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Subject: Grandfather was my sexual Prometheus (Part I) (Gay Incest) First of all please donate to NIFTY. They have been so kind to allow me to tell my true fty/donate.html This for those 18 and older. If you don’t like the material that’s a “you” problem. I have two other published works; “The Kid and the Suit Maker” under gay adult youth and “Oh how I miss Craigslist” under gay encounters. To those that wrote to me; I can never thank you enough for the kind words, positive encouragement, and the appreciation of my stories. It’s the readers that make me feel so special. And the stories you have shared with me, I will take it to the grave. I love you all and wish we could all be together. And because of your appreciation I’m about to tell you all how I was sexually created. I didn’t think it was possible. And I’ll apologize in advance that this will take a while. Please be patient and I’ll reward you ten thousand fold. To the authors; You have provided me the courage to tell these tales. You are my inspiration and I’ll venerate you as my gods of truth. I hope you love my offering as much as my readers do. If that’s the case then I’ve done something right. Of course feel free to drop me a line at aol) Grandfather was my sexual Prometheus (Part One) Prologue: If you read “The Kid and the Suit Maker”, I made it be known I had sexual relations with my Grandfather prior to him. Form the initial responses my readers wanted to know about me and my grandfather. This has happened over 30 years ago. I’ve have done everything in my power to put into story format. But to be fair my sexual life have weaved in between many different things during my relationship with my grandfather. This is the only way I can tell my true story. I hope you like it. It’s been close to two years since my father left the army and we all moved back to my parent’s hometown. The transition was rough for me. I only knew how to be an army brat and the change to “civilian” life made me felt like an outcast. Every opportunity I had I’d rather be alone and going on my own adventures. I was a stick figure kid with jet black hair, no ass, and already steeped in cynicism. There was no real relationship with my father. We were just two different people, with two different attitudes towards life. I sensed the only reason he stayed with my mother was to avoid child support. He pretty much gave up on my brother and I early in life. My mother knowing this and sensing this pour her fears and and frustrations upon us. My bother and I never got along and fought like cats and dogs for all intensive purposes. I felt I didn’t belong anywhere. I believe it was these factors that made me vulnerable to other poeple’s sexual needs. My Grandfather was a short man. Maybe 5’7″ at the most. He had a thin build and a ring of white hair. Always is a dress shirt and slacks at least a decade or two behind the times. He was the only man in my life that had nothing but kind words to say to me. I drew my confidence whether it was sports or life in general with him. I just knew that no matter what he’d always be in my corner escort bayan when everyone else abandoned me. He was shoulder to cry on. He taught me bowling and take me to my tournaments and kept score for the team. He cheered for me and my teammates. During little league baseball, he was there for me every game. As opposed to the few times my father ever showed up it was a thermos of gin and tonics looking to loosen up some other kid’s mother for extra martial activities. So as you know as a 10 year old kid I was a mall rat haunting the place while my mother worked the weekends. And as you know I stuck up a friendship with the Suit Maker. I have a good year in baseball while I was away and now summer is transitioning into fall. I hated school. I didn’t make a lot of friends and it felt like more of a prison rather than a place of education. But I did meet my first two girls and when I received my first two kisses, I found out what sexual attention could entail. But this didn’t last long because at the end of the school year we moved to a different place and a different school district. This town was much more affluent, and was subjected to much harder razzing and hazing. The only sanctuary was the mall and my Grandparents home. So my 11t birthday arrived. Since my brother and I were only nine days apart we’d always celebrate it together. Well that morning my parents has a nasty verbal fight. I felt miserable and just wanted the day over with. If I had my way I would of hopped on my bike and be left alone. But that wasn’t an option. My mother took both my brother and I to my Grandparents place. I would never disappoint my Grandfather, Grandmother, nor my Great Grandmother. My brother and I were spoiled with gifts (a major bone of contention with my father), we blew out the candles and in no time we were supposed to leave. “Mom”, I said. “Would it be alright if I stayed here and watch the Pro Bowlers Tour with Grandpa?” My mother replied, “If Grandpa doesn’t mind taking you home.” “Sure that’s no problem. He can have dinner with us as well.” My Grandfather replied. Since the arrangement was settled, my mother and brother left for the ride home. I was still feeling rather crappy and really did this to stave off the upcoming fight my mother and father would have. My Grandmother and Great Grandmother retired upstairs to watch OTB and bet on the ponies. My Grandfather and I retired to the den to watch bowling. Now in the den was the only TV downstairs and had a couch and a love seat. On the coffee table he’d always have a couple of months of Playboy’s (he actually read the articles and admired the sexy women) there. As usual he’s laying down on the couch while I was sitting on the love seat. We watched the first match and it was a dud. This is when my life changed forever. “Come sit with me on the couch.” My Grandfather said. I didn’t think twice and I sat with him as commanded. I was maybe 5’3″ and 100lbs soak and wet. We tried watching the second match but it didn’t catch our interest. “Hey why don’t you check out the Playboy’s? It’s just us guys here.” My grandfather kocaeli escort bayan said. “What if Grandmother sees me?” I said with a hint of concern. “She knows you a boy becoming a young man. It won’t be any big deal.” He answered. So I grabbed the first one on top of the pile. I was just flipping through the pictures of the hot women that actually wanted to be naked and photographed. I was definitely getting a 4″ hard on. The next thing I knew he snaked his hand and started petting my hardon. “What the hell?!” I shrieked. “Language!” My grandfather said sternly. “I want to play with your penis.” I immediately retreated back to the love seat. I was fuming and incensed and thinking about what the Arcade manager when he warned me about the Salon people. Never in my mind I would think my first sexual contact would be the person I idolized the most. This conflict in my mind was something I’ve never experienced. I think after ten minutes my grandfather coaxed my to sit next to him. