Mar 31


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Chapter One, setting the mood


*front desk and waiting room for Dr. Prescott, specialist in…whatever brings in the most patients with proper private insurance…quantity over quality*

*retail customer service ultra friendly voice* “Thank you so much for calling in, I’ve adjusted your appointment to next Tuesday at ten, I hope you have a great rest of your day!”


*internal* “…and if you don’t call back again today, I’ll have a great rest of my own damned day…”

That’s the third reschedule for Mrs. Williams. Today. Marcia lost count sometime last week and while she was annoyed at making the changes in both the new and old databases because heaven forbid they just use one and migrate the data from the other, she was thankful she wouldn’t ever have to see her again. She tossed her headset back onto the desk where it circled around the base of the monitor and got stuck against the power button for the third time that morning. With near robotic precision, the frustrated move sent her screen into blackness, and the clatter caused a couple heads to turn in the waiting room. Actually, the clatter had nothing to do with it. Marcia’s exclamation of, “well, shit…” was entirely to blame.

It would be a simple move to extract the headset from around the bottom of the display and press the power button to bring everything back to normal. However, this morning had other ideas, and the cord happened to be caught under a cup of cold but not quite yet bitter coffee. The simple move simply sent the sludgy contents directly onto the soft fabric of Marcia’s lap, causing a completely different set of exclamations to build up within her throat. Exclamations that would probably cause strokes among the waiting room fodder and thankfully they never made it past her pursed lips as she stood up to visit the restroom and dry up the offending puddle.

*internal* “…this is not how I wanted to spend my last day in this hellhole…”

After drying off her skirt and thanking herself for going easy on the milk and sugar this time so it wouldn’t be too noticeable, she thought about what awaited her after the last time she ever would have to clock out of the system and walk to the uneven parking lot to her car. Of course there was driving to the daycare center to pick up Sarah and take her back home to start another weekend of top volume cartoons, bowls of cereal, and endless piles of laundry. There’s always the trips to mother’s that sometimes freed up an evening for debauchery with her best friend Stacey. And if memory served her right, this would be the first month with no car payment for the buzzy little Cobalt she had bought three years before. Her new job started Monday morning bright and early and she wouldn’t have the free mornings she was accustomed to. But that’s not at all what had her excited to finish out this day and get out of there for good. Instead she had her adventure folded in half and tucked into her bra, one sticky note. It was purple and had only a few words on it.

*note* Rack City Fitness, south side, 9pm

She knew where, she knew when, she definitely knew who, and she had a pretty good idea of what. But…she didn’t really know exactly what and that was part of the excitement. Finding out would be half the fun and…well, the other half would follow. Feeling presentable again after running her fingers through her hair all the way down to her shoulders and a little bit past, Marcia returned to the front desk. She was intent on catching up her work before leaving no matter how many people tried to stop her. She greeted yet another patient who didn’t think they knew whether their insurance would cover this visit or not, and could we hurry it up a little because Matlock comes on at two, and by the way, that Uber driver that dropped me off, his car smelled like a pig farm, isn’t there something YOU could do about that?

Minutes ticked away, learning about every pain, every itch, and even some of the dizziness of the patients before her. Her fingers fluttered across the keyboard, half worn nails clicking against every key, pounding out codes and addresses and long-winded descriptions of misery. Slowly but surely the hour hand of the wall clock melted down towards the six where she could finally escape and figure out what to do for the next four hours before her adventure for the night could begin. As she turned in her time card and said her goodbyes to the stuffy office staff one last time, she turned towards the door and walked out into the parking lot, free at last. Muscle memory took her to the southwest corner of the lot where her car was. That’s when she saw it.

She almost didn’t notice as she walked up to the car’s door, but there it was, jiggling slightly with the breeze, tucked under the driver’s side windshield wiper and almost loose enough to fly away. Another purple sticky note. She unlocked the car, put her purse on the passenger seat, and took the note into the car with ataşehir escort her to read. She instinctively gasped as she read what it said.

