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Good Times at Hy Vee:p

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Good Times at Hy Vee:pSo, me and my lover had a Taco Tuesday & Margaritas date earlier, before it was rudely interrupted by a douchebag. So we hurried back to my place to have a quickie, which turned into a lengthy (it had been a week since I gave her head and I was still hungry for taco;) ) so we had a good session, missionary to doggy to legs up and back to doggy for my big finish. I had done laundry the day before, but had neglected to place sex towels by the nightstand…so I told her to drain the mess onto my pillow…so hot watching our sex drip out!:pWell she had to go and run some errands and deal with some lame shit…I did some research and beat one off thinking of the earlier sex, and then a mutual friend called, and we had a good hour long conversation…which just led me to miss my Lady Pinksmile:( This was around 6 in the evening and we got off the phone at about 7. After we talked I got back into my research, but it made me sad because she wasn’t there to share it with…fast forward to 10:30…and I get a text message from her checking to make sure I still “loved her, missed her, really want to kiss her” I called her a dickhead for rubbing it in that I couldn’t right then because she was with friends in the next town over. Well being the extremely hopeless romantic and gentleman I am, I told her I was coming to meet her for a quickie…she told me there was a gas station close to the house where we could meet. She called about 20 minutes later, and was floored that I was actually racing toward her as if the very Hounds of Hell chased me. I ended up getting lost because I was telling her all the things I was going to do to her that I wasn’t listening to Navi spit directions in my ear. So I was about 10 minutes away from her still, with only a 5 minute window to meet up and do the deed. Well after doing 90 through some 35 zones, we met up outside of Hy-Vee. (Gas station was closed.) Her friend was almost ready to go, so time was pressing, but she needed to pick up booze, and Totinos pizza and water. We get back out to her truck, and agree that we wouldn’t have time to do the nasty, and would have to rain check. So we smoke a cigarette together, and after I toss the butt I turn around to give her a goodbye smooch…and it was just one of those moments that felt so good so RIGHT that we embraced closer, kissed harder and deeper, our breath becoming one. She began nibbling and then biting my lips, as i gently probed her tongue with mine. The kissing escalates even more, the passion and lust was palpable; my cock raged and poked up through my shorts making a very visible (and respectable;) ) tent…and i just knew her panties were soaked! The kissing went on for another couple of minutes, until we were both almost breathless bursa escort with exertion and desire. “I want to watch you play with him,” she says coyly.”Happy to oblige, my Lady,” I reply as I pull my throbbing cock out. It was so hard from excitement it hurt; the head so swoll and sensitive that even my fingertips brushing it gave me body shivers. I began with a fervent attitude, having already blown 4 times from 5am to 11pm today, while she looks at me so eagerly and tempting that I tell her I have to have her as I throw her dress up exposing her thighs and underwear. She immediately pushes it to the side and starts rubbing herself as she watches me.”Tell me how you want to fuck me in my ass,” she says sluttily, licking her lips as she does.”I bend you over, rip your red thong off and then rub it against your cunt to soak up the stream of juice already flowing, and then stuff them in your mouth, so you can taste what I taste. I push your legs apart and turn my head to begin splitting your pussy lips with my tongue. Long and fast slurps at first, to get the sweet taste of you all over my mouth, nose, cheeks, and chin. After my face is dripping I begin my patented clit work, using the circle motions and quick hard jabs that I know just drive you wild. After you’re likewise throbbing, I suck your clit into my mouth gently brushing it against the bottoms of my top teeth, making you sigh/moan and shiver simultaneously. I poke my tongue into your hot wet snatch, savoring the warm rush of liquid in my mouth, eyes rolling up in ecstasy at the taste of you. I then start to probe your ass with my tongue, then slowly licking around it, and then using my middle finger I fill your pussy, while my index fingers starts to rub and poke against your ass…”Give it to me!” She yells, the begging undertones more than obvious.Ok you dirty girl…spread that ass for Daddy. I spit on my cock and press it hard against your tiny hole, feeling it clench against the pressure of my overly excited cock.By this point, I am masturbating furiously, and she has her panties pushed aside all the way while her hand just goes to town on her lips and clit. I actually spit on my cock then for dramatic effect, and then lift some off with my middle finger, which I then slide into her, curling and rubbing her Gspot oh so perfectly, while as in the story I am regaling her with my index finger begins to touch and rub her cute little asshole, it was relaxed and I was able to apply some pressure. So one of her hands is on the back of my head, bringing me into kiss her. Her other is rubbing her oh so sweet cunt, while the 2 fingers on my hand are filling her holes, and my other hand is just hammering down on my cock (I’m actually bruised right above it now) “Keep talking bursa escort bayan baby this is going to get me off,” she moans contentedly.”I