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Subject: GREEK REUNION Part 1 Hi, Nifty readers. Thanks for reading my stuff. I’m a retired journalist living in Boston and Fort Lauderdale. I’ve enjoyed many of the stories on here. Lots of good, hot, entertaining writing. Please donate to the site, as I have. By Dudley Jarvis-North Part 1: The Memories The invitation to my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary arrived in the mail, and my stomach dropped. They lived outside Athens and I had not seen them or my brother since leaving for college in Boston eight years before. Nikos was now 29 and I was 26. I had fled Greece — not a gay-friendly place — for school and to be myself in liberal Massachusetts. While I missed my parents, my apprehension centered on Nikos, my handsome older brother who had protected me growing up and whom I idolized. As a little kid, I had been bullied in school and most of my memories of Greece were negative — except for one. Nikos and I had shared a room growing up and his mere presence excited me. When we were very young, I didn’t know what that meant, but in our teenage years, it became clearer. There he was occupying the bed across from me with his tall, slender body, impressive thick eyebrows and sparkling dark eyes. He never got naked in front of me — he slept in briefs or boxer shorts — but I constantly tried to catch glimpses of his hairy legs and chest. He was several inches taller than I and took his role as big brother seriously. One time he even punched out one of my tormentors in the schoolyard until the bastard whimpered and ran home crying. He made it clear that anyone who harassed me would face the same fate. He had my back and I loved him even more after that. My father was fairly easygoing, but my mother was something of a control freak. To be fair, this was usually in her sons’ best interests, as she saw it. Still, I always felt that she favored Nikos — admired his perky personality, thought him better looking, loved him more than she loved me. She would deny that, but at least she allowed me to go to college overseas on a scholarship, although it bothered me that she was far more excited when he landed a job at a factory and brought money into the household. I should add that her elder son looked like our dad, the man she married. So along with my admiration, there was envy to consider in my relationship with my older brother. Is there the makings of a Greek play here, like Oedipus or Elektra? I sent back a yes to the invitation and called my mother and told her when my flight would arrive. Nikos would be picking me up at the airport. The prospect of seeing my brother again stoked complicated feelings because I still had a crush on him. But much had changed in eight years. I was living in Boston and had come out; he had gotten married and not long thereafter divorced. We had completely lost touch, sad to say. Nikos had been a huge presence in my life. He was not only handsome but was intelligent and had a vibrant personality, totally self-assured. I had been a shy kid and short in height, never growing beyond 5 feet 6. We enjoyed each other’s company as kids, but as teenagers I had had a sexual awakening, realizing that men were my desired objects. With this revelation, Nikos became the main object of fantasy when I masturbated. One night that became more than fantasy. One week before I was to leave şişli travesti for college, when he was 21 and I 18, I had rushed into our bedroom and caught him stroking himself to a porn movie on his computer. This had never happened before. I was embarrassed and begged his forgiveness. This turned out to be unnecessary. He sloughed it off and didn’t stop what he was doing; instead, he laughed and said, “Yiannis, it’s about time we opened up a bit to each other. We’ve been sleeping in the same room forever. It’s dumb to pretend we don’t jerk off. Ya know, we could have some fun with it.” I was taken aback by these tantalizing words, even more so as I got a chance to see his dick sticking out of his fly. It was long, about 7 1/2 inches, not thick, more a slim willowy reed of proudness. He was uncircumcised, like all Greek boys, but his mushroom cap was extra generous, two inches long and extending more than a half inch in diameter beyond the slender shaft. I had seen my schoolmates’ tapered uncut dicks in the locker room, but his dick had a much bigger head that tended to overwhelm the shaft. This fascinated me. Nikos