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled down my underwear. I sat down and grabbed the magazine. He started to stroke my 4″ cut cock. I still didn’t have any pubes as of yet and had no idea what was in store for me. My gaze and focus were on the nude women while he got to do want he wanted, molesting me. I may have only lasted five or ten minutes tops. All I remember was my eyes scrunching up and had my first dry orgasm that I ever recalled. My little cock was throbbing and I felt like I blacked out. When I finally came to, my mind was in total chaos. Never in a million, billion years my first initiation would come from him. My mind was racing like, “What the fuck?! How could he do this to me? I never felt my body feel and react that way ever!” I was mentally and physically paralyzed. “Why?” I think that was the only thing capable coming from my mouth. I Don;t know what his reply was. All I knew is that I wanted to be as far away from him as possible. I demanded to be driven back home. I bid my goodbyes to my Grandmother and Great Grandmother even though I was supposed to stay for dinner. I think it was fair to say they had no idea what went on downstairs. I didn’t say a word on the drive back. I felt angry and used once again. When I entered the apartment, I went straight to my room. My brother and I shared bunk beds and the look I gave him convinced him that he didn’t want to be there. I cried myself to sleep that night. The following morning I woke up to the most painful erection I’d ever felt. My brother was already out of the room. This was not one of those “pee-boner” situations. So for the first time since I was a little kid, I slid down my underwear and masterbated. I had conflicting images of Nuevo women and what my grandfather did to me. I quickly got myself to another dry orgasm and finally my hard on subsided. Whatever negative emotions I had yesterday vanished. Over the next week and a half my grandfather tried to check in on me. And during that time my parents were drinking more and arguing more and more. There was no sense of peace kocaeli escort there. I was even more despondent in school and almost faced detention. The only thing that kept me going was my mother giving me permission to spend the weekend with the Suit Maker for the photo shoot. The weekend prior my brother was going to a sleepover. I had league bowling on Saturday followed by a tournament on Sunday. Since both locations were by my Grandparents and I did not want to witness the next round of drinking and fighting, I picked up the phone and called my grandfather. “Hello Grandmother. Can I speak to Grandfather?” I asked. “Sure. just a moment.” She replied. It wasn’t a long wait until I heard his voice. “Hi grandson. What’s up?” The was almost a sense of nervousness in his voice. “I’ve got league bowling tomorrow followed by a tournament on Sunday morning. Is there anyway I can stay over for the weekend?” “Sure I’ll pick you up after work.” He said and I hung up the phone. I told my parents that everything was arranged for the weekend. Got a grunt of apprfrom my father. Friday after school I packed for the weekend. I was still in a bit of a mental turmoil recalling what had happened last time. But I did eventually put that out of my mind. My grandfather picked my up that evening. The four of us had dinner and played cards. It must of been nine o’clock and my Grandmother and a Great Grandmother went upstairs for bed. My grandfather grabbed the extra sheet and blanket for me to crash on the couch in the den. I stripped down to my underwear since that’s normally how I slept. Once I got under the covers my grandfather hovered over me. “Are you ok? I don’t know what got over me.” He started. “Why?” It almost sounded liked I whined. “Well you remind me of my youth when I use to fool around with my brothers. I’d figured you played “grabass” with your friends and had some idea how pleasurable your penis could feel.” And my little cock did stiffened. My little brain was not on the same wavelength as my big brain. And when he grabbed my cock through the blanket and sheet, I knew I was going to submit to him and have his desires fulfilled. I believe from that moment forward my fondness for “Grandpas” became permanent. I had him stop for just a moment. I lowered the blanket and sheet and took off my underwear. I willing exposed myself to him. He caresses my shaft and the head of my cock. My cock felt hotter than a thermometer could register. He leans in and kisses me on the lips. I responded with and enthusiasm that I never thought I had in me. He then breaks off the kiss and lowers himself to my crotch. I felt the moisture of his breath wafting at my throbbing cock. He then kisses the head and parted his lips slowly to engulf my cock. My hips were bucking involuntarily and the animal side of my humanity took over. He licks the shaft all the way to my little nutsack. I grabbed a pillow behind me to muffle the mewing. He then swallows my cock whole. I’m pistoling my cock in and out of him in a rather violent rhythm. I understood the primal urge of man and never been the same since. I had my second dry orgasm with him and it was even more intense that the first time. He knew I was physically and emotionally spent. He kissed me on the forehead goodnight. I just melted into the couch and had a coma like sleep. End of part I

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