Mar 31

Going Dutch Ch. 03

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The sound of footsteps always wakes me up-must be a holdover from my Army days. In any case, I heard the click-click of high heels on hardwood floors and my eyes snapped open. My brain took a moment to locate itself, and I realized that I was entwined on the floor of a strange house with a nude young woman, a former student, covered only by a fleece blanket. It also registered with a crash that the footsteps could only be her mother returning to find us in flagrante delicto on the living room floor. Panic swept through me, but then I remembered more and realized she would find it amusing if nothing else.

Sure enough, it was Lara. Sure enough, she was amused. Britt was still asleep in my arms, so I raised a hand and twisted around to see the wry expression on her face and let her know I was awake. She stood in the doorway for a moment to take in the scene, then kicked off her heels. She padded softly across the carpet and stood above us, hands on her hips and a smile playing across her lovely face.

“Young man,” she whispered sternly, “you should at least have enough romance to take a woman into the bedroom!”

“You’re right, Lara, and I’m sorry!” I whispered back with a grin.

The firelight had diminished to a red-gold glow, but I could see her even white teeth again. She knelt next to my shoulders and reached down to stroke Britt’s hair away from her face.

“She looks happy in your arms, teacher. I think it was good you came to dinner!”

“Dinner,” I told her in serious tones, “was delicious. Thank you!”

She chuckled, a worldly European sort of amusement that was infinitely provocative.

“You are very…droll, I think is the word. Grappig, we say in Dutch.”

“Is that a good quality in a man?” I asked more lightly.

Her hand came back, but instead of stroking Britt’s hair, she stroked me, letting her fingers trace the line of my cheek.

“It is a very good quality!” she purred.

I smiled into her eyes, and the moment hung between us. Then, in typical fashion, she broke the tension by adding to it. With effortless grace, she leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips. Holy shit! Her daughter was asleep and naked in my arms, and here she was hitting on me!

“Someday when Britt has finished with you, I think you will have to call me, yes?” she murmured.

“I would like that very much,” I assured her courteously. “But I don’t want to cause problems,” I added with a slight raise of my eyebrows.

“There will be no problems,” she said, kissing me again. This time, I felt the darting tip of her tongue trace along my lips for a moment. “I will take care of an arrangement. For now, though, I think you should pick her up and put her into bed properly!”

“Yes, ma’am!” I replied, grinning again.

“Hers is the bedroom on this floor,” she whispered, “through the kitchen and down the hall.”

“I will find it, thank you. You’re a wonderful hostess!”

Lara snorted, but she had a smile on her face as she rose elegantly to her feet and walked away. Again, I twisted my head around and followed her swaying ass as she crossed to the doorway and collected her shoes.

“Good night!” I whispered.

“Good night…goede nacht!” she whispered back, blowing me a kiss.

Turning back to her sleeping daughter, I used the arm wrapped around her to squeeze gently.

“Britt,” I murmured.

“Hmm?” she said, snuggling her face into my chest and hugging me back one-armed.

“Let’s go to bed,” I suggested.

“I like it here,” she groaned softly, closing her eyes more firmly.

I shouldered her head up a little and planted a kiss on her warm, pliant lips. My free hand, meanwhile stroked her from shoulder to hip and then I spread my fingers and cupped her pert little butt. My fingers curled farther down, grazing her inner thigh and labia which made her wriggle just a bit in pleasure.

“You’ll like it in bed, too, I’m pretty sure!” I said in more normal tones rich with innuendo.

She smiled and her eyes opened wide when I squeezed her ass more firmly. Instead of answering right away, she tilted her head up and kissed me back, her tongue immediately searching for mine. The leg that was draped across me became more purposeful as well, and I felt her thigh flex under my arm as she slid it upward to rub ataşehir escort bayan across my groin. I groaned at the contact with my cock and kissed her with renewed intensity.

“I think maybe the bed is a good idea after all…” she said agreeably when we broke our kiss.

She rolled over on top of me and laid herself on my chest briefly, pecking my lips, nose, and cheeks as she did. Her smooth mound lay smack on top of my hardening cock and I could feel her nipples grazing once again through my chest hair. I sighed happily and grabbed a double handful of her delightful little ass, kneading more urgently as my arousal grew.

“Will you grab the clothes?” she asked. “I don’t want my mam to find a mess in the morning!”

“Of course,” I told her with a kiss. Why tell her about her mom’s visit?

Britt stood up with one agile motion, dragging the blanket along with her cape-fashion. Less gracefully, I rolled to my hands and knees and gathered jeans and socks, shirts and bra in a tight bundle. Then I stood and pretended I didn’t know the way.

“Lead me to bed, woman! I’m not finished with you yet.”

