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Subject: Giving Little Travis a Dry Cum Giving Little Travis a Dry Cum By DCW DISCLAIMER: This story is pure fiction; it was merely thought up in my head and written down, and never happened in real life. It contains subject matter involving alternative lifestyles. I hope you enjoy reading it. It is intended for mature readers who are 18+. If you are offended by this subject matter, or if this is illegal to read where you live, please leave now. Please help support Nifty with a donation! It’s free to use, but it’s not free to operate. Please, donate today! Donate easily and securely at fty Every little bit helps! Gay, Adult-Youth, M/b, oral Comments and feedback are always welcome! E-mail to ail Like most other college kids, money was tight. I mean really tight. There were times that I could barely afford a package of ramen noodles. “Better times are ahead,” I kept reminding myself. I looked malnurished, and to a dietician, I probably was. At 19, I probably weighed as much as the average 14 year old. Sure, student loans are taking care of my tuition, for the moment, but I still have to live, which unfortunately costs money. Even after financial aid, tuition is over $20,000/year…I can’t wait to see my debt after I graduate… *sigh* It was nearing the summer between my freshman and sophomore years at St Olaf College here in Minnesota. I’m too young to have watched the Golden Girls, but I have seen it a few times, and Rose always talked about “back home in St Olaf.” Well, there really IS a St Olaf here in Minnesota, but it’s just a college, and it’s actually in Northfield. If I’m lucky enough, I’ll be able to call it my alma mater in three years. That is, if I don’t starve to death before that. “I’ve just gotta figure out a way to make some money,” I kept thinking to myself. “But what can I do so I can earn some money AND be able to complete stuff for school while working?” Light bulb! Babysitting! I started scouring the local newspaper for want ads looking for babysitters. I had already determined that I’m not getting anywhere close to diapers…the kid absolutely has to be totally potty trained! Nothing in today’s paper except babies…maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow. Tomorrow came, and no such luck. But the day after that, I saw the perfect ad: Single mother seeks babysitter for son, 10. Cash, paid weekly. Call 555-1212 for more info. I immediately called, and set up an in-person interview with Lori for that day at 4:00. Fast forward to 3:55… I’m on Lori’s front porch and ring the doorbell. I figure it looks good to be five minutes early, right? The door opens, I step in, and we do the interview. I felt like Lori and I almost instantly formed a connection, and the interview went really, really well. I got the gig on the spot and she wants me to start babysitting Travis tomorrow. Ten year old Travis really seems like a good kid, and I’m sure we’ll get along great. She said he’ll be going into the fifth grade at Oak St Elementary next school year. Despite being ten, he could pass for even younger because of his scant, smallish appearance; he’s only about four feet tall, and probably between 50 and 60 lbs. Absolutely cute as a button! I’m rather outgoing, but Travis is quiet, shy and reserved. Well, you know what they say…opposites attract, right? And as if he wasn’t cute enough, as I’m leaving, he smiles, showing his mouth full of braces. Honestly, I am a sucker for a cute boy with braces! Tomorrow can’t come soon enough! I’m really excited to start babysitting little Travis. Lori said she had to be at work at 2:00 pm, but she wants me to be there at 1:00. I’m there at 12:55. She shows me a hot dish she’s already prepared for supper, and all I have to do is bake it for 30 minutes at 400 degrees. Travis and I spend the afternoon mostly outside. He loves playing ball, hide-n-seek and frisbee…a pretty typical ten year old boy. We’re soaking up some good sunshine, and I’m finally getting the konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort tan I so desperately needed. At about 6:30, we head inside. “I’m gonna put the hot dish in the oven your mom made and we’ll eat in about a half hour,” I said. “Okay, I’ll watch TV until then,” said Travis. After a few minutes, I peek in the living room, and Travis is laying on the floor watching television. Since the weather is still nice and warm, he took off his shirt, leaving him wearing only polyester athletic shorts. He’s laying flat on the floor on his back. For the life of me, I can’t see how that’s comfortable on hardwood, especially with how bony his small frame is. But, be that as it may, it is a sight to behold, especially considering how his shorts are comforming nicely to his little boy-parts. His little package certainly doesn’t produce a large bulge, but it’s big enough to notice, and makes me want to see what treasures can be found under the thin material of his shorts. “BOO!” I yelled. Scared the crap out of him. “Ha ha…gotcha!” Little Travis nearly jumped out of his skin. “You’re gonna be sorry when I catch you and beat you up!” Travis declared. As he regained his composure, he got up and came charging toward me…all 50 or 60 lbs. I don’t exactly have a linebacker coming toward me! I may be thin myself, but I can certainly stand up to a scrawny little kid like this! Wanting