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Grindr Gone Wrong

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Grindr Gone WrongFictional story about getting absolutely humiliated!I was chatting with a guy on Grindr, he was passing through my town and I offered to blow him. He sent me a picture of his cock, nice and average, 7 inches long and circumcised. I sent him some slutty pictures of me and before I knew it we were planning to meet up. It was evening and the sun was setting. He told me what he drove and I told him. We planned to meet on the edge of town at a forest where I could blow him in the woods. I drove out there and saw that he wasn’t there yet. I circled around the block and when I came back he was there. I pulled into the parking lot, my heart racing. It was then that I saw how many people were still there. I was shook and thinking to myself that I cannot go through with it, what if I knew someone there. So I turned around and drove off, I hopes he hadn’t seen me. As I sped away I kept checking my mirror. To my dismay I saw his vehicle catching me. He pulled up beside me in a double lane and tried to yell something to me. I pretended I didn’t see him. At that point I was panicking not knowing what to do. I sped around some streets but he followed the whole time.It was dark out now and bursa escort I was running out of ideas, I couldn’t go home and have him follow me! I turned into a empty parking lot and went into the corner beside a grocery store. I hoped he hadn’t seen. I waited and waited, relief slowly setting in, I lost him. Or so I thought, suddenly his vehicle pulled right in front of me. I was trapped! He got out and walked up to my door, he opened it and pulled me out by my arm. I was frozen with fear. He looked far more intimidating than in his profile. His large muscles flexing and a scowl on his face. “Thought you could flake on me huh boy?” He landed a swift slap to my face, dropping me to my knees. “I’m sorry!” I cried out. “Shut up boy” followed by a kick to the gut. He pulled me up off the ground and bashed my face against the hood of my vehicle. “Do as I say boy and you won’t get anymore hurt.” Between cries I stammered “yes sir.” He ordered me to get naked, I obeyed. Then I bent over the hood and spread my legs. He wound up and kicked my cock and balls as hard as he could. I fell to the ground crying. He leaned over me and spat on my face. “Get up here and suck this cock faggot!” I knelt escort bursa before of him as he pulled it out and slapped it on my slut face. I wrapped my lips around his tip and slowly sucked it. I looked up at him to see he was filming me. “Whats your name faggot?” I hesitantly answered “Tom sir.” He talked to his video “this faggot Tom thought he could flake on me, no one flakes on me! I’m gonna punish this bitch until he begs for more!” He proceeded to thrust his throbbing cock balls deep in my throat. He pounded my face like it was a pussy until I was a sloppy drooling mess. “Look at you Tom, you are a fucking whore!” He said with a slap to my cheek. “Tell me what you are.” He demanded “I am a worthless cock sucking whore sir!” I said shyly. “Thats right boy, the whole world is going to know what you are. Look at his tiny cock, its rock hard, the fag is loving this!” My little cock twitched at his words, giving away my true feelings. He went into his vehicle and produced a bag. From that bag he pulled out a chastity cage. I put the tiny cage on, locked it and gave him the key. “I own you now boy!” He said while rubbing his cock on my face. He pulled out a set if hand cuffs and bursa escort bayan fastened my hands behind my back and around the lamp post we were under. I knelt there totally helpless while he wrote faggot on my forehead and took videos of me. Satisfied with the humiliation he shoved his cock down my throat once more, pounding my sloppy face hole until he was ready to cum. He grunted and pulled out his cock, the shot 10 thick ropes of cum on my whore face. “Thank you sir” I said submissively. He threw the keys on the ground in front of me and got in his vehicle and drove off. I had no idea what to do. I was terrified and cold, cuffed to a lamp post in an empty parking lot. My only hope was someone good finding me and freeing me. Odds are they would rather take advantage of me. My heart skipped when I saw headlights approaching. It was the same guy. He returned with a burger and fries. He sat there eating it in front of me. He slowly ate as if on purpose to tease me more. When he finished he decided to beat me some more. He kicked my helpless balls and slapped my face many times. I cried as he did it. Finally he was satisfied and released my cuffs. “Go home boy. Have fun being a famous faggot!” He left once more. I hoped in my vehicle and drove home naked. I went into my room and cried on my bed. I pulled up xhamster gay and saw my face in a recently uploaded video. It already had ten thousand views. I came in my chastity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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