Britt raised her eyebrows and smiled. “Promises, promises”

Quickly, however, she led me through to the kitchen. On her way past the fridge, she stopped and pulled a bottle of water from the see-through section of the door. Then her slim, graceful feet continued down the hallway past the front door, past what looked like a library, and into a spacious bedroom. There was a small lamp burning still that cast enough light to navigate. I dropped the clothes bundle on a convenient chair while Britt disappeared into the bathroom. Fortunately, she had left the bottle of water and I took several greedy gulps before she reappeared. The fleece blanket was gone, but she walked out with innocent poise and came to stand in front of me. I stood there clutching the water bottle, thoroughly entranced by her slender body.

“Will you share?” she asked politely.

“Of course,” I replied, coming to my senses. “It’s yours, but I couldn’t resist a couple of sips!”

“This is a good night for not resisting temptation, I think!” she said merrily before taking several small sips of the icy cold water. She capped the bottle, set it aside, and turned back to me.

“Those were my thoughts exactly!” I assured her, moving forward to take her in my arms once more. “I hate resisting temptation!”

In the dim light, her slender frame was lithe and lovely as it came against me. Her thigh slipped between mine and her breasts bumped my ribcage as she wrapped her arms around my waist and laid her head on my shoulder. My hands roamed her back and shoulders and hers did the same, both of us savoring the full-body contact. After a few moments, though, she shifted a bit. My arms went to her shoulders and she leaned into me, her tongue flicking out to wet my nipples. Then she used her teeth to tease me more, nipping each one gently in turn, alternating with a quick suck to ease the sting. I kissed the top of her head and let her explore my body.

The backs of her fingers traced the long muscles of my back. At the bottom, she turned her palms in again and grasped each buttock firmly, feeling her way around and down to my thighs. All this attention was getting to me, and my cock leaked precum as it stood trapped between us, rubbing against the toned muscles of her belly. She knew the effect she was having, and she writhed minutely against my body, adding to my pleasure. When my cock throbbed, she laughed and looked up at me triumphantly. I bowed my head to kiss her smiling lips.

Ever so slowly, Britt lowered herself in front of me, kissing my chest again and holding my waist for leverage until she was far enough down to kiss my abs. Then her hands shifted lower, grasping the backs of my thighs. With a long, wet stroke, Britt licked from the very base of my cock all along the underside until her tongue flicked the sensitive notch just below the crown. This brought another throb and a fresh wave of precum glistened at the tip. Britt’s hair brushed against me as she nodded forward, trapping the head of my cock in her soft, warm mouth. Sucking softly, she prodded my slit with her tongue and coaxed out every drop she could gather. Then she lowered herself once more and adjusted her escort kadıköy angle. With one effortless glide, she took my cock all the way to the back of her throat and held it there. More than half my length was enveloped by the heat and suction she created and I felt her tongue snaking along the underside.

I could have stood there all night, but her mother’s words still lingered in my head and besides, I did honestly want to return some of the pleasure she was giving me.

“Britt…” I interrupted, “let’s move to the bed!”

She released my cock with a pop, looked up at me with a smile, and replied, “Good idea!”

Being a gentleman, I took her hands and helped her up. She used mine to guide me in a tight circle and when my legs bumped the bed, she urged me back further. I sat on the comforter and then scooted back to lie across the middle of the bed. Britt followed me on, crawling up beside me before pivoting around to reach my cock again. Her hands wrapped around the base, but before she could lean down and take me back into her mouth, I tugged on her nearest leg. She looked quickly back at my grinning face and got the idea. With a dextrous shift, she straddled my body and lowered her head to my cock. Just as her lips closed over the head, my tongue found its way into her pussy and traveled deep inside, laving her inner walls. She groaned (which felt great to me!) and spread her legs wider, making it easier for me to reach her pussy.

Quickly we settled into a satisfying rhythm. Britt kept a tight grip on my cock and set up a steady up-and-down motion. I grabbed her ass with both hands and spread her cheeks, craning my neck to lick every inch from her firm, smooth mound to the tangy cleft of her buttocks. Although her ministrations felt great, I was in no danger of orgasm, so I took my time with her, exploring her intimate places and seeing what made her respond. Obviously, when my tongue ran around her clit, she jerked in response. Tonguing her deeply caused the same response. When I circled her tight little anus with my tongue-tip, however, she arched her back ecstatically to help me stay in that spot. Again, I smiled to myself and filed that away for future reference.

I was lost in my exploration, and it took me a minute to notice that Britt had stopped sucking and was stroking my cock with just one hand. I paused, and despite the odd angles involved, our eyes met. She had a question on her face.

“What’s up?” I asked with a smile.

“I want…” she began hesitantly, “I want to get under the covers. Unless you want to keep going?” she concluded interrogatively.

“Under the covers sounds good!” I assured her. She reached up and tugged the coverlet down, then scooted herself up toward the pillows. I followed suit more slowly, and she flipped the covers down so I could align myself properly in the bed. Then she crawled around to lie beside me and tugged the covers back into place over us, our heads sharing a pillow.

“Is this OK?” she asked somewhat shyly, draping her leg over mine.