beckoned me to come closer and sit on his bed. “I’m so horny. I haven’t jerked off in a week. I’m tired of doing it in the bathroom, so I’m going to do it in my bed. Are you OK with that?” I was more than OK with that, but I didn’t want him to know just how OK. I wasn’t ready to reveal my secret, and yet … I couldn’t take my eyes off his dick. He asked me to move even closer. “It’s OK, we’re brothers. I take care of you and you take care of me,” he said. I wondered what he meant. I didn’t have to wait long to find out. “I might as well tell you what I want,” he said. “I want you to put your hand around my dick and stroke it for me,” he said, with typical authority. My own dick was straining in my boxer-briefs as I did as he asked, hoping he would see this as a brotherly gesture and not a sign of my lust for men. I was amazed that I was touching my cherished brother’s penis, something I had only dreamed about. It was an indescribable feeling. “That’s good,” he said, “But grip it a little tighter. That feels awesome, Yiannis. Now pull the skin up and down.” I loved how his foreskin stretched to accommodate the head. I also loved the vein that ran from near the base of his dick through his foreskin. “Are you OK with helping out your bro like this, ” he asked, ever the gentleman. “Yes. We’re brothers. You have helped me out; I want to help you out,” I said, hoping that would mask my desire to have sex with him. “Why don’t you take off your clothes and get more comfortable?” he said. “And lock the door.” When I got back to the bed, he said, “You know , Yiannis, it’s OK to want my dick. I`ve seen you stare at my crotch. It’s hard to miss that. I suspected you wanted to touch it for a long time. Since you’re leaving for school, I figured it was now or never.” I felt embarrassed that I hadn’t been more careful in hiding my desire, but who wouldn’t lust after Nikos? He was incredibly sexy in his tight jeans — 6 feet tall, long legs, broad shoulders, wavy hair, soulful Greek face, warm smile, full lips, dark eyes and those eyebrows. His skinny jeans gripped his legs and made his crotch push out in fullness as it beylikdüzü travesti offered the excellent hint that he had an impressive one inside. As I moved his foreskin up and down, I moved my face closer and could smell his fragrance — the one that uncut guys seem to have whether they shower or not. As I pulled back his skin, his head looked moist, the product of precum seeping out. I loved his smell — it was similar to my own when I jerked off and stuck my finger inside and sniffed it. I also loved how his foreskin strained to cover the head. The guys I had seen in the locker room had dicks that tapered to a point like an arrow. Nikos’s dickhead was different — fatter, rounder, meatier. His foreskin had to cover a lot of girth. Damn, I was amazed at how much attention I paid to the differences in men’s dicks. Nikos was now fully relaxed, lying back, his hands behind his head watching me touch him. My face was inches from his dick. “You know your hand feels really good and I don’t want to ask you to do anything you don’t want to do, but I’m wondering how your mouth would feel. Penelope won’t suck my dick. She almost did once, but backed off when she smelled it. She said it was dirty. I’m thinking that my little bro wouldn’t be grossed out since his dick has that smell, too — am I right?” I answered by wrapping my lips around his shaft, enjoying the scent that makes an uncut dick different from a circumcised one. Nikos tasted moist and raw, a little gamey with a hint of Greek cheese. I grabbed the base of his shaft and licked inside his skin, imbibing his juices and lathering the head. Nikos was moaning and watching my every move. I shifted into position to get more of his dick in my mouth. For that to happen, I needed to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his jeans. I motioned for him to lift his body so that I could pull his pants down to his ankles. His dick was sticking out of his black briefs, so I grabbed the elastic waistband and threaded it back inside the fly and pulled down those, too. There he was in all his beauty, his dick sitting in a thicket of luxurious black hair that moved from his ample balls up to a treasure trail leading to his belly button. Yes, we had slept in the same room, but I had never seen him naked, never knew how much pubic hair he had or how hairy his stomach was. I changed from a timid boy afraid to reveal an appetite for dick into a