*note* we can both wear all black, it’ll hide any evidence


Chapter Two, unsettling the mood


After the usual tedious drive to the daycare, then home, then waiting for someone to pull out, she finally slipped into a parking spot at her apartment. Marcia glanced at her door for another note, but nothing could be seen from the lot. If he hadn’t been here before, he certainly wouldn’t know what door she lived behind. But he had seen her at work the one time he was picking up one of the patients and she recognized him from an app she had played with a few times. So, might as well message him and see what happens. Right now she needed to message her mother and see if she could come get Sarah to free up her evening to find out what fun awaited her at that gym.

Thankfully her mother was available and that would allow this to go on. So much was about to happen, and she couldn’t wait for her mother to come get her daughter so she could get herself ready for the night ahead. They went to the door and got inside to decompress for a little while until the knock on the door signaled her mother’s arrival. A bottle of water emptied, then a second one. Her mother arrived around the right time and collected her offspring for movie night tonight and the zoo Saturday morning. She was so happy to have a little bit of time to herself but the clock wasn’t playing fair and after a third bottle of water it was time to get moving. Upstairs to her closet, she picked out a black pair of yoga pants with a neon yellow string tie, a black top with yellow piping around the sleeves and neck, and finally her comfy black and gray running shoes with thin black socks. Might as well match, she figured.

A quick shower later, she blow dried her hair a little bit and put everything on. Plenty of time to get there. Driving over there it felt like there was hardly any traffic at all but it was getting dark so she slowed down a little bit just to be extra careful. She wanted to be there early enough to possibly catch him by surprise or see him pull in. Pulling into the parking lot she saw his car, with another sticky note wiggling on its windshield. She walked up to the car and snatched the note from the wiper to see what it said.

*note* gotcha

As she blinked and read the note again, Don had walked up from between a pair of vans and tackle hugged her from behind, pinning her against the side of the car. She felt his warmth and it knocked the air right out of her, leaving her gasping for breath and shocked. Her emotions were all bunched up together now, she was angry he startled her, happy to see him, annoyed at the side mirror for pinching her a little bit, and all of this was covered in a thick layer of desire, passion, and ecstasy. She reached her hand back and smacked him on the arm playfully and then remembered why that wasn’t a great idea.

Her yoga pants might as well have been completely off because when his hand met her ass she felt the sting properly and fully. Another blink later and her other cheek was similarly afflicted. She gasped hard and suddenly wished she had come up with a quip or just let out a soft sensual moan instead, so his hand would have instead slipped to the other side to tease her just a little bit. Yet as she tried to manage the thought of a quick witty comeback, that’s exactly what he did. She laid her head gently to the roof of the car and slid her right leg slightly aside to give him all the space he could handle and feel just how his presence made her body react. But all he did was quickly flick a finger just above her clit where it truly did nothing for her except give her the excitement of the bare touch of him against her skin.

He let her turn around and compose herself a little bit, and then he took her hand and they walked into the bright purple and yellow gym without another word. She always wanted more with this man and he would give in just enough then take it all away. So mean, so spiteful, but also so intoxicating. They made their way to a bank of lockers and tossed their bags in, both knowing they were ready to get started right away.

More reps. More sets. You stopped, you’ll have to start over. Move it up twenty pounds. That’s not working, you’ll have to reach further. I’m not kidding, you have to keep your feet on the ground, knees together, don’t arch your back, don’t lift your head. You can do fifteen this week but you’re doing twenty next week. Speed it up you’re not a nine you’re an eleven. Is that grade set at only six percent, move it up to ten. Five pound weights are fine, just carry two at a time. Haven’t you hit the third mile I’m coming up on four. Back and forth, always trying to outdo the other. Could be a sibling rivalry if they were cousins.

“Have you had enough yet?” asked Don, completely out of breath and pedaling quite a bit slower kadıköy escort than a few minutes before.