as much physical contact with Travis as possible, I allow him to crash into my midsection, and as expected, the impact is minor. I let it seem like he’s winning for a little while, then I reach around and pick him up, holding him upside down. With his legs, thrashing around in the air, I “accidentally” graze his little package with my nose and chin. Ahhh, there’s that unmistakable scent of boy in his shorts and I inhale as much as I can while his groin is right in my face. I carry Travis back into the center of the living room and lay him down on the sofa. Since his shirt is already off, I zero in on my target: his bare stomach! Inhaling deeply, I go down to just above his belly button and blow, making those farting sounds that makes every preteen boy laugh uncontrollably. My lungs now emptied, I inhale, and blow on his stomach again, producing even more laughter. Three…four…five more times, and Travis is starting to turn red as a beet from laughing so much. This boy might normally be quiet and shy, but I’ve gotten him to come out of his shell…at least for now. As we both come back down to planet Earth, I turn to Travis and say, “supper’s almost ready, so let’s go out to the kitchen and wash up, okay?” “Okay,” said Travis, still laughing. We washed up, and I got supper dished out and on the table…Hungarian goulash, yum! By the time we finish eating, it’s beginning to get darker out, so I suggest to Travis that, instead of going back outside, we watch a DVD movie together instead. While I’m cleaning up, little Travis goes into the living room to pick out a DVD. Running back into the kitchen, DVD in hand, he shows me Finding Nemo. “That’s a great movie! I love it,” I said, “go get it ready and I’ll be in there shortly.” “Okay, cool,” said Travis, going back to the living room. After finishing in the kitchen, I come back out to the living room. Travis, once again, is laying on the hardwood floor. I’m still astounded that he can find that comfortable. As I grab a seat on actual furniture, I say to Travis, “why don’t you come up here on the couch with me instead of the floor?” Much like a frog, Travis leaps from the floor right up onto the couch. He lays on the opposite side of the couch as me, and his cute little bare feet almost reach where I’m sitting. Not being able to stand un-tickled feet, I reach out and start tickling. Obviously enjoying the attention and physical contact, Travis squirms and laughs, temporarily pulling his feet away, but places his feet right back konyaaltı otele gelen escort to where they were. I take that as an invitation that he wants more tickling! After a few minutes of this, we settle down and begin to concentrate the movie…but not for long. Soon, Travis decides to spin around, laying his little head in my lap. Fortunately, my slightly hardened cock is pointing in the other direction! Quite frankly, it’s been at least a little erect ever since arriving today. Reaching down, I begin to run my fingers through his soft hair, brushing it away from his forehead. Moving down a bit, I run the backside of my fingers across his smooth cheeks. “Hopefully, it’ll be a long time before a razor touches these perfect little cheeks,” I think to myself. He still has a few years for that, but for now, they’re absolutely perfect, completely devoid of any hair. I move my touch down to his perfect, bony little shoulders, then down to his skinny arm. There’s just a little boyish peach fuzz on his arms, and it’s as soft as down. “Hey, Travis, how ’bout you sit on my lap?” I suggested. Immediately accepting my invitation, Travis scoots over and postitions himself right in my lap. His frail little body fits on me perfectly, and he’s now sitting on my full-fledged erection. Continuing the exploratory caress of his body, I move my hand over to his chest. Looking down, it looks like his nipples are slightly erect, and a quick touch validates my suspicions. After circling each little nipple with my middle and index fingers, Travis looks up at me and simply smiles; he’s absolutely aware of what’s occurring, and he’s enjoying it…he’s enjoying it a lot. Emboldened by his smile, taking it as his consent, I move my hand down to his thin, bony thighs. Enjoying his milky-white, soft-as-satin thighs, I run my fingers up and down the tops, then up and down the sides. His legs are pressed together tightly, but as I run my hands between his knees, he opens them up enough for my hand. I don’t know how it’s possible, but it seems like the insides of his thighs are even softer and silkier than the rest. As my hand gets a mere few inches from his cock and balls, I whisper in his ear, “Are you okay with this?” Unable to really speak, he nods his head yes, and I ask, “Is it okay if I keep going?” Another nod yes. Being granted the green light, my hand continues its journey up between his thighs, until I arrive at the treasure found in the middle. Very gently I begin rubbing and fondling his little erect cock and balls through his polyester shorts. The combination of the hardness of his protruding cock and the slipperiness of the polyester fabric feels amazing. His cock certainly isn’t large at all; just from feeling with my fingers, I judge it to be around three inches. And it’s hard as a piece of chalk, jutting outward through the thin fabric of his shorts. Continuing to rub Travis through his shorts, I lower my