ravenous bird of prey. I stuck my nose into his pubes and took a deep breath. Fuck, he had a scent that seemed to get stronger as I nestled into his crotch. I lifted up his balls and licked them — they were delightfully sweaty. I washed them carefully using my saliva to cleanse them. I put one and then the other in my mouth and savored their essence and imagined what was inside. Nikos was moaning loudly as he grabbed the back of my head and pushed me into him. “Where did you learn how to pleasure a man, bro? I’m amazed at how good you are at this.” Obviously, there was no longer any need to hide my sexual direction. I answered by licking up toward his shaft, using my tongue to sandpaper his splendid penis. I loved hearing him moan as my mouth moved over the crown. I pursed my lips — I had never done this before, but I knew how from all the porn I had watched when no one was around. My love of dick had taken over completely. istanbul travesti I spit saliva on his penis and moved my head up and down, feeling his foreskin stretch. He was dripping precum and the taste was irresistible. I stretched his skin wide using my fingers and drooled spit inside, then I sucked the now-Nikos-flavored spit out of the pool I had created by stretching his skin wide. He warned me to back off, as he was about to unload. “Yiannis, I don’t want to cum yet; I want this to last longer. Why don’t you go back to licking my balls?” I lifted them in my hand and licked them as he moaned in delight. “Yes, please, Yiannis… you have no idea how good that feels.” I sucked one of his balls into my mouth and left it there. I concentrated on his smell — sweatier than his dick — it had a strong aroma from having sat in his briefs all day at work in the hot Greek sun. I inhaled deeply. I swapped one ball for the other, lathering that one too. I resolved that my sexy big bro wouldn’t need to shower that night. My tongue bath would more than do the job. It was time for the main course as the thought of his creamy load overcame everything else. I moved back to sucking his shaft, somehow controlling my gag reflex, taking him all the way down, feeling him in my throat, tasting his plentiful precum coat the inside of my mouth. Just as I was about to finish him off, Nikos pushed me off him and said, “I want to try something.” He pushed me onto my back and arranged my head over the side of the bed. He got up and removed all of his clothes and stood over me. From that angle, his dick seemed to have gotten even longer. “Open your mouth,” he said and as he pushed his meat through my lips. His sweaty balls were sitting on my nose and his hairy butt was tantalizingly close. “I am going to cream in your mouth, little bro. I know you want to taste it. My load is going to slide down your throat and wind up in your belly — get ready,” he said. “Fuck, your mouth feels like a furnace.” Both of us were beyond excitement. I almost came thinking about what was about to happen. And then it happened. I could feel my mouth fill up with cream as he pulled his skin back and forth and spasmed several times. He made such loud noises that I was glad my parents were asleep. “Take all I’ve got, little man; you earned it. ” I so wanted to sample his cum, I didn’t swallow all of it. I left much of his semen in my mouth and shot my own huge load, with ropes of thick cream coating my stomach and chest. I was too overcome with the thrill of it all to say anything as he collapsed on top of me. But he did. “That was unbelievable. Wish we had done this years ago. I hope it was good for you too, Yiannis.” I told you he was a gentleman. I swallowed the last of his juice and regretted that I was leaving so soon for Boston. How many more times could Nikos and I repeat this scene in only a week? (to be continued) Other stories I’ve posted are (in Encounters) The Bass Player, The Pact (both Sept. 13,’17), James (Jan. 26, ’18), “At the Underwear Rack” (2 parts, April 23 ’19). “Aleksandr (Aug. 20, ’20); In Urination: Drink It (2 parts, Sept. 24, ’18) and Lesson at Rock River (Nov. 6, ’18); In Adult Youth — Aaron’s Basement (Jan. 12, ’18); In Authoritarian — Taken in the Woods (May 28, ’18), Forced Reenactment, Nov. 12, Dec. 14; The Punishment that Wasn’t (Feb. 9, April 2 2020); In Camping, — the 4-part Camping with Josh (Sept. 24, ’18) and in High School — “William the Great” (3 parts, Jan, 16, ’19).

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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