“Only if you can’t keep going, slacker” replied Marcia, her neck glistening with sweat and her eyes almost rolling back in her head.

“I think it’s shower time,” said Don, coasting to a stop.

“Yes please, Daddy.” an eager Marcia cooed.

They almost tripped over one another on the way to the private shower rooms. One advantage to working out so late was a lack of people and a lack of staff to prevent them from taking full advantage of the clean, roomy, and well appointed shower rooms. Towels are provided. Handrails securely fastened for support…or leverage. A perfect counter height at the sink where she could feel him filling her up fully. This was the reward for all the punishment they inflicted on each other for the past three hours. Marcia began to think, if they could visit the gym every day for 20 or 30 minutes of workout and 20 or 30 minutes of pleasure every single day, they wouldn’t have to try and kill each other on Friday nights to get that time together. But at midnight, after all the workout they could handle for one week, it was time to give each other one last bit of exercise.


Chapter Three, melting it all away


Just because there’s only four other people in the entire gym doesn’t mean you can just both run off into a private shower room together. You have to read the people present to see if they are paying attention. The people who work there can’t be watching that hallway all the time but they do look occasionally. The people working out are hopefully focusing on their numbers and their physique and not bothering to be curious about what other people are doing. It’s much easier late at night to avoid all the nosey people who are there to make themselves look good more at the expense of others than based on their own skills and effort. So Don and Marcia took a look around at what they had to deal with.

Don leans over to Marcia’s ear and whispers, “I bet that guy would want to join us, he’s been swiping on Tinder since he got in here. I think he only works out with his right arm so his left thumb can swipe right on anything with a pulse.”

“He’s OK, I’m not worried about him or the girl now going in the sauna room, she’ll be behind a closed door, probably diddling herself and jumping like a scared child when the door clicks open,” replied Marcia.

“How about the guy at the desk, he’s mixing up a drink so probably not bothering to look around.”

“I think we’re good to go, you first!”

Don wandered over to his locker and grabbed his bag. He closed the door and noticed Marcia had already wandered over to the vending machine to grab a couple bottles of water. At the desk he received a towel and a shower key from the attendant who was annoyed to have to put down his packet of protein shake mix to be bothered by a customer. Further grating on the attendant’s nerves was the request for second and third bath size towels. But he complied and Don was able to head over to the shower hallway without wasting any more precious time. Marcia had walked around the long way to get her bag, in which she placed the two bottles of water. She made a casual glance at the desk and checked to see the locations of the other people in the gym before entering the shower hallway herself.

The door Don had entered was slightly ajar and she had to stifle a giggle as she slipped in and quietly closed and locked the door. Before her bag hit the floor, his hand was around her throat and his lips were nibbling on her neck and earlobes. She gasped for little whispers of air as he kissed her harder and she reached back to tease his shoulder with her highly effective fingernails. Just as if they were actors in a play, their movements matched one another. His hand released her neck and she breathed in deep, feeling the cool air fill her chest. He then grasped her neck again but also slipped his right hand deftly between the waistband of her pants and the wet, slippery skin beneath it. She moaned sweetly as he began circling his finger around her clit but not really touching it or giving it any pressure. She knew she would have to earn that touch and she couldn’t wait for him to release his grip so she could drop his shorts and show him how a good girl gets what she wants from her daddy.

A small memory foam mat was in front of the counter top between the sink and shower and the moment he let up she spun around and dropped to her knees on it, taking his shorts down to his ankles, releasing his cock before her lips. Marcia hoped he might not be able to do much from this position except enjoy the feelings she wanted to inflict upon him. The one time they met before he had teased and pleased her mercilessly and while she enjoyed that she also wanted to hear the noises he could make and show him how good he makes her feel. With soft lips and a busy tongue she went to work pleasuring his cock and taking in just bostancı escort a little bit, then more, then back to licking, then taking it nearly whole. Don had no idea what she was going to do next and he liked how she kept him guessing. This was not how she wanted him to finish and at one point she heard him breathing a bit harder and felt his thigh shake a little bit and she suddenly knew it was time to stop and see what happens when she doesn’t finish him off.