think you were spreading your ass for me, I tell her as I spit on my cock again. I’m thrusting against you baby, pushing in slowly but firmly, until I spit again and finish ramming all 9″ of the legendary Goldencock right inside your tight little ass. You squeal and moan in pain and pleasure as my raging manhood stretches you to the limit. i feel both your pussy and ass clenching against me, the one setting off the other in a longer, harder squeeze. (It was about this point where she came in the car, biting my arm so hard that 5 hours later the teeth marks are still bruised into my skin…hot!) Her juices run down my hand and I greedily lap them up, the sweetness filling me with even deeper want. After I lick my fingers clean I focus on beating my dick and finishing the story.”My big dick slides in and out now, some of the initial nervousness wearing off, I pick up the pace and begin to push hard into your ass…and tell you what a bad girl you’ve been! And that you need a spanking! As I tell her how I use both hands to slap both cheeks in my backpump, she slaps her own ass in the car and shoves my hand back between her shapely legs. I spread her pussy lips and glide my finger as deep in her as it will go, touching her “lil hangdown spot” (neither one of us knows exactly what it is, feels kind of like a cervix but softer and lower and more in the front/top of her pussy…any ideas? lol) I begin to massage it with my fingertip and she whispers to me to keep talking and to play with her asshole. I move her panties all the way out of the way and begin to stroke gently and slowly around her pulsating asshole. I can tell how excited she is, so I increase pressure on her ass, and pick up speed with my middle finger as I tell her how now I’m pounding her ass just like I pound her dirty lil cunt when she needs a bad behavior fucking. The thrusts are drawn all the way out and delivered with the force of a push. Her fine ass smacks against my pelvic bone and thighs, the skin red from the spanking I gave my lil slut. “Oooh baby I’m starting to build up,” I cry to her as I feel my veins bulge in my cock, signalling me that my huge load was on the way, She is frantically grinding and gyrating against my hands and fingers, and I tell her how sweet both her pussy and her ass are, as she lets go again and another wave of sweet cream and muscle contractions let me know that she’s cum again. Watching and feeling her cum to the words I’m speaking and the self mutilation she’s watching sets me off…I feel it start in my calves and work up to my thighs, and then my cock hardens to diamond and my escort bursa head doubles in size…”SUCK IT OUT OF DADDY, NAUGHTY GIRL!!!” I yell to her as I guide her head to my oozing cock, the precum glistening in the lights of the parking light, a long string of it that ran from head to balls, and then her mouth was on me, hot and sloppy, and I release…wave after wave of cum goes shooting out of me into her mouth and I lift my ass off the carseat and damn near scream from the intensity and shock of the power of mine own orgasm. I can still feel cum pumping out and she is still greedily and noisily sucking it down and then I can’t take any more, my legs lock and cramp from heel to abs, and my shaft and head feel as if they will explode!!! (Having thought on it now, it WAS the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced.) She looks up at me, eyes full of love and satisfaction, and cum splattered all around her cute little mouth and pretty face. I remove my hand from her and lick the juices off in the same fashion that she is doing mine. “How dare you stop me,” she says, with a devilish smile on her lips and her tongue just barely poking out from between her teeth. ” I thought my cock was going to explode baby; you know I would NEVER stop you from sucking me unless it were life or death!” I reply breathlessly. My legs had calmed some, but my cock still twitched and throbbed and still occasionally dripped a few more shots of cum. We then kiss again, the passion still there, but positively more satisfied and sultry. I guide my fingers to her mouth so she can taste herself, and she does the same for me, and the mix of sex on our soul kiss just made it all the more enjoyable. (We mix really well; smooth and sweet with just a hint of salt for the contrast and balance) We keep that magical kiss going for another couple minutes, still lip biting and tongue teasing and I began to get all sorts of worked up again, but we have already quadrupled or better her allotted time to be gone on a booze run. “Damn, I can’t believe I actually got mine there,” she says. “I don’t like it when you dirty talk during sex; but I REALLY liked it when we were just watching each other play with ourselves.””Yeah mutual masturbation is great baby. The ones we’ve done at home were nothing like that tho; those were when you were sore already and I had to beat the living shit out of my cock in order to get mine. And that’s when I give you the most fulfilling creampies,” I reply to her, poking my own tongue out as she had just done to me.We sat and smoked another cigarette, talking of how great of an experience that was, being in public with people in sight and her having to ditch out from her friend and me having to drive almost 30 miles in 12 minutes, and it all culminated in two very blessed orgasms. When we go to leave, we kiss again…and again linger, lips locked and tongues tied. For a few minutes again. Finally she breaks it and then tells me to beat my cock for her on the way home.So I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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