it tasted like heaven. Not long after I knew she was close to cumming cause was now grabbing the back my head pushing my face deeper into her pussy and soon after she softly let a moan to her saying ”i’m cumming don’t stop licking my pussy” she slowly pulled away her pussy from my mouth which was covered from both mine and her cum. she got up and told me ” you was a good slut taking my cock and making me cum, I might surprise you again soon” I couldn’t imagine what she had in mind but I couldn’t wait either I asked her when could i fuck her which she replied with ”you have to earn it ” which i said ” isn’t taking a strapon earning it?” with a little smile she said ” I have more where that came from ” .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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