“So you’re a giver and not a receiver, let’s test that theory, what are you going to give me, Daddy?” she cooed as she released her lips from the head of his cock and looked up at him with a naughty grin.

“Turn around,” he said sternly, as he pulled her to her feet by her ponytail, which hurt just a little bit in the best possible way.

She was bent over the counter within a second, his hand dropping her pants to the floor and popping her on each ass cheek five times. Fighting for words, completely shocked, but too happy to care, she thought maybe he would want to go down on her right away but he just had to punish her for the smart-ass mouthy comment. It would be to her great advantage to let go of her filter and say those things any time she needed a little bit of guidance to get her back in line. Now she wondered what would happen next, as he pulled her back upright by her hair and began rubbing the new pink hand prints on her ass. The tingling of the irritated nerves beneath the skin was really comforted by his touch, whether he was rough or gentle.

He already missed that smart mouth and the way it tried to milk the life out of him only a moment before. He was curious to see what she would do so he let her take a few minutes to do her licking and sucking and it was really something that he didn’t want to stop. He was more upset that she stopped than about the comment, but he would let her decide which lesson was more important and figure out on her own how to make it up to him. She learned so quickly that there was no point in trying to take his time to do each lesson over and over again. Once would be enough here.

As he held her ponytail high, checking out her pouty face, watching a single droplet of water roll down her cheek, and he started to wonder if it was sweat or a tear. If the former, it was time to toss her up on the counter and bury his face between her legs. But if it was the latter, he needed to make it up to her. Thankfully, the best way to do that is to bury his face between her legs. It’s really nice when two problems have the same solution, and he couldn’t wait to get started. He dropped a towel onto the floor in front of them, turned her around and swiftly lifted her up onto the counter top, then used his hands to spread her legs wide and hold them down so he could use his whole face to please her. His tongue found her clit in no time and he knew quickly from the wonderful moaning and groaning sounds she made that she wouldn’t take long to pop.

After a few minutes with his tongue she was already coming hard, splashing fluids out onto the counter and floor, soaking his face, soaking his neck and shirt, and generally making as much gushing mess as possible. But he didn’t stop to let her rest like before and only a minute passed between each of her next four soul draining orgasms, each one pushing harder than the last, each one gushing out on his face like a fountain of youth. But he wanted more than that and needed that feeling another way, so he stood up, still holding her legs against the counter top so he could press against her and hold her closer to him. He lifted her up gently and pulled her to the edge of the counter top so he could penetrate her fully and feel that lovely fountain of come cascading over his cock.

A few slow and long strokes got her whispering to him, harder, daddy, fuck me harder, please, don’t stop now, make me come all over your cock daddy, yes, fuck yes, please daddy, make me come for you, and she did, and he felt her exploding all around him, her hands still propping herself up to keep her head from cracking the mirror. Right then as she came down for a moment she felt his hand around her throat once again, a little harder than before, enough to set off a little alarm in her head that was silenced as he thrust even deeper inside her. Her juices made it possible for him to fill her up all the way to her cervix, and that little alarm in her head was silenced as well as she began to feel her legs shake just a little bit.

With one of his hands around her neck and the other holding her by her ponytail, she didn’t have to hold herself up anymore and this freed up her hands to reach around and grab him to pull him in even closer, which in turn brought her that much closer to coming again.

Yes daddy, fuck me harder, give it to me, please daddy, fill me up and lets come together and make bigger messes daddy, oh fuck daddy, give me more, fuck me, and he did. As she began moaning loudly, thankful that the fan in that private room was noisy enough to keep their actions a secret, she felt herself exploding all over his cock, while his cock did the same, shooting thick hot streams of come deep inside her, combining completely with her own juices and melting together as they embraced and tried to come down from a high both had waited so long to achieve together.

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