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Graduate Studies to Gay

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A graduate student at Ohio State University I was working on a major paper. It was for a political science class. This was my field of study and an A seemed like the final grade this course. All I had to do was complete a good paper. On a Friday night I was at the library doing some additional research when a friend said, “A group of guys were going to a party near campus. Come have some fun for a change.” I begged off with the excuse I had to finish this paper. They gave the address and said if I wanted to join them later I could.

About 9:00 PM I finished up and started to head home. But I wanted a break from studying. I thought I would go to the party but wanted to stop a bar for a quiet beer before joining the crowd. It was a Friday night so the bars are usually jammed around the university. Jimmies, was less crowded and relatively quiet. Just the place for a quiet beer. The bar was full but tables in the corners were open. I ordered a beer and sat at a table in the corner. In a few minutes an older instructor, James, I recognized from out department asked if he could join me. I said of course and we started talking about my paper. He offered several good ideas I wanted to incorporate into it. He was smart.

“I need to hit the restroom and will be back in a minute. Will you be still here when I get back”. He assured me that he would. Returning from the restroom a new beer waited for me. James said, “I enjoyed our conversation so much that I bought you a beer so we could continue talking. I hope that’s ok.

“Of course, that was okay”. We continued to talk. About 15 minutes later I started to feel strange. We continued to talk when James changed the subject. “What do you think about the political consequences of gay men in our political system”. I hadn’t really thought about it so I simply said, “I don’t really know, why do you ask?” James explained he was working on a Doctorate Thesis on the subject. It included studies of gay men, lesbians, and transgender people.

His next question was a shocker, “Are you straight or gay?” I replied, “I am straight”. He thanked me for my honest answer. Feeling more lite headed and becoming very compliant. He asked me another question.

“Have you ever wondered what being a gay man means?” No was my reply. At that point James hand slid off the table top and onto my thigh. With a few seconds his hand was on my cock. “Feels small to me.” I didn’t know how to respond and but did not pulling away either. A strange sense of excitement poker oyna rushed through me. My erect cock was a giveaway James was seeking.

James next asked, “Very nice, have you ever felt like doing things other people tell you to do just because they said to do them?” Not allowing me to respond he said, “I have some material in my apartment that might help with your paper. You might be able to help me as well.” With that James said in a low voice, “Get up and walk with me to my apartment it’s only a few blocks away.”

Like a school boy obeying his teacher I got up and followed James out the door. The three-block walk in the campus area was filled with college apartments. Parties were going in many of them. I was headed to something I did not expect. James’ apartment was in a converted Victorian home. The stone steps and brick walls were from a different era. It’s once regal charm had faded and now it contains apartments for college students.

Opening the first-floor apartment door, James said, “Come in and have a seat on the couch.” Feeling very sleepy I said ok. And sat down. In a few minutes James returned with another guy I did not recognize. He was a big, handsome black man. James introduced him as Troy. James then said, now let’s do some experiments for my research. With that Troy started to kiss me and unbutton my shirt. I started to resist but my arms wouldn’t push hard enough. “Ok, Troy, you can finish stripping our guest. I want him naked.” With that in a minute my pants, shirt, and underwear lay on the floor. I sat naked on the couch unable to resist.

James winked at Troy, “He looks perfect for what I have planned. Check that small cock out, just what I want for this project. I can transform him.” What did he mean transform?. Troy reached over and felt me cock and smiled. “It is what we wanted.”

“Now let me explain my research to you. My theory is that there is no real difference between men and women. Except for child birth, you can make a man look like a woman and vice versa. There is way too much political fuss over straight, gay, lesbian, man woman. I believe I can prove there are no differences. Let me show you.” With that he opened his computer and showed me some of his “research”.

First picture was of a naked woman. “I met her at Jimmies like you. She was in one of my graduate course.” The next picture was her with her hair pulled back so she looked more like a man. The next slide, “I removed all her make-up. She really is starting canlı poker oyna to look like a man.”

The fourth slide showed her pubic region. “I shaved her pubic hair so she would look more like a boy”.

