Mar 31

Grant’s Opinion of Beth

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Hiya. My name is Grant. I was recently the recipient of the best blow job and the coolest sex. It was certainly the best I have ever had. Fucking un-believable! The bird’s name was Beth and she is one hell of a woman. Size 10 (Australian which means about size 8 American), gorgeous tits, firm arse and an incredible sex drive. Her brunette hair swings to shoulder height and doesn’t get in the way too much while I watch her sucking my cock. Fuck, just the thought is getting me hard! Anyway, I wanted to tell you about the last night Beth and I fucked. She came over to my place and we had one hell of a time. It was so damn good that I just had to put pen to paper and write it down.

Beth came over the other night and was wearing the cutest little top which accentuated her perky tits to the extreme. Her butt was covered by the sexiest pair of black Levi’s and she had high heels on which just makes her legs look like they go from here to forever. Her hair had been pulled back off her face and clipped up so her neck was all exposed and her earrings were looking like a sex toy hanging and swinging in the breeze. Red lipstick finished the image off making her lips as sensual as you can possibly imagine and her eyes were showing the lust she herself was feeling as she walked in the room.

“Gidday Grant. Want to fuck?” were the first words she uttered. Man, my cock stood up before there was time to blink.

“Ah, sure” was all I managed to stutter before she was standing in front of bostancı escort bayan me tugging my clothes off.

Beth is good at teasing with words before we even start foreplay. This night she said something like “We have to get you naked, and me too. I want to cover your body with oil, rub up and down on top of you and cum all over your face as you lick my clit. Then, I want to suck your cock, play with you for a while and finally fuck your brains out!”

I tell you, I have to hold back my load sometimes before she even gets a chance to touch me. Her talk, her body and her presence in my house are all enough to get me incredibly close to cumming in my pants.

“Hey Beth, slow down” I weakly uttered and stopped her from taking total control. “Tonight is MY night.”

“Oh, okay” she replied with a pout on her pretty face.

I took her by the hand and led her to my room. I had been expecting her to come over so I had already made up the bed and prepared for the evening ahead. Unknown to her, I had been shopping and purchased some new toys for the evening. A lovely new vibrating dildo and a pair of handcuffs added to my existing collection of cool stuff.

As soon as I had the majority of her clothes off the handcuffs went on, forcing her to stay put face down. Her butt was looking incredibly inviting with the sexy black lacey g-string (thong) following the natural curves of her body. I nearly had to give up on my plans for the rest of the ümraniye escort evening and just take her right then! Ah, but the night was young so I distracted myself enough to be able to continue with the preparations. I put a porno on the TV so she could watch it while I gave her a full back and neck massage. By the time I got to rubbing her butt she was pushing it up towards me and I could smell just how excited she was. The time had come to slowly slide the g-string off and bury my dick in her inviting twat. Fuck she was wet! The surprise attack obviously worked too because her scream of pleasure was loud and full of feeling. I had left her enough slack that she could slide back and forward on the bed – making the job of fucking her easier. She rammed herself back into me and I gave her full force right back. It was enough to bruise her arse I am sure! Stroke after stroke she kept pace with me and we fucked like mad for about 5 minutes before I blew my load.

I gave Beth a few minutes to recover and then presented the dildo to her. For a second her eyes looked like those of a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming car! The she grinned and I released her from the handcuffs just long enough for her to roll over onto her back. Man, those breasts were heaving with anticipation of yet another fucking!

“Now” I said, “do you want this dildo in your pussy or your arse?”

“Pussy!” came the excited reply.

I teased her by just dribbling some lube onto the kartal escort dildo and then running it down her stomach and rubbing it around the outside of her pussy. Her restraints kept her from being able to manoeuvre too much and I used this against her. By the time I actually pushed the dildo into her pussy she was ready to cum and almost pushed the damn thing all the way out again! No reprieve – I turned the vibrations up to full force and held it in as far as it would go. I am just guessing but I reckon chicks must have some feelings similar to us guys after they cum. She really didn’t appear to want anything touching her so by keeping the stimulation up I imagine she was experiencing that exquisite pleasure/pain that happens if a girl touches your cock just after you cum. Just as well my neighbours are a fair way away coz her screams were brutal!

After another orgasm by her, I took the handcuffs off and told her to suck my cock. Before long it was hard again and I felt great! I let her suck it and lick it in that special way she does. She runs her tongue all over the place while my dick is in her mouth. I don’t know how she does it but she seems to know just what feels good and what is not so hot. However, rather than constant possibly monotonous actions she varies what she does just enough to keep the edge on things. She also used light touch with her hands to trace around my balls and the base of my cock and teased my balls with flicks of her tongue. Man – it didn’t take me long and I was blowing my load down that pretty little throat! She swallows of course and actually looks like she enjoys the taste. How cool!

Anyway, that was my night and that is Beth. A cool chick who gives great head and fantastic sexual experiences.

The End

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