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Grass Cutter

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Grass CutterI decided to begin cutting grass as a side job about a year ago. Our k**s were grown so I wasn’t needed to take care of anyone at home. I wanted to make some extra cash to buy myself a boat. With my wife’s blessings I quickly mustered up 5 yards to cut. It was more work than this 45 year old could handle, so I scaled back to just three yards. I had messed around a bit with a couple of women years before without my wife’s knowledge and thought maybe, just maybe, I could hit upon a lonely housewife. To my surprise my life was about to take a complete turn. The last customer I took on was two men who shared a very nice home with a fenced in pool and everything else to go with it. They were both very nice men, one about 25 years of age and the other about my age. The first 3 cuts went without a hitch with the younger man, Scott, who was always home to let me in through their gated property. I found Scott to be very feminine with blonde shoulder length hair and deep blue eyes. A very handsome guy. On my 4th cut, I arrived about 4pm to cut the grass, entered the property to find Scott waving at me from the garage, wearing what appeared to be pink bikini underwear and a cut-off t-shirt cut just under his nipples. It was a sight to behold. He came over to me and ataşehir escort with outstretched arms hugged my neck and welcomed me to his home. I could smell alcohol on his breath. He asked, “Want an ice cold beer before you get started hunk?” I was taken aback but found myself pleased with his adulation and offer. “Sure.” I replied. For some reason I was admiring his tan, smooth hairless body. It was almost like watching a female as I followed him into the kitchen. “You know Mark, you’re a handsome guy. I bet your wife keeps a string on you so you don’t stray.” he said. I just laughed as I began to feel knots in my stomach. Scott handed me a beer, grabbed me by the hand and led me into the largest living room I had ever seen. “Have a seat. Relax a bit.” he said as he practically pushed me onto the couch. I managed to gulp my beer as Scott pulled up a ottoman at my feet and sat down directly in front of me. He sat with his legs gaped open, revealing part of his penis out the side of his bikini briefs. I felt nervous. “So, tell me about yourself.” he demanded. I went through the usual I’m married, I have k**s, I work here, etc. Suddenly he interjected, “How do you like our collection?” while waving his arms around. I hadn’t noticed but there üsküdar escort were statues of the male penis everywhere. “Kinda cool, huh?” he asked. “I guess so.” I answered. Scott jumped up grabbed a huge black penis statue and proclaimed it to be his favorite. I finished by beer and Scott noticing it, went to get me another. I found myself nursing an erection. What was happening to me I wondered. Scott handed me my beer, sat down in front of me and chatted on. I found myself gulping the beer again. I hadn’t noticed at first, but Scott had placed his hand on my knee. It felt electric. I really wasn’t hearing what Scot was saying until he stopped blabbering and leaned in real close and asked, “Have you ever been with a guy?” A smile came upon his face as I answered no. His hand shot up my leg and right into my crotch. I was hard as a rock and I was scared of the feelings growing in me. Scott fell to the floor, placed both hands on my legs and whispered in my ear, “I want to suck your cock.” I took one last gulp of beer and moaned. I watched as if I was having a out of body experience as Scott open my belt and pants and retrieved my stiff cock. What happened next was the very best blowjob I had ever had. I leaned my head back, closed my eyes and çekmeköy escort let Scott have his way with me. “Tell me when you’re about to cum.” he said. His head bobbed furiously as he sucked my dick, taking it all down his throat. I took a peek at his handy work and noticed Scott was now nude and pumping his cock. Suddenly I felt I was about to cum and said so. Scott came up and said, “We don’t want to waste good sperm. I want you to impregnate me.” He stood up, climbed onto my lap, and lowered his cute tight ass onto my hungry cock. I felt my cock enter into his man pussy quite easily. Soon we had a good ass fucking rhythm going. “Cum inside me Mark. Shoot your load in my ass. I want to have your gay ass baby.” he yelled. And with that I unleashed a boat load of cum which came gushing out and running pass my balls and into my own ass crack. Scott stood up with his hard cock directly at my lips. Instinctively I took his cock into my mouth and he almost immediately shot a load down my throat. We were both spent and exhausted. After resting a spell and making out for a few minutes I whispered to Scott, “Honestly, I didn’t know I was gay.” Scott smiled and patted me on the head and said, “My pleasure.” I got myself together, cut the grass with my mind swirling of what just happened. Upon finishing the grass, Scott and I had another gay sex session in his bed. I got ass fucked for the first time and loved it. I didn’t know that cutting grass can be so rewarding. For weeks now we have a before and after sex session at grass cutting time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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