“Britt, anything you want is OK with me,” I told her gently. Not sure what was on her mind, I kissed her softly and stroked her arm.

“I think I just want…” she started, but her voice trailed off.

“Britt…what is it?” I asked as I turned toward her.

“I just want to hold you in my arms and make love with you. Is that stupid?”

In the dim light of the room, I could see tears welling up in her eyes.

Cautious of her feelings, I smiled only a little bit at her emotion. Then I gathered her more firmly into my arms and kissed her lips before answering. “Of course that’s not stupid, Britt. It’s amazing. Is that what you were imagining back when you were my student?”

She nodded mutely.

“Well,” I began as I turned onto my side, “I can’t think of a better way to be with you.”

She smiled at my encouraging words and slipped her arm underneath my neck. I kissed her again and lifted my body over her as I turned. Her thighs parted to make room for me and her hand snaked down between us. With sure fingers, she gripped my cock and guided me to her opening. As I entered her, she wrapped both arms around my head and smiled into our kiss. With short strokes to open her up, I eased into her patiently. Her legs wrapped around me and I could bostancı escort feel her body respond with more lubrication as I worked my full length into her tight channel. When at last I was fully inside her, she gripped me fiercely with arms, legs, and internal muscles, locking me in place while she kissed me frantically.

“Oh, God, yes!” she moaned sobbed. “Just like this, just like I dreamed!”

Her arms went more tightly around my head, pulling it down beside hers. I kissed her neck and her shoulder as I began to stroke in and out of her slowly, seating myself all the way before pulling out until just the tip stayed in her opening. With each movement of my hips, Britt moaned deeply and arched her back. After several minutes of this, I changed position slightly. Her hands moved to grip my upper arms as I lifted myself up on my elbows. This took weight off her chest but forced me deeper inside her, our joined bodies a fulcrum I could use to my advantage. Her legs moved higher to accommodate me and I pushed down hard against her, penetrating even farther into her willing body. Brett’s back arched immediately and her eyes went wide.

“Oh, God…oh, God…keep doing that!” she urged me.

Instead of pumping in and out of her, I did as she requested. I left my cock buried and thrust my full weight into the cradle of her hips. Her whole body seemed to spread a bit to welcome me in, and her pussy seemed to spasm and clasp my cock each time I pushed.

Her fingernails dug into my upper arms.

“Yes…yes…YES!!” she chanted as I filled her again and again, battering her cervix.

The final “YES!” signaled the start of her orgasm. I felt her whole body tense and her hips curled up hard into my invading cock, drawing me into her even more. Her head flew back on the pillow and I held perfectly still, feeling the waves travel through her from gripping pussy to quivering thighs that kept me locked in place.

Finally, Britt drew a deep, rattling breath and her eyes opened. A smile crossed her lips as her body began to relax. Her arms went back to wrap around my neck and she drew me in for a languid kiss. Her legs loosened their grip as well, and as I kissed her, I began to thrust a little bit, not pushing the pace but reminding her that we were, in fact, making love still.

“That was perfect,” she said against my lips, still smiling from the aftermath of her orgasm.

“As good as you imagined?” I teased.

“Better. Better than my dreams!” she answered earnestly.

Another tight hug and a hungry kiss followed. I settled more comfortably on her body, loving the heat of her skin against mine, and began to thrust more deeply into her, withdrawing a bit more each time. I was just building momentum when she interrupted me.

“There is more to my dream, you know…” she told me in a low, lust-filled voice.

“What’s that?” I said between breaths.

“I also dreamed of lying here like this, making love with you, and feeling YOU cum inside me. That is what I thought of more than anything!”

“I don’t think…that will be…a problem…Britt!” I assured her as my thrusts grew faster. “Just kiss me…and hold me…and your sexy…body…will make…me cum!”

Close to the edge now, I began to speed up even more. Her tongue darted into my mouth and her hands tugged my hips, urging me along.

“Oh, God, Britt…I’m so close!” I gasped.

“Yes!” she moaned in response. “Kiss me and cum for me!”

With a back-arching groan, I did as requested. Her lips parted and our tongues came together. My hips slammed forward and locked in place, and my balls emptied themselves into her hungry pussy. Wave after wave of pleasure raced through me, each accompanied by a spasm of my cock and a jet of sperm deep inside her. My face was now buried in her hair and her warm scent filled my senses completely. Dimly, I heard her murmuring words of encouragement and felt her stroking my back as I shuddered to a halt. As the throbbing eased, I collapsed onto her fully and she held me with arms and legs, kissing my neck and shoulder and rocking her hips to draw out my pleasure.

An immeasurable time later, I slowly rolled onto my side, drawing her with me. My cock slipped out of her and we lay together on the pillow fully entwined. Britt’s face was blissful in the shadowy light of her bedroom and we remained silent, occasionally exchanging soft kisses.

I heard her breathing slow and become deeper. Just before she drifted off, she murmured “That was so nice…just like my dreams…” and settled her head on the pillow.

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