The fifth slide showed a flesh colored penis stuck I her vagina. “Now she doesn’t look like a SHE but a HE. She has become a man for all extent and purposes.”

The next slide she is dressed in blue jeans, flannel shirt, and work boots. Wearing a ball cap she looked like a man. “Now you see a man so why shouldn’t this person be treated the same as any man.”

Turning off his computer James said, “Troy is going to help me accomplish the revise with you. I noticed you in a classroom a few weeks ago when you were wearing shorts. Nice legs, you would make a good candidate for me. Naked men have always fascinated me. You look too good to me.”

“Troy let’s start. First, I want to make certain he doesn’t have any hair on his body so shave him. He is not position to argue with you or resist.” I had to agree since I could almost not move. With that Troy started at the neck with warm water and razor. He shaved my arms, arm pits, legs, my ass, and finally my pubic hair. James said, “Girls don’t have balls but by shaving yours I have removed your feeling of manhood.”

After having all the excess shaving cream wiped off, I was ordered to stand in front of a white sheet. This was the same background as the woman. Multiple pictures were taken.

Back to the couch. Troy put a blond wig on me. Then a woman appeared from the back. She looked familiar. In fact, it was the woman in the pictures I had seen earlier. She said hi and began to paint my nails and apply make-up. This took some time.

“Ok Troy stand her up for more pictures.” James called me her. What was going on.

More pictures of me in a wig and make-up. “Those look good.” The woman who did the work was watching and agreed.

She has a small cock so push it between her legs and I will take some more pictures. With that the camera clicked. While I was aware of what’s going on, I can’t do anything about it.

“Now let’s get her dressed in nylons, panties, bra and heels. I want some sexy pictures.”

With that the woman pulled clothes form a bag near the camera. She slowly pulled the nylons on m legs. Followed by panties, bra, and heels. When they were done I looked like a woman.

“Ok, Troy a few more pictures and we can finish up”. I thought it would soon be over. internet casino But still could not resist and or fight this off.

After the final pictures were taken, James had some chilling comments. “You told me you are straight. I don’t think so. I am going to prove you otherwise.” Troy pulled down his sweat pants and unleashed a big cock. He pulled me to the edge of the couch. Slapping my ass he started to get me excited. I did not expect that reaction. Putting lube on my ass he started to penetrate me. It was big and it hurt. James kept saying, “Fuck her, fuck her”. After a few minutes I started to get excited and just then Troy exploded in me. “Nice work Troy. The camera caught all of that.”

With that James came in behind me and fucked me for good order. I was exhausted and soon fell asleep.

Morning came and I awoke laying naked on the couch. James said, “Good morning, you had quite a night. You proved you were gay to me. I appreciate you help on my thesis.” With that he handed me a t-shirt, a pair of shorts and my shoes, no socks.

Then he said, “Here’s your wallet you will need that.” He showed me to the door and gave me a kiss. “I am sure you can find your car. I had it parked in my spot in the graduate instructor’s garage. By the way, I left some pictures for you on the front seat. Just in case you have any complaints I have copies which I can share with others.” As I started to walk down the step he left one final word, “If you ever want to make some serious money, I have friends that would pay you well for some time with you. They would be very discrete.”

It took almost 20 minutes to walk to my car. On the front seat was a brown envelop. Opening it I found pictures of me being fucked by Troy, James, Melinda’s strap-on, and two other men. The note read, “Now you are gay and I have friends that will pay you well if you ever want to earn some extra money for your graduate degree.”

I got home an immediately got into the shower for a long shower. Although I was aware that I had been shaved, upon seeing myself in the shower, the full impact of the night sunk in. Looking into the mirror, I got excited and masturbated to relief. Several weeks later I saw James in the hall. He simply smiled and said hello. In passing he said, “If you need any help on your paper, I can help.” That was my experience. I did get an A on my paper.

Several years later I visited campus and made a stop at Jimmies. The place looked and smelled the same as it did back in the day. I ordered a beer and sat at that corner table. I left this time without stopping for some “additional research”.


This is a true story that actually happened to me. It has stayed with me for many years.

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