head down, giving him little kisses on his neck. His heavenly boy-scent is still radiating up from his soft body; I inhale it deeply. Now reaching underneath the silky fabric of his shorts, I navigate my hand up through the leg opening, then underneath his boxer briefs to the center of his boyhood. His little hard cock feels amazing as I hold it in between my thumb and index finger, gently and slowly pumping up and down. Reaching a little further down, I fondle his little balls…they feel velvety-soft as I play with them between my fingers. “Does this feel good, Travis?” I ask him. “Y-y-yes,” he manages to get out. I can tell he’s never been touched like this, and he’s in a state of absolute amazement that his little dick could feel this way. He’s become completely relaxed, carefree and uninhibited as I continue. “I’m gonna to pull your shorts and underwear down, and I’m gonna to show you something that feels really, really good, okay?” I said. “Okay,” replied Travis. konyaaltı rus escort Travis slides off my lap and sits in the middle of the couch. I hook my fingers around the waistband of his shorts and pull them down and off. Now sitting on the couch, slouched back, is an incredibly cute, innocent 10 year old boy in a pair of blue boxer briefs, tenting slightly in the front. After absorbing the image for a brief moment or two, I slide his underwear down and off, too. “This is perfect,” I think to myself, as Travis is completely nude with a hard, circumsized three-inch erection pointing straight up from his hairless, immature pubis. All I can see is pure boy; not a single hair anywhere…he has completely smooth, untouched, unblemished skin. It’s a sight that, to put it mildly, is one of the most breathtaking, stimulating sights I’ve ever seen. Kneeling down in front of Travis, I spread his legs open, giving me unfettered access to his little boy parts. Going down, I completely engulf his three-incher in my mouth, my lips arrive at its base immediately. I begin bobbing my head up and down all three inches of his turgid tube of boy-flesh, tantalizing it with my tongue. After sucking his cock for a few minutes, I take it out and begin prodding his frenulum with my tongue, which, according to his facial expressions, he finds incredibly erogenous. Moving down to his little marble-sized balls, I take each one in my mouth individually, then both at the same time, and roll them around with my tongue and lips. Travis is completely in heaven as I give his boy-parts a complete saliva bath. After spending some time on his balls, I continue moving down to his smooth taint, and then his little hole. A pungent aroma is present, I notice, as I explore around the opening with my tongue. After thoroughly bathing the area with my tongue, I begin pushing my tongue inside his hole, while his little balls hang just above my nose. Travis responds by opening his legs up even wider, pushing his entire body toward my probing tongue; he loves the feeling and he wants more of it! After rimming him for a bit, I move my tongue back up his taint, taking his balls and hard cock in my mouth at the same time. Having his entire boy-package in my mouth all at once feels like heaven…for both of us. Travis is in pure estascy, I can tell, and I’m sensing that he’s getting close to a dry cum, so I return to just sucking on his three-incher, bobbing up and down. While sucking him, I reach down and carefully and gently insert my middle finger in his moist hole, still wet from my saliva. Travis lets out a little peep, as I’m sure he wasn’t quite expecting my finger, but quickly returns to his relaxed state. Moments later, without warning, his little cock begins to throb and pulsate in my mouth; Travis is having a dry cum. “Am I peeing?” inquires Travis, a little concerned. Quickly taking his hard little cock out of my mouth, I say, “No little buddy, you aren’t. Just enjoy the feeling.” He’s squirming a bit, breathing heavier, his eyes get huge, and has a look of both pleasure and concern on his face. I return his cock to my mouth and continue sucking, as little Travis continues his dry cum. After a few moments, his body settles down, and his erection begins to soften in my mouth. Despite my continued sucking, Travis seems completely spent, as his preteen penis now returns to its tiny flaccid state. I release his little cock, look up at his adorable little face, and ask, “Did you like that?” “I don’t know what just happened but it was really neat,” declared Travis. I wouldn’t have expected any other response from a 10 year old boy! I guess I’ll explain it all to him later. “If we keep this just between us, and nobody else knows about it, we can do it all the time, little buddy” I said. “You can’t even tell your mom, okay?” Travis immediately looks confused. “Because if you told her, she wouldn’t understand and then she’d say we couldn’t do it anymore.” “Okay,” said Travis, “I can keep it a secret. I won’t tell anybody.” As I’m helping Travis get his underwear and shorts back on, I think to myself, “I don’t think I’m gonna get much schoolwork done with Travis here…wow, what a distraction! But wow, what great job I found!” Comments or feedback? I’d love to hear what you thought of my story, or suggestions for future stories. Email to ail

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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